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KU cools heels

Kansas beats tar out of UNC

Kansas' Mario Chalmers screams with jubilation after draining a three against North Carolina in the first half of the 2008 Final Four game.

Kansas' Mario Chalmers screams with jubilation after draining a three against North Carolina in the first half of the 2008 Final Four game.



2008 NCAA Tournament

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Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Rose combined for 53 of Memphis' 78 points in a win over UCLA. How many will the two total against KU Monday night?

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  • 40-50 10% 85 votes
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2008 NCAA Tournament

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KU's largest lead (40-12 with 6:48 to play in the first half)


KU's smallest lead thereafter (at 54-50 with 11:15 to go)


Free throws made-attempted by both teams combined


Points by UNC's Tyler Hansbrough in the second half


KU's shooting percentage (34 for 64)


Carolina's shooting percentage (24 for 67)


Three-pointers by each team (KU put up 15, UNC 24)

1, 3

Bench players who scored for UNC (15 points), KU (23)

— Bill Self surveyed the locker room, looking at each of his Kansas University basketball players one by one, square in the eyes.

"I told 'em, 'I hope you have as much fun playing tonight as I will coaching,''' said Self, Kansas University's fifth-year coach.

"I think they did. I think they surpassed it," Self added, beaming with pride after his Jayhawks' 84-66 victory over North Carolina in a thrilling NCAA semifinal game Saturday night at the Alamodome.

The Jayhawks indeed took their beloved coach's pregame message to heart, making sure they had a blast on what Self called the "country's biggest stage."

"Before we ran out of the tunnel, the guys were saying, 'Let it go, have fun, smile tonight.' Next thing you know, we're up by 28," KU senior power forward Darnell Jackson said.

Playing their best basketball of the season - perhaps the best basketball in a big game in storied school history - the carefree Jayhawks raced to a 40-12 lead with 6:51 left in the first half.

Brandon Rush scored 10 of his game-high 25 points, while Mario Chalmers had five and sensational big-man sub Cole Aldrich four in the surge.

"It's the best 15 minutes I've ever had a team play because you're playing the No. 1 (overall) seed in the tournament on the biggest stage," Self said.

"I felt instead of having 10 hands out there, we had 14 or 16. Guys were all after every ball. We were so active defensively, I won't say it put them on their heels, but gave us confidence to be in the attack mode."

KU drilled 16 of its first 23 shots in building the 28-point lead and forced six early turnovers. KU also frustrated junior phenom Tyler Hansbrough, who was held to 17 points all night off 6-of-13 shooting.

"They hit us right between the eyes. They just kept hammering," said North Carolina coach Roy Williams, the former KU coach whose eyes moistened during his postgame meeting with the media.

The game wasn't over at 40-12, but the Jayhawks appeared to be well on their way to their 36th victory, most in school history.

"That's the best basketball we've played," senior guard Russell Robinson said. "I think the main thing is we were loose, relaxed and came out running, having fun. Coach Self told us to try to get the Davidson game behind us (59-57 Elite Eight win), to create tempo and run with the ball."

Carolina, which finished the season 36-3, used a 15-2 run to cut KU's big lead to a manageable 15 points (42-27) with 14 seconds left before halftime. Sherron Collins (11 points, four assists, four rebounds, seven turnovers) hit a big bucket at the halftime buzzer to keep things comfy, 44-27, at the break.

"We knew they would make a run," Rush said. "They were missing so many shots early. We knew North Carolina had a great team and wouldn't give up."

Not only did UNC not quit, the Tar Heels opened the half on a 27-6 run to cut KU's lead to four points, 54-50, with a whopping 11:11 to play. KU was 0-for-7 shooting with six turnovers in that horrid stretch.

"We made dumb plays, but the main thing was not to panic," senior center Sasha Kaun said.

That was Self's message during a stoppage of play when KU's lead had dipped to six.

"Coach Self said, 'Everybody take a deep breath; do it with me,''' Jackson said, indicating the players actually exhaled with Self in front of the bench. "We were fine after that."

Rush and Jackson scored to give KU a 58-50 lead, yet Wayne Ellington's three made it 58-53 at 9:19.

