Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Kansas University freshman wide receiver Tertavian Ingram missed a large chunk of spring practices with an undisclosed injury, one from which he's still not completely recovered.

KU coach Mark Mangino said Ingram is on his way back, though, and should be healthy by the beginning of practices in August.

"That shouldn't be a problem at all," Mangino said. "He's doing a lot of things, but he's not completely full-go at this point in time."

Wide receiver Dexton Fields, who also missed the spring game with an injury, is completely recovered.

New commitment

Kansas continues to have a strong start to its 2008 recruiting class, picking up yet another commitment this week.

Zach Stadther, a 6-2, 275-pound defensive tackle out of North Little Rock, Ark., gave his pledge to the Jayhawks, according to

Stadther, a good friend of KU walk-on linebacker Chea Peterman, had offers from Kansas and Arkansas State. He registered 79 tackles as a junior at North Little Rock High, including 35 for a loss.

Kansas has seven known commitments.

One more game

Former KU linebacker Nick Reid will be playing in NFL Europa's World Bowl on Saturday.

A member of the Frankfurt Galaxy, Reid started all 10 games and ranked second on the team with 55 tackles. The Galaxy went 7-3 to secure their spot in the World Bowl.

The game will be played at noon Saturday in Frankfurt, Germany, and be televised on the NFL Network (Sunflower Broadband channel 154).


Michael Leiker 14 years, 4 months ago

Wouldn't it be great if Nick Reid could make it to the league some day......undersized kid from South Central.

GIHAWK 14 years, 4 months ago

Recruited only by Arkansas State? That doesn't sound good...

greatabu 14 years, 4 months ago


This kid is regard as the first or second best D-lineman in all of Arkansas. He has been the best lineman on his team since he was a sophomore. He plays in the highest classification down there and apparently dominates everyone. I believe that he had 12 sacks last year from the DT position. While he only had offers from KU and Arkansas State so far some other schools were looking at him, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Auburn. This isn't that unusual at this time of year. You only offer a kid this early if you really think that you have something special. Bill Young recruited this guy; I'll trust his judgement when it comes to the defensive line. Arkansas didn't offer because he didn't run a sub-5.0 40 at their camp last week. They were going to wait until they had seen a few of his games senior year. He said no thanks, I'm going to KU. I believe that Chea Peterman is his best friend and that playing with him was very important for him. What I really like about this situation is two things. First, by all accounts this kid has a great motor. He may not be the biggest kid, but he makes plays; so he has some tools for us to work with. Second, this means that last year's Arkansas 7A Defensive Player of the Year and this year's potential DPOY are coming to Kansas. I think that says world's about where this progam is going.

Sorry for the long post; I'm not really an egomaniac who claims any superior knowledge about this stuff. I just love KU football. Hurry up Sept. 1!

William James 14 years, 4 months ago

greatabu- Thanks for the info. I couldnt find any info on the guy and rivals didnt help any so thanks for the heads up.

JBurtin 14 years, 4 months ago

Isn't it amazing how when we recieve great news like getting another commitment from somebody that our coaches deem as a good player there, always has to be one jerkoff that finds a way to turn a positive into a negative.

I trust our coaches to evaluate potential players and offer the ones that they believe have the potential to be playmakers. Too many people put waaaaaay too much stock in what the recruiting sites say. The high rated recruits get the high rating because of the national perception of the programs that are recruiting them. The funny thing is that the reason that many high majors start recruiting certain players is because some other high major closer to the kid's home has already started recruiting him and it snowballs to other schools who think that there must be something special about him. Pretty soon everyone is convinced that some average player is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The fact is that some of these kids pan out and turn out to be studs while many of them fall flat and do nothing. But you're not going to hear any big news about someone who fell flat, they just get swept under the rug and forgotten.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of players out there who never win the popularity contest but end up being incredible at the college level. There's little doubt that Aqib Talib is a five-star level talent worthy of playing in the NFL. Yet because he was ignored by the Texas schools in his home state, nobody else found out about him either. That is, nobody except for our incredible coaching staff that has found diamonds in the rough such as Nick Reid, Bill Whittemore, Charles Gordon, Charleton Keith, Jon Cornish, and the list goes on and on, you get my point.

I guess my point is that if you don't have any faith in our coaches to evaluate talent, then why are you even on this site looking at a football story? If you're one of those people who only looks at the negatives when it comes to KU football, then stick to the basketball stories. I for one, am not only a KU fan, I am also a fan of the coach in charge.

greatabu 14 years, 4 months ago

Thanks fabio. My wife lets me have a Rivals subscription in exchange for listening to her talk about medieval literature.

Great post JBurtin. It's all about maximizing your talent. Our coaches get the maximum effort out of the team. They don't quit. This helps out with recruiting. I am willing to wager that the staff is using those guys as a major selling point to recruits. "Look at Reid, Gordon, Cornish, Talib, Collins; those are guys who weren't regarded as anything more than moderate talent at best and we turned them into NFL caliber players. Now, imagine what we can do with you. (Theme to "The Six-Million Dollar Man" starts playing) With the new football facility we have the technology to make you faster, stronger, better."

I like how the staff builds the team. I hear that the coaches frequently have the players meet with a recruit and then then they get a chance "vote him off of the island". If the team doesn't think the guy will fit in, they won't recruit him. I can't recall any names right now, but I believe that this has happened in the past; a 3 or 4 star kid met with the team, acted like he was God's gift, and the team told the coaches to drop him. If the choice is between a 3 star guy, who doesn't quite fit in with what we do or would be a me first guy, and a 2 star whose talents fit our schemes and buys into the team mentality; I'll take the 2 star kid everyday of the week. Like JBurtin said, the point is don't get hung up with recruiting rankings; they basically exist to give fans something to brag about to other schools' fans. I'm certain that everybody has about ten stories about high school studs that were complete flame-outs and walk-on tackling dummies that became huge stars.

Now compare that to offering a kid, basically to hold a place in a class, until you can find someone better and at the last minute yanking that offer and saying sorry, we don't actually have a scholarship for you, but since it's signing day and you have no options why don't you grayshirt for us? I've heard that this may occur in someplaces west of Topeka.

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