Sunday, February 24, 2008

Upset squared

Grieving Jayhawks stunned by OSU

A morose bunch of Jayhawks makes its way from the court through a sea of celebrating Oklahoma State fans. OSU stunned the Jayhawks, 61-60, on Saturday in Stillwater, Okla.

A morose bunch of Jayhawks makes its way from the court through a sea of celebrating Oklahoma State fans. OSU stunned the Jayhawks, 61-60, on Saturday in Stillwater, Okla.


Jayhawks fall to OSU after emotional week

Saturday afternoon, the Kansas men's basketball team tried to remain focused for Oklahoma State - after tragedy struck the Kansas family earlier in the week.

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Which team making a late push in the Big 12 men's basketball standings has the best shot at an NCAA Tournament berth?

  • Oklahoma 14% 164 votes
  • Baylor 60% 677 votes
  • Nebraska 7% 79 votes
  • Oklahoma State 9% 110 votes
  • None of them will get in 7% 88 votes

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Go figure


Three-pointers made by KU, in 11 tries


Three-pointers made by OSU, in 17 tries


Minutes played by Kansas' Darrell Arthur before fouling out


Points by KU's Brandon Rush in the first half (he finished with 12)


KU's rebounding advantage (34-21)


Fast-break points credited to KU (to 6 for Oklahoma State)


Kansas' advantage in offensive rebounds, leading to :


KU's advantage in second-chance points

— Kansas University's basketball team threw the ball all over Gallagher-Iba Arena Saturday in committing a whopping 21 turnovers.

The Jayhawks missed nine of 11 three-point tries, shot 42.9 percent for the day and fouled point guard Byron Eaton time after time. The 5-foot-11 jitterbug hit 16 of 18 free-throw tries.

It's easy to see why the No. 4-ranked Jayhawks suffered a 61-60 defeat Saturday at Oklahoma State.

"We stunk," KU coach Bill Self said after the Jayhawks dropped to 24-3 overall and 9-3 in the Big 12 Conference.

"We played like a team : I don't know if we were distracted, but we certainly gave the appearance of being distracted, not as focused because we made a lot of mental mistakes. That usually comes from focus."

It's easy to see why two of the Jayhawks' regular-rotation players - and their caring teammates - might have been distracted Saturday.

Darnell Jackson's cousin, Kascey Corie McClellan, 19, died Wednesday of gunshot wounds sustained in a Feb. 9 incident at an Oklahoma City nightclub.

Rodrick Stewart's brother, Allen, 21, died the same day after being gunned down in Seattle.

"We've got a lot going on. It's not the players' fault they are distracted," Self said. "We had two murders this week with immediate family. I've never coached that before. I don't know the coaching manual on that stuff. Still, today we were all here, and if you are here, you've got to perform. We didn't do it."

Midwest City, Okla., native Jackson was by far KU's most effective player with 16 points and 10 rebounds in 36 minutes. Stewart had a rebound in 11 minutes, playing more than normal with Sherron Collins (no points, 11 minutes) still limited because of a bruised knee.

"I think they (Jackson and Stewart) have done a pretty good job of allowing other people to help deal with some things that are totally senseless. It's so sad things can occur. Why?" Self asked in an emotional tone. "I know it's hard for them and their families to deal with. I think they've done a good job."

Jackson's bank shot at :41 tied the score at 60. It marked the last points he'd score on a day he suffered five turnovers.

"It didn't make it hard to play at all," Jackson said. "It made me focus even harder to play for my teammates. They have helped me a lot. They always are checking on me, making sure I didn't drift away."

Stewart - who, like Jackson, has been shaken by the family tragedy and received counseling at KU this week - admitted: "My head was not into it today."

Still, the Jayhawks, who trailed by as many as nine points the second half, had a chance at the end.

Eaton, who was fouled by Sasha Kaun, hit one of two free throws at :12.6 to bust the 60-60 deadlock.

The Jayhawks did not call timeout and got off a shot before the buzzer. Mario Chalmers, who considered driving, passed awkwardly to Brandon Rush, who missed a deep corner shot just before the final horn.

"We ran dribble-handoff into a ball screen. They switched it. Mario tried to make a play against a big, (Marcus) Dove," Self said. "It broke down after that. We got a look, but not a great one. In that situation, you hope to get the ball going to the basket.

"We could have called a timeout. Sean (Sutton, OSU coach) could have switched defenses. We decided to play it the way it was, how we practiced it."

Rush - he was 0-for-5 the first half before heating up to score 12 points off 5-of-11 shooting the second 20 minutes - said he thought his three was a game-winner.

"Mario was supposed to drive, make a play for himself. They switched and double-teamed. I got it, faked one time and threw it up. I thought it was good. I thought at least it would bounce and go in, a miracle," Rush said.

Rush thought the Jayhawks bonded well in responding to the tragedies this week.

"They just played good tonight," he said of the Cowboys. "I thought we had the game sealed at the end. They made plays at the right time. He (Eaton) did a good job of getting fouled and leading them.

"(Eaton) was the MVP of the game. We couldn't contain him at all," Jackson added of a player KU fouled both up on the perimeter and on the inside.

Eaton finished with 26 points, four assists, three steals and five turnovers.

"All they did the last 10, 12 minutes was basically run out the shot clock and play Eaton on the high ball screen," Self said. "What's so sad is we went to soft trapping the ball screen and put our hands on him two or three times and gave him free throws when there's nowhere to go cause we've got two guys on him. It's frustrating.

"How many times did we foul at the end of the shot clock? That's certainly a lack of discipline."

The Jayhawks will meet Iowa State at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa. Stewart will miss the game so he can attend his brother's funeral in Seattle. The Jackson family plans to work the funeral around KU's schedule. Jackson is not expected to miss any games.


booze_buds_03 13 years, 2 months ago

Wow, KU has now lost 3 games and it sounds like most people have given up on the season. Get a life and quit posting on here fags.

Nutflush21 13 years, 2 months ago

Im sick of this team having zero emotion including the head coach. This is as bad as a KU team has looked since either the loss at Nova or the loss at Nevada and yet this team looks like they dont care. Does Bill ever get fired up?

