Friday, October 19, 2007

Road tests await KU football

Jayhawks must travel for three of next four games


Jayhawks to face Buffaloes, altitude in Boulder

The KU football team heads to Boulder to play Buffaloes at over 5000 feet above sea level.

The pollsters, who have awarded Kansas University's football team a No. 15 national ranking, seem convinced the Jayhawks are for real.

Still, KU's players have heard whispers from more than a few naysayers that their 6-0 record might be a bit misleading, considering all six games have been played in the state of Kansas.

KU is 5-0 at home and 1-0 on the road - down the road in Manhattan against Kansas State - entering Saturday's 4:30 p.m. kickoff at Colorado.

"I wouldn't say tainted," KU sophomore defensive back Darrell Stuckey said of the record. "At the same time I'd say it's not as convincing because they are all home games. The tendency shows that anybody can win at home. Colorado won at home when they (Buffs) beat Oklahoma, although K-State was away when they beat Texas. I think going on the road shows a lot about a team and its mental stability."

Stuckey says the Jayhawks are ready for the most taxing part of the 2007 schedule - three road games outside the state in four weeks starting Saturday in Boulder, Colo.

"It will tell us a lot about our mental strength," Stuckey said. KU will travel to Texas A&M; on Oct. 27, play Nebraska at home Nov. 3 then head to Oklahoma State on Nov. 10.

"I believe winning games on the road shows a lot about a team. It shows that a team plays regardless of the weather, regardless of the situation. Going to K-State was challenging. Colorado is very challenging because of its fans. They love their football there. Winning games on the road, period, breaks the trend that KU has had in the past," Stuckey noted.

KU is 5-21 on the road in coach Mark Mangino's six seasons.

"We have to be mentally ready knowing every week we will play somebody at their house," freshman defensive back Chris Harris said. "We know they will bring their A-game. We have to bring ours. This (CU game) is a really big game to move up in the rankings. OU went there and lost. If we go there and win, everybody watching on national television will know we can play."

Quarterback Todd Reesing said the '07 Jayhawks would relish the challenge.

"Obviously playing three of four games on the road is going to be tough," Reesing stated. "It's going to be a grind. It's going to be a lot of traveling, a lot of tough practices and playing in tough environments. Those are always tough games.

"I don't think you can look too much into playing on the road. It's a stadium. The field is the same length, the same width as ours. We've got to focus like it's any other game, play hard. If we do that, hopefully it will go in our direction," Reesing added.

KU hopes to adjust quickly and better last year's 1-4 road mark.

"It will be pretty weird playing in a different climate," Harris said. "I think we can get used to it fast."

So does Mangino.

"I told our kids that if you really want to be a good football team, you have to play well wherever you go," Mangino said. "Whether it's Boulder or College Station or the Wal-Mart parking lot, you have to be ready to play."


9 years ago

I love Harris' enthusiasm; however, the team should be focusing on winning the game. Once that has been achieved, rankings and national notoriety will take care of themselves.

Kevin Long 9 years ago

I've said it many times before, but I will say it agian. Mangino will have these guys ready to play. They all know how big these games are from now on. The only game that I will be worried about them mentally is ISU. Its just after OSU and before MU. If they keep winning, it would be hard not to look ahead of them.

Anyway, i'll get the score predictions going early today. Colorado's pass defense sucks, ours doesn't. Enough said.

p.s. Goodbye South Florida!!!

KU 35 CU 20

Brandon Snook 9 years ago

I wish I could be at the game to cheer on the Hawks. If I was still in Lawrence I would be going. So if you're down there, make the trip!!!

Drew Alan 9 years ago

The one thing colorado did last week against K-State was stop a lot of drives from being touchdowns, and instead forcing K-State to kick lots of field goals. The ability to clamp down on the red zone hopefully won't hurt us, but I still think we won't be all touchdowns. Plus, Scott Webb is a great kicker, and that colorado air can make for an exciting kicking game. KU 37, CU 16

9 years ago

Speaking of talented freshmen, here's a good story on Dezmon Briscoe...

JayViking 9 years ago

"I don't think you can look too much into playing on the road. It's a stadium. The field is the same length, the same width as ours. We've got to focus like it's any other game, play hard. If we do that, hopefully it will go in our direction," Reesing added.

I likie.

vmwskywalk 9 years ago

Stop the run. Make CU throw the ball. We'll win big.
KU 41 CU 17

Armen Kurdian 9 years ago

We will win every one of these road games if we don't have turnovers and don't drop passes. These teams are gunning for US of all people. When's the last time that happened?

Kevin Long 9 years ago

It is a little strange having the target on our backs. I kinda like flying under the radar, but I have to say I love the games getting bigger for us every week. This game is really huge.

9 years ago

Our football team is getting a taste of what our men's basketball team goes through each year. What a great "problem" to have!

John Strayer 9 years ago

A lot is being made of the OU loss in Boulder, but correct me if I'm was as much as CU won, but didn't OU give the game away late?

seattlehawk_78 9 years ago

CU is 4 & 3 and another win over a ranked opponent would loom large for a program that only won two games last year and started the season with a loss to D2 Montana State. They gotta be psyched for this game.

Dan Harris 9 years ago

This will be our toughest test to date. Avoid turnovers and we win a close one 37-34! GO HAWKS

Dirk Medema 9 years ago

vmwskywalk - you forgot "Holds Charles to less than 100 yds", and "KU intercepts 3 passes."

I'll agree on 3 scores for CU, but amend it to 2 FG's and a late TD against the reserves.

The big question to me is whether Quigley gets more yards in the 4th quarter or Charles in the game?

fivemog 9 years ago

I don't care if they win by 1 or 100, I just want them to win. This is my third year as a season ticket holder and I can't wait to make a nice bowl trip this year. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

vmwskywalk 9 years ago

dagger108 - I hear you. Did anyone see the CU/KSU game last week? Charles is a weapon. We need to put the ball in Hawkins hands. Talib and the boys will have a huge day!

CasperCorps 9 years ago

Is this the Price is Right? I'll take 42-10 Bob and that ten may be too much cause our defense is nice. If we get any pressure on that Qb of theres our D-backs are gonna have a hay day.. or wheat day? Rockem Hawks!!!

Mike Bratisax 9 years ago

"I love Harris' enthusiasm; however, the team should be focusing on winning the game. "

I agree but I can't blame them for getting excited. Mangino will get them focused.

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