Danny Green, who was huge during UNC's comeback on a night he had 15 points, had a three flip in, then out - a three that could have cut KU's lead to just two points.

"At that point, my heart was racing a bit," Rush said.

Instead, Aldrich hit two free throws at 7:53, and Kaun followed with a bucket off a Collins lob, and KU led, 62-53, at 7:09.

KU led just 64-59 at 5:44 when Collins iced a three upping the lead to eight. It was back to six, 67-61, at 5:11, when KU put the game away for good.

Rush scored on a drive to the hole, and Jackson scored off a feed from Rush to open a 13-0 run that had KU fans dancing in the aisles with an 80-61 lead with just 1:41 to play.

"As good as we played early, we played poorly in the middle," Self said.

"I told the guys (during a stoppage), 'Hey, if I told you before the game we were going to be up nine with 10 minutes left, would we have taken that? If I told you we'd be up four at the under-eight timeout, would you have taken that?' Of course we would have. Momentum just switched jerseys.

"The thing I was most proud of is, on the biggest stage, we were in attack mode for 40 minutes," Self added.

KU's players were thrilled to finish the job and advance to the title game.

They stood on the court swaying to the school song with CBS announcer Billy Packer after the game, before heading to the locker room where several players hugged injured senior Rodrick Stewart, who is finished for the year after fracturing his kneecap trying a dunk at shootaround on Friday.

"It's great to be in the title game. It's one of my goals getting back from rehab," said Rush, who worked so hard in coming back from last spring's ACL surgery.

For KU's fans, it obviously meant a lot in beating KU's former coach.

"I know it's a big deal to our people. I never once said, 'We're playing against Roy,''' Self said of the man who said plans to stick around and cheer for KU in Monday's title game. "It was a big deal to our fans. Maybe our players knew that, but we talked about playing Carolina, not coach Williams. Our guys wanted to guard Lawson (Ty, nine points, two assists), Ellington (18 points) and Hansbrough and beat a great North Carolina team, not a coach."

Now the Jayhawks play former KU assistant John Calipari's Memphis Tigers.

"It's been a remarkable week," Self said "Hopefully it can continue for another couple days."


NH_JHawk 13 years ago


(LJW, can you add a new feature so we can post in trajan?)

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

Anyone else notice that the two winning teams are the ones who played in the huge dome settings for their regional final games (KU in Ford Field and Memphis in Reliant Stadium)??? I'm wondering if playing in regular-sized arenas hurt UNC and UCLA???

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

Really, jhwkfan1625???? Wow, would not have expected that.

I just want all the pundits to keep talking about our "slim" chances of winning Monday night....I LOVE the underdog role.

sevenyearhawk 13 years ago

WOW ... what a year, huh?!?

Official CBS highlights, courtesy of YouTube at:

speedy 13 years ago

c,mon erin andrews of ESPN you get out that lucky charm for one more game. you will have picked the winner 3 years in a row! rock chalk KU!

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

I second that, esuyat. I'm pretty satisfied with making the Final Four (and getting the 1200# gorilla off Self's back) and taking out UNC. OK, a win on Monday night would be EXTRA icing on the national championship cake.

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

I hope all the KU fans in TX swamped the Allen-modome after the game to snatch up UNC tix.

bbeckum 13 years ago

Gee, where are all the Bill Self haters and basketball experts that have been so critical of coach and team all season?

Chris Weaver 13 years ago

i love watching bobby night, dick vitale, and digger phelps have to explain how kansas could possibly have beaten carolina. nobody was for us. we shocked the world man. aldrich owns psycho t.

ROCK CHALK - its great to be a hawk

esuyat 13 years ago

I don't even care what happens on Monday night--well, a win would definitely be nice--because this win over UNC was SO SATISFYING! Excellent game, boys. ROCK CHALK!!!

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

OK, kyle...I can understand that.

NH_JHawk 13 years ago

Just looked up our record in championship games. Since 1940 we're 2-5 in Championship games. So we're due for #3 dont you think?

