Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chalmers, Arthur, Rush could see significant NBA minutes


Kansas University's three early entries may or may not emerge as candidates for the NBA's Rookie of the Year Award.

But one thing appears certain: First-round draft picks Darrell Arthur and Brandon Rush and second-round selection Mario Chalmers appear primed to play significant minutes for the Memphis Grizzlies, Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat this season.

"I'm really happy they are getting an opportunity to play," KU coach Bill Self said of three vital cogs in KU's 2008 NCAA title run. "Those guys all went to teams that have been struggling. Julian (Wright, New Orleans Hornets) went to a team with a legitimate shot (at winning title) last year. It was an entirely different situation for him. He played some and is being counted on again this year. It's great they are all doing well. We're excited about all KU players in the NBA."

The Palm Beach Post believes Chalmers has beaten out Chris Quinn for the starting Miami Heat point guard spot heading into tonight's opener against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

"I haven't heard anything yet. If I start, I start, if I don't, I don't. I've just got to be ready when I step out there," Chalmers told the Post.

He averaged 7.3 points (off 48.6 percent shooting) with 4.3 assists, 1.6 steals and 2.4 turnovers in seven exhibition games.

"It would matter a little bit because of my pride," Chalmers said of starting. "But the most important thing would be to win."

Power forward Arthur is expected to be one of the first players off the bench in Memphis' opener at Houston tonight.

Coach Mark Iavaroni said the Grizzlies feel "blessed" to have the 20-year-old Arthur, who averaged 9.8 points (off 55.6 percent shooting) and 4.5 rebounds in the preseason. He logged 17.2 minutes per game.

"We know he can post up. We know he can make shots. But I like what he's done on the glass a lot, especially on the offensive glass," Iavaroni told the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. "He's got good athleticism and talent to go with that. His challenge will be overcoming the common thought that he's too small to play the power forward position."

Arthur is determined to make an impact.

"I'm going to show people I can play and that I'm supposed to be here," Arthur said.

Small forward Rush is expected to be the first player off the bench for the Indiana Pacers in tonight's opener at Detroit.

Rush averaged 10.1 points (off 42.3 percent shooting), 3.6 rebounds and 1.9 assists in the preseason. Rush started two of eight games while averaging 28.6 minutes.

"Brandon has to be a guy that's going to be able to really impact the basketball team at both ends of the court," Pacers' coach Jim O'Brien told the Indianapolis Star.

Rush said it's been a challenge playing games on consecutive nights.

"I wasn't expecting it to be like that. I was tired and my legs were sore. It's something I have to get used to," Rush said.

KU's fourth NBA rookie, Cleveland power forward Darnell Jackson, is expected to miss a month of the regular season with a fractured left wrist. Jackson averaged 3.5 points and 2.3 boards while playing 14.3 minutes a game in four Cavs' preseason games.

"He was having a good camp," coach Mike Brown told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Now he's got to figure out the other side of it, which is how to stay in shape and still learn even though he's going to be out."

Former KU power forward Raef LaFrentz of the Portland Trail Blazers also is hurt. He may miss the entire season following shoulder surgery.

Other Jayhawks in the league: Nick Collison, Oklahoma City Thunder; Kirk Hinrich, Drew Gooden, Chicago Bulls; Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics; Jacque Vaughn, San Antonio Spurs and Wright, New Orleans Hornets.

Scot Pollard, who played for NBA champion Boston last season, is working out in Indianapolis in case a team needs help this season.

¢KU practice note: Conner Teahan, who has been hobbled by an ankle sprain, returned to practice on Tuesday.


