Sunday, February 4, 2007

Oh, the agony

Frustrated Jayhawks let one 'slip away'


Brandon Rush sat slumped in a corner of the interview room, admittedly deflated after a long - and what ultimately proved unproductive - College GameDay experience in Allen Fieldhouse.

"I'm a little frustrated. We should have won that game. We let one slip away there," Rush groaned after the No. 6 Jayhawks' 69-66 loss to No. 10 Texas A&M; - a game in which the Jayhawks led by 11 points with 9:55 to play.

"It is very disappointing. We had the game."

The game, which gave the Aggies (19-3 overall, 7-1 Big 12) sole possession of first place in the Big 12 and dropped KU (19-4, 6-2) into a three-way tie for second with Kansas State and Texas, was stolen by A&M;, which concluded with a 17-4 run.

The big play was Acie Law's three over Rush in the far corner that gave the Aggies a 67-66 lead with 25 seconds left. It was Law's first three in four tries and came against KU's best defender, who guarded Law the last eight minutes of the game.

That three immediately answered a driving three-foot bank shot by Julian Wright, which had busted a 64-all tie at :49.

"He thought I was going to drive it. I felt it was a good opportunity to go for the win," said Law, who finished with 23 points off 9-of-18 shooting with seven assists.

True enough. He "drove it" earlier when his bucket and free throw after a Rush foul with 1:38 left sliced KU's six-point lead to 64-61.

"I didn't think he'd shoot it," Rush said. "I thought he'd drive me. He hadn't made one (three) all day. I was laying off a bit. They say he's the best clutch player in the league. He proved it there."

KU's Mario Chalmers missed a floater in the lane with 5.2 seconds left. Law was hacked after the rebound and cashed two free throws with five seconds to play.

Chalmers missed a long possible game-tying three with two second remaining.

"He's the best player we played against all season," KU guard Russell Robinson said of Law. "He controlled his team and never let them get down."

KU coach Bill Self lauded Law, saying "one guy put them on his back" down the stretch.

Audio clips

2006-07 Feb. 3 KU-TAMU Hoops

"It's not where he gets you," Self said of Law canning threes. "Where he gets you is driving the ball, (but) up late (in the game) I sure wanted him to put the ball down."

The Jayhawks, who were led by Sherron Collins' 18-point effort, had plenty of opportunities to grab sole possession of first place in the league and happily cap a day of festivities with ESPN's GameDay crew in town.

Big moments came when Sasha Kaun - his nifty move inside gave KU a 62-52 lead at 6:41 - missed the front end of 1-and-1 free-throw situations at 3:52 (with KU up, 62-56) and 1:28 (with KU up 64-61).

"The whole thing is, they were big misses," Self said, "but also he'll be in that situation again. He has to have the confidence to go up and make them. We believe he will.

"He probably has not been in that position many times in his career. It's different shooting them in games than practice. It's unfortunate for us it happened, but you probably need your best players or who you feel are our most experienced players on the court late."

It appeared A&M; coach Billy Gillispie told his players to foul Kaun on the second 1-and-1, but the Aggies claimed after the game that was not the strategy.

"Billy made a good play to foul him intentionally there, 'unintentional-intentional foul,'" Self said. "It was a good play. It's not what cost us. We had chances to get stops. We still had a two-point lead after Julian's basket."

Kaun didn't play the rest of the way after his second 1-on-1 miss.

"Sasha has been working on his free throws. He'll make some, miss some. We had ample opportunities to win the game," KU junior guard Robinson said.

But will KU have ample opportunities to win the league now? K-State (also 6-2) invades for an 8 p.m. tipoff Wednesday.

"We are certainly not in the driver's seat by any means," said Self, whose team led 35-30 at halftime and upped that to 38-30 early in the second half. "I'd say we still have an opportunity, but very little margin for error. We just need to worry about Wednesday."

His message to the team in the locker room?

"We let one get away, but we don't have any time to fret about it," Self said. "We'll play a pumped up Kansas State team coming in where obviously they look at this game and say, 'Hey they are somewhat vulnerable. They didn't hold serve at home.'''

No, it was game, set, match for A&M.;

"It's very difficult to stomach," Robinson said. "We have to learn from it and make the most of our possessions early so it doesn't happen like that late again."

Go figure

62-52KU's lead with 6:33 to play

17-4Texas A&M;'s game-closing run

42.1KU's field-goal percentage against the nation's best defense

34.9Opponents' field-goal percentage against A&M; coming in

46.3A&M;'s field-goal percentage against KU

37.6Opponents' field-goal percentage against KU coming in

1-31Big 12 South's record in Allen Fieldhouse

3Teams (KU, K-State, Texas) tied for second behind A&M; in the Big 12


mojayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

A tough loss, but one of the hardest fought games I've seen all year. The Big 12 is getting tougher and tougher which is only going to continue to help us. Last year, the only team that legitimately pushed us was Texas. Now we have KSU, OSU, Tech, A&M. We may end up losing a few conference games, but the way our conference is improving, it will only help our guys get tougher and tougher.

Sherron is changing the face of our team rapidly. He is a slasher, like a Keith Langford, except built like a tailback, and quick as a cat. He is reminding me late season of Kirk Hinrich when he broke out against Duke his freshman season in the NCAA's. He is giving us the X factor dimension we have been needing. Also, our bigs apparently have gotten the big wake up call. They were all over the glass, but just missed some gimme's. Still would like Brandon to show more offense.

I expect we haven't lost our last game of the season, but I look for us to be way more ready for the tourney than last year.

Oh, and second dibs on Thomomys 1's tickets to the remaining games. Especially Texas! Rock Chalk!

goldlighting 11 years, 7 months ago

Is Kaun really Chenowith reincarnate? The resemblence is scary! If there were 20,001 in Allen Fieldhouse only 1 (SELF) knew NOT to get Kaun out of the frackin game, he's a goof that panics and gets nervous when the game is on the line. I for one cant wait until he goes back to Siberia!

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

Classic Bill Self...what happened to Illinois' offense after he left. Enough said there. Bottom line...outside of Law, who among A&M's top 8 would get more than Jeremy Casey minutes playing for KU. Two coaches with IDENTICAL offensive and defensive philosophies. Self finds a way to lose at home with better talent. Blame the players all you want....bottom line the only guy willing to take a big shot (with the potential to fail) is a freshman under 6'. Not a good sign...Rush either lacks the motivation or the mental toughness to be the guy...apparently his mom has more influence than coach self. She tells him to drive to the basket and it gets done for a couple of games. NOT a good sign. With rare exceptions, no big man can match up with Julian Wright. Not a great shooter and probably never will be, but he creates good looks for himself and others who can handle a pass in traffic. Live and die with the 5 TOs while he matures. The Hi-Low offense is a TERRIBLE offense. It is easy to defend and takes away from athletic players. It works well at a Tulsa with limited athletes, but it sucked at Illinois and it will continue to suck at KU (despite the talent running it). Has Bill Self ever heard of switching players on offense (arthur) and defensive (Kahn) possessions? No, keep the limited player who is a 50% free throw shooter on the floor with less than 2 minutes left. Why was he in? Defense? Who on A/M was killing us down low? Who? Just running an UPTEMPO offense with superior athletes will win as many games as we are winning now...this team has Bill Self's stamp on's four years in. I am D.U.N. with him as head coach. I'm tired of ugly basketball that has NO chance for competing for a national championship.

