Wednesday, November 29, 2006

KU gets defensive

Jayhawks dismantle Big Green


The intensity in the Allen Fieldhouse stands certainly didn't match the fever pitch of Saturday's overtime victory over then-No. 1-ranked Florida in Las Vegas.

In fact, about 2,000 fans were disguised as empty seats Tuesday night for the Jayhawks' historic 83-32 drubbing of Dartmouth - a game which featured the lowest point total by a foe in the tradition-rich building's history.

Still, no Jayhawks were complaining after improving their record to 6-1 and dropping the outmanned Ivy League team to 0-6.

"It was cool," freshman power forward Darrell Arthur said after tying Darnell Jackson for top-scoring honors with 13 points, as well as grabbing eight rebounds in 19 minutes.

"Both games were fun. Florida was probably the hardest game I've played in my life and the most fun, too."

The Dartmouth drilling was all about defense.

In fact, Dartmouth's 32 points were the fewest allowed to an opponent in Lawrence since Idaho State potted 28 on Dec. 11, 1946, in Hoch Auditorium. Overall, Dartmouth's 32 points were the fewest by a KU foe since Oklahoma State's 27-point total on March 10, 1951, in Stillwater, Okla.

"I may have told the guys beforehand this is what we are looking for defensively. If you don't do that, you may not play as much," coach Bill Self said. "We wanted to make sure guys understand how important it is.

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2006-07 Nov. 28 KU-Dart Hoops

"I think our defense played fine even though they did not have a lot of offensive weapons they could throw at us," Self added of a Dartmouth team missing five injured players who combined to average 21 points a game in seven starts.

There were all sorts of defensive marks for KU media-relations officials to look up in the record books after the 51-point victory, which tied for 18th biggest blowout in Jayhawk history.

Dartmouth scored its fewest points since a 28-point outing in February of 1990 at Princeton.

The Big Green had just 13 points the first half, the fewest points in a half by a KU foe since Missouri State totaled 13 on Dec. 30, 2000.

Dartmouth's five first-half field goals were fewest since Colorado hit five on March 1, 2006. Dartmouth, which hit 25 percent of its shots (lowest since Kentucky's 24.2 mark on Jan. 7, 2006), didn't record a second-half field goal until Alex Barnett's layup at 12:05.

The Big Green finished with 12 field goals. Lowest total by a foe since 1950 is Nebraska's 10 field goals in 1961 in Lincoln.

"We did what we had to do," Arthur said. "Before the game, I told myself I need to start to go to the glass more, be aggressive and get every rebound."

KU won the board battle, 52-23. Arthur grabbed eight and Jackson 11.

"Dartmouth's front line was not (Joakim) Noah, (Al) Horford and (Chris) Richard," Self said. "It was good to be out there to work on our zone offense a bit, be sound defensively. We know it'll be different Saturday (for next game at DePaul)."

The Jayhawks were aware Dartmouth was ailing.

"They were not at full strength. It might have been closer if they were," Arthur said.

Asked if he felt sorry for the foe, though, he said: "Nah, just try to kill 'em more."

As to what he told his team after the rout, Self indicated: "Good job. Everybody got a chance to play (11 of 12 players scored). You should feel good about yourself. Go to class."


mitch 13 years, 1 month ago

Another step forward for the team. Solid defense. Continues to highlight the need to find more effective zone offense. Good minutes for the reserves. The intensity was there. Not bad considering the tendency to letdown after Vegas. The key is that they played their game, not adjusted downward to reflect a team with less weapons, further decimated by injuries. On to DePaul. A good show there is important for the players from that area and to help in recruiting for the future. It is also a chance to play another away game with a more challenging opponent. If they continue to work on their game, identify their weaknesses and find ways to build strengths, they'll do okay this season. A great season is built one game at a time. Kaun really needs to be worked in more in order to be ready for the conference portion of the season. Each game is especially critical for him and the team that will need him if they are going to be successful come March. Go 'Hawks!

jhawkdpt 13 years, 1 month ago

Absurd! 2000 empty seats...those fans tickets should be revoked!!!

cobweb 13 years, 1 month ago

Maybe the students were, God forbid, STUDYING !