741hawk 11 years, 3 months ago

You won't miss 'em quite so much when you see the kids play . . . and develop. Watch Tyshawn Taylor. Wow. Taller than Rus Rob. Quicker than Rus Rob. And faster down the floor than Rus Rob. All in one package!

mbmerriman 11 years, 3 months ago

idc how good the new guys are, i will always miss last years team

justanotherfan 11 years, 3 months ago

My starting lineup more closely resembles soapbox's second lineup.Collins - obviously. He's our veteran out there.Taylor - he may be the freshman that makes the biggest impact.Releford - Gut feeling here. Self has talked about him being an impact defender. Self loves defense. I think that translates into a lot of minutes for him.Marc. Morris - He's the more polished scorer of the twins. Also, I think he is a more natural scorer, whereas Markieff is a banger/defender, similar to Cole.Aldrich - He's a good interior defender. I've heard that he has progressed on offense, which could change who we play with him, but he definitely starts.Once Little is healthy he can play three different spots. Marcus can play four different spots. Appleton can play three spots. Releford can guard 1-3. Tyshawn can probably guard 1-3. We have versatility either way, so I think Self has some flexibility in what he does.

justanotherfan 11 years, 3 months ago

I will miss seeing Rush spotting up for three and releasing that gorgeous jumper - just picture perfect. I'll miss Mario jumping into passing lanes and just generally causing havoc.I'll miss Darrell on the block, going to work on some chump.And I'll miss DBlock, throwing down a huge dunk and pounding his chest. I do miss it.But I look forward to seeing Tyshawn push the ball and have Mario Little and Tyrone Appleton filling the lanes on the break.I look forward to seeing Travis Releford become a defensive stopper.I look forward to seeing Marcus Morris cause matchup problems, out quicking bigger guys and out muscling smaller ones.I look forward to seeing Markieff and Quintrell pound the glass and power down follow dunks.I look forward to seeing Cole dominate the paint and keep slashing guards at bay.And I look forward to seeing Sherron freeze the defense with moves you haven't seen since the playground days.

bryan123456789 11 years, 3 months ago

my starting 5 would be (and I expect this to be the one we use when the season starts)a few notes first to help you understand why I chose these players to start.-Bill Self said at media day Tyshawn Taylor has a great chance to start every game this year. ( which to me means he has locked up that starting spot)-Marcus Morris came off of the bench at late night...not a huge deal maybe reading into it a bit much.PG- Sherron CollinsSG- Tyshawn TaylorSF- Travis Releford (until Mario Little is healthy)PF- Markeiff MorrisC- Cole Aldrichexplanations:Markeiff will start because it gives us more options with our first sub...if Cole gets in early foul trouble you can then slide Markeiff to the center and throw in Marcus, if Travis/Mario is tired you can throw in Marcus...If Markeiff get tired you put Marcus in for him then a few minutes later Markeiff is ready to give Cole a rest.- I think it may be a toss up which of the twins starts at PF, but it seems to me letting Markeiff start gives us a few options with who the first sub is going to come in for. In years past it hasnt really been about who starts it is how many minutes you play and I think the Twins/Cole/Sherron/Tyshawn will average the most minutes, but it would be hard to have our 3 best bigs in at 1 time (twins/Cole). that is my reasoning behind these choices. comments welcome

rockchalk80 11 years, 3 months ago

I hope that Tyshawn Taylor doesn't feel all the pressure of the hype I have been reading... Lets remember 3 years ago... these kids are going to have some ups and downs... especially before conference play.

ralsterKUMed95 11 years, 3 months ago

Regarding Chalmers: Simply put, he has the cojones to take the big shot. Unfazed. Sherron does too, as we saw that on the 3 just prior to Marios vs Memphis. Frankly, they all did. It was coached: find the open man and they've got to take the shot. Self had confidence in all of them, and that in itself breeds confidence within each player. I will miss those guys all playing together. Now we test the system--can we plug-in new atheletes and get them to play 'that' way?

mcoan 11 years, 3 months ago

Well, Chalmers did start, and had 17 pts. in 36 min. Rush had 7 pts., 2 reb. Arthur had 11 pts. and 15 reb. All on their first night. I guess I was wrong: They WERE all ready for the NBA. Let me pull this size 13 out of my mouth now.

jcsmith 11 years, 3 months ago

VERY nice. Great to see them all contribute this early. Thats just awesome. Goes to show playing for Bill Self will provide you with the materials needed to excel at the next level.