CP 11 years, 7 months ago

Outhustled Outplayed Outcoached OUTCLASSED!!!

David Black 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey Thomomys1....may I have your tickets to the remaing games...Thanks. Rock Chalk.

JBurtin 11 years, 7 months ago

I'm typically mister positivity when it comes to KU athletics, but I must admit I was pretty pissed about this loss. Self wasn't much of an offensive threat when he was in college and was one of those role players that only got any time on the court because he played tough defense. I certainly have no problem with playing tough defense because as the old saying goes "Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships." However, I get frustrated with Self's coaching style when he seems to emphasize and reward defense at the expense of offense.

His players never seem to know what to do in a half court set when the game is on the line. You can't just chuck a three because it is a low percentage shot, but you can't throw it into Sasha because when it really matters he gets nervous and can't hit the broad side of a barn. It's also too easy to foul him hard and make him earn it on the line. I like Sasha, he's a hard worker, but be honest, did anyone in America have any faith that he would hit the front end of either one of those 1-1 opportunities? Yet Self is so enamoured with his defensive presence that he leaves him in the game at a time when it's obvious to everyone else that you need your clutch free-throw shooters on the floor. Most of our late possessions had either a free throw or a time out in between, if he wanted Sasha's defense in, he easily could have switched out between possessions.

chitownjayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

17-4 run in the last 6 minutes for A&M on the road. Gotta give 'em credit. Where was our defense? Where was our offense? Players and coaches share the blame.

Displayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

We GAVE this game to the Raggies! I have been a Bill Self fan, but we flat got out-coached in this one! How do you leave Sasha Kaun in there at that time, knowing full well that he is going to get fouled??? Why do you keep trying to throw the ball into Kaun, when there are two guys covering him??? ......And how do you let a 17-4 run happen against you at home??? It's not going to be a fun March! We have the killer instinct of a &$#%@ bunny!

JBurtin 11 years, 7 months ago

Sorry, I had to split my post, I'm feeling particularly long winded today.

Anyway, I'm probably over-reacting to this loss so enough ranting. I guess I'm just going to be mad about this one for a while. Some jerk at work today that doesn't even follow basketball was talking a bunch of bull about how KU always chokes and annoying the crap out of me. I was the bigger person and didn't get into some big argument with him because I think actions speak louder than words. Then I had to sit and watch my team prove him right. I'm sure he'll come in tomorrow and talk even more and I'm not looking forward to how much restraint it will take to not get fired for beating the hell out of him.

I'm sure you've all met someone like him before, he's that kind of prick that goes to KU, yet would wear a Missou jersey just to get attention. I guess he finds that if he never claims to be a true fan of anyone, then he never has to face defeat. What a coward.

I'm sure we'll blow out K-State by fifty points or something ridiculous in our next game, but it just won't be as fun when I know that beating them still won't put us in first place. Not to mention, despite K-state playing well lately, I still don't consider them much of a threat. Now for us to win the Big Twelve somebody else is going to have to do what our team couldn't and the victory will not really be ours to claim.

That would be okay as I would give up a big twelve regular season title in a minute for a chance to see us go deep in the tournament, but I fear that the same thing is probably going to happen to us in our first close game. I just don't think have the clutch guy in the post that we need for going any further than the sweet sixteen. I hope I'm wrong.

sevenyearhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

So much that I could say, but a lot has been said already ...

Gillespie is a helluva coach: A&M almost beat LSU last year; lost to UCLA and Tech by less than 5 points this year.

If KU can't beat ORAL ROBERTS at home (another coach with connections to ours) then how do you expect to beat a fellow Top Ten/conference school at home?

First time I've seen Sherron Collins in person, that kid is AMAZING! Sasha had NO BUSINESS being in the late. How do you say "brick" in Russian?


Problems under Self and Willams ... even under Brown and Owens if you look at the historical numbers!

OK, I haven't been to a men's game in long time, can anyone tell me if the intro set to Enter Sandman (hoops borrowing from football, who knew?) is everyday, or was that special for College GameDay? I'd seen the U2 one before ...

The new banners are VERY cool, nice that all the Final Fours are split up, instead of one long one ...

Retro Dancing Nachos graphic - how cool!

landon_2003 11 years, 7 months ago he forgetting a&m plays texas again? and i do believe ku is the best team in the conference. how many final fours has a&m been to? not near as many as ku so idk what he's talking about. i hope ku meets a&m in the big 12 tourny and beats them like they did texas last year....ku had that game won...just let it slip away but a loss now is better than in march. and ppl quit moaning about self...he's not out there playing so you can't blame him for it all. and they should change the rule like it is in the nba...if you foul away from the ball on purpose it should be intentional. nba changed that cuz they would hack shaq with 3 minutes left in the game. cuz if you think about it...they are INTENTIONALLY fouling different than grabbing a guys jersey on a breakaway.

actorman 11 years, 7 months ago

So many ridiculous comments, so little time:

"If Self doesn't get a T in the first half, they don't make two free throws, which means we're up one after Law's three."

How does one even begin to comment on something so stupid? So what you're saying is that, without the technical, with a different score, EVERYTHING would have happened exactly the same way after that???

"March Madness is less than 5 weeks away, and we are not done lossing yet. We could miss this tournament if they keep playing this way."

You're right. Being 19-4 and having just lost to a top-10 team naturally means KU is on pace to not make the tournament. And what is "lossing," by the way? That's a verb I've never heard of. And oh, if "they" keep playing this way, why would "we" miss the tournament?

"this is the last game that d. v. & co. will broadcast and i,ll be supid enough to listen to."

I'm not a huge Vitale fan, but how can you criticize Dan Schulman? Especially after being subjected to the torture of listening to Ron ("he shoots a 3, no wait it's a layup") Franklin most of the year.


Thanks for screaming; we'd never notice you otherwise. And Self has more CONFERENCE wins than any other coach, not more wins. And that's in the Big XII conference, which has not been great. And KU has only had to play the teams from the south once each year.

There have been plenty more comments that have been equally lucid and insightful, but I've listed my "favorites.".

bbjunkie 11 years, 7 months ago

Self lost this game. Our players have lost all confidence in their shots. It has been that way ever since Self came here. The only player with confidence right now is Collins. Just wait until next year, he will have lost his confidence also. Our sophamores have not improved since last year in fact they hve regressed in their play. Rush is not near asconfident in his offense as he was last year. I blame the coach for not improving our team.

jayhawkryno 11 years, 7 months ago

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Didn't

KU's effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory was painful to watch. It was painful because they had so many opportunities to not fall victim to a 17-4 run to give A&M a 3-point victory.

