Friday, October 10, 2008

KU picked for ninth in Big 12 women poll


Kansas University has been predicted to finish ninth in Big 12 Conference women's basketball standings in a vote of the league's head coaches.

The Jayhawks will return the bulk of the roster from a team that finished 4-12 in the Big 12 last year and tied for 10th place with Texas Tech. Oklahoma was tapped as the preseason favorite, followed by Texas, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas A&M; and Oklahoma State.


kvskubball 9 years, 8 months ago

Lou was patient with Coach Mangino, who didn't have a career winning record through his first 5 seasons at KU. Then last year, boom! Great Season. As I read this post, I thought how tough women's bball is in the Big XII. There are several heavy weights in our conference.I think that the women's basketball program resembles the football program more closely than it does the men's bball program. It doesn't have as rich of a winning tradition. So I think that Lou is probably wanting to see reasonable progress. W/L record is only one indication. How is recruiting going? Are we competitive, in recruiting and on the court? If we're getting blown out every other game, that's not good, but if we're losing close games to the 800 lb gorillas and winning games "that we should win", then I expect he thinks KU is getting value for the investment. And that his expectations will rise with each year. Coach is beginning her 5th year. By next year, I think Lew will expect the women's program to be making headway toward an upper division finish.

FlaHawk 9 years, 8 months ago

Seems like Coach Bonnie is perceived as having another lousy WBB team. It is up to her and the players to prove everyone wrong.Coach Bonnie is making a good amount of money. $500K+ a year, to finish in the bottom quarter of conference each year.I wonder what Lew is thinking? Is this Coach Bonnie's breakout year like Mangino in 2007. I sure hope so! I would setle for a 6th place fiish in conference!

truefan 9 years, 8 months ago

At this point any progress at all is progress. As KVS stated before, Lou was patient with Mangino and he will be with Bonnie. We aren't known for womens basketball, but bonnie is already landing recruits in the top 50. Imagine if we start winning a few games and getting on TV; recruiting will get easier, more recruits will come to play where basketball got its begining and all of the sudden we have a great women's bb team, great men's bb team, AND a great football team. If baseball, volleyball, and soccer pick up a little, I don't know if I'll ever leave the state of Kansas.

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