A second round loss in the tourney will not surprise me with this squad. Especially if its a mid-major that wants it more.

yates33333 13 years, 2 months ago

Let us hope this isn't deja vu all over again. If it is, why does KU tank at the end of the year? Bucknell and Bradley would have beaten KU by more than one point. Heck, one of the directional schools in Texas and the University of North Texas beat OSU. Could they beat KU?

tailg8prty 13 years, 2 months ago

All I can say is wow. I agree with the previous poster. I showed more emotion watching the game then any one player or coach on KU. What is wrong with this team? I've been saying this for the last couple of weeks but the perimeter defense killed us again. Why in the world can't we keep a guard from driving on us? Eaton is a solid player but it hasn't been just him. Guards on every team blow right around us forcing our post players to pick up the foul on the help defense. These guys need to really wake up. I don't see any NBA-ready talent on this team. At one point Kaun was out guarding Eaton with the shot clock running down and nobody on KU thought it would be a good idea to help him out once he drove on him. He did and we didn't and Eaton got a layup. WAKE UP GUYS!!

One more thing because I could go on and on. I know Self doesn't like to play zone but, to be frank, our man-to-man stinks right now. Too much dribble penetration. Zone would effect our transition game but then again we don't have one anymore. Arthur and Rush might as well have stayed at home. Just plain sloppy bball all around.

Ok another thing, I like Coach Self but he needs to start adjusting to the game. Too many teams dictate what we are doing instead of vice-versa. I also think the high-low offense stinks. I hope these guys find the fire in themselves real soon and don't take the arrogant attitude that they can turn it on whenever they want because they will bow out early in the tourney if they do.

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

tailg8prty: Nice post, lots of good points.

One thing that is really a concern to me is our guards ability (or lack of) to defend now that we've gotten into conference. OK, we looked awesome locking down on the mid-level guards early on, getting steals on every possession, etc. Everyone said we were the greatest defenders on the plantet. But now, it seems almost every team has a guy running wild who is just flat out faster than us. Hell, Texas had two of them.

Dribble, drive, dish for two.
Dribble drive, foul, free throws.
Dribble, drive, kick out for three.

Also, our lack of versatility and imagination on the offensive end is maddening. Let's see:

Option 1: Ball high screen. Oops they hedged and pressured the ball handler out high so that the picked defender can recover. Let's try:

Option 2: Dribble to the corner for a hand-off with a big doing some screening. Uh-oh, apparently we've not been schooled in the "Stockton and Malone pick and roll" so once the defense does a little switch/trap, again we get pushed out too high to effectively penetrate the lane and our bigs aren't effective at rolling to the basket or drifting to the corner for a mid-range jumper. Let's do something different and:

Option 3: Hit a big on the low block. Maybe do some inside out? Good idea! Except, after what appears to be a half second, we relinquish good fundamental post postion and rush out to lay a ball screen on the wing and run a version of option 1 or 2 again.

If anybody sees something different let me know. But this is our offense against a man defense.

Heck, it's even easier against a zone. Big to the elbow, run a hi-low.

It doesn't seem to me that we're a difficult scout for opposing teams. Heck, I'm just a sales guy who was a marginal high school player and I know what we run. So, you game plan to defend us and it seems we have to hope that pure ability carries us to a win.

Scary stuff.

tailg8prty 13 years, 2 months ago

Its definitely ok to criticize the play of the team and the x's and o's of the coaching staff. We are fans and this is a forum to post are thoughts on the play of the team.

I'm sorry for the loss of DJ and Stewart. Senseless deaths are becoming all too common for alot of kids (young adults).

As far as Florida losing 3 of 4 last year and still making a run to the national championship. Lets not forget that Florida won the championship a year before and already knew what it took to do it again. I could see them getting bored in the reg season just waiting for the big tourney to roll around. They had 6 great players who could all score and wanted the rock.

I'm sorry but I hope this team isn't just bored and waiting for the tourney as well because they haven't been there and done that as did Florida. Unfortunately the season is decided about how well or far they go in the tourney. Thats what comes with playing at Kansas. If you want to be happy to just make the tourney and not face any pressures then go play elsewhere.

I live and die with this team every time the ball is thrown into the air. I enjoy all the reg season wins, Big XII titles and conference tourney titles but we need to start pulling things together right now. They don't have to be perfect night in and night out but it would be nice to see this team begin to click. They look out of sync. Lets get that fire roaring in the next couple of weeks.

If you need help with that fire please contact Hank Hill. He sells propane and propane accessories. Maybe he can help.

Jim Pendleton 13 years, 2 months ago

There are all kinds of things one could say about this game. I agree with the comment that the emotion wasn't there. I have never understood why players (on teams at many levels) say we were either flat, or didn't come out with enough intensity. Why? It is your job to be ready to play every game, not just the big ones.

We have players who spout off after the Texas game saying we are still the favorite to win the league, and still have the best talent. You then back that up by only scoring 69 on Colorado at home, and only 60 against OSU. If you are the best team, then come out showing emotion, aggressiveness, and a readiness to bury your opponent, whoever they are. Right now, they are definitely second best, and even if they are fortunate enough to tie for first, they will still likely have no better than a two seed in KC, unless Texas just falls on their face, and I don't see that as likely.

I will give OSU some credit. Timing is everything when you play someone, and they are obviously playing much better than they had been earlier in the year. If we had played them a month ago, it's probably not even a game. But then you realize that as bad as we played we lost by one point, so if the Hawks come out with the aggressiveness necessary in this league each and every game, we probably win going away.

I applaud Coach Bill for saying after the game that we weren't prepared and for taking some of the heat, and while I agree some of that falls on him, at this point of the season the players have to not only be ready, they need to look ready. Hopefully they get that back soon.

Toto_the_great 13 years, 2 months ago

I agree Nutfulsh. This game was THE worst game I have seen the Jayhawks play in a long time. When we should have been attacking and exploiting their guads, we were the ones being made look silly. And there was little emotion. Why does Self seldom get fired up? During one timeout, he had a little simle when he should have been upset and in the players' faces. I can understand about Rod and Jackson not being there all mentally (although Jackson played very well under the circumstances), but what about the other guys? Auther played badly, as did Rush and Chalmers.

It's easy to call out a player or two (or even the coach), but the whole team needs to be called out after this game. Are we ready for the tourney? Are we destined for a #3 seed? Personally (because of whom I married), finishing below K-State in the standings would be the worst.

Maybe we played poorly because of not playing in a week. It sure as heck wasn't a fired up OSU team. They played poorly too.

I watched the game with some OSU buddies and one guy cracked, "I guess Self does want the OSU job after all. I think he just bombed his interview with T-Boone."

northleavitt 13 years, 2 months ago

(Thanks for the insightful comments, Booze Bud --it's perfectly clear that you're intelligent and sober).