Coach Self coulda sat Sasha Kaun, KU's worst free throw shooter, so a basketball savy Coach Gillespie wouldn't have the opportunity to put Kaun at the line. It isn't as if it was a surprise strategy. Shaq even leaves games late and he is a heck of a lot more important to his team on both ends than Sasha. And, I've heard several people who aren't paid millions say that they should just foul Sasha as long as he is shooting so poorly.

Coach Self shoulda had Russell Robinson in the game handling the ball, not Collins. Sure, Collins had a heck of a performance, but you don't want him trying a lob pass to Kaun about fifteen feet from the basket. It was a poor decision that Robinson is unlikely to make.

If Rush woulda forced Law to put the ball on the floor (and Self woulda told him to overplay the three), maybe he makes it, maybe he doesn't. Unless he drives and gets fouled and converts, worst case is KU has the last possession to go for a win and can run an offense. In OT, A&M is in foul trouble and KU has the edge in depth.

The last two possessions were disasters. Coulda Coach Self drawn up better plays I hope so. He certainly shoulda had the right personnel ready to go into the game. And, if he had, maybe we woulda won, but we didn't.

jayloco 11 years, 7 months ago

Very disappointing loss. This goes back to everyone's gripe about killer instinct. When you have a solid team down, you HAVE to put them away! You could feel that momentum shift the last 5 minutes of the game. I couldn't get over how timid we looked the last 2 minutes. One player that didn't was Acie Law. Dude came to play and he is a warrior. 6 big points in the final 2 minutes to lead A&M to victory. Just a few points, some of which were already made: 1. Why is Sasha Kaun in the game for that 2nd 1 and 1(1:28 to go)? 2. Why in the final 2 minutes of close games do we suddenly get scared? No one, and I mean no one wants to take control. Rush and Collins should be the go to. Our Jordan and Pippen you might say. 3. Why do the bigs have so much trouble finishing? DJ continues to have 1 easy miss a game and I think someone else blew a dunk.
4. Give Billy Gillespie credit. Excellent coaching job last night. He had a game plan and even took some excellent time outs that I assumed he used to implement his game plan the rest of the way. I think this article says A&M said it was not their plan to foul Kaun late, but it had to be the plan. They were all over Kaun just trying to get that foul called. I came away thoroughly impressed with Gillespie's abilities as a coach and as a game planner. 5. Yes, we lost. However, at least this proves A&M is legit. Some people were questioning the power of the BIG XII and at least A&M showed they are for real.

Enter the Sandman is not normally played every game. They have done that for 2 of the big games, OSU and TX A&M. Might be something they roll out every game now, but it was not there for most of the season I believe. The Dancing is a student section favorite, with even a couple of dudes bringing posters of the dancing nachos.

Bottom line is that this team continues to ride a roller coaster. With only 4 losses, that seems a little ridiculous to say, but it is true. Just when you get really high on this team, they do something to let you down or do something that makes you scratch your head.

One last thing fellas. Everyone should come back next year. No way, no how can I see any of you playing significant minutes on an NBA squad. Not a knock on you because some of you will definitely play in the NBA, but take your time and enjoy one more year of college bball. Your stock will surely rise with one more year of seasoning!

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

Law goes 0-fer all game from the three, then cans it in the clutch. I know that I sure thought he was going to drive it.

I did like the stat they posted before the game that showed that since Coach Self came to KU, Ku has won more games than any other team in the Big 6 major conferences.

This was a tough one to swallow, but for the players to allow a 17-4 run at the end is hardly all on the coaches. Did they all forget how to play D? Mario Played really poorly down the stretch. I think that he wants to be the go-to guy, but I think he went 0-4 the last 5min, and not a single shot looked very good.

A tough loss, but they will bounce back.

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

Oh, BTW thom, put me on the list for those tickets of yours.

And its nice to see that you only post after KU losses. Gotta love fans like you. Never a positive thing to say, and blame it all on the coaches. Anyone who agrees with JimJones cannot be taken seriously.

dhbball 11 years, 7 months ago

If Self doesn't get a T in the first half, they don't make two free throws, which means we're up one after Law's three. We don't have to throw up a 15' with 5 sec to go. It is a whole different ball game at the end.

I can understand him getting a T if they weren't playing well. He has gotten a T before to fire up his team but there wasn't anything wrong at that point.

Where are the assistant coaches making him sit his butt down so he doesn't do something to jepardize the game. Everyone in the building should have known the game will be close.

ku98 11 years, 7 months ago

I thought we looked pretty solid for 34 minutes, so I am not going to cry about the loss. It is disappointing, but not alarming. 6 minutes is a long time in basketball, so it is not like we blew a 10-point lead with one or two minutes left, especially when the opponent has a guy like Law, who can create his own shot and take over a game. Should we have won the game? Absolutely... but I am not going to give up on that team. We had a bad day. No one, except Sherron, played all that well, and yet, we could have won. I still have faith. I think the emergence of Collins as a scorer will help a lot in March. Rock Chalk!

jhawker137 11 years, 7 months ago

I had to watch this game from home, but on TV you could see our guys actually take a breath and relax, the crowd did the same, it got really quite on TV, and then A&M started coming back. I point this out because I had never actually watched a KU team deflat with the fans since Arizona came to AFH and kicked our ass in the second half. The Kaun deal completely a coaching error, but in the same since, Kaun is on the line you would think that he would be able to make a free throw. Chenowith is not even close to Kaun, but Kaun is not to far head of him in my opinion. You cannot place blame on any one aspect of last night, except for the crapping ref's at the 3 min. and under mark, come on the guy freaking jumped on him, totally intentional, and should have been called as such. Cannot blame the ref's for this loss, but for god sakes hire some that understand they are only ref's. Really pissed about this one, and now I am starting to worry, March Madness is less than 5 weeks away, and we are not done lossing yet. We could miss this tournament if they keep playing this way, Eight games left and if they keep playing two wins and one loss basketball, and we do miss the tournament then heads need to start rolling, there is no excuse for the blue chip and top notch basketball players to play like this, there should be no stopping us, ever, but they play like they are scared. Start recruitig centers, because we are in desperate need of a freaking monster in the blocks.

speedy 11 years, 7 months ago

this is the last game that d. v. & co. will broadcast and i,ll be supid enough to listen to. they are so bad. i muted them off and on including the final seconds. when you broadcast at allen and disrespect the home team over and over,,,, you would have thought the game was in texas. who lost the game. the offical who blew the charging call in the first half? saha kaun who cannot shoot freethrows. that means fouling him is a ku turnover every time. how about stupid play by rush! it would take 3 pts for a&m to win. not 2! so what if they tied the game ku would have the ball again. dumb dumb who lost the game coach self. coach self. hes dumber than dirt!!!!!! typical espn game by twofaced d.v.

Seth Peattie 11 years, 7 months ago

Why was Collins out at the end of the game?

