Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kansas football schedule upgraded

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing (5) looks down the field for a receiver against Baylor in this Oct. 13, 2007, file photo at Memorial Stadium. More and more Big 12 teams are implementing the no-huddle, spread offense during spring practices. Kansas, which utilized the spread offense in 2007, ranked second in the nation in scoring offense with the no-huddle approach.

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing (5) looks down the field for a receiver against Baylor in this Oct. 13, 2007, file photo at Memorial Stadium. More and more Big 12 teams are implementing the no-huddle, spread offense during spring practices. Kansas, which utilized the spread offense in 2007, ranked second in the nation in scoring offense with the no-huddle approach.


If there was a black mark on the Kansas University football team's stunning 12-1, Orange Bowl-champion 2007 season, it was the incessant question surrounding the team's strength of schedule.

Or, more precisely, its lack of it.

Despite leading his team to its best season in modern history (and picking up nearly every coach of the year award along the way), Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino was forced to defend against rumblings that Kansas lacked victories against quality opponents -rumblings that, from an objective standpoint, weren't altogether unreasonable.

In eight conference contests last fall, only once did the Jayhawks find themselves lined up against a team that finished the season in the Top 25 - and that game ended in a 36-28 loss to rival Missouri.

That won't be the case this year.

In a scheduling break a season ago, Kansas managed to avoid the top three teams in the Big 12 South - Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech - and as a result will match up against all three this year. In addition, the Jayhawks will take on conference wildcards Colorado (at home) and Nebraska (on the road), with the annual Border Showdown against preseason Big 12 North favorite Missouri slated for the final week of the regular season.

"On paper, it definitely appears (tougher)," said Jon Kirby, a recruiting analyst for "Especially with the Big 12 media rankings that just came out, as well as some of the preseason polls."

According to preseason consensus rankings compiled by the Journal-World, which took into account six preseason publications, the Jayhawks are set to face the No. 3 (Oklahoma), No. 6 (Missouri), No. 11 (Texas), No. 14 (Texas Tech) and No. 17 (South Florida) teams in the country.

And while preseason polls tend to be far from clairvoyant (Kansas was a fourth-and-20 from a Top 25 mention in most polls before last season), they can also provide an adequate measuring stick.

The bad news for Mangino, who signed a contract extension Tuesday that makes him the 13th-highest-paid coach nationally (third in the Big 12)? This year's schedule is shaping up to be the Jayhawks' toughest in at least the past five years.

The good news? Nobody should be questioning his team's strength of schedule in '08.

KU schedule rankings

A look at what various preseason publications ranked the Kansas University football team and its opponents heading into the 2008 season.


Phil Steele: 30

Sporting News: 12

Lindy's: 15

Athlon: 13 17 13



Phil Steele: 3

Sporting News: 4

Lindy's: 4

Athlon Sports: 3 3 3



Phil Steele: 7

Sporting News: 6

Lindy's: 5

Athlon Sports: 6 6 8



Phil Steele: 15

Sporting News: 11

Lindy's: 8

Athlon Sports: 11 8 15



Phil Steele: 11

Sporting News: 20

Lindy's: 16

Athlon Sports: 18 11 10



Phil Steele: 8

Sporting News: 21

Lindy's: 19

Athlon Sports: 20 N/R N/R


* based on average of top four rankings


Ryan Gerstner 12 years, 2 months ago

Who's the math genius on that one? Says the average of the top 4 ranking. For KU, that would be 13.25. If you take the top 4 lines it would be 17.5. If you average all 6, it's 16.67. If they were thinking, they would've thrown out the highest and lowest rankings and averaged it and come up with something reasonable like 15.

troutsee 12 years, 2 months ago

What the heck does Phil Steele know, anyway?Not only can we hope for another one loss season, we have a very good shot at it. My prediction, 10-2 with wins over both TU and MU. We will beat South Florida. But, you know what boys, I would not be surprised if we won them all.Our unproven kicking game remains my biggest concern.All the teams in the Big 12 North will be better, including us. Hopefully, the loss of Bill Young will not have an impact on our very good defense.