soapboxstew 11 years, 3 months ago

  • I have been going to the Heat's, Pacer's, and Grizz's team home page about every other day since our boys have been there (I've payed close attention to the Heat's home page). This was all kind of a review for me. You can go to, go to the "NBA" home page, then go to "Teams", and you can see national news as well as local news for those teams.- Two things not mentioned: Chalmers hit a game winning 3-point shot in the last second against the Spurs (in San Antonio, AGAIN!). BRush also led his team in scoring in one of those starts with 18 pts. on like 75% shooting.- Best of luck to those guys in the next level. But now it is time to look @ this year's version of the hawks; how 'bout some projected starting line-ups:WE COULD GO BIG:PG- S.CollinsSG- T.RelefordSF- MarcusMorrisPF- Markieff MorrisC- C.Aldrich The scouting report on Marcus is that he prefers the wing to the post. He can shoot it from deep and he can defend every position except for the 1. I also like him in there with his twin brother. He (Marcus) should be able to feed the post (to his twin). The problem with this line-up (as I see it) is the lack of the dribble. No driving in the lanes with this bunch. The best quality should be the rebounding. OR...PG-S.CollinsSG-T.TaylorSF-T.RelefordPF-MarcusMorrisC-C.AldrichThis is faster team. Should be like a bee hive on D. I just don't know if there is enough scoring in this line-up.-I'd love to see what other people have as their 'projected starting line-up....'

Jim Pendleton 11 years, 3 months ago

Good luck to all the former Jayhawks this year, although we all know they will always be Jayhawks.Surprisingly I have not seen anything on this site regarding Mario's game in San Antonio the end of last week. There was a blurb in the KC Star Saturday which said - Mario must really like San Antonio. We all know what happened in April, but apparently last Friday, Mario hit a game winning three pointer at the buzzer to beat the Spurs in San Antonio. Granted this was just an exhibition game, but what are the odds of him doing that in the same city in two different buildings roughly six months apart? Pretty good apparently. I see a great future for him in the NBA.

kupark 11 years, 3 months ago

Did anybody check out the NBA scores?!Mario: 17 points and 8 assists!Rush: 7 pointsDA: 11 points and 15 boards...a double, doubleGreat going! Wish DJ wasn't injured.

Michael Auchard 11 years, 3 months ago

Man, Mario "The Alaskan King Crab" Chalmers threw it down tonight!Also, D.arth Ur, The Dark Lord of the Sith, was a rebounding machine.Even 'Ol B.R. had a decent game. Congrats, boys. Earn those millions.

Drew Bender 11 years, 3 months ago

I realize that we have not seen the Twins play in a Kansas uniform just yet, but I wouldn't be so quick to judge who is the better scorer of the two... At prep school, Markieff earned team MVP honors while dropping 27.2 ppg and 12 rpg... The article is a few months old but is still good...

KEITHMILES05 11 years, 3 months ago

Our 3 amigos. Geez, I miss them already.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

Opening Night Line-up:1Sherron2Tyshawn3Travis4Marcus5ColeA major problem with this talented line up is the untested outside shooting. Tyshawn and Travis have question marks around their trinity shooting with or without experience. If both can shoot 38-40% from trey, we're in the clover. If only one of the two can, then Tyrell Reed has to play, even if his D is not great.The problem gets sticky, if neither Tyshawn, nor Travis, can hit the three, which could very well occur. In this case, I suspect KU is about to see the first all-muscle ball team in KU history.If neither Tyshawn, nor Travis can hit the three, KU is apt to opt for a 40 minutes of passing lane hell defensive strategy and a deliberate offense where Sherron, Marcus and Cole take 80 per of the shots from very high percentage spots.No matter what, based on Self's early comments about Sherron, it appears he's going to be asked to carry the same size load on offense (20-24 ppg) that Wayne Simien was asked to carry. Sherron is going to wake up plenty sore at least 30 times or so this season, assuming he can stay healthy.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