Kyle Cornish 11 years, 7 months ago

Self did not lose this game... I am sick of whiners coming on here blaming it all on him... He puts them in the position to be successful, but it's up to the players to make that step. He can't make it for them. Also, A&M is not getting enough credit here. They have a ton of talent on that team, and to say that their players wouldn't play at KU is a joke. They are the No. 8 team in the country and play a style of basketball that is tough for anyone to defeat. People like to rant and rave about how experienced we are but we don't have a senior. I don't care if these kids have 1 or 2 years of college experience, it doesn't equal the leadership of a senior. Just relax and enjoy the ride. I promise that by the end of the year, you will all be coming on year and saying what a brilliant coach Self is. Because, as we all know, Jayhawk fans are about as bandwagon as there are in the country, and that is no exaggeration.

ku98 11 years, 7 months ago

We better get ready to see our opponents use the "Hack-A-Kaun" strategy in the future.
Goldlighting, don't start the Kaun bashing. I think he has a lot of heart and he is an imposing presence in the paint, but FT shooting is not his forte. Arthur or Jackson actually rebound better than Sasha, and they can shoot FT. One of them should have played in the last 2 minutes of the game instead of Sasha. He can't run away from Aggies trying to foul him. Self should have pulled him out, or better yet, the refs should have called an intentional.

speedy 11 years, 7 months ago

weaglhawk . i,ve watch ku bb since the 1940,s ive seen the good and the bad. self will lose 8 games this year. he says whos in the game. not the players. how come there are no set plays that work!!?? coach self has to learn that oklahoma st. is not ku. we demand accountability for losses. so far hes destroyed the respect r.w. and others earned. how old are you. out of dipers yet?

Fishman 11 years, 7 months ago

You mean to tell me coach Self has more wins in his time here than any other coach in the Big 6 conferences, and people are calling for his head. So what if he made a mistake, he's human. Sometimes coaches go with their gut, and maybe he was doing that letting Kaun stay in? Who knows, but I'd take 17-4 at this juncture every year. K-State is good, and as long as they aren't playing us I hope they do well. It was great to see them beat Texas. Go Huggins, just not on Wednesday!

ku98 11 years, 7 months ago

Babboy, Arthur played 13 minutes. 4 pts and 3 rbs. Jackson played 19 minutes, and so did Sasha. We just did not have the right big man at the end of the game. I thought Jackson played well enough to earn some extra minutes. I know he missed a gimme again, but he played with a lot of energy, blocked 3 shots, and was 3 for 4 from the FT line. Would have been nice to see him at the line instead of Sasha.

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

Lets repeat it once again.


Thats more than roy, coach K, Calhoun, Behiem.. all of them. Gimme a break people.

and speedy, The only respect RW earned was a rep of a lot of wins and no champs in 15 years.

And please can we give A&M a little credit. They are ranked #1 in the country in defense. That could have had a little to do with it.

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

and another point.

The T was on the KU Bench, Not Coach Self. So lets not go with the argument that Coach Self cost us 2 points and the ball.

Kyle Cornish 11 years, 7 months ago

Speedy... I am old enough to spell what you are obviously old enough wear... diapers... And if 8 losses a season lead me to a National Championship and Big 12 Conference and Tournament titles, than that is just the price I will have to pay.

jayhawker_97 11 years, 7 months ago

i always wonder if anyone actually reads the whole postings here.. you all Self-hatred, or complainers are just wasting your saliva.. if you really care that much about the game & dare enough to make a move, why don't you go to Self's office and throw your elbows to his face directly?? hahaha.. i bet you will be thrown to the floor by our Hawks team.. it's just a game, chill chill chill... NC, Texas they all got beaten by single digit.. relax...

beebe1 11 years, 7 months ago

Lots of mistakes were made. Sasha is sort of a mistake, but not necessarily the key. What got me in the last few minutes, was that someone (maybe several) of our guys were charging in under the goal when there was no one there but three defenders. They stopped him, and stole the ball. We should have done something besides charge the defense, alone!

stujayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

17-4 run to win the game for A&M

That is poor coaching. You don't lose at home, on national television, when ESPN is HOSTING FROM YOUR HOME COURT!!!

We had a double digit lead...and lost by 3 because of a 17 TO 4 RUN!!!

i'm absolutely tired of Mr. Self screwing up. If he doesn't make it to AT LEAST the elite 8 this year, he needs to go...

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

I wasn't bothered by the was a bad no call (offense foul) and may have woke the refs up for a while.

Self has more conference wins...thank you for the empty stats. I'll repeat it to all around me after KU loses in the 2nd round of the big tourney.

I agree with the person who mentioned the development of our sophmore star players. They don't seem significantly better than last year. Who's the man? who takes the big shots? who has a go to move? Who rights the ship on the court when you need a bucket? That's coaching.

Kahn is a limited player/hard worker and will get better with minutes, but D. Authur and Jackson are much better players overall. Authur struggle a bit on the defense end last night, but Jackson was active/productive and deserved some more minutes. Kahn has no business being on the offensive end of close games. All those TV timeouts and we don't switch substitute out for offense/defense.

I am giving A&M credit...we saw a mirror of our offensive/defensive philosophy and it beat us with lesser talent.

doctorWho 11 years, 7 months ago

For all the people who are freaking out about losing to the number 8 team in the nation. Ponder these scores from yesterday:

unranked NC State 83

3 UNC 79

unranked USC 71

9 Oregon 68

unranked (and crappy) Colorado 89

14 (and seriously overrated) OSU 77

Just be happy our loss wasn't to a crappy team. Were we the better team? I doubt it. We are as good as they are, though and could have won. I'll agree that we have better athletes, but it is obvious they are not dominating basketball players - yet.

Self is right about one thing. KU's only focus for now had better be KSU.

David Innes 11 years, 7 months ago

I can't believe I'm the first to say it: It's only one game.

I mean, it' February, we still can't score in the half-court set, we can't guard the three, and we can't hit free throws, but it's only one game.

Can I ask when we get to stop hearing that this team of "one year and gone" players (that HCBS has "developed" into second rounders and European players) is a young team? Or, with only a month left in the season, how "it's still early"?

Weaglhawk, how did HCBS put our guys in a position to succeed? He leaves a player shooting 43% from the line in conference play in the game, with the game on the line, and us not yet in the double bonus, and the whole basketball world having watched Hack-a Shaq for ten years or so. Kaun had been ineffective all game, and has shown a disturbing tendency to tighten up late in close games. Why in the world was he in there? That's not setting us up to succeed, that's setting us up to fail.

We have 12 conference gimmes a every year... games against the North where we are favored in every game, plus Baylor and one Conference Tournament game. We play a soft non-conference schedule (a non-con strength of schedule ranked 78) almost exclusively at home, with maybe one or two premiere programs thrown in to make it look good. 12 of this year's wins, and one loss, came against teams with an SOS ranked 100 or worse, and we've only three wins against teams in the top 50. Don't tout HCBS's record as an example of his ability to coach. Much like he did at Tulsa and ORU, he uses his superior recruiting to out-talent people. Can you name me ONE game in four years that he's out-coached someone?

