Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prep Henry to make college pick today


The Xavier Henry recruiting saga is scheduled to end this morning.

ESPN announced during Monday night’s Memphis-UMass game that Henry, a 6-foot-6 senior guard from Putnam City (Okla.) High, would choose either Kansas University or Memphis at 7:45 a.m. CST today.

The announcers indicated the decision would be announced on ESPNU (Sunflower Broadband channel 141). Henry’s brother, C.J., is a freshman on Memphis’ team. Henry’s parents both attended KU.


drum1984 11 years ago

Love the new look on the site. I'm thinking Henry's a Jayhawk.

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 11 years ago

I'll cross my fingers, but I won't be too disappointed if he chooses Memphis.One small suggestion for the new website: Put the TV channel the game is being broadcast on in the "game box" for us out of towners.

drum1984 11 years ago

Well...I was wrong. Memphis is getting a helluva player. Hopefully we will land Cheek or Wall now.

BALLER381 11 years ago

If Davidson had hit the 3 and Memphis would have made only 1 free throw in 2:19 seconds which means they acutally gave us the championship...this whole conversation would be different...Im going to tell tell you why some of the top kids go elsewhere like Memphis..KU gets the players that need to stay around 3 or 4 years....Memphis can go to henry or tyreke evans and say "rose wasn't a first team all american, he didnt lead his team in scoring, rebounding ect...but he was the first pick why??? because he taught him how to be a good NBA player like it or not he can sell that...and make them believe he can get them on that same he has the fed-ex forum (not a fieldhouse that the roof leaks) to make their eyes pop out...the NBA is there so they will get looked at by GM' had a close relationship with jerry west when he was the GM of the Grizzlies im sure...Cal has relationships and can pull strings and Bill doesn't period...its all about the hype and Memphis sells want to play for winners and no team has won more games in the past 3 years than Memphis...and with Rod Strickland ex all-star guard as a asssistant coach...and Penny Hardaway behind the scenes those kids listen...who do we have to show our star power DANNY MANNING, WILT CHAMBERLIN,...these kids dont give a hoot about tradition...Memphis has Beale Street and Elvis Presleys house they can show when family comes to games ect...what do we have??? exactly my we will continue to lose out on the superstar high school kids...

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