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

Right here, fansincewilt.The thought of KU in the title game hit me as soon as I opened my eyes at 6:30 a.m. EST.Although I was freaking out with the Tar Heel comeback, I couldn't have been happier with KU's determination down the stretch. We definitely put the pedal to the metal after it was cut to 4. WE ACTUALLY FINISHED A GAME!!!!

NH_JHawk 13 years ago

I didn't sleep well either. Adrenaline STILL PUMPIN! Now let's take care of business tomorrow night. The last time we waxed somebody (read: Marquette) in the FF we lost the next one. Like Sherron said "We know we're not done. We have one more step to take."Let's take that step shall we?

gcjhawk 13 years ago

I realized that Billy Packer is tolerable when your kicking the crap out of somebody. Jay Bilas said it best last night he said it wasn't so much carolina beating kansas when they cut the score to 4 it was Kansas playing horrible for a little while then finally got refocused at the end. Awesome guys

tailg8prty 13 years ago

Way to go guys!! You made every Kansas proud!! One more to go. Hopefully you can refuel your tanks because you spent alot of energy last night. Now can we please put to rest all this Roy crap. He's a good guy who went home to coach. Appreciate what he did for us and don't lose sight of what a great coach we have in Bill Self. One last thing, those brain f@rts have got to stop. There was some terrible shots and terrible turnovers at parts of the game. Other than that, GO GET MEMPHIS and the NC!!

fansincewilt 13 years ago

Man, where is eveyone? I can't believe anyone can sleep after that game. I enjoy reading the comments from the fans as much as the articles. I think we did put the heels back on their heels and put a little tar on them to boot. That was as good of a game as I have ever seen.

fansincewilt 13 years ago

Listening to the Tigers in the after-game, they are feeling pretty good about themselves. They don't think anyone can play with them. I believe they are in for a shock on Monday.

Jeremy Bolinger 13 years ago

Is it just me........or is Roy going to manage to get some limelite by hanging around Monday night to watch the game. Move on man! I'll always respect him, but the thought of him being there to support us, man that really doesn't sit well with me. I dont wanna see his mug 10 times during the game, which undoubtedly what will happen!

Kevin Long 13 years ago

I'm so proud of this team, it almost makes me cry. They are the best group of kids that I have seen in a long time. They fight SO hard every poss. down the court. I love this team! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!!

DueFan 13 years ago

What's with Roy referring to Bill as the "Other Coach"?

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

OK, everyone...CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING THRU THIS RUN!!!! Watch Monday's game in the same spot, wear that same lucky t-shirt, wear that ball cap backwards while sitting on a basketball 3 feet from the TV (OK, that's my ritual), whatever. Just keep doing it!!!! It appears to be working!!!!

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

I agree, DueFan...that baffled me too.

DCSven 13 years ago

The River Walk looked like Mass Ave. pre-grame and the arena turned into the Allen-Mo-Dome. The greatest game, in the greatest Final Four on the biggest stage with the greatest team, coach and tradition. We took care of Curry and Hansbrough, we can take care of Rose and Roberts. Most importantly, all the Roy hating fans can let go of the tension, just like the team did last night, and smile and have fun -- that era is over and we should embrace him for the good job he did while here and wish him well. The Self Era (aka dynasty in the making) is now firmly in place. Thanks team for a great run, go out Monday and get the job done!

moveforward 13 years ago

I think it is awesome that Roy is hanging around to cheer Kansas on in the championship game (I can't believe I just typed that!). He is a good man, world class coach, and has such a big heart. Most of us have gotten past Roy following the path to his Alma Mater... those who haven't just need to grow up a little.

Andrew Ledell 13 years ago

Anybody else think of dubbing Cole "Psycho C" last night? I thought it was appropriate, based on how all the "experts" say "nobody outworks or outhustles Tyler Hansbrough." Well, it sure looked to me like Cole beat him at his own game last night.Even though it's getting some play, I think Cole's role in this victory has been highly underrated.

Kyle Crenshaw 13 years ago

hey jayhawkinati... i was forced to listed to the last couple games at work and at church. i can tell you right now im not doing that tomorrow night! im headin up to lawrence where the party is at! hey afilmer, i agree... the whole time vitale talked it was about how great unc was... EVEN THOUGH THEY GOT ROMPED!