JayCeph 13 years, 1 month ago

The school has made it so hard to swap and exhange tickets. Even if the students who didn't show wanted to hand them off to someone who could go, they probably didn't want to try to mess with all the red-tape.

"When you make it hard to go to a game, sometimes the seats stay empty." - Confucious (or maybe not)

KUGreenMachine 13 years, 1 month ago

Actually, it's easier than ever to swap tickets. The person with the tickets on their ID just gives their ID to the person that wants to go. Then they just show that ID as well as their own, and they're in. And yes, I'd agree that these next few weeks are just a bad time for students. There's so many papers, tests, and FINALS!!! Personally, I have student tickets, but had a class last night from 7-10pm. I'd imagine most other people with tickets that didn't go were yes, doing that evil thing called studying! haha

Jeremy Bolinger 13 years, 1 month ago

Where are all the Self-haters at? What, nothing to say now people?

Bruce Bedene 13 years, 1 month ago

it to bad that the general public cant get access to tickets that wont be used......there should be some type of system for students or ticket holders to make available tickets to people who cant get tickets usually....and i dont mean scalping.....the ticket office should do something to make these tickets available to general public

jayloco 13 years, 1 month ago

notabandwagonfan-while I am not a "Self-Hater", I will be the first to admit that I posted comments regarding my concerns for Self's coaching ability in tight games. While Self was not the only one at fault that night vs ORU, I felt like coaching and in-game strategy had something to do with that loss. The win vs. Florida was really nice and bottom line is when you win, people aren't going to go after Self unless they barely win vs. a mediocre team. Trust that the next loss that KU has, someone will have an opinion on Self and what his role was in the loss. You are wasting a post trying to rile up the Self haters. Most will only show when we lose and I have a tendency to believe most are trolls just looking to get the KU fan base riled up.

KUGreenMachine 13 years, 1 month ago

those tickets are available to the general just have to wait in line at allen fieldhouse the day after students get their pick on tickets. and yes, even though students get the season ticket package, they still have to pick up their packages, and even then they have to pick exactly which games they want to go to. so, i think they're doing what they can to make as many available to general public. i signed up for all the tickets, but i typically work every night, or have class!! so, there's one empty seat...sorry!

hawkfan4life 13 years, 1 month ago

You have got to be kidding me, it is way too difficult to swap tickets now! What could be easier than placing the ticket you aren't going to use into the hand of someone who can use it?

filmhawk 13 years, 1 month ago

i was elated that bill self left illinois to be our coach. at the time, i thought it was the best possible hire. i still think it was the best hire - but - i have some questions. which is fair and does not make me a self hater. it was very good to see him win a close game against a top school with his own guys (the georgia tech game a few years ago was with roy's boys). my biggest critique of bill is his rotation development. it seemed like last year, and the year before for that matter, he tweeked the line-up so much, that they never really had a chance to gel before the tourney, and i think we paid the ultimate price. remember, he kept starting moody and graves before that, knowing full well that they weren't the most tallented players. it seems to be a non-issue this year. the line-up appears to be set (depending on sasha's knee). ultimately, self will be judged by the results at season's end. with so many players headed to the association at the end of march, we better have something to show for it, or his recruiting and coaching will come under heavy fire again. as well it should. he's coaching at the university of kansas - not k-state, mu, rockhurst, or wichita st.

JayCeph 13 years, 1 month ago

hawkfan4life, I don't think they actually give out tangible tickets to students for their season passes. You have to actually show up, show your ID and then are issued your ticket to get in to the game. (or something like this...)

If that is the case and a student can't make the game, their pass just sits there unused. No ID, no ticket.

Many students won't just fork over their ID to someone to show at the ticket office because they might need it elsewhere (class, library, etc.).

I think the school has just made it too convoluted to access the game(s).

