Originally published October 8, 2008 at 12:00a.m., updated October 8, 2008 at 08:12a.m.

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Thanks, We Need That

Kansas State should be delighted to face punchless Texas A&M; on Saturday. After giving up a total of just 16 points in its first two games (North Texas and Montana State), the Wildcats' defense has been riddled for 133 points in the last three. K-State ranks No. 94 nationally in scoring defense.

Kickoff Return Woes

How bad has Kansas been on kickoff returns? The worst. The Jayhawks rank 119th out of the 119 NCAA teams in returning kickoffs with a paltry average of only 13.23 yards per attempt.

Five Still Unbeaten

Five of the nation's remaining 15 unbeaten teams are from the Big 12 with four in the South Division. The perfect marks will shrink this weekend with a pair of conference games featuring unbeatens on tap Saturday - Oklahoma-Texas and Missouri-Oklahoma State.

More NU Trouble Ahead?

Nebraska, coming off its worst home loss in 53 years (52-17 to Missouri) now has to go to Texas Tech where four years ago the Red Raiders inflicted a 70-10 thrashing that ranks as the worst defeat in school history. "We'd better rebound fast," NU quarterback Joe Ganz said, "or we're going to get killed again next week."

Great Expectorations

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel alleged a Nebraska football player he declined to identify had spit on him before the game. That's reminiscent of an incident after the Kansas-Nebraska game in 2003 when NU lineman Richie Incognito launched a wad at Kansas linebacker Nick Reid. Incognito apologized, but claimed Reid had spit on him first.

Meaningless Stat?

On paper, Missouri looks bad in ranking dead last in the Big 12 in pass defense by surrendering 282.2 yards a game, but that's a deceptive statistic for two reasons - 1) the Tigers score so quickly their defense is on the field too much (MU is last in the league in time of possession) and 2) Mizzou's big leads force other teams to throw the ball.

Heisman Men

Texas Tech's Graham Harrell, Kansas' Todd Reesing and Missouri's Chase Daniel rank 2-3-4 in the nation in total offense which, in effect, makes them all early Heisman Trophy candidates. Then there are Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and Texas' Colt McCoy.

Third-Down Dandies

When Kansas is facing a third-down situation, the Jayhawks have opponents right where they want them. KU leads the league in third-down conversions by making 56.4 percent (44 of 78).

Flagless Wonders

Hard to believe, but Missouri has been flagged for just 15 penalties, or an average of three a game. Kansas is closest to the Tigers with 23 penalties.


Nutflush21 11 years, 4 months ago

Okay lets be serious, while he is an excellent QB, Todd Reesing is not a Heisman candidate.

Jonathan Allison 11 years, 4 months ago

I was just thinking about the whole Reesing for Heisman discussion. Last year we were 1-0 when Keegan started the Reesing for Heisman campaign. It really started to get national attention after we had beaten Texas A&M and while we were playing OSU, but this year we seem to be taking Todd for granted a little more. We need not forget that he's throwing for near 350 yards a game and doing that while having to create space for himself with his feet because his blocking has been subpar thus far.

eastcoasthawk 11 years, 4 months ago

"in effect?" Don't think so. Most of the national pundits have Todd as the 5th or 6th QB in the league. I have not seen him mentioned on anyone's list. Now we pull off a couple of what will now be upsets against the likes of TT and UT and that might change a bit. In a lot of ways this team still hasn't completely gelled yet and not sure if it will happen to the level it did last year. But they are still playing hard and if we can go 8-4 I would be very happy with the season.

Ryan Gerstner 11 years, 4 months ago

We need to get the return game going. 119 is embarrassing. I'd be looking real hard at nearly wholesale changes. It's just hard to believe we used to be so good at the return game and now we're the worst in America.

Jonathan Allison 11 years, 4 months ago

Under third-down dandies you inadvertantly typed "three-point conversions" rather than third down conversions. Anyway, I don't even think that Todd is in the Heisman picture right now. He's just not getting the face time that he was getting the second half of last year. I'm really surprised that we haven't slipped in the polls just because our team isn't winning big like we did last year. It seems like we've been 16 or 17 every week since the USF loss. I can't wait to see where we land after playing OU and Texas Tech.

bmcmich1 11 years, 4 months ago

"but this year we seem to be taking Todd for granted a little more."plastic, I have a theory on that -- it seems that it is a fan's nature to tend to focus more on the negative, and as we all know, last year there was nary a negative to focus on so we focused on how great Todd was. Plus, he was in his first year, so his heroics were brand new.this year, however, we all have the running game, the offensive line, and the defense as a whole to worry about. instead of "as long as we have todd, we can win any game," it's "even though we have todd, our D is so bad even he can't save us against OU, TT, UT, MU" or "todd is amazing, but he'd be even better if our O line could make a block."Just my take, and I'm by no means absolving myself of a guilty plea to the feelings expressed above...

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