Well, this certainly serves as our signature loss. It's going to be nearly impossible to secure one of the remaining two one seeds after Tennessee's impressive performance last. Tennessee and Memphis are locks and the remaining two will go to UCLA, Texas, UNC, or Duke.

Are we one of the Top 5 teams in the country? Absolutely not (right now). We have not defeated a team that is currently in the Top 25. We can point our fingers at Self, but Darrell Arthur is to blame. Yes, one individual on a team. Nice work yesterday, Shady. You really improved your draft status. Pathetic for someone so talented. Didn't Jerry Wainwright (DePaul), the national U19 coach from last summer, state that Arthur was the best player on his team before he injured his foot? Beasley was on this team, so I can only conclude that Wainwright was either: (A) high when he made the comment or (B) Arthur is playing at a level so far below his potential. I'm going with "B."

If there is a bright spot from the loss, it has to be Brandon's ability to step-up late in a close game. With just a little help (from Chalmers), he practically won the game by himself. It's too bad he got the ball in such a bad spot.

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

boooze - chill out with the insults.

Fan is short for fanatical and that's what a lot of people here are. No matter what world you're living in, this team has super high expectations and being in 2nd place in the Big XII isn't living up to it. Complaining about our team's performance and evaluating the way it plays is what a message board is for. It's OK to be disappointed. It doesn't mean we've given up or stopped being fans.

I don't know what you do with your life, but I can tell you that when the 'hawks are playing, it's pretty damn important to me and I was pissed with the game yesterday and it's going to take a little while to get over it.

But you know what, there will not be anyone rooting harder for them on Wednesday than me.

I discipline my kids, too. Doesn't mean I don't love em.

cincyHawk79 13 years, 2 months ago

I am surprised that Self brought up the coaching manual because I don't think knows where he left it last. He flat out does not know how to coach. Pickens just lowered the offer after that game.

I can't even imagine playing with the deaths this week but I would say that Darnell played pretty good considering the situation. Plus being a starter I could see why he played.

As for Stewart, coach would have been better off setting him and playing Reed or Tehan. We need offense and outside shooting. Stewart is not the guy and not a player that we needed to play under this situation.

jayhawkinATL 13 years, 2 months ago

To me, this OSU game made the game at Colorado look like the game at B.C. That's how BAD this game was.

As far as the entire team being emotionless...

I certainly can understand the emotional impact of the recent tragedies on those with immediate ties. But Rod is NOT an impact player on ANY given day/night, so his non-contribution should not even be considered a factor in the loss. DJ obviously played through his pain. As for the rest of the team, there is absolutely no explanation for the lackluster performance yesterday.

I, like most Jayhawk fans, am TIRED of the damn excuse "we didn't come out to play." Well, I'm sorry, but GREAT teams, ELITE programs don't tend to use that least NOT very often. Unfortunately, the Jayhawks seem to have come to rely on it.

jayhawkinATL 13 years, 2 months ago

Unfortunately, we got no Ju-Ju to hold a "pre-Florida" type meeting with the fellas!!!!

Robert Brock 13 years, 2 months ago

Self's method of playing against that zone reminded me of that other Oklahoman who coached the Hawks - namely, Ted Owens. Not very effective.

Don Everett 13 years, 2 months ago

I have read every single post here. I have gone from wanting to post, to not wanting to post.

I have decided that in my opinion, most of the posts are either kitty or tigger fans wanting to get a rise out of me, or they are people that have verbal diaherra or they actually have a clue about what they posting and realize that it's a game of 18-23 year olds with coaches that actually care about them, trying to make them better as individuals.

3 weeks ago, 99.99% of the posters here thought this team and the coaches were the best thing since sliced bread or free beer. Funny how things change when people don't get what they want. Some people are starting to sound like "other" schools fans.

If you are mentally unable to handle the unusual bad times wagon, then you shouldn't be so eager to hop unto the goodtimes bandwagon.

Go Hawks, no matter what happens!!!!!

JJHawq 13 years, 2 months ago

Self's X & O coaching needs to get better really soon - because he's about to have to do it coaching less talented players...

beebe1 13 years, 2 months ago

Last play of the game, Mario dribbled for the rim; ran into three defenders and desperately passed to Rush. Rush wasn't ready; caught it off balance and threw up a shot. Bounced off the far side. Mario had moved to that side but was pushed too far out. His rebound went straight up and straight down; never touched the rim. Game over, down one!

Agreed. One play doesn't lose a game! (Usually). The TV here showed only the second half -- nothing first half, no radio, nothing! So, how about the 20 TO's in the first half? How many of them can be attributed to dribbling into the defense? My guess would range 8 to 12. So suppose they stopped a half step early and passed out; or fell backwards with a jump shot; or left the ball to a teammate that followed him in? With the 40% hit rate, we wind up with at least 3 points; we lead the first half; and in the last play of the game we are 2 points ahead.


We have lost three times-- and at least two, maybe all, could be attributed to dribbling into the defense! We lost, badly, to UCLA last year -- same problem. One of our players was a football man -- hey, this is basketball and football manhandling doesn't work dribbling against multiple defenders. We've moved backwards this year. The hoped for number 1 seed may be just hope. So how long will we last in the tournament; maybe two, not more than three games. Unless INDIVIDUALLY they change their strategy its "Ah well, wait till next year!".

JJHawq 13 years, 2 months ago

melrank - I have the same resume as you - and I've narrowed our offense down to the same 2.5 options...

very nicely done.

Paul Meyer 13 years, 2 months ago

Why wasn't a time out called on the Jayhawks last possession? None remaining?

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago


But I'm an excellent QB of the armchair variety :).

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

I don't know whether we had a TO left or not, but given our predictable offense (see above posts), I was personally glad to see us run without giving them the opportunity to set up their defense. Those last 10 seconds are helter - skelter and I would like to think we'd have the poise to execute under that pressure better than their defense.

Again, its easy to second guess. If Brandon's shot went it, Bill is a genius for not calling the TO.