I bleed Crimson and Blue, and I DESPERATELY want our coach to prove me wrong, but in four years I've seen NOTHING that leads me to believe we're headed in the right direction. We get to win, or share, the conference title because the good teams in the South beat each other up, so that's nothing to hang our hat on. Lots of gut-it-out wins against patsies, a couple of high-profile wins off-set by embarassing losses, and humiliating NCAA tournament appearances is not Kansas Basketball. That's what we used to make fun of Missouri for.

isolve4x 11 years, 7 months ago

I just hope that the players don't read these postings. If they bought into what you Self-haters and blamers are shoveling, we'd be looking at a mutiny on the team. Where would we be then? The bottom line is that THEY HAVE TO BUY IN TO COACH SELF'S PHILOSOPHY, or they're OUT of any kind of contention - PERIOD! Give 'em some support! Oh, except for those of you who NEVER lost a game - ever! I bow down to you!

tsweat 11 years, 7 months ago

self has the best conference record since him coming here. look what he has done with it. 1st year elite 8, not bad. 2nd year, an AMAZING team lost in the first round, unbelievable. 3rd year, good team, young, lost in 1st round, speechless. 4th year, great talent, top 3 in the nation and 17-4 at this point in the season. now you look at 17-4 and think wow good season so far, but if only that was true. with our schedule ku should have had no more than 2 loses going into the tourney. the only team that might be on the same level of talent was florida who we beat. but we lost to ORU, depaul and tech. who we lost to and how we did are just embarrassing. now we lose to a&m because of getting outcoached. it seems to be a common theme when we lose, self always seems to screw it up. ya he is a good conference record at KU but look at the things that have come to an end under self. huge 30 something game winning streak against KSU, gone south teams going 0-31 in the fieldhouse, done and most importantly, i think it was 18 straight first round wins in the tourney. roys knock was that he won the conference titles, went deep into the tourney and then choked. bills knock is that he wins conference titles, gets a high seed in tourney, then loses in the first round. if we dont win the conference this year, it will be a huge dissapointment, the big 12 is horrible this year and our schedule is the easiest one we have had in years. bill better get these boys ready to make a huge run or he will have everyone breathing down his neck for another year

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

What makes you think the players haven't bought into Coach Self's philosophy? It's year 4. It's his program now. We have enough data have a pretty good idea what this team looks like when they are playing good and bad. AND most importantly, we see how they play in close games where coaching and player decisions are magnified. Here's where a 'coach' can put a stamp on his players and his program.

What is our stamp in close games? A bad half-court offensive philosophy, tentative offense decision making (ie no go to player), and questionable coaching decisions (Kahn in the game and R. Robinson did a better job on AC Law then Rush did down the rush is great defender...robinson for whatever reason matched up better...).

rockchalkjayhawk4ku11 11 years, 7 months ago

Self- I have stuck for u long enough. That was just sad.

Bill Corrigan 11 years, 7 months ago

Sometimes, a closely-contested game is decided by one player with a hot hand. Yesterday A&M had one and the Jayhawks did not. It's as simple as that.

KEITHMILES05 11 years, 7 months ago summarzied things very correctly.

I am of the feeling it is too late to do anything about the half court offense. Either you have it or you don't.

Our offense pretty much is free lance. You just pray the guards (at least two of them) have great nights.

Defensively the team is magnificent.

KEITHMILES05 11 years, 7 months ago

OH...........I very much was impressed with Gillespie and his coaching ability.

goldlighting 11 years, 7 months ago

Anybody know the teacher (Self) to pupil (assistants) win/loss ratio? We all know it is pupil 1 coach ZERO this year but what about the other years since HCBS has been at KU? Just curious!

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey Moviedave.....I love your selective stat picking to make Kaun's FT shooting look worse. For the year he is 53% but you had to go with the conference FT shooting %.

Anybody could have missed a 1 and 1 shot. The first foul against Kaun wasn't intentional. Kaun was shooting. Then A&M went down and got a bucket. Then they did intentionally foul him. Self would have needed to use a timeout to take him out, if we still had one.

Kaun's FT is not the reason we lost. We had plenty of reasons. Chalmer's missing a 1 and 1 in the first half, Rush missing a slam, and AC Law being a tremendous player who we couldn't stop.

In 2001 Maryland was up by 10 at home with 59 seconds to play. Duke came back and beat them. Maryland (good FT shooters and bad) were missing them and Duke was hitting shots. They didn't want to fire thier coach. I'm sure there were a few idiots though. The same year Maryland met Duke in the Final 4 and had a 18 point lead. Guess what....they lost again.

Maryland lost to a really good team though. KU fans would stone Self to death if this happens. Of course the next year Maryland went to the Final 4 and was down 11 early on to KU and came back to win the game and the championship.

mojayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Come on Jayhawkers! Yeah, so it is a home court loss. A&M is a legit top 10 team. This will make us better. We will be way more ready for March than last year. How about stopping the whining and supporting all of our guys. All of these posts are making Hawk fans look like a bunch of whiners! Sometimes you just get beat! Get over it!

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Early this year A&M went to UCLA. UCLA was runner up last year and is 20-2 this year. UCLA had a 9 point lead through most of the 2nd half. A&M came back and tied it. UCLA went back ahead late in the game and A&M had to foul. They fouled Josh Shipp a 77% FT shooter. He missed the first of a 1 and 1. The difference in this game was AC Law went down and missed the 3 pointer and against KU he hit it. A&M came back against the then #1 team on thier court and they did it against us because they are very good.

The problem is now we probably can't win the Big 12. Even if we only lose once more. The Big 12 South I believe is weaker than the North. We smoke OK St. and OK st also lost at Colorado. Baylor almost won at Texas, Texas barely got by Nebraska and K state beat Texas at Texas.

I truely believe that the North from top to bottom is better. Texas is young and can be good, but they can also be horrible. OK st? I don't know, they are going backwards.

OmahaKUAlum 11 years, 7 months ago

This wasn't the first win a Big 12 south team has in Allen Fieldhouse...doesn't anyone else remember when Daryl Dora for Texas Tech hit a 3 to beat us?

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

OmahaKUAlum.....when Daryl Dora hit that three it was in OT at Texas Tech 2 years ago. Last year we beat Tech at KU, the year before Dora hit that Three at Tech.

David Innes 11 years, 7 months ago

I'm sorry, Kick. HCBS likes to split the season up, so I did, too. You're absolutely correct... that extra 1 out of 10 makes a huge difference in whether or not to put someone on the line when you're behind. And since when is a shooting foul a 1 and 1?

Would you look at the teams you're talking about, and the situation? Talk about selective stat-hunting. You're talking about Maryland and Freaking Duke, in a stacked ACC, in 2001! That year they lost to Stanford, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. I'll give you the Tech and aTm games, barely, for comparison, but where's the DePaul and ORU?

