Saturday, May 31, 2008


Keegan: Get the deal done already


One bank thermometer said 94, the next 91, the one after that 96. They looked like the radar-gun readings Aaron Crow put up for Missouri in working his way to a three-hit shutout Friday afternoon against Mississippi in the NCAA regional opener. Why those bank thermometers vary so much is an issue best left for sharper minds. No matter. They weren't needed to inform the public it was hot any more than radar guns were needed to validate the opinion that the Royals should use the No. 3 overall selection in the upcoming draft on Crow.

Here is where I'll save you the trouble of typing the comment you were going to put underneath this column and do it for you: Enough on the Missouri ace, already, this is Kansas!

Fair enough.

After all, it was Kansas, not Missouri, not Texas, not Texas A&M;, not anybody else, that had the best year among Big 12 athletic programs. With apologies to the non-revenue sports, it's football and men's basketball that color people's moods. Look at it this way: Would any other school rather have the year it had instead of winning the Orange Bowl and then a hoops national title?

Back to Friday's heat. It was so hot that two fire hydrants were fighting over a dog. It was top-down weather for convertible owners, except that it was so hot it was on the verge of top-back-up weather. Tough call. Anyway, the back of a head driving a shiny and red convertible on Ninth Street looked familiar, so, while the pollen was pitching tents in my eyes, I negotiated my faded black convertible through traffic to confirm it was indeed Lew Perkins, KU's athletic director.

"Mangino deal done yet?" I hollered, with a thumbs-up sign.

He shook his head and answered back: "Close."

Then Perkins let me know my top was neither up nor down, rather in between. I brought it all the way down, and we went our separate ways.

Too bad Mark Mangino's latest contract revision didn't take place before top-down weather hit. The last thing anybody needs is a resurfacing of that sibling rivalry that those who prefer KU football to basketball sometimes stir up. Everybody's happy basketball coach Bill Self's deal was reworked and that he went to bat for his assistants and for better living quarters for his players. Yet, talk around town percolates about why it has taken so long for Perkins and Mangino to get together to hammer out a new deal. Once news is released that Self's three assistant coaches will receive pay hikes to $350,000 apiece, according to a strong whisper, the drums for Mangino will beat a little more loudly. By the way, anyone of a mind that Joe Dooley, Danny Manning and Kurtis Townsend don't deserve such riches must not realize that Kansas State associate head coach Dalonte Hill will earn $420,000.

Perkins and Mangino need to get the new deal done next week. The Lew Perkins Golf Classic takes place Monday, June 9 at Alvamar, and plenty of foursomes remain open. It's the best day of the year to spend with Perkins, whose moods sometimes swing. He's at his charming, story-telling best at his tourney, which benefits Douglas County Special Olympics, a cause dear to him. He doesn't need any angst over Mangino's contract eating at him when he's kicking, er, hitting his way out of a sand trap.


teejhawk00 11 years, 6 months ago

Ok, I did not understand the direction of that column at all. Weather, radar gun, Royals draft pick, convertibles, assistant basketball coaches pay versus head football coaches pay, or golf tournament? Could you have seperated all your thought with one of those * signs, and use seperate paragraphs like many other coulmnist seem to use in articles that are just kind of thrown together? This article has me questioning why I did not go to journalism school.

LAJayhawk 11 years, 6 months ago

"Here is where I'll save you the trouble of typing the comment you were going to put underneath this column..."Know the audience. Nice work, Mr. Keegan. Very nice.I actually didn't realize the basketball assistant raises would be at that level. I think that's absolutely great. Have you guys reported on Self and his staff's new deal? I may have missed the article if you did.And ignore the post above. I actually found this piece rather interesting. It read more like a blog entry. Gave out some personality which is refreshing every now and then. Good work.Although, you may be getting the rumor-mill up and running about the time it's taking to strike the Mangino deal. The last thing posters on here need is a reason to be anxious........

William James 11 years, 6 months ago

Keegan-I'll never forget how brilliant you looked all season on The Drive. Way back after KU beat Toledo, Fitz said KU better enjoy these cupcakes while they can. You countered with "The Big 12 better get ready for Kansas". Everyone else on the show had KSU routing KU in Manhattan. Except you. You even picked the score almost exactly right. From then on you went on all season saying Reesing deserves the Hiesman trophy as much as anyone. And you where right.Then, with KU at 11-1 and invited to the Orange Bowl. You showed a side we hadnt seen all year. You picked Kansas not only to lose, but to lose big! By double digits, in spite of the fact that we had your Hiesman winner. Well we all know the rest of the story, but we will probably never know, what the hell was going on in your head?

William James 11 years, 6 months ago

Ive supported Mangino since the 03 blowout win over #24 and undefeated Mizzou. Though I didnt know then he was the best head coach in the country. Show me another coach with a better resume in college football. Its time to pay the man.

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