Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jayhawk fans breathe easier after Saturday’s victory


After a disappointing and, to some, surprising loss to Kansas State University on Wednesday, the Kansas University Jayhawks had some fans on edge for a second time this week.

The Jayhawks were slow to claim their 72-59 victory over Colorado University on Saturday. The first half of the game had scores too close for comfort. They were tied 30-30 at the half.

"I was worried," said Courtney Baird, with a few minutes left in the game.

"We're playing like a second-seeded team now, in the second half, thank God," the Eldridge employee said at the Red Lyon, where she watched the game with friends. "The first half looked like we played against Kansas State the whole game."

Earlier in the game, fans were questioning the possibility of another loss.

Elsie Mohammadpour, a KU senior from Leavenworth, said she thought the Jayhawks would "try harder to prove themselves" during the Colorado game. "They're not acting like the Jayhawks we've known before," she said.

Still, few fair-weather fans are to be found in Jayhawk Nation.

"We're not going to be 'on' every game," said Michael Mockus, database analyst, of Lenexa. "Like (coach Bill) Self says, every one of the teams we're playing are playing their best against us. We're their biggest game of the season."

And was an undefeated record just asking for too much anyway?

"We had to get one loss out of the way," said Ryan Klamen, a KU junior from St. Louis.

The Missouri native, like others, is just hopeful another loss doesn't come Monday at Allen Fieldhouse, when the Jayhawks take on the Missouri Tigers.

"It's like redemption if KU beats Mizzou," Baird said. "It makes it all better."


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