Jason Sinclair 12 years, 2 months ago

Which two conference opponents weren't mentioned as possibly being difficult? K-State and ISU. Ha! Unless you're talking ag, you never want to mentioned with Iowa State.

justanotherfan 12 years, 2 months ago

I think playing at least one "solid" non conference game is a must, like we have this year with South Florida. In the past, yeah, we needed the win to just get bowl eligible. But now, as we try to grow the program, the goal should not be "let's-get-to-six-wins." The goal should be to compete at the highest level. I'm not saying we need a non-con of Florida, Ohio State, USC and West Virginia. That would be silly. But having a non-con home and home with someone like Arizona State or Indiana or Kentucky would be nice. Throwing in an occassional name opponent can't hurt.

Jim Baker 12 years, 2 months ago

hawkfan20-I think "* based on average of top four rankings" applies only to South Florida, since they were N/R in the 2 other polls mentioned. That's my take, at least.

jayhawker85 12 years, 2 months ago

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline put KU at No. 7 and said KU's defense would be better. I think that's pretty fair of him since he's from Missouri.

sevenyearhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

well, you seem to be what you claim to be ...Don't know why you're wasting your energy on us, wouldn't the 'Noles, 'Canes or even Kentucky be more worthy of your energy?I suppose we should be flattered!seven years is my time at KU, I time I am proud of and cherish.I won't degrade UF because I know many fine folks there ... but I you don't even fit that category.Carry on with your moronic diatribes, I've got bigger Felines to fry!***Oh, wait ... one more thing: even still have a Florida Crocs shirt, somewhere ...

Drew Bender 12 years, 2 months ago

Good article on Sorry I dont have time for a hyperlink

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

GoGators you have a point. Florida has been the better basketball program of late. kU keeps throwing the tradition of chickenhawk basketball in your face and that's just not right. While it's nice to reminisce and reflect on PAST achievements, it's really about the "now." Who cares about championships won back in the day. What have you done for me lately?And I agree with konzahawk. What kind of name is Dooooogan?!

drewdun 12 years, 2 months ago

I wonder why a Gators fan is posting on a KU website? Didn't this GoGators show up around the same time the self-professed MU fan GoBadgers showed up? I just find it highly unlikely that they would have such similar names and sign up about the same time. Pretty pathetic that a troll needs a sock already.

canesgurlfolife 12 years, 2 months ago

Is it hot in here, or is it just whoever wrote this story?? I'm going to go take a shower :)Naked.

LAJayhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

The problem with the strength of schedule argument from last year was that Kansas had no control over who it played in conference. The three "weaker" South schools were there by rotation and the two "wildcards" (CU and NU) that this article mentions, KU, of course, knocked off last year. As imnotpaulpierce stated, KU cannot help the fact that those teams chose to suck last season, especially Nebraska who had far superior talent than their record indicated. As for the non-con, certainly it could have been harder. But as a building program, it was imperative that we didn't start out the season 0-4, so we played teams that gave us a better chance of building our confidence and giving us a better shot at recruits. Happens all over the country. The non-con also wouldn't have even been mentioned had any of those usually good B12 schools been ranked when we played them.Ultimately what it comes down to is Kansas far exceeded the expectations and predictions of those so-called "analysts," and, therefore, those "analysts" had to find some excuse for failing to predict even moderate success for the Jayhawk program. It was an attempt to hide what was simply a failure in what they are hired to do. Thus, the schedule became the topic.But now the schedule cannot be an issue. A tough non-on game (which I agree should be there every year now) and good conference opponents. At the very least it will be entertaining to see how our Hawks handle themselves this year. Couldn't be more excited.Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

frompekka2sasha 12 years, 2 months ago

GoGators- I have seen the University of Florida in detail. Actually ate at a nice little sandwich spot across from the university and watched beautiful women the entire time. My honest assessment is that the campus is really nice but the football stadium looks pretty stupid from an architectural standpoint. It looks like the ends of the stadium were not properly connected and it could use a coat of paint nearly everywhere. Did they add a top section to the stadium to increase attendance or something? If so, they should consider finishing the project. If it's so great than why did Spurrier get the hell out of there? Maybe because people in Florida (mostly Tallahassee...I'll give you that) are too stupid to vote.

frompekka2sasha 12 years, 2 months ago

I know about one of those future NFL players because he went to East High in Wichita KS.

sevenyearhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

Last year, wasn't an Ohio St U's strength of sked roughly equivalent to the Kansas one?

bmcmich1 12 years, 2 months ago

Smitty,In the past it's been an 11am CST game on Fox, if that helps at all. I would err on the side of caution and fly in as early as possible. After all, if the game is later on in the day you can tailgate longer!