Greg Lux 13 years, 2 months ago

Down by ONE point with 12 seconds left in the game and the best shot we can get is a guarded 3 from the corner .... NOT SMART and Not the way a good team should play.. I am sorry but we needed to use our time out and get a good double option play setup... Bill is NOT a genius for not calling a time out either .. We looked out of sink most of the day so a Time Out would have been the best option for the last 12 seconds. (my opinion of course)

northleavitt 13 years, 2 months ago

Did anyone else notice Collins on the bench when Rush hoisted the last shot of the game? Only person on the bench sitting down. No expression or reaction whatsoever. There are some serious chemistry problems right now.

okiedave 13 years, 2 months ago

I had the previlege of attending the OSU-KU game yesterday. I do not know if they showed it on T.V. or not, but when they introduced the players, there were boos and newspapers being read by the OSU folks to show their indifference. When they introduced Bill Self, the papers went flying up in the air and a thunderous applause and cheer went up in the auditorium. The OSU players were introduced but no introduction was made of Sean Sutton (he has been "booed" in the past). Strange as it may seem, if K.U. is going to loose, perhaps this was a good loss. Sutton has a significant win which will probably save his job. Bill Self and Eddie Sutton are very good friends. Self is not going to start negotiating with T. Boone and jeopardize that relationship, until Jr. Sutton is gone first. It looks like Sean will stay for awhile. In the Tulsa world today, the OSU players came out in strong support of Sean Sutton. This hopefully, will not be a distraction the remainder of the year.

LAHAWK 13 years, 2 months ago

Well melrank, if ands and buts were candy and nuts..... you know the rest. The game shoud never have come down to a 3 from the corner. If we take care of the basketball, this game is not even close. I have watched this team all year and from the get go we try for the spectacular instead of doing the little things that win ball games. We can not stop the opposing guards from penetrating and yesterday's game expolited that fact. This causes major problems for our bigs. I'm tired of hearing that Brandon decided to step up in the second half and if we could only keep Darrell on the floor...etc. Neither of these guys have a passion, if you don't believe me watch their expressions after a foul or turnover. Brandon's hands are weak (aka Eric Chenowith) he gets stripped all the time and Darrell is simply not strong enough. He still commits stupid fouls, but that may have alot to do with the fact that we can not stop penetration. The bottom line is simple, take care of the basketball and play with emotion and passion and do the "little things".

Bear86 13 years, 2 months ago

Great comments and opinions. These blogs show why Kansas fans are some of the smartest fans in the country when it comes to Basketball IQ. Yesterday's game is by far the biggest low point for this years team. Once again coach Self showed how weak he is with X's & O's . When a team milk's the shot clock and try's to slow down the pace of the game you have to provide direction (coaching) on how to break the other team down. The defense we played was pathetic. And the blow happy officials didn't help. The coach is not solely to blame for yesterday. 21/22 turnovers ?? Unacceptable for this team. Rush in the first 1/2? Unacceptable from a 1st Rd NBA pick (Not anymore). Instead of starting to gell late in the season we just took a major step backwards. If these players don't take a hard look in the mirror after this game and find the fire inside were out in the 2nd Rd come Tourney Time. When it comes to sloppy games (and yesterday ranks at the top of the list) you have to have late game coaching to pull these out. This team got no direction on either end of the floor late in the game. If you don't believe me watch the Memphis/Tenn game. Those coaches were involved every step of the way. All the way to the end. I hope Self watches a replay of that game so he can learn how to be a Top coach not just a good recruiter. And yes we should have called a time out melrank. When you only need 1 point (not 3) you don't kick it in the corner to Rush (who bobbled the pass) and shoot an off balance 3 pointer. You drive to the hole and everyone crashes the boards or you can dish to an open man if they collapse. You don't dribble around the F-N 3 point arc!!! Self: If your Heart's not in it then pack your bags and head to OK. I'm sick of you you not denying that your not interested in going back to OSU. If your not denying it there must be some truth to all the rumors flying around.

easyfive 13 years, 2 months ago

Bill's, hi/low sucks!!!

Let's start working Danny's stuff!!!

Bill's game looks as boring as Ted's old teams.
Why can't Bill figure this out??? 21 turnovers wow. He looks lost out there. The look of "I have no idea." comes off his face. He should have got a T, sum where or even 2Ts, fighting and shouting on the way out. Even if he, has no idea what he doing... He has to look like he knows...

I know, ...we need the great Wiz, of all the land of Oz. The great and wonderful Mark Mangino. He can save this basketball program from death and sorrow. The ground shakes as he walks, no stone left unturned, to find the answers needed to right the ship. They need a heart, brains, courage and Mark's magick to stop Bill's gremlins.

Lew, should give Mark the crown of King, to all our sports, even the chess team. Yes, i can see rose petals flying everwhere Mark goes. He is the best...

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

Bear, your comment: "You drive to the hole and everyone crashes the boards or you can dish to an open man if they collapse"

We DID drive to the hole, we DID crash, they Did collapse, but we over- penetrated causing a sloppy kick out to Brandon and didn't get a clean shot. Our execution in crunch time failed.

TO or not, you've got to execute. I respectfully disagree, but that's what makes this fun.

John Thomas 13 years, 2 months ago

On one side you look at our record with only 3 losses and say that isn't to bad. The other side is that two of those losses have happened in the last three games. We are playing with no emotion or enthusiasm. If we don't get it together it will be a sad ending to a very promising year. I felt like I was at the Bucknell game last night.

okiedave 13 years, 2 months ago

It wasn't the Hi-Lo yesterday that caused the loss. I do not hear anybody complain about the HI-LOW when K.U. blows out an opponet by 30 points. OSU simply wanted it more. The OSU players simply wanted it more than K.U.'s players. Sean and OSU were playing for survival. K.U. was playing to maintain their status quo.

Bill Self is a good recruiter and a good coach. Get off his back. Perfection is an impossible standard. There are no undefeated teams. During March, K.U. will be playing for a national championship. Fans are part of the atmosphere equation and criticism is not helpful. Look at Oklahoma's football team, they have lost the last several bowl games to inferior teams, but Oklahoma fans know that stoops is going to produce year in and year out great football teams. They do not call for his head because greatness is also recognizing that occasional losses are only a means to discover how to improve. Look at how many losses the 1988 national champs had? PERFECTION IS THE FIRST STEP ON THE ROAD TO FAILURE.

LAHAWK 13 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you dragonheart. When you play in your conference, those teams know your tendencies. Execution is vital for these games and the way we play without desire and emotion this late in the season only indicates that lack of leadership. The next "Bucknell" is waiting around the next corner. Instead of playing to our opponents level, we need to dictate the game to our strengths and capabilities. Take care of the damn ball !!!!!!

