Monday, March 5, 2007

Conference honors six Jayhawks


Kansas University sophomores Brandon Rush and Julian Wright, the Big 12's co-Preseason Players of the Year, have been tapped first-team all conference in a vote of league coaches.

Joining the co-preseason players of the year on the first team: Oklahoma State senior forward Mario Boggan, Texas Tech senior guard Jarrius Jackson, Texas A&M; senior guard Acie Law and Texas freshman forward Kevin Durant.

Six players were named to the first team because of a tie in the voting. The league on Sunday did not indicate which players were deadlocked, but did report Law and Durant as unanimous picks.

KU sophomore guard Mario Chalmers was selected third-team all-league and was named co-defensive player of the year with Oklahoma State's Marcus Dove.

KU junior Russell Robinson joined Chalmers on the league's all-defensive team. Chalmers has a league-leading 79 steals. Robinson has 56.

Jayhawk freshmen Darrell Arthur and Sherron Collins earned honorable mention all-league and were named to the all-rookie squad. Collins was a unanimous pick to that squad.

"I really was pleased when I learned of the results," KU coach Bill Self said Sunday night. "Sometimes on the all-league team, scoring average plays such a huge role. There are some guys on our team, primarily Julian (12.0 ppg) and Brandon (13.7) who have not scored that many but are premier players.

"Mario was deserving to be on one of the teams, and I thought Sherron and 'Shady' (Arthur) deserved at least honorable mention. Russell was all defensive pick. You can't get them all on there," he added of his entire roster.

"I was happy to see six named and a seventh first-team all-academic in Sasha (Kaun, last week). You could put Darnell (Jackson) on the all-bench team if there's one of those, too."

Durant, who scored 32 points in KU's 90-86 Big 12 title-clinching victory over Texas on Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse, was a unanimous pick for the league's Player of the Year. He's the first freshman in league history to win the honor.

Missouri junior Stefhon Hannah was unanimous pick for newcomer of the year. Kansas State senior Cartier Martin earned the league's inaugural Sixth Man Award. Texas A&M;'s Billy Gillispie was named Coach of the Year.

The All-Big 12 awards are selected by the league's coaches, who are not allowed to vote for their own players.

"The biggest thing that allows guys to achieve individual honors is for the team to be really good," Self said. "When the team is really good (27-4, 14-2 in league), good guys have a chance. If the team is not good, people (voters) say, he mustn't have been that good or the team would have done better."


KU students throw up upside horns during Saturday's home game against Texas.

¢Congrats, coach: Self received a lot of phone calls Saturday congratulating him on his squad snaring the league title. Not so many on Sunday because his cell phone was on the fritz.

"The phone's been dead all day. With the game played in the morning, I got a lot last night," he said. "There were a lot of proud Kansas fans out there. I don't want to make too much of yesterday," he continued. "We've got to focus in now on the next part of our season."

¢Youth is served: KU's five leading scorers are either freshmen or sophomores for the second straight season. No other teams in KU history have had all freshmen and sophs as top five point producers.

The young Jayhawks tied for the league title last year and won it outright this season.

"Dare say I don't really think we are still young, but it still amazes me how each game how different guys step up and have been offensive forces," Self said. "In league play to average 80 points a game (80.8) is not easy to do. I'm certainly happy with the guys' productivity in that. Whether the top five scorers are freshmen or sophomores ... we can't take for granted the contributions of Russell (Robinson), Darnell (Jackson) and Sasha (Kaun, all juniors) and our other guys as well."

¢Warren loved visit: Willie Warren, a 6-foot-2 junior from North Crowley High in suburban Dallas said KU, Arkansas and Texas were his three leaders following his unofficial trip to KU for Saturday's game.

"I'm in love with Kansas," he told "The environment was crazy. It was everything I thought it would be."

Warren, who averaged 26 points a game this past season, also is considering Baylor, Cincinnati, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M;, Oklahoma State and others.

¢Self helped get call right: The officials almost awarded Texas free throws instead of an out of bounds after Chalmers was tooted for a player control foul late in Saturday's game. Chalmers was guilty of pushing a Longhorn on a KU in-bounds pass. An animated Self needed to remind officials of the rule (no free throws awarded on a player-control foul), and the ball was taken out of bounds. As it turned out, A.J. Abrams hit a three from the corner off the ensuing in bounds play.


Neom 14 years, 9 months ago

That foul shouldn't have called. The action was before the ball left Rush's hands, so technically the play had not started yet. Very poor officiating.

eastcoasthawk 14 years, 9 months ago

Definitely the right call. We definitely didn't need them to have a 5 point turnaround with no time running off of the clock. We need to do better on inbound plays.

kc_wildfire 14 years, 9 months ago

Just because the ball isn't in bounds doesn't mean the game isn't "on". Once the ball is in a player's hand on an out of bounds play then the game is "on" and fouls can happen.

A lot of times at end of games, teams needing to come from behind foul before the ball is inbounded so no time comes off the clock.

