Originally published June 10, 2008 at 01:05p.m., updated June 10, 2008 at 01:05p.m.

KU football players Anthony Webb, Todd Haselhorst leave program


Two Kansas University football players have left the program, the school announced Tuesday.

Senior defensive lineman Todd Haselhorst said he left the program for "health reasons." Junior cornerback Anthony Webb was dismissed for violation of team policy, according to KU football spokesman Mike Strauss.

Haselhorst said: "I've always had stomach issues since I've been here. I've been throwing up every day during conditioning. It's that and I've been having back pain recently and I decided to hang it up."

Haselhorst said he plans to attend classes at KU during the fall semester to complete the 12 credits he needs to graduate. He said he will attend all home football games "to support the team."

"I've had a lot of fun in the program and they've given me some great memories," Haselhorst said. "It's a great bunch of guys and great coaches and there is no doubt in my mind they'll have success again this year if they do the right things, if they practice hard, work hard and do everything 100 percent all the time, like we did last year."

Haselhorst said he would like to "thank all the fans for their support and thank the coaches and the players for letting me have this opportunity."


sevenyearhawk 10 years ago

Thank you and good luck, gentlemen ...

Dyrk Dugan 10 years ago

Webb never materialized, so it's not a big deal to lose him. but Haselhorst was a good football player....and was probably a starter. he's always been it's kind of been hit and miss...but when he's played, he's been productive. let's get some more DTs in the next recruiting class for sure.Good luck to both men and we thank you for your efforts.

Lindsey Buscher 10 years ago

WOW WOW WOW! I applaud Haselhorst, a D-1 athlete with the sense to hang it up when his health is on the line. Bravo!

Drew Alan 10 years ago

I harken to hear what health issue haselhorst has? and I wonder where Webb will wander?

Drew Bender 10 years ago

dsmith... did u even read the article or did u just jump straight to the message board??? he has stomach issues and back pains

KU 10 years ago

fabio.......It doesn't have to be a conspiracy or a secret. KU is constantly upgrading personnel. A kid who was good enough to fill in as a freshman when we were shorthanded in 2006 doesn't necessarily have what it takes to stay in the rotation in following years.I'm cautiously optimistic that 2007 wasn't a one-year wonder. I think these boys are building a program.

William James 10 years ago

What happened with Webb? He had so much promise after his freshman campiagn. Due to a lack of depth his freshman year he got tons of playing time and grew so much as the season went on. I'll never ever forget his two interceptions on Josh Freeman in 2006, one of em returned for 6. I was so confused when he never played as a sophomore, I just didnt get it. There was obviously something going on that he and Mangino never filled us in about.Does anyone know something I dont?

greatabu 10 years ago

fabio,Webb played his freshman year because due to injuries and juco guys not panning out we didn't have anybody else. If you go back and watch him from that year he needed an 8-10 yard cushion to avoid getting burned because he had difficulty turning and running with guys, he didn't have the hips for it. I didn't see him progress that much; remember the pick-6 came off of an overthrown, tipped screen pass that fell into his lap; a corner better get into the endzone if he grabs a ball in the flat. The other pick came when Freeman severely under-threw an out-route that Webb was beaten on. Then we recruited Harper and Harris, who both surpassed him; now Barfield and possibly Murphy are passing him as well, plus Strozier can play as a nickel so most of his playing time has disappeared. Basically, like KU said, we found somebody better. Unfortunate for him, but that's how it goes. Still, I wish him good luck in whatever he does next.

Bob Strawn 10 years ago

fan rule: anyone dismissed from the team was no good anyway, or, i guess, the coach would have cheated somehow to keep them eligible?

KU 10 years ago

Stuff happens, fellas. Thanks for your contributions. To the rest of the squad: Keep sawing wood!

CD2010 10 years ago

While you guys bash each other, know that this article was updated. People asked questions before information was put up, and I don't believe the tidbit about Webb being dismissed due to a rules violation was in the original, either.

JBurtin 10 years ago

Apparently timmy didn't watch the rest of Webb's freshman year.I understand what you're saying, and in most cases you would be right. If a player was dismissed pretty much everybody will claim he's no good anyway.However, in this case Webb was a very big part of the reason that our pass defense was ranked 119th in the nation in '06. Case in point, he was the one assigned to cover Adarius Bowman when he went for over 300 yards against us. He was just as bad in the '07 spring game and accounted for much of the reason that the starters put up 48 points on the backups.I'm not saying he's a bad person, but for a supposed four star recruit his performance was a bit of a let-down. I really had high hopes for him. I wish him well wherever he ends up, but I don't think his future lies in football.Too bad about Haselhorst. From what I hear he's a great guy with a great family. I'm proud to have him as a Jayhawk and I'll always be glad that he was part of the team. I'm sure he has some good memories to take with him.We still have Caleb Blakesley, Jamal Greene, Richard Johnson Jr., Patrick Dorsey, and my man Darius Parish to man the fort next year, so I'm sure we'll be fine. This will be good news for Parish as he can almost certainly skip his redshirt now and get some playing time. Dorsey isn't very big, so Parish may be able to overcome him on the depth chart, or perhaps they'll just battle for time.

sevenyearhawk 10 years ago

Good lord, timmy ... you're here now, too? is under "new management" maybe Mr. Pierce will let you in now!

William James 10 years ago

greatabu-I appreciate you filling in me on on the interceptions I said I would never forget. However, if your point was to deminish Webbs or the defenses performance that night, Im afraid it will fall on deaf ears for anyone that saw it for themselves. I had painfully been watching KUs defense all year. I was in the Glass Bowl when we gave up the 4th down bomb just before halftime and witnessed Louisiana Monroe almost come from behind and beat us and of course saw what happened when Bowman came here. I also saw that defense dramatically turn the corner, shutting down Colorado until we realized we needed another QB and then bullying ISU the next week. But to see what they did to KSU a week after they had put up 45 on Texas was jawdropping and Webb was a huge part of it. Webb was the poster boy of the defense that year, it seemed as he matured the D matured.Im not sure its appropriate to get on here and try to play down a freshman intercepting a pass intended for Jordy Nelson or a 4th Qtr pick 6 that gave us a 3 possesion lead. At that level you dont accidentally dominate Josh Freeman or Jordy Nelson. KUs performance that night was not an accident and niether was Webbs.

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