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2008 Big 12 Tournament

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2008 Big 12 Tournament

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2007-08 March 14 KU-NU Hoops

Kansas University and Texas A&M; will meet today for the second time in eight days. The Jayhawks stopped the Aggies, 72-55, a week ago today in College Station, Texas.

The game assured KU a piece of the Big 12 regular-season title.

"We played our best road game of the season down there," KU coach Bill Self said. "We know they are capable of playing with us and having a great chance to win if they perform. It's a great preparation game for the (NCAA) Tournament."

Of the matchup, KU's Russell Robinson said: "A&M; is physical, very physical. They've got good players. Our motivation is to survive and move on to the Big 12 championship game."

Brandon Rush noted: "I don't care who we are playing. We just want to move to the championship game."


Ouch: KU forward Darnell Jackson took a hard elbow to the chest from NU's Ryan Anderson and went down to the floor to catch his breath with three minutes left.

"I was upset. I was like, 'There's no point in playing dirty,''' Jackson said. "If you want to compete, compete, don't play dirty.''

"I just saw him make contact, but the official said it wasn't a flagrant foul," Self said. "Hey it's basketball. People get hit all the time."


Collins nets T: Sherron Collins received a technical foul after barking at NU's Ade Dagunduro, who fouled Collins on a breakaway layup try with 1:19 left. Nebraska's bench also received a technical for words uttered during the sequence.

"I felt I had to protect myself," Collins said. "I thought he tried to cheap-shot me. Coach wasn't that mad (at technical), but he said I had to make smart decisions. That could hurt us in the (NCAA) Tournament."

Self said: "I think you can show a spark without getting a technical. Hard fouls happen all the time. Maybe it was (a cheap foul). Maybe it wasn't. Who knows? But there's a way to conduct your business and get your point across without getting T'd up. I didn't like it. I love the fire. He (Collins) just has to do a better job controlling it."


Late layup: NU's Sek Henry swiped the ball from Rush and raced in for a layup try with KU trying to run out the clock on the double-digit victory. Henry was fouled and hit two free throws with 6.8 ticks left.

"Anyone else would have let the game be over. I guess he wanted his two points," Rush said.

"I wouldn't have done it. At the same time, I understand where he's coming from. He wanted to play the whole game," Robinson said. "Congratulations to him. He finished with four (points) in 21 (minutes)."

KU coach Self wasn't miffed at NU's actions.

"That should never happen," Self said of his players not protecting the ball even in trying to let the clock simply expire. "Brandon, Sherron and Mario (Chalmers) I think were gonna have a little tea party there with 19 seconds left. If they got any closer they could have probably held hands. Why wouldn't the defender go take the ball when you got three guys standing there?"


melrank 11 years, 11 months ago

"Congratulations to him. He finished with four in 21."

I'd bet a million dollars the guys are yukking it up over that quote in the locker room. Nice job, Brandon. I wish I could have thought of it.

SDSurferFan 11 years, 11 months ago

I disagree with Self. Very unsportsmanlike. What would have happened if KU would have gone to the basket?

KU players will remember how NE conducted themselves and they will put a beat-down on them next year.

Self's quote about the tea party and hand holding made me LOL. He never stops coaching though.

Did anyone else notice how fired up Sherron was. I was curious why Self didn't keep him in more the first half as he seemed to be the only one with energy.

Mario had a horribly lazy first half. He won't play like that today or the rest of the year. I think it's hard for a team to get up for a game like that. They crushed these guys by an avg of 25 or so inseason.

okjhok 11 years, 11 months ago

As a coach, Self is exactly right describing the situations with Sherron and at the end of the game the way he did. And as a fan, I'm exactly right in saying F' Nebraska and Doc Sadler. What a crybaby. I didn't see an ounce of remorse after multiple cheap plays by his players, and I wouldn't doubt if some of that play was vaguely directed in the huddle. It all mysteriously began at one point late in the second half when Sadler became the most irritated. Hope you enjoyed your three beatdowns this year. There's plenty more coming next year, chump. And to think, I used to think pretty highly of Sadler.

KUxSW 11 years, 11 months ago

Even if he was upset by the players standing around, not protecting the ball, you know Self disagreed with Henry going after it. That's sort of an unwritten rule of basketball. But his entire career, Bill's done his business without running his mouth, and his players reflect that. Kudos to a coach doing his job in a respectable way.

Dirk Medema 11 years, 11 months ago

The reality is that KU can pummel any team in the conference and most in the nation if they put their minds to it. The other reality is that they often don't come ready to play. And that goes for pretty much the entire team, whether it be Brandon "He won't have to remind me to be aggressive ever again" Rush, or the last guy on the bench. This team has more than enough entitlement attitude that it could just as easily be beaten today, or any of the next 8 games, as win by 20.

I couldn't find the game anywhere (CA, SF), so we weren't able to watch it. Judging from Self's comments and those above, it sounds like NU was scrapping, fighting for their lives as a huge underdog and after being embarrassed repeatedly. We'd better get use to it, because you can count on virtually every team from here on out being intensely motivated to do whatever to win. The question is can KU match the intensity.

melrank 11 years, 11 months ago

Solomon - good catch. It was still funny, though.

Bill takes his fair share of heat at times, but the guy is really classy and represents the University well. I'm glad we have him.

Dagger - try to catch the game on sometimes when it's not being broadcast. That's what I did last night. Oh, wait, the freakin' server overloaded last night and the broadcast stopped at halftime. Ugh.

According to Jaybate, it was part of the anti-KU conspiracy at ESPN. LOL. I personally agree with him since it has been recently leaked that the "cigarette smoking man" has been put in charge of ESPN programming.

Man, let's crush these guys today.

Rock Chalk.

justanotherfan 11 years, 11 months ago

The game got chippy in the last few minutes last night. I wasn't surprised that NU got chippy late because after enduring four straight embarassing losses to the same team (going back to last season) I'd be a little pissed, too. Nonetheless, a couple of the chippy plays bordered on dangerous, which is what bothered me more than anything. But I guess that's how they got their frustration out. Credit to our guys for generally keeping their composure and just closing the game out without major incident.

Brett Gaul 11 years, 11 months ago

That was definitely a cheap shot on Collins. The dude gave him a forearm shiver to the back. I would have done the same thing if I was Sherron.

cixtra 11 years, 11 months ago

I agree about the cheap shots late in the game. Wasn't it a NU player a few years ago that sent Mike Lee over a table along the sideline and later threw a punch at him, after being frustrated by Mike's D? ( or maybe my memory is failing)

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