JJHAWK 13 years ago

So where are all those (alleged) fans who called for Bill Self to be fired, or said over and over he hadn't shown them anything. And how about the Kaun detractors? Hey guys - post your rants now. Perfect time for the rest of us to have to listen to your slanted silly dribbles. Without Coach Self and Kaun, we're not playing for the national championship Monday. And to Jayhawks everywhere - don't you just love how our football team and our basketball team suffered from the same complaint: "You don't deserve - you haven't played anyone.""Okay - can you hear us now!"

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

Was Coach Brown rooting of us last night? Couldn't tell, but I noticed that he was surrounded by people in KU gear.

NH_JHawk 13 years ago

Definitely an exclamation point last night but why be totally satisfied? We're 2-7 in championship games all time (I think) so to get that elusive #3 would be fitting. 3 isn't really enough for a program of our caliber...especially compared to the other elites like, Indiana, UCLA, UK, and UNC. Let's win this tomorrow night! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

Andrew Ledell 13 years ago

Okay, I just read the Pat Forde article and I must say I'm ashamed he and I both came up with the "Psycho C" nickname I posted about above.I don't understand why they let that arrogant jerk of a Mizzou alumn write all the KU articles anyway.So anyway, I guess just Cole will have to do. With play like that, who needs a nickname anyway?

justanotherfan 13 years ago

KU was awesome for about 25 minutes of that game last night. We won't talk about the other 15. I can't watch the game tomorrow night in the same spot as the others... I'm out to Vegas on business. I will be somewhere watching that game though (I made sure that my flight lands in plenty of time to scout out a game watching spot).

jahawkdave 13 years ago

We played awesome, but I really think this team is special and can play an even better more complete game for a full 40. Let's play our best game of the year Monday night and take it the tigers for the full 40! To be the winners of the best final four ever would be I mean WILL be incredible!!!Rock Chalk!

lance1jhawk 13 years ago

We need another championship banner in the rafters of Allen Fieldhouse. I would love to pack about 56,000 into Memorial Stadium to watch a spring football game and celebrate a National title in Basketball on April 12th.Rock Chalk JayhawkGO KU!

rcaltrider 13 years ago

Coach Brown was in the KU section and during an interview at halftime he referred to KU as "we", so I think he was pulling for Kansas. He wasn't outwardly rooting for them but I'm sure he was pulling for KU. After all, he had a former assistant (Self) and a former player (Manning) on the KU bench. Also, though he wouldn't say it, I think he wanted the job at UNC when Roy got it and may be a little miffed that he never got a shot at it, that the weasel Dean chose Williams over him. I don't know that for sure but that's just what I think.

chicagohawk52 13 years ago

soobawls, what is wrong with you???? We are in the national championship!!!!! Be happy and stop hating, what is so bad in your life that you seem to have to find the negative in everything???Way to go boys, that win was awesome but a win tomorrow night will be amazing!!!!! It has been 20 years and we as fans and alum need this!!! Rock Chalk!!!

JJHAWK 13 years ago

"Roy's suffering keeps me warm at night." . . . soobawlsYou should consider professional help my friend. That's a load of hate I wouldn't want to be carrying around.Do you think Georgetown would be willing to take KU's victory over Davidson instead of their own loss? And where do you get off saying how much we should win by. Somebody die and make you god? Its a 40 minute game and at the end of 40 minutes we had beaten the number one ranked team in America with the player of the year by 18 points. And your critical of Coach Self's handling or our team?Pal - I wouldn't want to have your life or your attitudes. Go root for Missouri. They will welcome you with open arms.

