Sunday, February 3, 2008

Up to the challenge

Jayhawks pull away after half

KU sophomore Darrell Arthur, left, is just out of reach for a rebound against CU sophomore Dwight Thorne II on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008 during the Jayhawks' 72-59 victory in Boulder. Arthur had four total rebounds in the game.

KU sophomore Darrell Arthur, left, is just out of reach for a rebound against CU sophomore Dwight Thorne II on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008 during the Jayhawks' 72-59 victory in Boulder. Arthur had four total rebounds in the game.


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KU's first-half shooting percentage


KU's second-half shooting percentage


Points by which KU outscored Colorado from the free-throw line


Colorado's largest lead (at 21-14)


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— He didn't kick the locker room stalls or throw any chalk and erasers.

"He wasn't mad at all," Kansas University senior forward Darnell Jackson said of coach Bill Self, who nonetheless had a lot to say at halftime on Saturday at Coors Events Center, the Jayhawks and last-place Colorado Buffaloes tied, 30-all.

"He challenged us. He said, 'What is deep in your gut? Whatever is in there, go find it,''' Jackson added.

The Jayhawks, who still appeared to be feeling the emotional effects from Wednesday's loss at Kansas State - KU had no steals and suffered 10 turnovers the first 20 minutes - outscored the Buffs by 13 the second half en route to a 72-59 road victory.

"No ranting and raving," Self said after a game, which, combined with Kansas State's loss to Missouri, placed the Jayhawks back atop the Big 12 standings at 6-1, a half game ahead of 5-1 KSU. Missouri stunned the Wildcats, 77-74, on Saturday in Columbia.

"It was one of those deals we didn't play the first half. (I said), 'Nobody feels sorry for you. Find out what's inside your jersey the second half.' I told our guys, 'Nobody is throwing a pity party for us cause we lost a game.' We played well the second half. I think they feel they've got something to prove."

Some of the Jayhawks heard the Mizzou-Kansas State score on the public-address system 41â2 minutes into the game.

"We were saying, 'Let's turn it up now and get this win and be tied again,''' Brandon Rush said of an exchange with teammate Mario Chalmers.

The Jayhawks trailed by as many as seven points after the announcement was made.

Each member of the KU team was made aware of the KSU loss a bit later.

"I told the guys at halftime K-State got beat. It might have put a little pep in their step, too," Self said. "They might have thought in the back of their mind, 'We caught a break. Now we've got to make the most of it.'''

Three of KU's first shots the second half were easy inside misses, but the Jayhawks did clamp down on defense and led, 38-30, after a Chalmers steal and dunk at 15:05.

KU led by as many as nine at 44-35 (with 12:14 left), but it remained a close game with KU up, 55-50, at 7:39.

The rest of the game belonged to KU. Sherron Collins scored four points, Rush three, Sasha Kaun two, Chalmers two and Russell Robinson one during a 12-1 surge that opened a 67-51 lead at 2:55.

Chalmers was so energized after drawing a charge by Richard Roby (22 points, six rebounds), he waved his arms wildly to thousands of KU fans behind the south goal. At least half the crowd of 10,347 was made up of KU supporters.

"They played well the first half. We didn't. We were fortunate it was a tie game (at half)," Self said. "I thought we were careless with the ball, as evidenced by our 10 turnovers. Sherron turns it over four times against no pressure in five minutes. We never attacked Roby inside. We didn't play to our strengths. I was surprised we had 30 points, to be honest.

"The second half we played very well. To me, Mario had the energy."

Chalmers - he said he had trouble breathing in the high altitude of Colorado the first half - had five points, three steals and four assists the final 20 minutes.

"We needed extra energy. The crowd provided it," Chalmers said.

As did Self apparently with his halftime talk.

"He wanted us to come out with more energy, intensity. Coach Self is a good motivational speaker. It helped a lot," Chalmers added of the halftime chalk-talk.

Collins - he missed part of the first half after bumping knees with a CU player - had nine points, one assist and just one turnover the second half.

"Coach Self changed it at halftime. He told us what we needed to do. He got after us at halftime. We heard it," Collins said. "He hyped us up. He said we should be making easy plays. He pretty much motivated me. He said to forget the first half."

The Jayhawks were led by Darnell Jackson, who scored 18 points, hitting four of seven shots and 10 of 10 free throws. Rush had 15 points, Sasha Kaun 12 with three boards and Arthur nine points, seven the second half.

"It was a rude awakening when we took that loss," Jackson said. "Now we've got to stay hungry."

KU will meet Missouri, the team that downed KSU, at 8 p.m. Monday at Allen Fieldhouse.


smitty33 13 years, 2 months ago

In a Slump:

Shady - Getting a little foul happy, getting blocked, not enough rebounds or D. Robinson - not hitting 3's, not shutting down players on D Rush's D - very slow on his feet lately.
Our Entire D - not the pressure we've had in the past, CU also had many open shots below the rim. Our guards looked very tired at KSU.
Collins - Needs to slow down and protect the ball.

NOT in a slump: Mario - provides the spark, makes plays. His dunk was nice, but pumping the crowd and swatting a 3 were priceless. I was at the CU game and him pumping the crowd was the turnaround of the game. Sasha - playing better than ever. Playing better than Arthur. Great Defense, making freethrows, making shots. DJack - Huge key to our game, we need him to score to win. Nice freethrows and D at CU. Biggest reason we didn't win at KSU is that he didn't get his 16 points.

