Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last night’s game


I was surprised Saturday night to receive a half-time call from my jubilant sister in California because Lesta doesn't watch KU games live. She records and views them only if the Jayhawks are victorious. "This is a game I can watch in real time!" she laughed. During the Tarheels early second half run, I couldn't bear to watch and retreated to my office, listening to husband Ray's earsplitting color (blue) analysis of the referees' calls.

"Hey," he'd yell, "you'd call that a charge at the other end, you *@#%*!" Less than ten seconds after the Hawks' win over UNC, my cousin in Oklahoma phoned. Mike, who watched Bill Self play basketball at OSU, advised me when KU was looking for a replacement for Coach Williams, "You want Bill Self. He's a good guy and a great coach. He'll win you a National Championship!"

Mike's call was followed by one from my sister Vicki, who watched the game with nine friends. Vicki's home is in the city so she was able to describe how loud the fireworks ??? visible from our country hillside miles from the action ??? sounded. I can only imagine how thunderous the celebration will be if Mike's prediction comes true. I can't wait!

--Marsha Henry Goff


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