KU 13 years ago

sooballs.......Go get a life....or at least another team to root for....Please. KU got the much better deal in the coaching carosel 5 years ago. Remember how we used to complain that Roy's teams looked pretty but they weren't tough enough? Remember Bill's Illinois team just pounding KU senseless? Now WE are the tough team, mentally and physically.I hope Self formally invites Roy to sit behind the bench Monday night. I think that will officially end all the Roy hating and signal to Jayhawk Nation that we have moved beyond Roy and we're better off because of it.

chicagohawk52 13 years ago

I agree KU. At the end of the game last night anyone who has not let go of their Roy hatred should. Roy gave us 15 great years and now Bill has done the same in 5. We are the better team taking the floor on Monday night. One thing that bugs me about Memphis and Calipari is that no matter who Bill is talking about whether it be his team at Tulsa, Illinois, or here, he always refers to those teams as "We". "We have a good team,We did this and We did that." Calipari always refers to the team with regards to himself as "I". "I" have had a lot of good teams and "I" have done this with these players. I don't know why but I love Bill's "selflessness" (no pun intended) I don't know just another reason to be thankful and grateful for the great coach we have pacing the sidelines...

lovemyhawks 13 years ago

i LOVED that game....... i was on such a high the first 15 minutes and think those were definitely some of the best minutes in ku history.... WOW!!!! what a game. we all knew unc would make a run and yes, they made it TOOOO interesting but we were able to FINISH and finish strong and that speaks hugely of our great team!!! they looked SOOOOO good and we just have to hope they saved some for monday....... it's going to be tough but we CAN do it, i know we can, if we are ready to play!! i loved to watch roy and hansbrough's faces..... don't think they were expecting what we gave them at all and it was priceless and wonderful. so many doubters and we definitely proved who we are big time...... now we just need to go for the ultimate goal and finish tomorrow too!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK all the way!!!!!!!

NH_JHawk 13 years ago

Soobawls - You might as well give up the "I'm a Jayhawk fan" schtick. After reading your posts it's become VERY apparent that you're not who you say you are. That's the beauty of an anonymous blog like this one, you can pretend to be whoever you want. Good one dude! You actually make me laugh because you're so predictable. Just a wild guess but your next post will read something like "fire self" or "we wont win."

Godisajayhawk 13 years ago

Everyone stop humoring soobawls by responding to his posts, please and thank youRock Chalk

Michael Auchard 13 years ago

Wow, I think I have to work during the championship game. Can someone go buy me a gun or a noose or something... it's almost too much to even fathom. I may have to miss work on my third day on the job. Wow.

actorman 13 years ago

WOW, WOW and let me just say ... WOW!It was like watching a pro team against a junior high team (well the first 15 minutes and the last 8 minutes, anyway). It's hard to believe that UNC could ever look that bad. The KU defensive intensity was like nothing I've ever seen. And Yahweh, you simply HAVE to watch the game tomorrow. That's what sick days are for, third day or not (I mean is there any illness more important than Jayhawk basketball fever???)."Is it just me........or is Roy going to manage to get some limelite by hanging around Monday night to watch the game."All I can say to that is ... UN-FRICKIN'-BELIEVABLE! It's taken me a while to come around, and I was as critical of Roy as anyone when he left. But the man has shown nothing but class through this entire process. He handled the pregame hype with class, he handled the postgame press conference with class and he has shown himself to have real quality in everything he's said and done for the last week. To those who make a critical comment like the one above, let me ask you: is there ANYTHING the man can do to prove to you that he's not all about himself all the time????? It's asking someone to prove a negative, which, as we all know, is impossible. Well I for one take the man at his word in this case. Let him root for KU without casting aspersions on EVERY SINGLE COMMENT the man makes! For God sake!!!"I think it is awesome that Roy is hanging around to cheer Kansas on in the championship game : He is a good man, world class coach, and has such a big heart."Thank you, moveforward. It's nice to know that there is SOMEONE who doesn't believe in the great Roy conspiracy theory--that there is SOMEONE who doesn't believe that every single word out of Roy's mouth is a narcissistic lie.