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

I've already said this a few times, but I guess I'll have to say it again since smitty33 seems new.My user name is not GoBadgers because I'm a Wisconsin fan. It's because I'm a huge fan of badgers. You know, the animal. They're nasty and vicious and tear stuff up and are overall just quality members of the animal kingdom.

GoGators 12 years, 2 months ago

This is a hard schedule?? I think I would rather play this schedule twice-that is, play 22 regular season games-than play in the SEC. The Big 12 sucks. Also, Florida basketball has been better than Kansas basketball the last fifteen years. Deal with it.

smitty33 12 years, 2 months ago

What time do you think the KSU game will be? I'm looking to buy flights to town that morning and wondering how early to get up. I know it won't be decided until later, but thanks for your prediction.

GoGators 12 years, 2 months ago

I went over this some other time, but I'll do it again. Florida has the same amount of final fours, one more championship, and more tournament wins than Kansas does in the last fifteen years. Can any of you read? Or use the internet? Just because you care more about basketball doesn't make you better at it. Also, I'm a bit confused by the voting insults. Is someone who took seven years to graduate from Kansas questioning the intelligence of someone who goes to UF? Or do you think that I'm going to be offended that there are stupid people who live in the same state as me? Because there are. Us smart people call them "Jayhawks." Get it? Because everyone is Kansas is stupid!!!

Kevin Kelly 12 years, 2 months ago

What always bothers me about this kind of analysis is that there never seems to be any thought put into our improvement.As if you can pick a team's season by just looking at the schedule. Are we any better? How do being better and having a 'tougher' schedule ballance out? None of these publications seems willing to look into that.Judging us on our past is okay, I guess. But as someone pointed out...when was the last time we had this level of competence and depth at the QB position? Dosn't that tell you to throw what you 'know' about Kansas out the window?This schedule nonsense should be called for what it is, a shortcut to thinking.

imnotpaulpierce 12 years, 2 months ago

Nebraska was also ranked at one point and time during the season.It's not KU's fault that these usually top-25 teams faltered down the stretch. You cannot blame Kansas for its schedule strength last season.

canesgurlfolife 12 years, 2 months ago

Whoever this Dugan guy is, he sounds cute tehehe ;-* I'm a naughty girl. Maybe I should be punished??

woodhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

Sho_tyme,Reading your post, bereft of any punctuation except a single comma, just gave me a seizure. I have no idea what you just said.

GoGators 12 years, 2 months ago

I'm sorry, I just read the comment before mine...are you suggesting that a random sample college football fans would pick Kansas to beat Florida?!? I'd like your permission to publish that statement in my upcoming book entitled "The Stupidest and/or Delusional Things Ever Said By Anyone, Ever." In all seriousness, there are high school football teams in Miami with more future NFL players than Kansas. I'm not joking.

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 12 years, 2 months ago

Tough non conference schedules are for suckers. Who cares if there were "questions" surrounding the team's non conference wins. The end of the year is all that anyone will remember and winning versus cupcakes will do more for that than losses verses quality opponents.

GoGators 12 years, 2 months ago

Well, I'm assuming you mean Gale LEMERAND Drive? You sure are sneaky, albeit in an illiterate, moronic sort of way. It used to be called North-South drive or road or something. Anything anyone else want to know about UF? It occurs to me that a lot of people from Kansas may have never seen or been to a real university, so ask away. P.S. Does the "sevenyear" in your name refer to how long it took you to graduate from middle school? Or am I way off?P.P.S. Kansas basketball is overrated. P.P.P.S. Mangino is soooooooooooo fat.