Not a bad time to be in a little 'slump', but hopefully we can polish it up over the next month. Again, I'm hoping this is the year!! I watched UCLA last night, very polished. No mistakes, great D. I don't want a 2 seed in the West.

I have been praising the Wildcats all week until they go and blow it at Mizzery. Wake up KSU, if they don't learn to be a more consistent, they won't make it past the 2nd round.

cklarock 13 years, 2 months ago

Super Mario! Or as we call him around here, the Dagger. Love his competitiveness.

Robert Brock 13 years, 2 months ago

KU needs to step it up against Mizzou tomorrow (especially Robinson). The Hawks only managed to pull away because CU is short on talent and they were tired. That is not good enough. It's February...and I am still wondering when Coach Self is going to install the offense.

jaybate 13 years, 2 months ago

"We needed extra energy. The crowd provided it," Chalmers said.

I like Mario's directness, but is he real?

Would this team have lost to lowly CU, if the KU fans had not shown up?

If these guys need crowd energy to play hard and win, then this is not the KC Kool Jazz Quintet that I thought they were.

Guys, Brandon especially, jazz is not always laid back. Sometimes it is the most savagely beautiful music that there ever was.

Sometimes it comes roaring at you like a violent midwestern squal line--sheets of rain and hail in a violent storm with lightening burning holes in the atmosphere that close in thunder.

Put on John Coltrane.


Before things gets worse.

OklahomaJayhawk5 13 years, 2 months ago

I dont know about you guys, but I was REALLY looking forward to this game to get the bad taste out of my mouth...... That didnt happen. They looked like they didnt want to be there, and if not for a 2nd half burst and a lack of CU depth, the Jayhawks lose that game, and probably deserved to lose it. Nothing cures a lack of energy like AFH, and hopefully we will be back to our old tricks Monday night against the miracle workers from Columbia!

rokchochawk 13 years, 2 months ago

"We needed extra energy. The crowd provided it," Chalmers said

That shows colorado is really allen fieldhouse west with KU having a lot of supporters at the game. Kind of sad for colorado and good for KU that there were a lot of KU fans there and not so many colorado fans.

Alan Braun 13 years, 2 months ago

There were at least enough to get the chant going good at the end! I could hear it clearly on the TV. Not many visiting venues where you can do that, and not a good commentary for the CU fans.

davidsmom 13 years, 2 months ago

It was great hearing the Rock Chalk chant on the ABC broadcast...but I was very worried in the first half of this game. I thought, "I can't believe this, after that loss to K-State..." Unless the Jayhawks go out on fire the whole 40 minutes, they could easily lose more games, go down in the rankings and maybe lose their #1 seed in the tournament that everyone figured was a given. Every other team is going to bring its "A" game when it plays KU, because there is no team they want to beat more than the Jayhawks. The Jayhawks are certainly talented enough and capable of winning the rest of their games, but they have to want those wins at least as much as the other guys. They certainly didn't look like they wanted it the first half of Saturday's game. Go Jayhawks!

davidsmom 13 years, 2 months ago

Does anyone know if the loss to K-State is likely to push the Jayhawks lower in the rankings this week?

lance1jhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

Roy's boys just got taken to overtime at Florida State!

William Cormode 13 years, 2 months ago

Lew Perkins is at the Super Bowl in a luxury box with Peyton Manning!

Chicago_JHawk 13 years, 2 months ago

I saw that, too, wcormode! I did a double take...must be a family friend.

grantmvb 13 years, 2 months ago

I thought KU showed great poise in this game. How can you expect a full 40 minutes of flawless basketball the whole season. Both Bill Self and the team know that defense is what seperates this team. We aren't going to lose that identity. KU got out of this so called "slump" in the second half and Brandon's dunk can only give him confidence. We're fine.

jayhawker_97 13 years, 2 months ago

good analysis smitty33, but i do hope KU will end up in the West region again this year. let's revenge our loss to UCLA, plus, I get to come and support our troops again!!! go Jayhawks!!

jayhawkinATL 13 years, 2 months ago

Yeah...had to check here to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. Lew's rubbin' elbows!!!!

Ted Toulouse 13 years, 2 months ago

So is Lew's salary too much or does he have an "in" with someone?

CaramelMacchMan 13 years, 2 months ago

I think Lew's wife is NYG fan... she was cheering with P.Manning..

lance1jhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

I saw that too; is that really Lew? How can he be VIP at the Super Bowl?! Does he know that Manning's that well? And how much can we get out of them?!

William Cormode 13 years, 2 months ago

He lived in Connecticut so maybe he was friends with the Giants brass back then....

Todd Conner 13 years, 2 months ago

No, sweet Lou is friends with Peterson and his old lady is a Giants Fan. Not much of a mug on sweet lou, but he had a LOT of face time tonight.

jayhawkinATL 13 years, 2 months ago

I also noticed that Aqib Talib was on Maxim's red carpet in Scottsdale.

CaramelMacchMan 13 years, 2 months ago

Good to see Jayhawks' good connections in NFL...

Now kick dem Mizzou team out of town with some bad taste in their mouth tomorrow...

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