actorman 13 years ago

"I don't even care what happens on Monday night- well, a win would definitely be nice--because this win over UNC was SO SATISFYING!""I second that, esuyat. I'm pretty satisfied with making the Final Four (and getting the 1200# gorilla off Self's back) and taking out UNC. OK, a win on Monday night would be EXTRA icing on the national championship cake."Sorry to be negative at such a glorious time for KU, but ARE YOU GUYS INSANE?!?!?!? The NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is EXTRA icing???? You have GOT to be kidding! The victory over UNC was tremendous but it loses most of its meaning if KU doesn't also win on Monday. There are five teams with more than two championships, all of which are among the elite: UCLA, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and Duke. KU is also among the elite ... in MOST ways. But there are EIGHT other teams that have two championships, NONE of which are among the elite: Oklahoma St. (nee A&M), San Francisco, Cincinnati, Michigan St., North Carolina St., Florida, Louisville, and UConn--okay, some of them are close to being elite. But until KU gets that third title, there is a big piece missing from the KU history and tradition. Monday's game is HUGE!!!As NH_Jhawk pointed out, KU is 2-5 in championship games (including two losses by one point and one by three points). From what I can tell, KU is first all-time in championship-game losses. Well, I for one have had enough of being close. Let's get that OTHER 1200-lb. gorilla off of KU's collective backs and bring home that elusive third title. This is the year!!!

justanotherfan 13 years ago

Now that I have had some time to let it sink in, I bring up a point that I made to some friends a couple of years ago (after Bucknell and Bradley).I told them I liked what Bill Self did because eventually it would make our teams more competitive in March. Of course, at the time they questioned me and called for Self's job. After all, his teams weren't as high scoring and, for all of the great defense they played, they hadn't gotten over the first round hump 2 straight years. I told them then that the difference would be that Self's teams would eventually be able to beat you in March not necessarily because they were always the best team, but because on almost every night, they would be the toughest. After five years, Bill Self has his team. Whether KU is more talented than UNC is up for discussion. Whether KU is tougher is not. There is no question. KU is tougher by miles. If you watched UNC last night, you could think back to some of the KU teams that (insert name of former coach) led. Those teams were fast, playing at break neck speed, scoring in bunches, etc. But when it mattered, they could not out tough you. Remember when Self's Illinois team knocked us off in the tourney? That night, we got out toughed. Its hard to say that, but I remember watching that game and thinking to myself that our guys got bullied, and instead of toughening up and pushing back, they looked to the referees to clean the game up so they could go back to playing their "pretty" basketball.Soft teams don't win championships. That was one thing that always kept us away from a title. We weren't tough enough under (insert name of former coach). If you had to pick a team that could win last night without playing their best basketball, while the other team was, you would have had to pick us. Why? Our guys are grittier. They didn't have a DBlock, a guy who has turned personal tragedy into incredible triumph. They didn't have a Sherron, a Chi-town hardened kid who backs down from no one. They didn't have a RussRob, a NYC kid that grew up on the blacktop. In the past, we never had those guys, either. We had guys like Hansborough and Ellington and Green. Good players and great guys, but not the type that, if pushed, would shove back twice as hard.

justanotherfan 13 years ago

I've been telling friends since February that Carolina could not win a title because they gave up too many layups. (insert name of former coach)'s teams always did that. They didn't have the type of guys that would say, hold on, enough is enough, the next guy that comes waltzing down the lane unchallenged is getting smacked.Last night, no one came down on our end into the lane without seeing Cole, or Sasha, or DBlock, or Shady, or some combination coming at them to physically challenge them. On the other end, Hansborough didn't physically challenge anyone. He slid in and tried to take charges. So did the other big guys. Our team has finally crossed that hurdle. We are tougher than the other guy. Tomorrow's game figures to be wild, but I am pretty sure that we won't get out toughed. Our guys won't let us. Coach Self won't let us. And trust me, if Derrick Rose comes prancing down the lane one too many times, somebody will confront him.

William Cormode 13 years ago

soobawls just shut up and go away forever.

flipborder02 13 years ago

Soobawls is either a K-state fan or a Missouri fan so lets not bother with him.

Dan Harris 13 years ago

Sooballs-You can SUCK IT!! all the way back to Mizzu!! Your a f######G IDIOT and NOT a fan!!!!!!

fansincewilt 13 years ago

I think the play when Chalmers went up and threw Hansbrough to the floor was pretty telling of the whole night. If you watched the postgame interviews, you saw a very beaten Hansbrough. It looked to me like Chalmers wasn't too concerned about getting all ball. I wasn't sure if he was just trying to save our big guys or just sending a message. Yes, these guys are tough enough to win it all.