rockchalk_dpu 12 years, 2 months ago

GoBadgers,While I have read the posts to date and realize that Florida has 2 titles to our 1 in the past few years, it is not fair to ignore the past simply because it suits your argument. How do you forget about Wilt, Clyde, Jo Jo and all the other greats, not to mention our 3rd all-time victories ranking and 5 National Titles (I say 5 because we have 2 Helms and 3 NCAA's).Florida has played well the past few years, but what happened after the "dream team" graduated or left early? Billy tried to jump ship and go to the NBA after realizing he no longer had any talent left in Gainesville. And what about this past year... Florida didn't even make the tournament, something that I doubt will happen to my boys in Lawrence this next season. We don't rebuild, we reload.RCJ

bigjay83 12 years, 2 months ago

"Who cares about championships won back in the day. What have you done for me lately?"Um, I pretty sure we just won the national championship. But thanks anyway, Janet.Of course, it is a bit ironic that a slave stater would quote a black woman......

frompekka2sasha 12 years, 2 months ago

GoGators- You are so funny. Did you post your theory on a "national" website yet and see who people pick not from Florida or Kansas pick? Don't take my word for it... put it on cbs.sportsline or espn message boards and see what other people say.People that are too stupid to vote simply can't be trusted.

William James 12 years, 2 months ago

Kansas State was ranked #24 in the nation when we beat them FYI.

Rick Arnoldy 12 years, 2 months ago

"My user name is not GoBadgers because I'm a Wisconsin fan. It's because I'm a huge fan of badgers. You know, the animal. "And it's the name of his middle school chess club.

Eurekahwk 12 years, 2 months ago

Texas and T-Tech are not the juggernauts that the media keeps calling them. Did Texas not lose at home to K-State last year? Or go and get beat at A&M? Or save themselves from an embarrassing loss with a furious 4th quarter comback against OK St? And T-Tech, did they not lose on the road at OK St? Or get beat at home by Colorado? We have both these guys at home this year. Oklahoma lost to Colorado, they got waxed by West Virginia. But even though they are great at home, I still believe Kansas gives them the scare of the year. We are going to be better this year than last year. Our offense will hardly ever start with field position worse than midfield thanks to our defense which returns virtually intact.As for our schedule last year, 5 teams were ranked at various points in the year.

bringheatwavewheat 12 years, 2 months ago

some the stupidest posts I've ever seen on here.

woodhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

Justanotherfan,Agree with your post to a certain extent. There's a difference between a name opponent and a good program. IU and UK are ok programs, but tend to ebb and flow too much to make a home and home series a valuable deal for scheduling purposes. What about a home and home with Va. Tech, if Beamer's Boys want a rematch, or even someone like Wisc. or Arkansas who always seem to compete well for their respective conference titles? That would seem like a better deal to me than IU or UK. Then again, scheduling, now that people are aware of our program, is going to become increasingly difficult.

GoGators 12 years, 2 months ago

I'm actually getting physical pains from reading some of your posts. Seriously, my fingers started bleeding when I read that there were Jayhawks calling ME stupid. I hope you all get typhoid in the mouth. Seriously, reading your nonsensical drivel is like getting beat about the head with a big stick covered in AIDS. Hey brilliance, THEY'RE is not used to connote possession, so if you're going to call someone's intelligence into question, try and write at a fifth grade level. Mangino has roughly twelve more chins than Kansas has football championships.

sho_tyme21 12 years, 2 months ago

Ok my take on last years schedule for the 4 or 5 years before it we were an ok team but not great so why should we have a hard one something that helped make us good last year was we had something that we havent had in a while the same starting QB for the entire season which made us a pretty darn good team, I just hope when we start to win all the time coach doesnt do what one of his former bosses did and keep the cupcakes.

okjhok 12 years, 2 months ago

What happened to the beat guy from last year, Ryan Wood. Is he out?

Rick Arnoldy 12 years, 2 months ago

TtownHawk read it as "What's the bad news?". The answer is the next sentence.

Eurekahwk 12 years, 2 months ago

Florida Football: A tradition since 1990. Before Spurrier, they had a winning percentage of 56%. So how does Gator football stack up against Kansas Basketball? Heck, right now I'll take our football team over theirs. It is that good.

sevenyearhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

The sun has obviously fried his brain ... very common occurrence down there!People don't think about it reflecting off of the water.I lived in Fort Lauderdale for a year, and then three more in St. Pete Beach ... you have to be careful out there!

chicagoeddie 12 years, 2 months ago

this year is goign to be fun watching these teams lose to us. superb coaching staff with talented incoming players with existing experienced orange bowl champs, i dont see why we should be nervous. let them keep underestimating us. =Drock chalk

Miles Nease 12 years, 2 months ago

This Dugan guy, the new KU beat writer, is a Hillbilly grad! First Chuckie, now this dork. Can it get any worse?

