Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quantrill-themed T-shirt stirs bitter emotion


A photo of a yellow-and-black T-shirt has disgusted some Kansas University fans.

The shirt displays a picture of Lawrence burning in William Quantrill's Raid of 1863. Below the picture is the word "Scoreboard" and a University of Missouri logo.

"They burned the town. It's related to slavery and anti-slavery stuff around this town, and that's just not something I would really want attached to sports," said Emily Baucom, a KU senior from Lawrence.

Another KU senior said while KU fans have worn "Muck Fizzou" shirts, the "Scoreboard" shirt goes too far.

"(Muck Fizzou is) just more of a vulgar comment than a history of violent act. It's just something completely different," said Cory Abbott, a KU senior from Leavenworth.

The "Scoreboard" shirt comes ahead of the Nov. 24 football game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., where the No. 3 Jayhawks will play the No. 5 Tigers. The winner likely will play in the Big 12 Championship game Dec. 1 in San Antonio.

An outside user posted a photo of the T-shirt on the message board Web site, and other blogs picked it up. The Web site is not affiliated with the University of Missouri and is owned by Nick Witthaus, a Missouri alumnus. Witthaus said he had not seen any actual T-shirts.

"I couldn't see a majority of Mizzou fans buying a shirt like that. We've got people with bad taste, too, but there's a line most of us even won't cross," Witthaus said.


Blake Post 14 years ago

Whatever. There is no excuse for the muck fizzou shirt. Stop wearing those and have some class. Leave the stupid, classless items to missouri and ksu. Think of something clever. Show some real brain power. I prefer my original: "Plant the Tiger Lilly Hillbillies"

sevenyearhawk 14 years ago

... and this is the answer: William Quantrill meet John Brown:

KANSAS: Keeping America Safe From Missouri Since 1854

/"I couldn't see a majority of Mizzou fans buying a shirt like that. ..." Give me a break, Nick ... then explain the BURN KU vanity plate - AND my one-month ban from tigerboard!!!

okjhok 14 years ago

Yeah, I'll concede that victory to Mizwho...they definitely have more rapists, murderers, and bigots than Kansas.

freestatez 14 years ago

Those stupid slavers, bragging about burning Lawrence is like the Japanese bragging about Pearl Harbor. They may have won the battle, but they lost the war. Remember Hiroshima? Who won the Civil War? Scoreboard? We've pretty much been destroying them since 1865.

JHWKNMIZRY 14 years ago

I live here and believe me these %%%holes will definitely wear that shirt. Can you say "classless" boys and girls?(notice the "%%%" which gives me an edge on class)

sevenyearhawk 14 years ago

freestatez, that is an excellent comparison!

Drew Alan 14 years ago

this article does not mention that there is a quote from William Quantrill on the back of the shirt... something to the effect of "our cause is just, and we will keep fighting until our goal is achieved"

their CAUSE was slavery... so apparently now anyone who is wearing this shirt wants to fight to bring back slavery... good luck getting Tony Temple, Pig Brown and all the other black Mizzou athletes playing hard for that cause...

borat 14 years ago

While I am no Mizzou fan, people cannot forget that the raping, pillaging, and murdering swung both ways during the bleeding Kansas era. While certainly fighting for a more noble cause (like, not slavery), the Jayhawkers were no sweethearts.

Missouri still sucks. But get over it people. Lawrence is the most liberal town in Kansas and you are complaining about a T-shirt? Seriously.

sevenyearhawk 14 years ago

If nothing else folks ...

the looming Arrowhead Armageddon is getting everyone to polish up on their Civil War era history!

I have been aware of Lane's sacking of Osceola as the precursor to Quantrill's Raid for about 5-6 years ... I wonder if Lane, Kansas (which is near Osawatomie of John Brown fame) is named for him?

I did not know anything about the Kansas Red Legs until just this year ...