Brian Skelly 13 years, 2 months ago

I think more than anything people need to realize that a lot of the players we have are just "good" and not "great". At a place like Kansas where hoops is practically religion that gets lost sometimes. A lot of people (myself included) start drinking the Kool-Aid and get carried away. Were still a good team. But we are not a great team, which is tough for KU fans to stomach.
This team will not be going to San Antonio for the Final Four however. Im not trying to wizz on the campfire, but nothing I've seen the last month from this team makes me believe that at all. Lets shoot for holding tough with Texas. Maybe win the Big 12 Tournament and get to the Sweet 16. The first team we play with comparable talent will knock us out. We just dont have the mental toughness and havent had it. Again, tough to stomach, but it seems true.

LAHAWK 13 years, 2 months ago

okiedave, no one is looking for perfection, but to turn the ball over 21 times you will lose to Saint Mary of the Plains. Giving up 21 possesions is simply not acceptable. I agree with you that OSU wanted it more. They knew they could penetrate and we could not stop it. Don't think that every team from this point on won't use it against us. Mediocre guards (aka KSU)are going to the hole against us, and that simply can not happen.

KU 13 years, 2 months ago

Where's the dude that told me yesterday in The (Ryan) GreenRoom that "Byron Eaton is the weak link on OSU's team?"

I know you've been watching him since he was a 9th grader in Dallas, but come on.........

Our defense was fine. Hold a team to 61 and you ought to win.

It's the offense which is so unpredictable. That will be our undoing down the road. You have to have a guy or two that you know you can go to. Darnell is about the closest thing we've got. Rush doesn't even want the ball in a close, physical game.

I've said this since he left--losing Coach Jank was a huge blow because he was the brains behind the coaching staff, ESPECIALLY the offensive coaching. Self knows defense.....there's no doubt about that. He knows recruiting. We're just a little too loose on the offensive end of the floor.

Michael Leiker 13 years, 2 months ago

On the topic of guard defense, I've been saying it for a long time. Self lets them get away with reaching and poking at the ball constantly during the non-conference season and they have established some horrible habits. They need to take a few days and just work some serious basic man to man principles and start playing a little keep the man in front of you defense. It's not that the other guards are putting KUs guards out of position, they are taking themselves out of position at some point pretty much every time down the floor.

cklarock 13 years, 2 months ago

One thing grief does is put life into unique perspective, and it's no wonder to me that Kansas played flat.

I love my job most days, but right after the loss of a family member, honestly I could have cared less. Had someone popped up the day after and told me to go do my job, I'd have been lucky to dial in even a mediocre performance.

Rodrick may not be a starter, but he is certainly a member of a tight-knit team that genuinely cares for each other. If any of you have shepherded a loved one through the grief of a premature and senseless loss, you'll know that the first few days are a bit like sleepwalking, both for the aggrieved and for the people closest to them. If you're a "family," you share each other's troubles.

That's just the way grief works. The other side of this lull will see this team even more motivated and prepared to play for each other. The quality is there, the coaching is there. Kansas is struggling at the moment, but come on.

The sky isn't falling, even though we played poorly at Okie State. The Big 12 regular-season title might have just drifted out of reach, but this team isn't "falling apart."

Look for a huge bounce-back come end of season and tournament time. We might go in as a 2 seed, or even a 3, but frankly, I think that might play to our advantage.

KU 13 years, 2 months ago

We are all complaining about the dribble penetration. I think I see something that is a fundamental problem with our defense. Tell me if you think I'm wrong.....

Most college teams are playing the high ball screen offense these days against man-to-man defense. They send a Big out to the top of the circle to set a pick.

We, in response, send OUR Big out to jump the guard that's dribbling around the ball screen. This is a decent principle I suppose, but is it the BEST principle?, When you allow your Bigs to be drawn so far out of the lane to jump screens, what does that do to your post defense? Essentially, there ISN'T any post presence at all. Your Bigs are way out of position in a part of the floor where they can't be effective. The lane is virtually cleared out and of COURSE the opponent is going to be able to dribble drive to the hole.

We especially have a tough time against teams that spread the floor and put 4 or 5 offensive guys at the free throw line extended and out. Then it's just a one-on-one game and it's hard to prevent penetration one-on-one.

I think the better principle would be to have your Big defender stay in the middle of the lane to prevent penetration if our guard is picked off by the high ball screen. What's the worst thing that can happen? The guard shoots a 3 or a long 2 point shot off the dribble around the pick? Most college guards aren't going to be able to kill you all day long shooting jump shots off the dribble. Most good to great shooters are great spot up shooter, but not great off the dribble.

Joshua Hann 13 years, 2 months ago

This team just does not have what it takes to win a championship. They have the talent, just not the "it" factor. If there head was not there, they should not have played. If they could play, it should of been motivation for them to do something for there fallen family members. I just think there true colors are starting to show by playing harder teams. If you notice, they haven't really beaten anyone that is great and the decent teams they play, they get taken to the wire or get beat. They do not deserve a #3 seed right now regardless of record. Kind of like there football schedule....easy. Can't blame that on them because they scheduled teams that are having down years, but regardless, they still are not performing. If those teams were not down, they would have 5 or 6 losses easily. It's sad because I thought this was the year.

KGphoto 13 years, 2 months ago

Get a life people! This post looks like War and Peace.

jman18562 13 years, 2 months ago

Q: Brandon Rush is?:

A. The most overrated player on the team B. The most overrated player in the conference C. The most overrated player in KU history D. All of the above

A: D, All of the above

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

IMO - I wish it was the ball high screen we had problems with but I don't think it is. I feel that we play that pretty well defensively and we often get good traps out high when we double the ball.

The dribble penetration that irks me is of the NBA clear-out-the-lane type because we can't stop guys 1 on 1. Guys like Augustin, Eaton, and even Pullen (whatever the KSU guys name was) don't need screens to break us down and wreak havoc on the rest of our defense. They just cross over and blow by us.

KU 13 years, 2 months ago

Wow. Consider this nugget: KU has ZERO wins over Big 12 Conference teams with winning conference records!