GoGators 12 years, 2 months ago

You know how I know you're gay? Because you're from Kansas. All I know is that our football coach weighs less than the average polar bear. Deal or no deal?

EXTREMEJayHawk69696969 12 years, 2 months ago

brah kansas RULES!!!!!!11 you dont even know the bitties here are fine like whoa. that big dude mangino is taking us all the WAy this year, dont sleep on him. And you don't know hwat your talking about the nfl, theres some guys on our team that can play man. Who even likes the gators, not me. Were going all the way this year, believe me. peace love and jayhawkP.S Canegurl i wanna get that

TtownHawk 12 years, 2 months ago

"The bad news for Mangino, who signed a contract extension Tuesday that makes him the 13th-highest-paid coach nationally (third in the Big 12)?"Whats with the (?) at the end, is this something your asking us to find out?

sevenyearhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

I get it, I GET IT!You're not a Gator're a Purp, a Feline, a Mildcat.You couldn't even find G-town with a map or a Garmin.If you really ARE from Florida or Gainesville, please tell us ... What did Gale Lembard Drive used to be called?

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 2 months ago

woodhawk i have no idea what in the world sho_tym was saying either i can't remember how he spelled his name but i know he spelled it wrong anyways and the fact that his whole thing was one long runon sentence drove me nuts and i was going to say something about him not using any periods but it is funny that somebody else said it too aren't you guys excited about this year's schedule we'll see if we can run with the big dogs this year i wonder if sho_tym is just still in jr. high or if he is a college dropout oh i have to go i see something shiny

smitty33 12 years, 2 months ago

GoBadgers and GoGators are the same person pulling our chain. They've got to be either a Wildcat or Tiger. They're comments are equally stupid, almost funny. Hey dude, please rename your handles to GoQuinn or GoRickyClemens or maybe GoPurplePride or GoRatinaBottle.PS - "Our coach is soo fat" ooooohhh, sooooooo original, you hurt us there.

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

"Finally, somebody said it!"What movie is that from? Anybody? Anybody? It's "Jerry Maguire" idiots.Anyway, yes, finally somebody said it. Thank you Dugan Arnett. kU is NOT going to have a repeat of the season it had last year because its schedule is much harder. Not saying the chickenhawks are a bad football team. They're very, very respectable now. But they can't hope to have another one loss season.

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

"Um, I pretty sure we just won the national championship."I anticipated someone would use that argument, although I'm surprised it took several posts before someone busted it out.I'm aware that you chickenhawks just won the national championship. That makes you the best college basketball program in the country right now. Next March a different school will win and then they will be the best. Florida was the best basketball program for two consecutive years. That is the nature of sports and life for that matter. Again, I reiterate: what have you done for me lately? The past is nice to remember, but it is just that. The past. What is important is the now.Let's say we're friends bigjay83 and we're hanging out. You say to me, "Hey GoBadgers, you should have seen this perfect 10 I was screwing last week. She was amazing."This is what I say to that: "That's nice bigjay83, but the real question is are you screwing her right now? No, you're hanging out with your loser friend GoBadgers talking about some girl you had sex with LAST WEEK!"See what I'm saying?

frompekka2sasha 12 years, 2 months ago

GoGators or Can'tVote- You said Florida was better than KU in basketball over the last 15 years. I'm not delusional about football (Florida is better) but you seem to be very delusional about basketball. You would be a in a straight jacket if these were olden times if you consider Florida to be on par with KU in basketball just because they had one great team.

smitty33 12 years, 2 months ago

you're right badger, why hope for a 1 loss season. After all, OU proved they're unbeatable last year (CU). Go back to the Badgers fan site... what are you ranked this year? PS - nice game against Davidson. Thanks bmcmich... i'm hoping for a later game too. I'd fly in Friday, but the kids would not let me miss Halloween.

woodhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

I'll be pleased if we go 9-3 and take 1 of the 3 games from the South teams. Then again, I said the same thing last season and I honestly believe we'll have a better overall team this year.

