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2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Final Four floor for sale



Self-made Champions

The Lawrence Journal-World looks back at the men's basketball season of 2007-2008, in which the Jayhawks claimed the NCAA championship title for the first time in 20 years and its third ever.

Kansas University basketball fans now have the opportunity to own a piece of the San Antonio Alamodome floor on which the Jayhawks won the 2008 NCAA Championship. To purchase a piece of the floor, log on to Pieces are available in 11 3â4-inch squares and come engraved with a special logo and the scores of this year's two Final Four games. The cost of each square is $225.


joedavis 12 years ago

I can't wait for sdoyel or someone to complain about how the LJWorld is late again on a story that was on the message boards for almost a week.But I wonder if they know that the media release just came out on Monday about it.So I sure hope no one posts about how they're late now.

WilburNether 12 years ago

joedavis, that's no surprise. The LJW is noted more for "reporting by press release" than actual journalism.

jaybate 12 years ago

If Lew were on his game, he would post a map of the floor overlayed with a numbered grid and hold Ebay auctions for each square. Game theory tells us that this is the way to maximize price of any scarce good.I would love to see the bidding on the square where Mario took "the shot."And it is only fair. Without an open auction, no ordinary fan has a chance for the square where "the shot" was taken. It's buyer will be determined by cronyism and donation size.With an open auction, no ordinary fan has a chance for the same square either, but at least we get the amusement of watching the wealthy pay ridiculous sums of money--ON TOP OF THEIR DONATIONS--for a chunk of varnished cellulose.If we're going to profit maximize on this program, Lew, take it to the limit. This pretend-egalitarian, standardized pricing model just soaks the ordinary folks of more money than the marginal pieces of the floor are worth. You're a monopoly retailer, Lew, act like one. :-)

Lance Hobson 12 years ago

I already called the spot where Mario made his Miracle.

JayCeph 12 years ago

I want the area where Cole shut down Hansbrough.

Gordon Penny 12 years ago

yeah, strikewso, and I already called the spot where the cheerleaders sat

hollpat 12 years ago

I want the spot where CDR and Rose wet themselves at the foul line.

spenmar 12 years ago

and the floor from the 2008 Final Four court on the walls,is the floor for sale or on the wall at the new facility? Is lew pulling a fast one?

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