Dan Harris 13 years ago

Now for something positive, It's a great year to be Jayhawk! Let's cap it off with a NC!!!

Dan Harris 13 years ago

actorman- I agree. Lets not settle for just beating N Carolina and 2nd place. I want it ALL!!! Play with intensity for a full 40 and we WILL BRING THE TROPHY BACK HOME where it belongs!

okjhok 13 years ago

justanotherfan and fansincewilt,You both made insightful and truthful comments. I couldn't agree more. It was pretty clear that the gameplan was something like "we're going to use our fouls and make Hansbrough earn everything he gets." Hansbrough played a tough game, but, for once, his opponents were just as tough and there were a lot of them. Another thing that pleased me immensely was the complete shutdown of Lawson. He was completely taken out of the game. What a beautiful defensive effort, and what execution offensively. Just a beautiful game.

brooksmd 13 years ago

Coach Brown was pulling for KU. Late in the game after a KU basket the camera panned to him and he was motioning for the guys to get back on defense.And I also would like to see Roy sitting behind the bench. That way he will be in the picture during timeouts and the cameras won't have to pan to him sitting up in the stands.Now one more and let's party!!!

rkstoops 13 years ago

Did anyone else see Collins flying by Ty Lawson like he was standing still? All anyone talked about what how fast Lawson is, and Collins made him look really slow.

fansincewilt 13 years ago

I remember how tough Illinois was when they played us when Self was coach there. This is the Self that I thought was coming to Kansas. I think it will be interesting to watch to see if he continues to recruit the Robinsons, Jacksons, Collins, etc. I've never seen a team so motivated. I was sitting there almost in shock. I shouldn't have been worried. It looked to me they could turn that on at will. It'll be interesting to watch what he does with Rose. I think after tomorrow's game, he will be striking terror in the minds of other coaches. This team is focused. Memphis is a really great team, but I believe they're going down.

trueblue9 13 years ago

Sooballs is just a realist. Lets not start sucking each others' _ just yet. We have the most talent in the country (although from what I've seen, Memphis is a close second). We SHOULD have won last night, we had more talent and depth. We ALMOST gave it away, which would've been one of the worst loses in the history of bball and self would already be at OSU. Its easy to get all caught up in the euphoria of last night because everyone (secretly or not) was thrilled to beat roy and it meant more to some than they would like to admit. Lets get this one tomorrow night, and that will finally be the gorrilla everyone believes has already been removed. Wave the wheat.

PittsburghJayhawk 13 years ago

"I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named Soobawls"apologies to Johnny Cash

JayViking 13 years ago

You know I keep hearing about how KU's backcourt is going to stop Rose and how they won't be able to score over Memphis' guards' length and size. We heard the same thing with UNC. How was Kansas' frontcourt going to stop Hansbrough? What should have been asked is HOW'S UNC's D GOING TO STOP OUR BIG MEN? Our big men PWNED them.So, the same should be asked with Memphis. Rather than how will our guards handle their length, how will their guards handle our pressure!!!

Kevin Long 13 years ago

You guys that don't care if we win the title are CRAZY! Beating Roy was great, but we NEED this win. We have the least amount of titles among the big programs. WIN WIN WIN!!! By the wasy Soobawls, if Self wins this title I would gladly lose in the first round for the next 2 years. He has gotten better as a coach. He is still pretty young you know! He has been smart enough to change, unlike some coaches.

Chicago_JHawk 13 years ago

I agree that last night's win was not enough. The Miracle on Ice in 1980 wouldn't be remembered nearly so fondly had the US lost in the gold medal game after beating the Soviets in the semis. Boston fans would not look back so fondly at the 2004 Red Sox had they not won the WS after coming back from 3-0 down to beat the Yankees in the ALCS. Both were HUGE wins, but there was still work to be done. Last night was great, and a loss tomorrow doesn't negate it, but I won't feel satisfied unless we cut down the nets tomorrow.As for Soobawls, if you want to ignore him, then do it. Writing post after post that say "Just ignore him and he'll go away" is NOT ignoring him.Rock Chalk!

classfan 13 years ago

KU basketball fans have no class and are cursed. KU will never when a championship because of the curse. You can't blame Roy for taking the step up and getting away from that, and Bill Self will do the same. He's as good as gone....Rock Caulk Chokehawk....Rock Caulk Chokehawk....Rock Caulk Chokehawk

OklahomaJayhawk5 13 years ago

I am really worried about the length that the Memphis guards have. They seem to get to the rim so easily in traffic. This is going to be a great one, and I am glad its the last one! I dont think I can take much more of this! My nerves are toast!