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 2 months ago

Also . . . Did you just ask what have you done for me lately? Are you kidding? What has anybody done for anybody lately since KU won the championship? I do believe KU is the last team to do anything for anybody lately . . . the most recent thing might even be getting 5 players drafted. But, I keep forgetting that we've done anything lately for anybody. I forgot that your gators and other teams have achieved far better things more recently than KU has. Thanks for the reminder.

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 2 months ago

I hate to get involved in such a stupid conversation but gator, who are YOU screwing now? Sure KU won the championship a few months ago, but its been more recent than anybody else. As of right now, until the season starts, KU IS the CURRENT national champs. You'll have us with your "you guys are so old news" argument come October, but your argument is so terrible. You could've pulled this crap out the day after we won the championship. It would've been no different than you using that argument right now in the offseason. We own you until next season. Come taunt us when your gators start playing again. Don't forget that your gators have their terrible record last season standing until the next season starts, just like we're the defending champs until the next one comes along. We're screwing the hotter girl until you screw one hotter no matter how long its been since we did last. We're national champs. Get over it. We'll get over it when next season comes. We have some pretty steep hills to climb come next season . . .

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 2 months ago

My dispute with you came when you asked what KU had done for you lately and that the championship was in the past. My reply summed up is that a championship is not really the past until a new season comes along. Don't ask what has KU done for you lately if you're also going to say you "clearly gave (KU) props for being the best college basketball program in the country right now." I do believe KU has been one of the most consistent programs in the last 30 years. Be prepared to "continue to praise" KU.

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

I never asked what has kU done lately. I know what they've done lately. They won a national title. I was speaking in generalities with my "the past is the past" ramblings. I was just putting everything into context. kU is the now, but if the chickenhawks don't repeat next year someone else will have the title of top dog in college basketball.I reiterate: read what I write a little more carefully.

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 2 months ago

Sorry, I guess those comments should have been directed at Mr. Badgers and Mr. Gator

troutsee 12 years, 2 months ago

Go Badgers you have finally put all this into the context that makes it perfectly understandable to the numbskulls in You and GoGaters are demonstrating what can happen when one-toothers marry. All the recessive genes come out. Keep on expressing yourselves in such "scholarly" ways. You are giving us a laugh a minute.

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

"Even though this is a ridiculous and pointless argument, I will throw my two cents in anyway."And then he writes an essay.Thanks LAJayhawk. I win.

GoBadgers 12 years, 2 months ago

Who am I screwing now? Nobody. I haven't had sex in three years. I'm a loser. That's why I'm constantly internet bantering with all of you.And you guys might want to read what I write a little more closely before you get your blue and red chickenhawk panties all in a bunch. I clearly gave you props for being the best college basketball program in the country right now. You'll have that title until next March. If you win the tournament again, you will continue to be the best. Forget Florida and its consecutive titles a few years ago. That was then. The now is kU. For two years though, Florida was the best. I in no way said Mizzou or Florida had done anything for anybody lately. I was just trying to show how past achievements really mean nothing. You have to KEEP winning to constantly be a winner.Keep winning kU and I will have no choice but to continue to praise you. Lose, say in the first round though, and that's how good you are. Forget anything that happened in the recent past.

LAJayhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

Even though this is a ridiculous and pointless argument, I will throw my two cents in anyway.Badgers, you should probably take your own advice and read what others say more carefully. "Who am I screwing now? Nobody. I haven't had sex in three years. I'm a loser. That's why I'm constantly internet bantering with all of you."hawkandtigerfan used the same metaphor you used toward bigjay83 in a question toward you, and yet you totally missed the point. You were suggesting -- in your point to bigjay -- that the national championship only matters to what is happening "now" rather than in the past by using a metaphor of "sex with a perfect 10." hawkandtigerfan asked essentially the same thing back to you by saying "who are YOU screwing now?" which, under the same line of thinking, clearly asks what your team, mizzboo, has done lately. However, you choose to ignore and deflect that actual true question by using it as a self-deprecating tool in order to lower yourself below the possibility of a personal attack: if you say bad things about yourself, you can control what affect others have on you. That would actually be a clever move if it weren't so laughingly obvious. And, of course, it would also be more effective if you didn't demand that people pay closer attention to what you say when clearly you do not do so yourself.Now, as to your point about past achievements: you said "I was just trying to show how past achievements really mean nothing." This point is simply and utterly inaccurate from a sport's cultural standpoint. If this were widely accepted throughout the sports universe, then why do people talk about the historical significance of the Yankees when they haven't won a World Series since 2000? Why is UCLA constantly considered basketballs elite when they haven't taken the crown since '95? Why are statistics kept that count the most wins, most tournament appearances, most consecutive tournament appearances, most final four appearances, and most championships if the past really means nothing? Why not just toss them all in the trash? Why would every sports-reporting outlet and the official NCAA record books keep such numbers? They're irrelevant right? Obviously the sports world sees the past quite differently than you do. I mentioned those specific teams for a reason, because they are constantly a contender. And whether you like it or not, so is Kansas.And to Gator, I certainly agree that Florida has seen a great deal of success lately, and to that I tip my hat. However, if you are going use a historical argument, you cannot just cut it off at a date that suits you best (i.e. the last 15 years). You have to look at the entire history; otherwise your argument loses considerable ground. Clearly KU has had a great deal of success in the last 15 years -- not equal but comparable to Florida -- but has had quite a bit more success throughout the history of the game than the Gators.

rockingthechalk 12 years, 2 months ago

GoBadgers-You win because he proved you wrong?! Well, that certainly seems like logic that would be used in Columbia....And is that what missouri grads consider an essay? Wow. Can your degree at least be used as toilet paper? Actually, that's a bad idea. It would probably lead to an anal fissure.Of course that is missouri's slogan: "Our degree can make you bleed from the rectum."

EXTREMEJayHawk69696969 12 years, 2 months ago

Bro, Id kick this basdger guys butt if i ever mett him. you guys dont believe me? Just the other day i k;icked this dudes ass cuz he was messing with a pledge in my frat at a some bar. May the Jayhawk be with you!!!!!!!!!!1

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 2 months ago

Thanks LAJayhawk. You get it. GoBadgers, maybe you should be more clear. I thought I was clear but you didn't get it. Obviously, LAJayhawk understood the point I was making. Maybe you should read what I write a little more clearly AND THINK about it a little harder. Don't hurt yourself thinking too hard though.

troutsee 12 years, 2 months ago

It is pointless, so get off our web site. You and GoGators are good examples of weirdos who get their jollies by tormenting others. Let us enjoy our successes of last year and our tradition and allow us to anticipate the upcoming year without your demeaning remarks. For some of us devote KU footballers, it has been a long lean period of time. But, I honestly think we have turned the corner. KU football is going to be more than a speed bump from now on. We finally have an administration that is dedicated to winning football games. So, it really disturbs us, when guys like you try to spoil the moment.Hey fellow Hawks, let this post be the last one that addresses these guys. Pay them no heed and they will go away. They love the attention. Let's not give it to them. They 'aint worth it.

bigjay83 12 years, 2 months ago

Wow, badger, LAJayhawk just completely destroyed your entire argument and that's your response??Very weak. Even for a misery fan.

guscornhawk 12 years, 2 months ago

"Florida basketball has been better than Kansas basketball the last fifteen years. Deal with it." direct quote!I know this is late, but better late than ever for this nonsense. I relived some painful memories to compile this information, but I was so enraged that someone so misinformed could spout off on a Kansas board that I had to respond.Since 1993 (15 years)Florida win percentage = .686% 359 wins 164 lossesKansas win percentage = .816% 457 wins 103 lossesTournament records since 1993 (again, 15 years)Florida missed tourney 5 times while compiling 26 wins to 9 losses for a .743% win percentage.Kansas never missed a tournament and compiled 40 wins vs. 15 losses for .727% win percentage.While the win percentage is a bit higher, come on Mr. Gator, you missed the tourney 5 TIMES!!! It doesn't take a genius to figure who has a more impressive past 15 years, in tourney and out. Besides KU is ranked #3 all time in wins with 1873 (.707%) while FU, and yes I mean FU, didn't even crack the top 50. (1105 .530%)Go suck on an orange from our trophy and get off my board!

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