May I recommend KCPT's Bad Blood: The "Original" Border War:

Chris Weaver 14 years ago


what scoreboard are they even referring to?

thank god, they lost the civil war, they've lost 3 out of 4 to the hawks in football, and their basketball team doesn't even know what a banner looks like, and they are going to feel really stupid walking around the arrowhead parking lot, looking for their 85' ford escort's, in "scoreboard" shirts after they are embarassed by the fighting manginos.

remember tigers, inbreading is not cool.

okjhok 14 years ago

I don't see many comments complaining about wearing the t-shirt...they can wear whatever the hell they want, just like KU fans can wear the Muck shirt as far as I'm just have to be able to justify your actions or risk looking like a fool when someone calls you on it.

okjhok 14 years ago

Hey dude, the '85 Escort is a classic...hilarious

jayhawkr34 14 years ago

one thing that is never mentioned about quantrill(whichmentioning his name is bad enough), is no one notices he pick on a small town in kansas instead of going and raiding a big town out east of missouri, what a coward.

63BC 14 years ago

How 'bout a scan of the Lecompton Constitution, Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment---"Scoreboard!"

Michael Leiker 14 years ago

KU has ISU this weekend....go to the game..tell your friends to buy the remaining about this Sunday.

ChicagoJHawk 14 years ago

That's exactly right dsmith84! Those Mizzou fans are so ignorant they probably don't even realize that by wearing that shirt they are essentially saying that they support slavery. As far as the Muck Fizzou shirts not being classy, I can see where some of you are coming from, but they're not even close to being on the same level as this new Mizzou shirt, nowhere close!

Michael Leiker 14 years ago

KU @ MU b-ball 2001....

Antlers were parading around the stadium in costumes pretending to be a band of invaders coming into KS for this raid. And the leader of the bunch, a black guy, wearing a KU b-ball jersey with the name Quantrill on the back. I about fell out of my chair laughing. We called the dude out on it and you could tell he was embarassed. It's like he had no idea what he was wearing, and nobody had bothered to tell him that Missouri was a slave state and that Quantrill was fighting to keep slavery alive. But, dude didn't take the shirt off...I guess hating on KU is more important than the abolition of slavery.

14 years ago

leikness, that story is amazing. I can't see how there is any way the MU fans who wear those Quantrill shirts can avoid alienating their fellow students and fans who are black. In a perverse way, the joke is on the people wearing the shirts.

troutsee 14 years ago

To heck with all of this. Let's stay focused on the game at hand. This is a trap game. ISU is a good football team and has beaten two worthy opponents on successive weeks and played MU and OU very well. In fact, ISU could have easily won the OU game. Next week is MU week. This is ISU week. Let's be ready.

This story should not have been published by the LJW. It distracts from the ISU game. Let's get everybody there and fill the stadium with blue and be loud!

Brandon Snook 14 years ago

Good Lord whoever made that Mizzou shirt is classless. If they wear that in droves, ABC will show that shirt all night, totally oblivious to the meaning. I'm going to email Brent Musburger.

KEITHMILES05 14 years ago

Go here to order a very cool t-shirt!


97jhawk 14 years ago

I'm not if this t-shirt is any better though compared to the Missouri one with the slavery references going back and forth:

Having the game at Arrowhead is going to be a big mistake if the game is at 7pm will all the drunken folks. Sure to be lots of fights between the two whether it's football or slavery that's the topic of frustration.

William James 14 years ago

Here is just one of the many talented recruits coming to the game on Saturday. Thats right folks, we have a game on Saturday and it isnt sold out. You guys think that kids like this will be impressed if the 3d ranked team in the country cant sellout a 51,000 seat stadium? No-They wont be impressed! We dont play Missouri this week, we play Iowa State. This time last week, Ohio State fans were just talking about the upcoming Michigan game and didnt talk about Illinios. In college football, when you start taking wins for granted,you lose. I am going to be so embarrassed if we dont sell out this game and the whole country sees it.

Brandon Snook 14 years ago

Looks like any idiot in America can just print up a bunch of shirts. One bad thing about the University's consolidation into the Trajan typeface/logo is that it's so easy to make a shirt with Trajan font, and wah-lah you have a shirt that looks as it if was sanctioned by the University itself and you bought it at the Burge.