And you just brought up another point that I had completely forgotten. You mention Acie Law being a player we couldn't stop... even though we have a team FULL of McDonald's All-Americans, and a pre-season Collegiate All-American. Nice. Even better, HCBS, on his post-game last night, admitted he didn't have an answer for Law. Note to Self: It's your JOB to have an answer! This isn't a player like Dora, who averages 2 points a game against everyone but us. This is the best player on the opposing team. You might want to have a Plan A, B, C, and then some, not "Rush is our best defender, so even though he's been lit up all night and Russ Rob is doing a better job of containment, I'll leave Brandon on him when the game is on the line."

Jacobpaul81 11 years, 7 months ago

You guys give Jayhawk fans a bad name.

Self didn't get outcoached. Look at A&M's recent history under Billy. They have won more games in the last 5-6 minutes than any other team. A&M was starting 2 pro-caliber upperclassmen, who have simply dominated in the last few minutes of every game.

I thought Bill did a good job setting our boys up, knowing that Law turns it on in the last minutes, and that Jones needed to be put into foul trouble.

The boys know what they did wrong. They made dumb passing mistakes down the stretch, and forced shots, instead of waiting and finding the opening. Bill isn't responsible for a 17-4 run in the final minutes. That's just poor play from every player on the team.

KBReyn06 11 years, 7 months ago

That is dumb. There is a reason that Law is one of the best players in the big 12. Its not like we are the only team that couldn't stop him. Guys like him will find a way to beat you no matter what you throw at him. A&M is a very good team. Its amazing that people complain after a loss to a top 10 team, especially in conference play.

shank11 11 years, 7 months ago

Quit blaming the coach. We were leading late after playing a very good team. Free throws (missed) killed us. The terrible calls were early and don't matter. A&M has some tough games left. Hopefully this will make our still young squad even more motivated to play hard for 40 minutes, especially with a lead. Should pay dividends in March. P.S. Does anyone know anybody at the N.C.A.A.? Tell them to PLEEEEEZ move the 3 point line out to NBA length or get rid of it!

thehawkster 11 years, 7 months ago

Am I imagining things or did Vitale call Herm Edwards, Tony Dungy to his face???

ernzenj 11 years, 7 months ago

No sense blaming Self for the loss. This team just has too many holes and problems to be considered a serious national title contender. I dont feel confident that we can string together 6 wins in a row in March. We have no killer instinct, good players disappear in big games, our big guys are inconsistent, we make turnovers at the worst times and bottom line not many of our players have drastically improved since they came to KU. Arthur is sliding backwards, Julian is way to inconsistent as is Rush and Chalmers.

KURUSH1530 11 years, 7 months ago

I wouldn't have felt comfortable with anyone going to the line last night..the way our guys shoot free throws down the stretch is simply erratic. The refs. should have called an intentional foul when Kaun got tackled, Self didn't get outcoached, thank goodness we don't play Texas because I'm pretty sure we'd hand out points to Durant like candy corn on Halloween. We'll gather ourselves in time for a nice run in the March Tourney.

Dan Harris 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey thomomsya1 whats Illinois record? enough said,IDIOT!

landon_2003 11 years, 7 months ago

we do play texas....some fan you are dont even know who we play in our league. yes ku let one slip away and you can blame self all you want...but self isn't out there playing...even if it were a 90% FT shooter there is a possibility he would have missed the 1-1. it was a good game and i'm almost positive ku will not lose another game in the regular season...and for everyone who thinks ku will stink in march i think you are wrong...i would rather be a 4 seed than a one...too much pressure on when you are the 1 seed. ku still has the ability to go all the way and i think all of america is going to be surprised once march comes around. tip your hats off to a&m...they are a pretty good team. rock chalk jayhawk!

KURUSH1530 11 years, 7 months ago

Oh you are right, I'm a terrible fan for skipping over the Texas game..I wish I had the whole schedule memorized like you. Well now that I see KU plays UT, I'm already picturing Durant with about 40-45 points and 15 rebounds. And I'm pretty sure that KU will lose atleast 2-3 of the last 8 games left..And I don't care what seed KU is this year, they'll have more pressure on them than any number one due to the fact they've lost the last two years in the first round. I'm pretty nervous about our big man situation right now, I think that is going to lead to our collapse this year. We might get out of the 2nd round. WHOO!

Kit Duncan 11 years, 7 months ago

The difference in the game was not coaching, nor was it refereeing, nor was it missed free throws (although missing the front end of a 1-1 twice in the last couple minutes hurt). The difference was three point shooting. A&M shot 40% for the game, 6-15 in the 2nd half. KU shot 33.3% for the game, 2-7 in the 2nd half.

The reason for the disparity? Kansas was up by a bunch with 9:00 minutes to go. Do you shoot threes then or go for the higher percentage shots? KU went for the percentage and ran into a great A&M defense! On the other end, A&M went for the lower percentage shots because of KU's great inside defense and hit the shots!

Live by the three/die by the three. A&M lived through this one. They won't always. Could KU have been better at stopping the 3pt? Yes. Should they have won this game? Yes. Play this game again next Saturday and Kansas could just as easily win by 20 instead of lose by 3.

jayhawkryno 11 years, 7 months ago

I like Kaun. You can't fault his effort. But, he has disappeared the last two games. I have no idea why he was in at the end. If leaving Kaun in wasn't a mistake, why did he get yanked immediately after missing the front end for Jackson? He had already missed his only other free throw prior to the Hack-a-Kaun foul, so it wasn't b/c Self irrationally thought that Kaun would make his free throws, it was b/c Self didn't think.

Collins was out at the end b/c he was a freshman. As good of a game as he had, he made a freshman mistake by trying a lob pass to Kaun with Kaun fifteen feet from the basket and the defense sagging. It was, as Collins admitted, a bad play.

I am tired of hearing how good Law is. Self couldn't stop praising him after the game. If he is that good, why not double team him immediately in the corner and force someone else to go for the tie or win. Put Rush and RR on him. If someone else beats you, fair enough. Saying after the game that you thought you would put Rush on Law and that you hoped he would drive instead of loft up a 3 is ridiculous. If you want him to drive, force him to drive.

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Moviedave....both times kaun was at the line it was 1 and 1. I don't know what game you were watching.

P.S Rush, Kaun, Robinson, Jackson were not mcdonald all americans. So we have 3. The three we do have are sophomores and freshmen.

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Also, Self has to have an answer? Self does not play. What don't you people seem to realize about this. Want to foul him and let him go to the line? You rely on your players to make a stop and they didn't. Not because they wern't trying, but because Law is a great player who is hard to stop.

truefan 11 years, 7 months ago

Too bad Self didn't let Collins continue to put the team on his back like he had been doing all night. I'm really trying to figure out why Collins played one minute of the last ten minutes of the game. Also, why was Kaun in the game when ATM was obviously going to foul? This team still has some growing up to do, but Self definately has so growing up to do as well.

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey's Illinois' Self. Clearly I am an idiot. Thanks for clearing that up. It's weird but I don't see any 1st Rd exits OR more importantly, teams failing to reach their potential. Weber runs a motion/uptempo offense. He used Bill Self's recruits to reach the championship game.

I HOPE Bill Self proves me wrong, but there's plenty of evidence on what Self brings to the table.