Jeremy Bolinger 13 years, 1 month ago

jayloco-- A coach plays a major role in every single game. Its gameplanning, scouting, scheming.....whats your point? Im not wasting a post, i was simply proving a point to all the morons that get on here and question every single win or loss. With all the pairity in college basketball anymore, any team can beat anyone now. Florida could just as easy get beaten by a team like Oral Roberts. Just like Ku did. You can sit and question every little thing that you wish, but I was just seeing where all of the Self-haters were at. I was not trying to rile anyone up, I was proving my damn point!!

walleye9898 13 years, 1 month ago

what I want to know is when is our highly touted and pre-season all american going to start showing us what he has.

I can only assume by his play last year and so far this year that he will be at KU for 4 seasons.

If he is counting on going pro anytime soon he had better start playing like he has the ability!

rockchalkAZ 13 years, 1 month ago

The sad thing is, it doesn't matter if he has the ability or not. Even if he vastly underperforms this year, odds are he'll still be off to the League. Not only will that be bad in the long run for him, but if he doesn't show us the player he has the ability to be at KU the team also will underperform. But I completely agree. He needs to start getting agressive and asserting himself. With his size and athleticism, he needs to be the one that has the ball in the end of games creating for himself. Right now it looks like Julian and Darrell are the ones that want the ball late, but it's so much easier when your go-to is a big guard that can get his own shot (anyone remember keith langford? yes he was shorter, but still...he was clutch). He has yet to show that will or desire to be the guy this year.

I also don't think him being the go-to guy entails scoring 19 or 20 points a game. If he could keep his average right around 13 or 14 that would be fine. He just has to be able to get those when the time matters. If he gets all of those points in the first half then disappears in the final minutes, what's the point? If he could score 14 every night and mix that in with clutch shooting, good defense, solid rebounding (6 or 7 a game), and a very very solid group of littler guards and kinda little but amazingly athletic bigs, they could be even scarier than we imagined at Late Night!!! Lots of "ifs" but still fun to think about.

jayhawkaloogie 13 years, 1 month ago

Hey notabandwagonfan: Wow, you really take these comments seriously don't you? Take a deep breath, count to 10, go to a happy place... I still am not a Self fan, and here I am per your request. A broken shoelace can coach our team to victory over an injury-plagued Dartmouth team.

Jeremy Bolinger 13 years, 1 month ago

no, i hate dumbfuks who make stupid comments. Sorry english majors out there, i had to spell it that way to get my point across!

jayloco 13 years, 1 month ago

notabandwagon-chill dude. Slow down on the red bulls. Wasn't questioning your post. I agree with most of what you said, especially the fact that anyone can beat anyone. THAT is exactly why a coach has to be at the top of his game every game. In my opinion, coach Self was a little slow to go to the zone D vs ORU. Regardless, I wish coach Self all the luck in the world and his win vs Florida was top notch.

I can understand your frustration on ridiculous posts like Self Sucks, or Fire Self, but keep in mind that it is the various opinions that people have that make this a cool message board. Try not to go too nutzo on those who may not hold Bill Self in as high a regard as you do.

mr_lawrence 13 years, 1 month ago

Rush WAS clutch against Florida. He scored our last two field goals (the most important and difficult two) of the game right over Noah. He's also our best defender. Pay attention!

JayCeph 13 years, 1 month ago

Rush IS playing up to expectations. He still has room to grow but he is also sharing the ball and court with some guys that are just as fast and as skilled as he is. I think it is pretty solid that he doesn't try to demand the ball when someone else has the hot hand. That is a sign of a team player who doesn't read too deeply into all the press he has been getting.

And that is the issue here. The press and pressure of all the attention. He just so happended to be on the soft and lovely side of the pen while some of his other teammates were either overlooked or ignored. Don't forget that Julian is killer, Darell is spooky (for a freshman and beyond) and Chalmers can really turn the tide of a game. And that isn't even all the threats KU has to offer...

Rush saved our bacon last season against OU in the second half and showed what he was about. Let him play his game. He'll continue to shine (and shine brighter) throughout the season.

rockchalkAZ 13 years, 1 month ago

Everyone still believe that rush is doing nothing wrong? Take a look at my earlier comment, you'll find it pretty much nailed it on the head.

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