Actually at the time when the confusion was going on I told my dad I would rather have Texas shooting free throws instead of giving them an opportunity to make a three pointer, which they did. But it was the right call and we survived it :)

Congratulations to all the Hawks named to the various All Big XII teams.

On to the Big XII Tournament!

imagold 14 years, 9 months ago

I'd love to see that conference first team play together. There's a barnstorming tour for ya. Congratulations to them all.

Joe Ross 14 years, 9 months ago

Neom, no offense but youre wrong.

Fouls can be called as soon as the referee signals play, even when the ball is out of bounds.

Jonathan Andrews 14 years, 9 months ago

It was a well-played flop by Abrams,a nd more than likely, it's in most teams' scouting report on us.

For 39 minutes, our guards use that slight elbow to create space for inbounds plays, and it works without causing a foul. But they need to know that in the last minute, teams will look to flop on those plays.

I'm pleasantly suprised to hear that both Rush and Wright were named 1st-Team All-Big XII. Go Hawks!

Jeremy Bolinger 14 years, 9 months ago

it pisses me off to see players flop to get a b.s. call. Its a physical game, and its a crock when its called, and it usually is. Taking a charge is one thing, but flopping on a play like with, especially while guarding chalmers, come on???? What a joke!

Jay_lo 14 years, 9 months ago

The right call, but definitely a lot of flop involved, or it probably wouldn't have been made.

You don't get extra style points for a dunk, but you can earn extra points via the freethrow line for a well acted out flop, or be awarded the ball when it is a player control situation.

Wouldn't it be nice if the refs could award free throws to the team who was flopped against when an acting job is obvious, instead of only having the choice of making a no-call regarding the ficticious contact.

It sure seems that some teams spend as much practice time perfecting the flop as they do on any other part of their game.

Unfortunately in today's basketball world, you can't get a charging call without going hard to the floor. If you're big and can withstand it and remain standing, it's more than likely going to be a no call, or a blocking call.

speedy 14 years, 9 months ago

did not m. boggin of ok. st. get called for a foul for head butting a player over by the bench after a to. called? fouls are fouls when ever your on the court.

Jay_lo 14 years, 9 months ago

Actually he walked from near the scorers table to where the K-State player was standing in the freethrow lane, waiting for play to begin, but yes it was while play on the court was suspended.

jsquared29 14 years, 9 months ago

Right there with you Jay_lo and notabandwagonfan. Even if Chalmers actually pushed him Abrams didnt have to pretend that he was shoved. If this continues, before we know it College Basketball will turn into Soccer. And we all dont want that to happen.

JayCeph 14 years, 9 months ago

Get a load of the 'menacing grin' on the cheerleader in this pic. (second from the left)

An injured Kevin Durant lays on the court in pain during the second half of Saturday's game at Allen Fieldhouse. Durant later returned.

An injured Kevin Durant lays on the court in pain during the second half of Saturday's game at Allen Fieldhouse. Durant later returned. by Nick Krug

It almost looks like she's happy that Durant is hurt. tsk tsk~

Jay_lo 14 years, 9 months ago

A common first reaction to someone falling down. Dick Van Dyke based his comedy career on pratfalls and a lot of comedy actors still use it sucsessfully today.

Since he is not grabbing his ankle yet, I would guess this was pretty early in the situation. Her expression probably changed drastically when the realization set in that he was actually injured.

Great timing, even if accidental, on the part of the photographer. Wouldn't be suprised if the photo makes it's way into the Texas locker room.

JayCeph 14 years, 9 months ago

Good points. I am certain that the situation was caught 'in the moment' and that this photo will show up in the UT locker room.

Good luck to KU and the BigXII North in this week's tourney.

Jaminrawk 14 years, 9 months ago

You have to expect flops like Abram's at the end of games. Texas was trying everything thety could to get points. Apparently, Barnes can coach his players to flop but not to run any efficient offense (like, just get the ball to Durant all of the time). My main problem at the end of the game was Chalmers passing the ball, at all, in the last minute and a half. The fact that Russell Robinson kept ending up at the line drove me crazy!

charlestonhawk 14 years, 9 months ago

Check out Espn Bracketology on Kansas. They said the only reason we beat Texas was because " a few twists and turns went Kansas way". They also said the only reason we got a #1 seed was because the rules say they have to give out four. ESPN SUCKS!

Jay_lo 14 years, 9 months ago

Good point Jamin

You can expect the flops, but you can't always expect the call. There is so little consistency between refs when it comes to last minute situations that they can actually control the outcome of the game instead of the players doing so.

I have seem teams who were behind get a ton of foul calls from the refs in the last minute or so, allowing them multiple chances to get back into the game against a team that couldn't make their freethrows.

I have also seen teams who were behind be unable to get the refs to blow a whistle with anything less than a takedown, no matter how hard they were trying to foul the other team.