Doesn't bode well.

hawk4evr 13 years, 2 months ago

3 Big XII tests and 3 failures. Of course, at least according to rusrob, winning the conference really isn't any big deal. They can take or leave it, along apparently with a #1 seed. The same problems we have seen in all 3 losses as well as some victories: 1) NO Arthur, Chalmers, or Rush except for about 5 minutes in the second half., 2) No defense out of the guards, 3) No 3 pt. shooting, 4) No adjustments from the coaching staff. It's not working Bill, try something else. It can't be any worse., 5) No poise in a tough enviorement, 6) No emotion. From game to game there are really only 3 players that we know will show up ready to play, Robinson, Jackson, and Kaun. After that, who knows what you're going to get on a given night. That's of course not the case with the coaching staff. Everyone, aka opponents, knows what their going to get every time we take the court. Not to hard to figure us out. Guess I won't be booking those flights to San Antonio.

Michael Leiker 13 years, 2 months ago

Are people over-analyzing this loss? Was this a team that was not focused because they are so close that they are all feeling the pain of Jackson and Stewarts losses?

Michael Leiker 13 years, 2 months ago

I was thinking the same thing about lack of emotion from Self, but G.D...would you be able to start yelling at a bunch of kids when two of them just lost family members? More I think about it, this loss does not bother me so much.

jprich 13 years, 2 months ago


Get a grip people. The team just wasn't into it, and it wasn't because they had no desire. The deaths of two young men (the same ages as most of the players) weighed on the entire team, from the coach on down. I would hope that at least someone would make that point when criticizing the team's performance.

I'll be honest, I was thoroughly pissed with the team's performance following the game. But after cooling off and stepping away for a minute, I realized that maybe the game wasn't the most important thing on the players' minds. And that would have been clear had the previous posters made the effort to actually read the article before cashing in on the season.

I can't even imagine the employers of these readers criticizing the lack of focus in their job following a death in their family. It's called perspective people, look it up once in a while

LAHAWK 13 years, 2 months ago

jman, I could not have said it any better myself. Brandon is a great spot shooter, but he can not create his own shot off a screen or on his own. Besides the fact that he has no left hand and can only dribble twice before he gives up the ball. Don't believe me, watch the next time we play. All he has to do is pull up off the screens (he did it one time yesterday and made a 12 footer). That is there all day when we execute it. But instead he shoots the puss boy floaters, which he never makes. How many of those did he miss yesterday? To play in the league, if you can't create your own, you're a pine rider.

John Mueller 13 years, 2 months ago

I don't know the profile of you guys and where you get off criticizing our young men, but a couple of thoughts: 1. These kids are 18-22 year old young men. 2. They are incredibly successful athletes, and most if not all seem on their way to becoming successful adults as well. 3. Bill Self is a terrific coach and a better person. A great representative of our University. 4. Do you guys really think you care more about KU basketball than they do? 5. What have you done to "earn the right" to critique and criticize?

I am sick of reading about the X's and the O's. If any of you were so smart you'd be doing it for a living.

Cheer for these kids, pray for these kids and celebrate with these kids when they win.

But when they lose, cheer for them, pray for them and lift them up like they are your own.

Because, they are kids. They are doing the best that they can AND.........they owe you nothing.

There is a reason why championships are sooo coveted. Because they are incredibly hard to capture and precious few either have the ability, the guts or the work ethic to win them.

So, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU! If they get to the top this year (Big 12 championship or even better) good for these kids. They deserved it and we'll be proud!!

But, if they don't, we'll still be proud.

But, remember, it's their accomplishment, not yours.

The only ones qualified to criticize are the ones in the arena, with the blood, sweat and tears to show for it.

If you are sitting on your sofa, you've earned nothing buy the right to be proud, of them, not yourself.

bringheatwavewheat 13 years, 2 months ago

My first post, so be nice to me.

I would echo others when I say we lack a "killer instict". I don't expect perfection- there will annually be a few games where the opponent out plays or hits a bunch of 3's...but if were gonna go down at least do it with passion. I see that most consistently from Djack...maybe Sasha and Russell, I don't know. (which reminds me, where would we be offensively w/o Jackson's improvement this year? wow)

Mario, Rush, and Shady are so talented and you see flashes of pure brilliance but...I don't know. No, I would NOT prefer the overweening confidence often exhibited by KSU's stars, but somewhere inbetween maybe??

Just my thoughts, I've enjoyed reading yours.

woodhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

Springtxhawk and Leikness...


I'm going to go listen to some early-mid 90's R & B. See you all Wednesday.

thjhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!! Confused, pissed, and embarrased in Tennessee. rock chalk.

OklahomaJayhawk5 13 years, 2 months ago

I am sick of watching Brandon disappear during the most crucial parts of games. When the pressure is on, his facial expressions show pure fear. Its sickening that we dont have ONE go to guy with all this talent. I am tired of these great teams folding when it counts the most. It seems like it doesnt matter who we have out there, its the same story. I know I am probably being pretty harsh right now, but good lord its maddening to watch these guys puke down their legs and show zero emotion. Something needs to change ASAP, but to be honest I have no idea what that change is anymore. Any thoughts?

LAJayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

I actually think springtxhawk is pretty on the money. I do think that fans have a right to voice their opinion about what the faults of the team are -- and they earn that by buying the tickets, merchandise, concessions, watching TV, etc. Without that fan support, both morally and financially, there is no program. I think posters like melrank and KU (and others) made some good observations about what they see in the team, and how they hope a team they live and die by will improve. However, I do think several people have and do take their comments too far. Talking about wanting to get rid of Self after one bad loss (and I read MANY of those posts the last 2 days) is simply ridiculous.

That being said, my feelings are this team has lacked the perimeter defense, flow on offense, and intensity since the the KState game. There does need to be some correction. I actually think -- and many of you will probably find this crazy -- that probably not winning the Big 12 and having essentially zero chance at a number 1 seed may take some pressure off. I think these guys will remember to start having fun, and play the game to their potential. Fundamentally we need to shore up some areas, but, most importantly, they need to believe in themselves again.

actorman 13 years, 2 months ago

A lot of interesting comments. I honestly don't know what to make of this team. Earlier this year I said that I thought it was the best KU team I'd ever seen, which is clearly not the case now. I really thought this team had the makeup to win a championship. But now it's starting to look eerily reminiscent of 2004-2005, when the team started off really well and then played .500 ball down the stretch, leading to the B***nell loss. This game is obviously hard to gauge, given what the team had to deal with. But one thing we've seen consistently from Bill Self teams year after year, game after game, is that they seem to have no poise or toughness down the stretch of close games. I'd love to see the stats on Self's record in games decided by 5 points or fewer; I would bet it's significantly under .500. So as great an overall record as he has, I seriously question his decision-making in the clutch.

