Friday, October 24, 2008

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Will KU defeat Texas Tech on Saturday?

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Mangino wooed Crabtree

If the idea of a Kansas University receiving corps of Michael Crabtree, Dezmon Briscoe, Kerry Meier and Johnathan Wilson sounds out-of-this-world ridiculous today, two years ago, it was a legitimate possibility.

In the spring of 2006, Crabtree's senior year at Dallas' Carter High, Kansas coach Mark Mangino saw the current Texas Tech standout play live and immediately made a push to sign the four-star prospect.

"I watched him play one time in practice during spring, and as soon as I saw him, I said, 'We have to offer him,'" said Mangino. "He did everything. He played quarterback, he played in the secondary, he played running back. He was quick, he was smooth, and he had good football aptitude."

Kansas did make an offer. Unfortunately for the Jayhawks, so did a great deal of other schools, including Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas State.

Crabtree eventually decided on Tech, a move that, by all stretches of the imagination, has worked out grandly. As a red-shirt freshman last season, he led the nation in receptions (134), receiving yards (1,962) and touchdowns (22) for the 9-4 Red Raiders.

Mangino endorses Phillies

While he can appreciate the Cinderella nature of the Tampa Bay Rays' run to the World Series (it's a tad familiar, no?), Mangino on Wednesday announced his allegiance to the Philadelphia Phillies in this year's Fall Classic.

"I have to tell you, because of Ryan Howard, we're all pulling for the Phils here," Mangino said. "Plus, I'm a Pennsylvania guy, now. Not that I was a Phillies fan by any stretch, but hey, it's the home state."

Howard is the younger brother of Chris Howard, an associate athletic director at KU who works closely with the football program.


JBurtin 11 years, 4 months ago

Yes, we were his two finalists.It's okay though, Crabtree is good, but you have to admit that his stats probably get overblown because of the system at Texas Tech. Put him on any other Big Twelve team and he would certainly be a featured receiver, but it's doubtful he would put up the ridiculous numbers that he has at Tech.I'll take my receiving corps of Meier, Briscoe, Fields, Wilson, and Patterson any day. All of these guys are good now, and only one of them graduates after this year.I hope we can land Donnie Jennert this year. 6'6" with 4.5 speed. We had a similar player in Neal Barlow for a while, but I think Jennert might actually be better if we can land him.

zissou 11 years, 4 months ago

Wasn't there a time when the Crabtree sweepstakes was considered to be between Tech and KU? That's sticking in my mind for some reason. Anyone remember it that way?

Alex Lent 11 years, 4 months ago

*I just received word that this game is not yet sold out. This absolutely infuriates me!!!! I am ashamed in KU football "fans" for not wanting to attend a game and a win that could do a hell of a lot for this program. I have been posting all week about trying to get our crowd to get loud and stand up, but now I feel that's all worthless if we can't even sell out the damn game!!! My work received FREE tickets yesterday evening from the KU Athletic Dept. due to it not selling out, this is truly pathetic! Does anyone recall us winning the Orange Bowl last year? As a KU alum who just graduated in May, I miss the days of KU football being completely under the radar when fans came to the games because we were the underdogs EVERY game!! DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED!!!!* We CAN be more than JUST a basketball school!!

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