Championships don't lie.Two 30 win seasons don't lie.Rush, Chalmers, Arthur and DBlock are real.Yes, Arthur pulling 15 glasvacs does surprise me, but, hey, he was only a sophmore big man at KU when he helped carry us to the title. Everyone knows bigs become men only AFTER their sophmore seasons. Arthur probably would have averaged 15 glasvacs per game this year. Our loss equals some pro teams gain. Regardless, 95% of NBA GMs ARE sheep. They just follow what other GMs and scouting combines say, and suck up to their owners. They can't think for themselves and they don't even try. They are just there to get the check and play the bureaucratic strategy game, so they can keep getting the check as long as they can fake it. Its obvious that there's as much dead wood in the NBA management, as there is at GM, Ford, Chrysler and the Bush Admin. Hell, Dubya is a former failed professional sports administrator AND a failed oil man. I always figured those were the real reasons not to vote for an idiot like Bush. He didn't EVER have a pair. He always was a pleicostomas with a party hat. He always was like 95% of professional sports management.The few smart ones in professional sports management, especially in the NBA, draft the best players, whatever their hype.Ask yourself: why do certain guys keep doing significantly better than they guys they replace, no matter where they go, when given authority, and most others don't?Its because the NBA is a craftsman's trade at the GM, coach and player level. If you yourself have talent, if you learned to do the craft the right way from a knowledgeable mentor, and then if you work at it year after year after year as hard as you can, you get an order of magnitude better than all the sheep. There is no magic. They aren't just more talented. They are more talented and they do the job the right way.This is why Larry Brown always talks about playing the game the right way. He also probably tells coaches to coach the right way and GMs to gm the right way. He's a mastercraftsman. This is why Larry Brown couldn't stand leaving the game, having let himself be seduced into coaching the Knicks for money and the Apple's glare, when he knew the organization was sick. He got the big head after the NBA ring. He thought he could fix anything. Every mastercraftsman makes this mistake sooner or later in his career, starts thinking he is so smart he can outsmart idiots above him. CAN'T DO IT!!!! Idiocy always neutralizes intelligence and craftsmanship in a collaborative process. It always drives everything to the dumbest common denominator.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

Anyway, when LB made his mistake, then losing miserably with the Knicks occurred. It was an insult to the mastercraftsman in him. Not just the losing. Mastercraftsmen can take losing, when it is required to build to winning. But the losing that is not developing anything and his misjudgement about the management of the Knicks; that is what stuck in his craw. A mastercraftsman takes pride in being able to look at an organization and know whether his skills blend with their skills and can produce a winner. He takes pride in being better at judging talent, all kinds of talent, even ownership talent, maybe especially ownership talent, than 95% of the other yahoos in his profession. He takes pride in being smart enough to say no to a bad opportunity. The judgement is part of the craftsmanship. Yeah, he cut the Knicks for $20M in a settlement and set his family forever, but he left failing to build a team, not a champion, just a team that is the best that it can be. And no mastercraftsman wants to take that failure to the grave with him. It invalidates what his life has been about. Don Nelson couldn't stand it either. Not one of them can. It really isn't the money that brings them back after the disasters. Its the pride in their craft. Mastercraftsmen don't even have to win to be happy. They just have to make the most of what they have. There can actually be great .500 teams in the eyes of a mastercraftsman. Many of Don Nelson's teams in the Bay Area were that way. He was quite happy never getting to the championship, because the teams were absolutely getting the most out of what they had. They just didn't have enough. Overtime, mastercraftsmen only insist on winning, because winning is the only practical way to keep plying their craft and making big green at it. After the big disaster, once they prove again that they are mastercraftsmen and that the last debacle really was due to the idiots above them, and that they really have learned to reign in their own hubris, then they WILL keep coming back for the money. There's never enough money. If you fix your family, then you want to fix your grand kids. If you fix your grandkids, then you fix your great grand kids. No end to it. EVER! The GMs who drafted KU's underhyped stars probably have the right stuff, or just learned recently from guys who have the right stuff. KU's underhyped stars should thank their lucky stars, if they were lucky enough to land with mastercraftsmen who know their trade. There aren't many.