Kevin Long 13 years ago

I hear ya Oklahoma! I think I have ulcers from this tourney. We will again be underdogs. I love that role, it has worked well for us.

Dan Harris 13 years ago

So classfan which are you KSU or Mizzu? either way you can SUCK IT WITH SOOBALLS!!!!!!!

CaramelMacchMan 13 years ago

I dont know what the hell classfan is SMOKING but whatever it is... its dammm good and i want some.

lovemyhawks 13 years ago

class fan is the one with no class and should NOT be on here with REAL jayhawk fans.

Lance Hobson 13 years ago

  1. Brown said he is rooting for KU. So did Roy.2. Bucknell was bad chemistry born from a mix or Roy's and Self's players. Bradley was just March Madness Shirt happens. No big deal, every school is there once in a while.3. This is so exciting, the championship should be a great game.4. Pyscho C is an awesome nickname! And he'll always have a great story about how he got it - by out hustling the player of the year in the Final 4!

Seth Peattie 13 years ago

classfan, soobawls and memphis are hereby invited to SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Question 1: Is winning the Orange Bowl and the BBall National Championship in the same year a good thing?Question 2: Should classfan and soobawls SUCK IT!!!!! ?

Mike Johns 13 years ago

i have to give it up to aldrich, he totally stepped up last night .... that having been said - have you ever seen a more awkward free throw shot?

actorman 13 years ago

gamedayreview, enough with the advertising already!!!!! It's bad enough that you're posting it all over the place, but twice in the same article??? Give it a rest already!Chicago, those analogies of the Miracle on Ice and the Red Sox are PERFECT. To cite some more examples, in the opposite direction, would anyone give a rat's a** about Bill Buckner if the Red Sox had won game 7? Would anyone remember Jackie's Smith dropped pass if the Cowboys had won that Super Bowl? In fact there's only one exception I can think of off the top of my head, and that's Carlton Fisk's home run. It's interesting that that's considered one of the classics, even though the Red Sox lost game 7. But that's the exception that proves the rule.Anyway, the bottom line is that KU just HAS to win tomorrow! We've been stuck with two titles long enough.

William Cormode 13 years ago

classfan must be from mizzery because he can't spell. It is spelled "win" not "when"

truefan 13 years ago

Yeah he speaks of class, but he has none of his own. What if we win?...

classfan 13 years ago

anybody getting nervous yet....How about butterflies....All I can say, is after tonight I hope all the KU fans have new excuses. Its been 20 years since two Carolina guys brought a NC to Lawrence ( Brown and Manning) and all the excuses since are getting old. A curse has been laid upon the KU doorstep. You can watch for it tonight. You will be able to tell when it enters into the game. Its a magical thing to see. The only way for KU to get rid of the curse is to find a little class. Wouldn't it be cool tonight if in the final seconds of the game, with the Chokehawks down, all the fans of the other schools starting chanting Rock Caulk Chokehawk. I can't wait. See you all at the game. I'll be the one in crimson and blue....Rock Caulk Chokehawk....Rock Caulk Chokehawk....Rock Caulk Chokehawk.

hardwick15 13 years ago

classfan -excellent post!!! You sound real smart now, dont you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'll tell you what CLASSfan -come to the fieldhouse this winter. Come see the banner being raised. Oh, and you should be thanking the KU coaches for setting up the foundation of your program -I.E. Phog Allen training Dean Smith. You are a joke!!! The next time that you get a inkling to write on a KU message board, research the history, think, think again (it takes you Carolina people a couple of times), then make sure that your posting won't be laughed at in two hours.

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