I would prefer to stay out of the racial ties and not wear a shirt that says "suck it slavers", but I would really hope the Mizzou administration would be embarrased to be associated with this altogether!

Kevin Holt 14 years ago

I think the shirt is fine and fitting with who mizzou is. If they did anything other than crap like this...why would we need to hate them?

fivemog 14 years ago

Pound Iowa State...they don't care about Quantrill or Tigers or Missouri Skunks (as my 5 year old son calls them). At 6:30 PM Saturday night, let's all get out our history books, our nasty shirts or whatever else floats your boat...but right now, today, let's stay focused on the task at hand...getting to KC undefeated...Nov. 24 we'll remind the Skunks who really won the war.

100 14 years ago

ATTENTION LAWRENCE SPORTSWRITERS: Next week is the Missouri game, not this week. Enough high school gossip about some shirt, let's talk about something that matters RIGHT NOW: THE IOWA STATE CYCLONES. It is time to begin making plans for Saturday KU fans. If you don't have tickets to the game yet, there will be plenty of room on the hill. Wear BLUE!!! I repeat, wear BLUE!!! NO RED!!! As for the game, Iowa State is for real -- a truly good football team, with a deceiving record -- they've already shocked two of our big wins, Colorado and K-State. Let's keep in mind that Colorado and K-State beat Oklahoma and Texas (on the road by 21). Every ounce of our rooting energy needs to be put into that game at Memorial Stadium on Saturday. KU football players: You have so much to be proud of -- across the nation, we are so proud of you guys! Win or lose on Saturday, make sure to shake Iowa State's hands -- they are great guys, just like you, and a hard working group to boot. RESPECT THE CYCLONES! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

seattlehawk_78 14 years ago

It's pretty ancient history but I think the tie to slavery is in bad taste. They've made a pretty big fuss in the south over the confederate flag, this seems just as bad to me. Did the LJW remove the video link to this story?

The thing about the Muck shirt is, there are so many better ones out there. I'm okay with it but the novelty has worn off, it's time to move on. Let mizwho fans wear their shirts in front of a national TV audience and the rest of America will realize what we've always known about them.

RckChalkJeff 14 years ago



chazzychef 14 years ago

Those people are idiots, but I just thought of a reason why they might be that way - Those of us who are raised in Kansas (esp. Lawrence) are taught all about the history of slavery leading up to the civil war, and Quantrill, and John Brown, etc. Perhaps in Missouri they sort of brush that history under the rug - it's got to be somewhat embarassing for them. That may be a reason why college kids from Mizzou proudly wear T-Shirts advertising the looting of a free town by advocates of slavery - they don't know any better. Or, maybe they know all about it and are just lacking the tiniest iota of class (I wouldn't put that past them, either). Yeah - now that I re-read my post, I'm going with the latter. Whatever, let's CRUSH Iowa State on Saturday.

thomas_praxis 14 years ago

As an MU fan and resident of Missouri I felt compelled to submit a post. I only came to this site since it is linked on the MU page of CNNSI...

If you look at the Tiger Talk board on the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 90% of users object to this poster. The other 10% are representative of the typical yahoos you'll find anywhere.

The Civil War era was filled with atrocities initiated by parties on both sides of the border. Missouri was not a slave state or a free state. It was both. Read a book to learn the facts... or if you don't like reading there are a couple of good movies to see: Clint Eastwood in the Outlaw of Josey Wales and Tobey Maguire and Jewel in Ride with the Devil.

Here is a snippet of border history from WIKI

Jayhawker bands waged numerous invasions of Missouri and also committed some of the most notorious atrocities of the Civil War, including the Lane-led massacre at Osceola, Missouri, in which the entire town was set aflame and at least 9 of the male residents killed. The sacking of Osceola inspired the 1976 film The Outlaw Josey Wales, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. Jayhawkers also were accused of engineering the collapse of a jail in Kansas City in which female relatives of bushwhackers were incarcerated by Union sympathizers because of their connection to pro-Confederate guerrillas. These two incidents were PRIOR to the Lawrence Massacre in Lawrence, Kansas, led by William Quantrill and his band of bushwhackers.

