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2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heels run out of gas

Huge hole proves insurmountable



2008 NCAA Tournament

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2008 NCAA Tournament

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— It's no surprise. North Carolina coach Roy Williams was emotionally fragile following the Tar Heels' 84-66 loss to Kansas University at the Alamodome on Saturday.

The end of the season always gets at Williams, who's corny by his own admission and always significantly attached to the players he leads. It goes back to his early days in charge of Kansas almost 20 years ago.

This year's North Carolina team was no different.

"We had a marvelous, marvelous run," said Williams, who was close to getting teary-eyed at one point in his postgame press conference. "But yet, their dreams were bigger than this, and it hurts a great deal now."

Williams was sentimental, while the UNC players were soft-spoken and depressed after Saturday's Final Four nightcap. It stemmed from a 40-12 start to the game by Kansas, which clocked the Tar Heels upside the head and forced them to play catch-up all night.

The Tar Heels (36-3) fought back to cut the deficit to 54-50, but they admitted that a rally of that magnitude exhausted them. When Kansas pushed back, North Carolina fell to the mat and raised the white flag.

Kansas finished the game on a 30-16 surge.

"We had it right where we wanted to be," said guard Wayne Ellington, who led the Tar Heels with 18 points. "I felt like we just kind of gave in when they started attacking us again."

Added Williams: "I guess it's a little like that story tale about the little engine that spent so much trying to get up the hill, it didn't have anything left when it got to the top."

Williams tried preaching selective memory, telling his team during a second-half timeout, "We've been down five or six (points) several times this year, and that's what it is right now. Don't worry about what it was in the first half."

But UNC never got closer than four, and the game got so out of reach at the end that walk-ons for both teams played out the final minute.

"We felt like everything was kind of going our way," said All-American Tyler Hansbrough, who had 17 points and nine rebounds. "But they made little runs, and we didn't get stops. They just kept going at us."

Williams has professed having a love for both Kansas and North Carolina, but he's not getting much love when he plays against them. Williams is now 1-3 against the other school - 1-2 against North Carolina while at Kansas and 0-1 against Kansas while at North Carolina.

The spicy storyline of Williams playing his former team dominated the week leading up to Saturday's game.

"I told my team that I hoped that that distraction didn't bother them," Williams said, "because that would be about as bad as anything that you could have as a coach."

Williams said he "never" felt weird going against Kansas once the game began. He was asked if he hoped that Saturday's game would relieve the tense feelings between he and the KU fan base after Williams left Kansas in 2003.

"I hope it goes away forever. I'm too thin-skinned probably, but those things have hurt" he said, before changing the subject.


Dirk Medema 11 years, 12 months ago

Hopefully, the animosity of some will abate, but beating UNC will always be a bit more special.

cincyHawk79 11 years, 12 months ago

Roy who...Looking forward to the day when we talk about the players. Roy is gone and we have a better recruiter and hopefully will prove he is a better coach. Funny but I remember one of the reasons Roy left was because it was harder to recruit at Kansas and Self brings in Kaun from Florida, Robinson from NYC and Chalmers from Alaska!Awesome effort by all the players and Cole and Collins really stood out. Hope that they can get plenty of rest and be ready to it again on Monday.Great Job Guys!!!

nocaljayhawk 11 years, 12 months ago

Based on his comment about UNC being "right where we wanted to be," is it fair to assume Mr. Ellington is not a math major? Playing from behind all game isn't the ideal position, Wayne. Hell, I was an English major and I know that. And on the topic of playing from behind, sure brought back some bad memories watching a Roy-coached team fall farther and farther behind while all the head man could do was flash the "deer in the headlights" look.

jayhawkinATL 11 years, 12 months ago

Beating UNC was awesome. No hard feelins', Coach Roy. I will always appreciate what Roy brought us in those 15 years.

classfan 11 years, 12 months ago

KU basketball fans have no class and are cursed. KU will never when a championship because of the curse. You can't blame Roy for taking the step up and getting away from that, and Bill Self will do the same. He's as good as gone....Rock Caulk Chokehawk....Rock Caulk Chokehawk....Rock Caulk Chokehawk

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