soapboxstew 11 years, 3 months ago

That's:17pts., 8ast., 7rbs., & 1 T.O. for Mario tonight. He sparked a comeback from 21 down to get within 3 all within the 4th quater (most of it was without fouled out Wade).BTW- He STARTED11pts., 15rbs., 2blks. for Arthur. ALL OVER THE GLASS.Both players were in at the end of close games.Rush did his thing and got 20+ ticktock. 7pts., 2rbs.All players shot above 50%.Only 1 other rookie, in every first game for every NBA team, came even close to the first game that Mario and Darrell had (I checked).1 down 82 to go...

jasonsgill 11 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate-I think LB is a great coach, but I don't see him as the outstanding talent evaluator you seem to have in mind. He won the NBA title on the shoulder's of Joe Dumars draft acumen (which continues to this day). And he won in 88 on the shoulders of one of the greatest NCAA performances of all time (and Manning also has, as we are seeing today, a first class coaching instinct). At Philly he had the fortune to coach AI in his prime, and at NY he failed miserably at extracting the promise from a talented, if misguided, roster (for an example of what to do with that mess look no further than D'Antoni benching Marbury and Curry and rolling up 120pts). This is to say NOTHING of him refusing to play Carmelo, Lebron and DWade at the 2004 Olympics in what is arguably one of the poorest examples of talent evaluation that I can imagine (I mean no one would say that that team lacked in talent).All of the above aside, LB is a good coach because he has a good system. He produces coaches (Roy, Self, Manning, Calipari). I agree largely with you about Don Nelson, but to compare the two in terms of how they deal with and evaluate the talent of their players is a tough argument to sell.

jasonsgill 11 years, 3 months ago

Rock Chalk baby!Beasley who?!? OJ Mayo what!?!Both the Heat and the Grizzlies drafted highly touted freshman with high picks and under-the-radar ring-wearing Jayhawks with low picks. And guess what?Chalmers put up numbers that would make almost any 2 guard in the NBA happy. And DA grabbed 15 (15!!!!%!!) boards against two guys named Ron Artest and Yao Ming.Damn.

Drew Bender 11 years, 3 months ago

Chalmers will only earn $700,000 in his rookie year... That number will surely go way up in his next contract

Gil Ek 11 years, 3 months ago

Not to get off subject, but did Wayne tryout anywhere? See he isn't listed on here as JayHawks in the NBA.

ku98 11 years, 3 months ago

Did Arthur ever grab 15 boards with us?Nice games for all. Congrats!

ku98 11 years, 3 months ago

Wayne is playing in the Spanish League.

jasonsgill 11 years, 3 months ago

This he gets it thing is a little bit belabored. Lebron took his team, an otherwise terrible team with a terrible coach, to the finals when he was 23 and back to the ECSFs this year. He was a key member, in terms of leadership and play, on the gold medal team this year. Dwayne Wade was THE key player on that Heat team and a key contributor to the gold medal this year.As for players getting it from coaches who get it, I would argue that Phil Jackson actually got it as much from Jordan as Jordan got it from Phil (Jordan being one of those who was born with it.)Anyway, its kind of stupid to call it IT when what IT is is really different in everyone who has it.

jasonsgill 11 years, 3 months ago

ku98-Ok, 'draft acumen' perhaps should have been 'personnel management.' Regardless Dumars has consistently been putting together highly performing teams and drafting fantastic players at low positions (Amir Johnson, Jason Maxiel, Rodney Stuckey, Walter Herrman), while also managing free agency and trades very well (see what he did with Ben Wallace). This is in addition to the whole list of other things you fail to counter.I'm not saying that LB is a bad coach, just that the strength of his coaching is not in his ability to bring in great players, but rather in his ability to implement a system that can take advantage of good players (see for instance his utter failure with the greatest players in the world in 2004, where he didn't have the time to put his system into place)BTW- I mention that LB is a great coach a few times in my post. And if you don't believe that Dumars is the class of NBA personnel management among GMs then you're the one with your head stuck up your a$$.

