Friday, April 11, 2008

Jayhawk Fans in China


Submitted by Jim and Patti Regan of Overland Park, Kansas, currently teaching at the QSI International School in Shekou, China.

We have always followed Jayhawk basketball closely, so when we took teaching jobs in Shekou China seeing the team play got, well, complicated. Through the marvels of technology and Patti's brother, Ron (KU '70) who attached a Slingbox to his TV,we were able to see every minute of every game through the Internet on our laptop or at our school.

The time difference is 13 hours, so a Lawrence afternoon is early morning in China. Our viewing times ranged from 3:30 am for the Portland State game, to 5 am for Davidson, to 9:21 am for Memphis. Memphis was an additional challenge since it was Monday and during the school day.

That was easily remedied, however. For Jim's high school kids it was a lesson in American culture and for Patti's 8 year olds it was a field trip to Jim's classroom to study the March Madness phenomena in the US on the"big Screen" aka Smartboard(seriously, they took notes). Eighteen voices in 8 different accents, did the "Rock Chalk", cheered the highs and lamented the lows of the game. In the end, though, all enjoyed a delicious cake from the nearby French Bakery to celebrate 'Mario's Miracle"..

The next day, Patti's kids couldn't wait to tell her that Sally, a little Korean girl, had sunk 3 3-pointers during recess. "Sally was Mario Chalmers!", the cried.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Congratulations from The Peoples Republic of China!--


Jim and Patti Regan
QSI International School
2nd Floor Bitao Building
8 Tai Zi Road
Shekou, Shenzhen
Peoples Republic of China 518067


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