I have seen teams who were ahead try to get it into the hands of good freethrow shooters, knowing that the other team needed to foul, and then have the refs not blow the whistle, even with a lot of contact, until the ball ended up in the hands of say a 50% shooter, and I have seen it go the other way also.

I have seen refs call last minute fouls only when the player being fouled has the ball, and I have seen them call fouls away from the ball before the inbounds, allowing the full clock to remain.

I have seen refs ignore a bevy of fouls from a team that was trailing until they got to the point where they felt they needed to grab hold of a player to get a foul called. Then I have seen those same refs call an intentional foul at the point.

Sad to say, without some type of consistency from the referees, teams are going to be forced to try almost anything to get an advantage at the end of a close game.

I say to the refs, If you won't call it any other time during the game, don't call it at the end.

And while slightly off the topic, I say to any team who has used the intentional, unintenional foul to send the oposition to the freethrow line so that you could get their lead down to 3 points, don't be suprised if the other team decides to foul you to keep you from taking a three point shot. They have as much right to take advantage of the rules as you do.

countryjayhawk 14 years, 9 months ago

I didnt see the second half was it a little push of or a pretty obvious push. If it was a little push and it hadnt been called the whole game then it shouldnt be called in the last minute, refs need to be consistent as possible.

Also congrats to Julian and Brandon, I was a little suprised however of Brandon's selection, he has his moments, this is not an insult on Brandon, i think its great how we dont have one superstar. I was also surprised that Sherron didnt get the sixth man award, and i love our defensive duo of Chalmers and Robinson. Oh well the most important thing is this team is Big 12 Champions.

tdub 14 years, 9 months ago

I have heard that the NBA is considering making a bad flop a foul on the defender. Hopefully that will make its way into the college ranks soon.

KURUSH1530 14 years, 9 months ago

I don't think the NBA will make that a rule..because now, the refs will be put under even more pressure to make the right call. Is it a block, is it a charge, or wait is it a flop? Just more time to deliberate over and slow down the game. Please don't change that rule. Besides, can't somebody set a pick for Chalmers instead of risking a foul like that? He pushes off every time there is full-court pressure to get the ball. Once again, I'd love to add in, even though UCLA lost to a crappy washington team over the weekend, nobody makes a big deal out of it. Still hearing they are the real number one team in the nation. What?! If KU would have lost to a VERY GOOD Texas team, the critics would have blasted us for not being consistent or some other dumb reason. Please Hawks, stick a beak in there mouths'.

Jacobpaul81 14 years, 9 months ago

I think this conversation has been hilarious. All this talk of floppers, you'd think we we're watching J.J. Redick and the Dukies!!!

If there were an award for flopping, J.J would win it. That guy was the best actor I've ever seen.

CasperCorps 14 years, 9 months ago

What a great season... This team is almost to point where people dread seeing us on there schedule... Rockem Hawks!!

CasperCorps 14 years, 9 months ago

I know the NCAA brackets aren't set yet but some the teams they have us matched up against on ESPN's site, may have ten losses in their seasons but the two I've seen are 9-1 and 10-0 in their last ten games. Don't look for any favors from the selection commitee.

Jaminrawk 14 years, 9 months ago

T.J. Pugh was the best flopper in BIG XII history. It was the only reason he was on the KU roster. If there were a camp dedicated to getting the most out of your one basketball talent, T.J. Pugh would be the lead instructor.

Lesson #1: Setting your feet and leaning into the contact with coach T.J. Pugh

Lesson #2: Defense and only defense with coach Royal Ivy

Lesson #3: Passing the ball and deferring all shots with coach Doug Gottlieb

Lesson #4: Stand and put your hands up with coach Jason Bennett

Lesson #5: Goonism with coach Derek Grimm

Lesson #6: Early celebration against Colorado in the Big XII tournament with Pervis Pasco

Brandon Winkler 14 years, 9 months ago

I cant stand Joe Lunardi of ESPN...what an idiot. Kansas is the most legit 1 seed in the tourney. Him and Digger Phelps are both morons

Chris Kurtz 14 years, 9 months ago

I have noticed all year long guys barely shoving off on inbounds passes. Robinson is bad about it. Last year at A&M late in the game Robinson got away with it when the foul went against A&M.

KU needs to stop this completely, not even a light shove because it can hurt late in a game. KU also needs to control themselves when jumping at at three point attempt. KU gets called for more fouls on three point attempts than anyone else. I remember Bucknell flopped twice during the game and got 4 extra points on FT's after the 3pt attempt. Very costly. Refs need to watch for flops better.

However, that was a good call on Chalmers, he definetly shoved the Texas player.

johnballa 14 years, 9 months ago

I would have rather had them shoot free throws and possibly miss than Durant definitly hitting a three.

kc_wildfire 14 years, 9 months ago

Yeah, there was a definite push by Chalmers. Refs don't like being involved in the outcomes of games but they can't ignore obvious fouls like the one Chalmers committed.

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