2006-07 17-8 (5-5) 2005-06 26-7 (11-5) 2T (Big Ten) NCAA second round 2004-05 37-2 (15-1) 1 (Big Ten) Big Ten Tournament Champs, NCAA Finals 2003-04 26-7 (13-3) 1 (Big Ten) NCAA Sweet Sixteen

David Innes 11 years, 7 months ago

Kick, YOU were the one who said Kaun was in the act of shooting the first time, not me. I know the difference, and I know what game I was watching. Perhaps you should read you own posts: " The first foul against Kaun wasn't intentional. Kaun was shooting. " If here were shooting, it wouldn't be a one and one, which it was. I have no idea why you mention intentional, since I have no problem with Gillespie's strategy, and don't think the officials should have punished him for putting a crappy free throw shooter at the line at the end of a close game. That's basketball.

And yes, Self should have the answer, and to say anything different is patently ridiculous. That's why he gets compensated 1.35 million dollars a year... he's the freaking COACH!!! If his schemes aren't working, regardless of whether or not it's a bad scheme, or just because players aren't executing, he should COME UP WITH ANOTHER SCHEME! How in the world can you say that "Bill-Self-is-the-Bestest-Coach-ever-EVER-honest-he-is" at the same time you claim all responsibility rests with the players?

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Moviedave....I must have typed to fast and didn't state my sentenc correctly earlier. Kaun was rebounding when he was fouled the first time, and since A&M had 7 fouls he went to the line and missed the one and one.

Second, there is a difference between a stat and a comparison. The FT % is a stat. Stating that Maryland blew a lead at home like we did and UCLA did the same thing this year against A&M is a comparison. This comparison shows how coaches who are considered great (won a championship and been to a championship) lost leads at home to good teams. The Josh Shipp STAT of 77% FT shooter who missed shows that having some other player in at that time doesn't guarntee anything.

For those of you who say Kaun shouln't be in the game, then why would you ever play him? A misse free throw in the first half is the same amount of points in the second half. If you don't want Kaun playing at the end of the game then you NEVER want him in. The other team could foul him at any time to prevent a shot and send him to the line. A FT in the fist half = FT in second half.

I have never claimed BS is the greatest head coach so I don't know where you come up with that. Coaching to me is the most overrated part of sports. Coaches make that money because people put so much into them and believe they can change a game so much that they get packages that NONE of them deserve. If it was up to ME Self and all the other coaches wouldn't make that much money.

My comparison showed how coaches who made Final 4's blew leads at home. I never mentioned Oral Roberts or Depaul either. But, if you want a comparison I'm sure George Mason lost to some pitiful teams last year, but still made it to the Final Four. KU's best teams from 95-98 never made it. It wasn't Roy's fault. In a 1 and done tournament it is very hard to make it. It takes some luck.

The year Roy won it he had a call against Villanova for traveling that helped him out as well as Illinois having thier worst shooting game all year long. Blaming coaching is disrespectful to players who play the game. I'm not mad at our players either. I can handle a loss, others who can't and think irrationally blame the coach.

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey bout the Self Tulsa Team that went to the Elite Eight? What about the Illinois team Self coached that went to the Elite Eight?

What about Illinois this year? Same coach that had them in the championship is struggling to take them to the tournament. You have to get to the tournament to lose in the first round. If Illinois doesn't make it, they can't lose in the first round this year. Same coach different players. If you control for variables I think you get the idea.

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

Jayhawk86, come on now...gary williams/maryland runs a flex/motion offense, Duke does not typically run a set half court offense (players read/react or drive/dish as opposed to Sutton's OkieSt which is almost entirely set plays), and yes, Roy Williams did change his style (not my the comments from Steve Robinson on his return to UNC's bench). He runs a lot more...faster, faster, faster is the goal. My comments regarding Duke and OkieState come from discussions over the years I've had with my friend, coach Neil I feel like that blogger/ass who's good friends with Tubby Smith...hee hee.

I understand the secondary break is a form of the hi-low and I don't know what syracuse typically runs on offense. I think a lot of there success comes out of their 2-3 defense and transition offense.

I don't have all the answers about KU's problems, but Bill Self clearly has not instilled a lot of confidence in many KU fans. As I said before, I hope Self proves me wrong.

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

My only point is that Self's offensive philosophy works better with lesser talent and his game management is awful. Both of his elite runs were with thuggish/physical teams...defense dominated...Collison shot 20+ free throws when we lost to his team and in the elite 8 game, the refs called a tighter game and he had 5-6 players foul out.

He's an excellent recruiter and this is his team at this point. I am still waiting for one of our players to make a leap in skill from one year to the next. Can you name someone who is significantly better each year after being in the Bill Self system? Who is the leader of this team? Who takes the big shots? Who feels confident that we won't poop the bed in the tourney again?

jcsmith 11 years, 7 months ago


I gotta say, I was disappointed at the loss, but when I read some of the thoughts of fans, i just laugh.

I guess its true. Ignorance is bliss.

Some of you need to "Get a Life."

100 11 years, 7 months ago

We are getting better. For 35 minutes we looked great -- spread the court more than we have all year, set picks for our quick guards (using the bigs outside the arc). If we would have kept doing it, it would have been a 20 pt win. At times it was subtle, but anyone who payed attention to the strategy the last 5 minutes can see that we slipped (not purposefully) into our old hi-lo selfs and followed the same offensive mistake ridden patterns (sloppy entry passes, clogged middle, not taking advantage of our superior athleticism etc) that we suffered against Bucknell, Oral Roberts, Richmond, K-State, Texas-Tech, Depaul and Bradley (for most of these games). Defensively, just like those losses, though we played tough D within 20 feet, we WAITED for them to take the ball up the court (at any speed they desire), WAITING FOR THEM ON OUR HEELS to initiate their offense. The mindset must always be attack for this team -- whether it's offensive or defensive, early or late. There should be no "waiting on D" or "forcing" it into the clogged post, especially late in the game. It's about having fun and having confidence. The coaching staff will figure these trends out. Have faith in them. Let them do their job and study the tape(s) -- we'll be just fine in a few weeks come the NCAAs.

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

Thomomys, you must be very young or have a really short memory.

Lets talk about Roy's last few losses in the tourney. Lost to syracuse twice, lost to illinois(a coach self coached team), lost to maryland, and lost to duke. ALL of them play the HI-LO. ALL OF THEM! dont try to critisize if you don't know. You think Coack K, Williams or boehiem will change their style. Please correct me if im wrong. I will be waiting. Please show me how im wrong PLEASE!

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Thomomys1..... It is true that Self has gotten lesser talent to do more. BUT, just like when I heard people make a big deal about people in China quadrupiling thier pay it is misleading. If you live in China and only made $200 to $500 a year, it is easier to quadruple compared to living in America and already making $30,000. Point being, when your not very good to begin with it is easier to see improvement than with a very good player.

Remember when Collison, Hinrich and Gooden were Freshmen? I believe we had 9 to 10 losses those years and lost in the second round and sweet 16. It wasn't until their Junior and Senior years that Hinrich and Collison really stepped it up. I think it also helped Collison that Gooden left. That helped Collison get more chances, especially with Simien injured.