I don't have a whole lot of confidence in this team right now, and would love to be proven wrong. As big as the KSUck game is, the game that will really show me something is the one at aTm. Can this team win in a tough environment on the road? That's their last real test before the tournament.

kansas22 13 years, 2 months ago

Are people overreacting about this loss? yes. We played a bad game and loss to a team we weren't supposed to lose to.

It was about this time last year when Florida lossed 3 of 4 games at the end of February. 1 of those losses was to an LSU team that barely finished .500 on the year. Needless to say, Florida ended up doing okay in the tournament last year.

All we did was lose a bad game in late february. That's it. Nothing more nothing less. We still have plenty of time to get our confidence and unity back up to par before ncaa's come around, when it really matters.

OklahomaJayhawk5 13 years, 2 months ago

Kansas22 You make some good points, but something is really wrong with this team. After the kstate loss you can you honestly say this is the same team that was the favorite to go undefeated and win it all? I guess there is some overreaction about this, probably because we all desperately want this team to put together a good ALL AROUND game, and that includes the coaching. We have already blown our #1 seed chances, and quite possibly the Big 12 regular season title. We are so predictable its sad, and it has gotten to the point where I can tell you what we are going to do before it happens. And I am pretty sure I am not alone in this regard. Are we talented? Of course! Are we tough? Not at all. Thats what it comes down to in my opinion.

LAJayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

Well, actorman, since you asked, I looked it up. You suggested that Self would be "significantly under .500" in games decided by 5 points or less. As a matter of fact his is 1 game over .500 in those games in his 5 years at KU (18-17). I would guess that's pretty normal for most coaches across the board, especially considering a lot of those games caqme against ranked opponents (and 1 of those wins was against the #1 ranked and eventual national champion Florida last year by 2).

Just a suggestion, if you want to rag on Self, which apparently many people do today, at least do your research first.

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

I live up north and it's cold today. There's no "honey do" list and TV sports is pretty slow this afternoon, so here's the answer to your question LA.

Since Self has been at KU we are:

20-16 in games decided by 5 points or less.

11-12 in games decided by 3 points or less.

Let the banter begin.

LAJayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

melrank, it wasn't actually my question, rather a correction of actorman's statement. I went through the schedule of each of the last 5 years and came up with 18-17 in 5 or less and 9-11 in 3 or less. Obviously one of us is wrong, and I don't feel like going through it again, so I concede to you. Either way it's not "significantly under .500" as actorman suggested.

...and looking through this post, it looks like I have nothing better to do. I actually have a lot to do, but this is far more interesting...

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

LA - good thing we're not accountants :)

Using the same precision analysis as above, Roy is 17-18 since he's been at NC in games decided by 5 points or less (I think).

LAJayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

I'll take your word for it :)

Feel like looking up Coach K in the last 5?

Kevin Long 13 years, 2 months ago

I take back what I said about not getting too upset about these losses. You guys are right, they don't seem to have any fire in them. If they don't want to win then the hell with them! I won't waist my time watching them.

I have news for you players, the other team doesn't give a damn about that Kansas on the front of your jersey. You think you would remember some of those early embarrising loses in the tourney, but I guess not. I'm not going to be stupid and put this team in my bracket as a Final Four team this year.

Maybe Mangino should coach basketball too. He don't need 5 star recruits to get them to play well for him.

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

I got 14-12 without figuring the 2003-04 season.

Oh, hell, my steaks are burning.

LAJayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

Sorry about the steaks man, but, hey, at least you proved the point.

landon_2003 13 years, 2 months ago

we haven't blown our number 1 seed or big 12 yet. ksu/tex still gotta play and we still get kstate one more time. also...they way duke/nc/and ucla has been playing looks like 2 of the last number 1 seeds are still up for grabs. florida lost 3 games last year at this time. it's not over yet everyone...we have 3 losses and it dont matter if we have 7. as long as we win 6 in a row come's all that counts.

melrank 13 years, 2 months ago

We can scrape off the black stuff.

I do admit, this little exercise did surprise me. Self's record is very comparable to two very accomplished coach's.

Time to eat - Rock Chalk everyone.

Greg Lux 13 years, 2 months ago

Lets face it we need Chalmers to step up and be a go to guy. We need his 3 point shooting to open up the inside against these pack it in defenses. Come on Mario step up and help your struggling team we need you buddy..

Greg Lux 13 years, 2 months ago

njjayhawk ... Let's pray NOT !! :P I dont think he could fit on the bench (chair)!!

kansas22 13 years, 2 months ago

I'll agree that I'm a little worried about this team too, but you almost expect them to come out a little distracted, given the circumstances with DJ and Rod's families. I don't know, but I try to stay optimistic about this. Every team, even the best ones, play a little sloppy every now and then and lose to someone they shouldn't. I have faith the players (and Self) will take this as a wake-up call and realize that they can't just come in and expect to win because of their supreme athleticism/talent, and they will step up and get it done when the games count.

Tim Hills 13 years, 2 months ago

It's seems like with each loss we are hoping it will be a "wake up call". Hasn't happened yet. Like Eaton said "we wanted it more, we were tougher". Seems like everyone wants it more and is tougher.

Also I truly feel we will be a much better team next year with Rush gone. We will be able to stop relying on him to show up. He has played like this for 3 years. Turns it on when he wants (not often) and when he does decide to show up it's just for part of a half. I don't believe he has played a complete game (aggressive from the tip off to the final horn) more than two or three times since he has been at KU. I don't see how he thinks he can make a living in the NBA showing up to play 10 minutes a night but I am looking forward to him getting the chance!

nicka 13 years, 2 months ago

jman18562 -

congratulations, you win the award for dumbest post today. b.rush will make you eat your words come tournament time.

didjabuti 13 years, 2 months ago

I've been slow to critisize the team but the one thing I will say is I do keep looking for something different from Self. Something to change it up so teams aren't sure how to play us. It seems the other coaches are figuring it out. I agree with the poster that said that this team seems completely different since the KState loss. Hopefully a win in Lawrence on March 1 will help right the ship.

You know I would have thought that with Wright gone our consistensy problems will have been gone. I think that Self needs to sit down with the team and say that Jackson, Rush and Chalmers are our stars. We have a huge supporting cast but work our offense through these three players. Sure other players may have breakout games but these players need to get their shots in. I think there is probably enough games left to get them used to it and iron out wrinkles.