ku98 11 years, 3 months ago

Jasonsgill, you are plain wrong when you say that LB won the title in Detroit on the shoulders of Joe Dumars' draft acumen. Give me a break! The only Piston who played significant minutes and who was actually drafted by Detroit and Dumars is Tayshaun Prince. None of the other key guys were drafted by Dumars. Actually, they were all drafted by other teams, except for Lindsey Hunter. Also, do I need to remind you that Joe Dumars drafted Darko Milicic at #2, ahead of Melo, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh? Finally, that Detroit team could not win the title with Carlisle (granted, Rasheed was not there yet), they could not win it with Saunders... but they did with Larry Brown. Give the guy some credit, and don't bring up "Joe Dumars' draft acumen" when clearly you don't know what you're talking about.

ralsterKUMed95 11 years, 3 months ago

jason,I agree that Larry Brown has been a good coach...but that list you have (Roy, Self, Manning, and Calipari) is quite interesting. It's true Self and Calipari were even in Lawrence at the same time, but rather interesting in their coaching philosophies. Self also influenced strongly by the OSU/Sutton legacy, like Gillespie. I like Roy and Danny. I love Bill Self's coaching/recruiting/teaching the complete game! Calipari just bothers me. Likable guy, but I did not understand his stance on free throws--and it cost him. For me personally--and Im not understating this at all--Self winning it all and the way our kids played and what all we saw get taught to them just vindicated everything I personally believe about (college) basketball and how it should be played. The simplest question: how often do you see a team that has every facet of the game covered? In April 07, we proved we had such a team, courtesy Bill Self.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

jasongill,First, we agree that LB is a great coach and a better coach than GM.Second, we agree that Joe Dumars is a good basketball man. I would put Dumars in the 5% that have insight. KU98 is right. Joe's made some bad draft choices, but so has Jerry West, and he's definitely in the top 5%. And I see Dumar's successful pick-ups of other team's players, as another sign of insight. Its the tendency of your record that counts. So we probably agree that Joe is a good judge of basketball players. His judge of coaches is not sterling, IMHO, having really only picked right with LB.Third, I see LB's long history of picking teams again and again that he could turn around, or take to the next level, as a sign of his ability to judge talent. Fourth, I find his repeated ability to sort through the talent of the teams he did choose to coach and find the guys with the talent to play his kind of ball, as yet another sign of him being an exceptional judge of talent.Fifth, when you talk about his botched 2004 Olympic Team, bottom line is you are right. He botched it. Most of the great coaches botch teams late in their careers. He may botch Carolina for Mike. But if you have to gamble on a coach, I would at least rather gamble on a guy who has proven he gets it and might be able to squeeze one more season out of his tank, than hire dozens of young guys who are proven not to get it. You see, it gets harder and harder to relate to people increasingly younger than yourself; that's a fact. Ask any old geezer who has been exceptional. And ask any young person who has had to deal with an old geezer who gets it. The older you get, the more you know and the more you have to hide to get down to the player's level of insight. The older you get, the quicker you know who doesn't get it yet and the less patient you are with trying to teach them to get it. AI didn't get it in Phillie, but LB was still just barely young enough to put up with it, because he saw the once in a decade little guard talent. Carmelo has never gotten it. He just had some dumb luck, when KU couldn't hit free throws one game. Carmelo is one of the best guys who doesn't get it, but he doesn't get it. He'll never win anything as a pro, because he still doesn't get it. LeBron didn't have a clue in 2004 and he doesn't get it yet either.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

Talent can take you far, but only a mentor who gets it can take you all the way in a way that isn't a fluke. Wade may have been an oversight by LB. Wade may have gotten it, because he won a ring with Shaq. But I doubt it because sans Shaq, Wade doesn't get it any better than Kobe does, sans Shaq. Shaq got it. There aren't many players who get it, and they are taught it by someone who gets it. Wilt didn't get it until he was taught it by Alex Hanum. And even then, he didn't get all of it. He really needed Billy Sharmon badly to finally get it. But man did Wilt get it when he got it! Bill Russell was born with it. A few are. And then what little he didn't get, Red Auerbach filled in. Red got it better than anyone. He got it as a coach. He got it as a GM. He got it as a team President. No one has EVER gotten it like Red Auerbach. Phil Jackson comes close, but only as coach. Jerry West comes half way, but only as a GM. LB? LB got it as a coach, but even he didn't get like Phil and Red got it.

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