Some might ask why I don't want Self fired if I don't think coaching is that big of a deal and here is why:

  1. Players who don't want to learn a new coach, or are young and immature will try to make a leave for the NBA. Some of our incomming recruits will leave, i.e Oklahoma after Sampson left.

  2. Highschool players will also be weary of comming to a school who fired a coach with a 77% winning percentage and is 34-6 in his last 40 games (85%). This is a coach who won every place he went and is one of a handful of coaches to win 23+ games in 8 straight seasons.

Tampa Bay fired Dungy after going to the playoffs 3 years in a row and losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champions in a 1 and done tournament. In the pros they have contracts and players won't leave and $ will bring players regardless of how bad you suck i.e The Edge going to Arizona.

Tampa Won the Super Bowl with Gruden the next year. Same coach, but new players and older players and they suck now. Hmm.....what do you think Dungy is doing tonight?

theadorableloser 11 years, 7 months ago

Are you kidding me? You all that are saying that his team has no confidence, or that we were out coached and bill self sucks are a whole bunch a stupid hypocrites.. Bill Self did nothing wrong in his coaching this game, absolutely nothing, so don't blame him. Texas A&M is a legitimate title contention team and they proved it by beating us at home when we had a 10 point lead. The big difference in this game was Acie Law, that guy kept is composure which made is whole team keep his composure. Kansas looked unlike themselves because of the spotlight. Bill Self even said at half time "they need to calm down and play" sure we should have won, but we didnt, no big deal..we lost to the #8 team in the nation, the first good team we have lost to this season. So all you fair weather fans need to shut up

Thomomys1 11 years, 7 months ago

I remember all of those 90s teams. In 97, Roy had 5-6 first round picks on his team and still found ways to lose to AZ, but you know what he did after a couple more years of failing to reach the expections (around the time Ryan Robertson graduated)...he changed his offense...he sped things up. He adapted. I never thought he would do that. I don't think Roy is the greatest coach in the world either (he needed 7 first round picks at UNC to get a championship).

No one runs the HI-LO and wins's a small ball philosophy. I agree KU will be better/stronger next year, but are you comfortable with the development of this team? Clearly I am not.

I agree firing self would set the program back in the short term, but it appears that Self is not willing to adjust his offensive philosophy nor is showing improvement on his game management. I would argue that his Illinois and KU teams have NOT over-achieved by any one's standards. Dee Brown and Deron Williams became stars in Bruce Webber's offense.

Alright, I'm done. No more comments from me. I hope we kick ass in the tourney and Bill Self becomes the toast of KU country.

Chris Kurtz 11 years, 7 months ago

Ditto on the azzkicking in the tournament.

theadorablelosser: I don't think KU lost because of the spotlight. Like you said a good team beat them with some good players. IF it was the spotlight then we are in trouble because the tournament is nothing but the spotlight.

irishlad30 11 years, 7 months ago

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didjabuti 11 years, 7 months ago

I have to say it. KURUSH1530 you are an idiot. We play EVERY team in the Big 12 EVERY year. You don't have to memorize the schedule to know that we will play Texas this year.

Lynn Anderson 11 years, 7 months ago

I lost respect for Gillespie with the hack-a-kaun strategy. you have the #1 defense in the nation and you are down three with over a minute to play and you resort to goon tactics? pathetic.

and speaking of just plain pathetic...who else heard Dookie Vitale say he would give the 4th place ACC Duke team a #2 seed? that is truly pathetic.

Kit Duncan 11 years, 7 months ago

irishlad30 do everyone a favor. Please keep your immature comments to yourself. If you want to taunt those on this board at least present a reasonable argument if you wish to raise peoples' hackles. Disguising profanity while cursing fans who are clearly upset with their teams' loss doesn't do anyone a good service. This board may not always reflect the best side of people, but at least arguments are usually without malice such as yours!

irishlad30 11 years, 7 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Jacobpaul81 11 years, 7 months ago

actorman, who could instill confidence in fans like these? It's a tough chore, trying to please all these people. Roy Williams could never do it at Kansas, Larry Brown won a national championship, then turned around and lost it, Ted Owens never even came close.

Kansas fans are the most know-it-all basketball fans. The term Jayhawk itself perfectly describes many of the naysayers, as Jayhawk was a term which refered to Kansas who you probally wouldn't want to turn your back on. Personally, I don't feel it's Bill Self's job to please these people. They can whine all they want, he's still got a killer winning percentage up to this point at Kansas, and I don't see that changing in the future. It's his job to put up W's and graduate players, and I think he's doing just that.

kukelly 11 years, 7 months ago

BUCK UP!! I wish I could be at every KU game. I will cheer for KU forever. However, I won't cheer for some of our fans. Some of you are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. We've lost a few games. When you are a fan ("an enthusiastic devotee usually as a spectator") you cheer for the sport you love. It seems that somewhere in this 'Jim Rome' sports-talk world we have begun to do more bitching than cheering. I believe you aren't a fan if all you can do is bitch about the team you claim to love. Bill Self: I'm sick of reading so-called KU fans about how much he sucks or how he doesn't know how to coach or how he never puts any of the blame on himself. I am finished with your petty tirades. You are wasting your time and copying the pointless banter of others. Find an original point-of-view. Hey try a positive point-of-view since you are supposedly a fan after all and then post your blog or chat with your friends. You might find it refreshing. Bill Self took on a team that had been coached by someone for 15 years! Need I remind all of you that that guy never won a championship at KU either. KU's record was 19-12 his first season at KU. I would have hated to hear all of you whining back then. He brought us some fantastic times, but then decided to break a publicly-stated promise and coach for another basketball team. He had taken us to the national championship game in 2003 with two SENIORS who ended up going to the NBA. He left us when he knew there would be a few soft years to come. We lost eight games in '03.EIGHT and no one was crying. That coach just lost to North Carolina State this past weekend. UNC State is unranked and probably has half the talent that UNC has. Losses happen. Get over it!How many of you are basketball coaches? FYI, being your kid's biddy ball coach doesn't really count. Okay, so you're an architect, an IT Manager, whatever: YOU AREN'T A COACH. There are no sure things in college basketball. Sure, part of having a job in the public eye means being able to take the criticism that comes along with it. If Bill Self took all of the blame on himself for losses, what type of message would that send to the young men that he has to deal with everyday? Sure, some of the blame rests on his shoulders. However, he's dealing with 14 very talented, yet young and unpredictable men. Texas A&M was an excellent match-up for us. We lost in the end. We missed free throws. We fell asleep for a minute (an eternity in college basketball). A&M is a good team with a great guard and a good coach. We aren't the first team to blow a lead. We aren't the first ranked team to lose to an unranked team. So be a real fan and remember during the 1987-88 season, we lost 11 games and still won the national championship. Cheer for the best team (including its coach) in the country and ride on the most fun rollercoaster I've ever been on or turn off your TV and be the fair weather fan you're acting like right now.

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