Lane had survived many hardships in his life, including fighting in the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. But he shot himself on July 1, 1866 in Leavenworth, Kansas. Lane was allegedly deranged, depressed, had been charged with abandoning his fellow Radical Republicans and had been accused of financial irregularities. He died ten days later in Crawfordsville, Indiana as a result of the self-inflicted gunshot.

I look forward to playing you all at Arrowhead.

You better beat ISU!

One last thing... I think it is funny how Kansans (did I spell that right?) think Missouri is a hillbilly state. Yes, we probably have hillbillies (I think they are in the Ozarks). I think Kansas has hillbillies too... but you can't call them that since Kansas has no hills.

Missouri has two significant urban centers, St. Louis and Kansas City. I am unaware of any cities in Kansas that are bigger. I've been to Lawrence and it is a great town... but what cultural centers are there elsewhere... not a dis, just ignorance on my part.

I also don't know why so many KU supporters rip the state of Missouri. I went to a Big 8 bball tournament at Kansas City Missouri and spent time in the West Port area. I saw more KU neon Jayhawks than any Tiger branding. And don't most KU grads end up working in Missouri?

RckChalkJeff 14 years ago

Didnt know Urban centers and KU graduate employment locations were up for debate as part of this acticle....but thanks...

Michael Auchard 14 years ago

Missouri fans have been seemingly living in another plane of existence for years. The few who can actually understand the difference between "Muck" and murder are apparently a rare breed. I know both of them. Nice people.

Let the other supporters of bigotry wallow in their celebrated prejudiced past. I state again, for the record, that I will never forgive the Confederate State of Missouri until their Governor formally apologizes to citizens of Kansas.

Also, NOTE TO EVERYBODY: Get over this "Muck" stuff (this includes you ESPN). The shirt isn't even that cool anymore. It's not worth all this hype. People are only continuing the obscene trend by trying to suppress it. Remember college? Remember counter-culture? I wasn't here for the 60's... but do you remember them? Well, probably not... but still. Come on.

seattlehawk_78 14 years ago

thomas_praxis, using the condition of war to justify the acts of your side, interesting to say the least. I'm pretty sure Americans did some things during WWII that were not exactly kosher but I don't think the Germans or Japanese will use them as an argument to defend their position. You can spin it any way you like but I don't think your bid to rewrite history is gonna fly.

But the part of your post that I find the most difficult to believe is the claim that 90% of your fellow alum have actually demonstrated some modicum of class. This in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

100 14 years ago

An Iowa State fan has predicted a "one sided beating" of Kansas this weekend at Memorial Stadium. It is on a CBS message board -- one of the last comments at the bottom of the attached page -- his username is ISU-MAN94

jayhawkr34 14 years ago

hey thomas praxis, you got half your history right, too bad its what you want everybody to believe, and how appropriate you throw in a "republican" slur in there, typical democrat, make a political statement when it didnt require one, suprised you didnt throw a "racial" slur in for good measure

thomas_praxis 14 years ago

Sorry that my comments were misinterpreted. I'm not trying to justify the poster/t-shirt (whatever it is) via Civil War atrocities (which were instigated by parties on both sides of the border).

As I stated, the majority of MU fans whole-heartedly object to the insensitivity of the Quantrill reference. Muck Fizzou does not excuse those for retaliating with the Quantrill reference.

My point is that every fan base has their bad apples (some worse than others). If you do not think KU fans have their own bad apples then I am wasting my breath. But I am optimistic that most fans (KU and MU) enjoy rivalries for what they are. Especially this one.

This game will bring a lot of positive national attention to our respective universities.

Jayhawkr34... not sure why you expected me to make a racial slur. I am a minority. The STL Post beat writer Graham Watson and columnist Byran Burwell are African American. You will not hear racial slurs coming from the St. Louis media or me... only condemnation.

Sorry to disappoint you.

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