Overall, I really would just like to believe Self is playing oppossum and has some brilliant plays and stratagies lined up for the tournament. If other coaches do have us figured out, maybe the best thing is to not reveal the new us too early. Yes, I'm probably completely dillusional but I'm ok with that.

Enough of my rambling. Rock Chalk!

Mike Crosbie 13 years, 2 months ago

I can't believe all the posts here. Only two: Booz_Buds and Jprich mention the fact that two players had relatives MURDERED this past week. Yes I was pretty disappointed after the loss, then found out about the murders, which put things in perspective and made me feel guilty for being mad that we have 3 losses. 95% of teams would love to have 3 losses.

In 1991 when we played Duke in the final game, my family got together to watch the game, but before the tip off, we learned my grandfather had cancer. Even though KU was playing for a National Championship, nobody could really enjoy the game, it is after all just a game people. As much as us fanatical Jayhawks want to win, it's not life and death, personal tragedy can put that in perspective, lighten up.

OmahaKUAlum 13 years, 2 months ago

Finally leikness, someone else noticed that our perimeter defense needs some work. My husband (an ISU fan) has been saying since the beginning of the season that all our guards do is slap at the ball and don't move their feet; he said once we played more talented teams, that would hurt us. I didn't believe him. Now it is glaringly clear! I can't tell you how many times I screamed at the TV yesterday "Quit slapping at the ball and move your feet!!!" Instead of looking to poke the ball away, we need to play solid man to man defense to try to stop all the dribble penetration that teams seem to be having so much success at against us lately.

I have to admit, before the game started, I had no idea about the losses Jackson and Stewart had to deal with this week. My heart goes out to them and their families. I am very impressed with the way Darnell played, and his emotion and desire is the reason he is my favorite player. The rest of What will it take to get them fired up? I understand this game can be looked at as an exception with the tragedies, but we haven't shown emotion in a game in sooo long! We need Darnell or Russell to step up and be a leader and get this team fired up for each and every game!

My husband and I are going to the game in Ames Wednesday night, and I don't think I can take it if we lose...I'll never hear the end of it from him or my in-laws! So let's regroup and get focused and play with some emotion from here on out! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Kyle Crenshaw 13 years, 2 months ago

ok so the last two years we finished the season on fire = loss in 1st rd and elite eight

last year, florida, who won the championship struggled towards the end of the regular season and played amazing come tournament time.

hopefully were just getting all this stuff out now so it wont happen in march

Michael Leiker 13 years, 2 months ago

Omahaalum - maybe you have to live in NE to understand man to man defense :) (I'm in Dundee). See you in Ames on Wednesday...hopefully the weather will cooperate.

actorman 13 years, 2 months ago

mea culpa on Self's record. I should have looked it up first (ironically it's the type of thing I often criticize others for); I was just being lazy.

I will obviously take your word for it, but it sure seems hard to believe, given how many times it seems like KU has no poise down the stretch. I sure don't have a lot of confidence in this team at the end of close games. Although I will say that at least we (hopefully) don't have to worry about free throws any more.

rawkhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

There may be some silver lining in that this is a better time of the year than tourney time for such a loss. The game, being aired on CBS and tightly-contested, felt like a tourney game. I do think that this could serve as a "wake-up" call (I realize we've already have had a couple of others)...While I'm still bummed about the game and acknowledge we've likely lost a #1 seed, there is a good chance that this will cause the 'Hawks to get the fire back in their belly. I say let's not give up on this team yet!

bashe24 13 years, 2 months ago

I would have to say there is probably a time for panic.....but i think we need to breath easy......its only the third worst......what i am scared about is we can't seem to win anywhere but will we be on a neutral court??? many times have we been on a neutral court this year???? once maybe........someone needs to get into their heads and tell them its important to win......they look so "whatev" on the court sometimes i want to throw up......but we should definately get things back on track come wednesday.......I hope collins is back to being collins come tourney time.....and arthur starts being the best U19 player on the roster......its time boys lets rock our way to a title

jayhawkman 13 years, 2 months ago

Wow - I'm really surprised at all of the negativity towards Bill Self. I was disappointed that we lost the game but honestly we're 24-3 all but maybe 5 schools in the country would trade places with us in a minute. Somebody please name for me an out of work coach that is better than Bill Self? (If anybody says Bob Knight I'll laugh hysterically).

Michael Bratisax 13 years, 2 months ago

Why does he have to be out of work? Bill Self wasn't when he was hired.

Lynn Anderson 13 years, 2 months ago

wow -- glad 95% of the Jayhawks I know are NOT the bandwagon jumpers that apparently post here.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

oldrocker 13 years, 2 months ago

Stop with all the negativity, man. You all need to go sip some wine and eat some cheese.

TtownHawk 13 years, 2 months ago

i've read every post on here like many of you. and while reading i have noticed that i've had the same feelings at one or more times this season. yeah we've looked like crap since around the ksu game. i thought our 1 seed flew out the window on saturday too. i also think there's still time to right the ship. now, as i sit here i still think we're in good shape. we should at the very least be a 2 seed (unless wednesday we do something stupid). and that may not be a bad thing, i've been seeing all these projections that have been putting us as the 1 seed out west with UCLA being the 2 seed. now correct me if i'm wrong, but we'd be meeting them in Phoenix which would again give them a (somewhat) home court advantage as they had last year. we could still be put out there as a 2 and i realize that, and if UCLA gets the 1 there, then they will have earned it and i wouldn't mind them getting the "home court advantage". but chances are we'd be the 2 in the Midwest which would be fine with me. not to mention, we've never beaten UCLA in the tourney. sorry to go on a UCLA rant, but my point is, sometimes (and with this team this may be the case) you don't want the 1 seed and the target on your back. we haven't faced the pressure well this year. lets take the 2 seed if it comes to that and get to san antonio. then we'll see what happens.

Armen Kurdian 13 years, 2 months ago

I agree w/the comments regarding lack of emotion. My reaction at the end of the game? I screamed the F word and several various permutations for about a half minute at the top of my lungs. Good thing I was at home and my wife was out...and I'm pushing 40!

I'm almost wondering whether we have too much ball movement. I cringe inside whenever we do a pass that's more than about 15 feet, because it seems half the time it goes out of bounds or over someone's head. Rush needs to take charge. He has the talent to be an all-around super-weapon, and I would like to see more of the offense designed around him, or possibly Kaun when we need to attack the basket.

jco8394 12 years, 2 months ago

You guys are idiots! They win the national championship....Learn how to predict the damn future..BOB SAGET!!!

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