Wednesday, May 23, 2007

KU unveils nonconference hoops schedule

Each opponent recorded winning record in 2006-07 season


Home games against Arizona and DePaul and road battles versus Southern California, Boston College and Georgia Tech highlight Kansas University's 2007-08 nonconference basketball schedule released Tuesday.

"I think it's a very good schedule," KU coach Bill Self said Tuesday from Colorado Springs, Colo., where he was attending the Big 12 meetings.

"It's probably the toughest we've had next to 2004-05, when we had the No. 1 RPI in the country. Every team on our upcoming schedule had a winning record. We have several high-profile games, and many other games against quality competition that should be attractive to television (which, like game times, has not been announced). It's really a challenging schedule."

Arizona, USC, Georgia Tech, Miami of Ohio and Boston College each were in the 2007 NCAA Tournament. DePaul reached the NIT quarterfinals.

"USC (with newcomer O.J. Mayo) will be terrific. DePaul will be very good. Of course, we owe them (after last year)," Self said of a KU loss in Chicago. "Georgia Tech and Boston College have great programs. Arizona under coach (Lute) Olson is right up there every year."

KU's game against Arizona will conclude the Jayhawk Invitational on Sunday, Nov. 25. KU's other three games in the Invitational (Nov. 11, 15, 21) have not yet been announced. The Arizona game will double as the two schools' game in the Big 12/Pac-10 challenge.

"Hosting our own tournament is something our fans will really enjoy," Self said.

Former KU guard Rex Walters will bring his Florida Atlantic team to the fieldhouse Nov. 28. His Owls went 16-15 in his debut season. Walters was a two-time All-Big Eight Conference first-team selection in 1992 and 1993 and the conference male athlete of the year in 1993.

"Rex loves the fieldhouse and wanted to bring his team here. I think it'll be a good game," Self said. "It's a chance for Justin Bauman to come back as well," he added of Walters' director of basketball operations and former head manager at KU.

The Jayhawks will play one game at the new KC Sprint Center, against Ohio on Dec. 15.

"We'll play at least a game there every year on the season-ticket package," Self said. "Ohio (19-13 last season) has been good for many years now. That should be a good game."

KU also will play home games against Louisiana-Monroe, Eastern Washington, Yale and Loyola of Maryland.

Here are the 2006-07 records of the teams on next year's KU schedule: Louisiana-Monroe (18-14), Arizona (20-11), Florida Atlantic (16-15), USC (25-12), Eastern Washington (15-14), DePaul (20-14), Ohio (19-13), Georgia Tech (20-12), Miami of Ohio (18-15), Yale (14-13), Boston College (21-12) and Loyola (18-13).

¢Noon-ball League: Former KU guard Terry Nooner, who is a Special Education teacher at Southeast High School in Kansas City, is helping put together a NCAA-sanctioned Pro-Am League that will start on June 19 and run for more than a month at Penn Valley Community College. Most of KU's players are planning on competing in the league which will have night time doubleheaders several nights a week. No admission will be charged. No more than two players from a college team will be allowed on the same squad. Ex-Jayhawks Michael Lee and Kirk Hinrich are expected to compete.

KU coach Bill Self, who was a fan of a similar league in Tulsa when he coached the Hurricane, earlier was looking into the possibility of having such a league in Lawrence.

Nooner, who grew up in Raytown, Mo., coached a 10th grade AAU team last summer and does individual workouts for hire at the Jewish Community Center in Johnson County. He's been a teacher the past five years.


kerbyd 11 years ago

Yeah, Rush is still 31st on but has moved up to 19th on

JayCeph 11 years ago

So, Durant will be playing for the Kansas City Sonics. That has a nice ring to it. Plus, it means that Collison will be back in the area. What a great time to be a Sonics/KU fan.

actorman 11 years ago

I haven't heard anything about the possibility of the Sonics going to KC. How confident are you?

JayCeph 11 years ago

Oh, not very, really. It is just something that has come up recently regarding the owner of the Sonics placing an ultimatum on Seattle to pony up some dough for new digs for the Sonics or he is going to move them.

Thoughts are, since he is an Oklahoma businessman, he'll move 'em to Ok City but if that doesn't work out (market being the 45th largest in the country) he'll look at KC and their new Sprint Center (31st largest market in the country) as a home for that wayward team.

filmhawk 11 years ago

the leadership of the sprint center is much more of a power player in the nba than you might expect. while i will not hold my breath for seattle to let the sonics slip away, i'd bet kansas city would have a better than 50-50 chance at the team. oklahoma city doesn't have the facilities nor the corporate backing that is so desired. i'd love to see ray allen, collison, and durant in kc. and a couple times a year - kirk, drew, and wayne. and who knows, maybe even coach self.

JayCeph 11 years ago

Too sketchy. Rush is in a pickle, no?

Spencer Goff 11 years ago

I don't think any of these mock draft guys know jack squat. I don't see Rush going to the Clippers at #14 when they line up Corey Maggette at that spot and are dumping $7 million to his salary already.

I will wet my pants if he goes that high.

Granted, as I have said before, I don't think he stays regardless, but that is more because he just doesn't WANT to stay. You could tell him he is going second round and he would just move back his minimum draft number to fit what you predicted. Moving the goal posts after the field goal is attempted, sorta...

Brandon I loved watching you play, you guys would have run some serious butt next season. Now I will be proud if the Jayhawks just defend the Big 12 title(s).

Nonetheless, play hard and don't take any s#$t from anybody.

choffman 11 years ago

wow...Rush has moved up again in a mock draft...check this out...

sports illustrated writer Chris Ekstand has him going AS THE LAST PICK OF THE LOTTERY!!! 14TH!!!! about hearing mixed thoughts on his draft status...

choffman 11 years ago

Jay Bilas made a top 20 pick list during the lottery selection and had Wright # 5 and Rush # 18...highest I have seen either of them... Oden will be a Trailblazer (I would bet my life savings) and Durant will be a Sonic (Rashard Lewis is a free agent looking for a near-max deal and Durant will easily replace him and only cost 3 mil. per year)

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