Monday, November 27, 2006

Bowl outlook bleak; KU plays waiting game


It might be six days before Kansas University's football team knows anything for sure about bowl possibilities. And though the prospects don't look good at all, the Jayhawks will have a blindfold on this week with so much uncertainty.

"I don't know if the term is strange" KU coach Mark Mangino said regarding the feeling of not knowing if the season is over. "We'd certainly like to play another game. We feel like we deserve the opportunity to play another game. But we don't have control of the situation."

Without knowing, the Jayhawks are left to play an anxious waiting game. Saturday's 42-17 loss to Missouri threw a heap of doubt in KU's postseason plans.

A victory would've given KU a 7-5 record and guaranteed a bowl invitation. But at 6-6, and with the Big 12 Conference having more bowl-eligible teams than bowl tie-ins, it's not looking so rosy anymore.

"We knew going in that if we won, we controlled our own destiny," center David Ochoa said. "We didn't capitalize on that chance. It's out of our hands, and now we're going to sit back and wait."

The Jayhawks met Sunday, but this will be a week of rest for the players - just as it would be if a bowl was guaranteed.

Mangino said the staff was looking into whether the Jayhawks could practice with a postseason situation so hazy. If they can, they probably will work this weekend before most of the bids are passed out Sunday.

As for the Big 12 teams, the seven with winning records will be taken care of by the eight Big 12-affiliated bowls. The eighth team probably is going to be 6-6 Oklahoma State, though the Cowboys don't necessarily have to go to the Texas Bowl, which picks last. It's believed the Independence Bowl wants Oklahoma State, and that's acceptable as long as the Texas Bowl understands it has to take a seven-win team instead of Kansas.

"We've seen Kansas play a couple times, and we're very impressed," Texas Bowl manager David Brady said. "But it may not work out this year."

After Saturday's game, the Jayhawks seemed pretty clueless about what the future holds, and it's certainly understandable. A lot still has to play out, and there's still one more week of regular-season games for some teams that can make a difference in KU's possibilities, specifically in obtaining a scarce at-large berth.

In particular, Kansas fans should root against Troy and Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, so that a possible at-large bid isn't forced to be given to either Sun Belt Conference team, which would be 7-5 with a win.

That'd increase the dim hopes slightly. But in all likelihood, KU's last memory of 2006 may be a 25-point loss to its Border War rival, which sent KU's postseason aspirations crashing down to Earth.

"That'd be very disappointing," running back Jon Cornish said. "I'd rather go out on a better note."


fljayhawk 13 years, 1 month ago

KU doesn't deserve to go a bowl nor should any team with a 6-6 record go.

wiltstilt 13 years, 1 month ago

as much as i'd love to see us get a bowl, there is no way we earned the chance to. with the schedule we played, a quality team would've won 10 games. we definitely had our chance to, but blew at least 4 games in the end... and good teams don't do that.

OPJayhawk 13 years, 1 month ago

Its "KU", "Kansas", or "The University of Kansas". NOT "Kansas University". Get it right. Embarassing.

John Myers 13 years, 1 month ago

How on earth can Mangino say they feel like they deserve a bowl? Granted, there were some shining moments, but most all of them were offset by complete and total lapses in ability. I'd love for us to go to a bowl, but I sure don't think we deserve to.

e93bigd 13 years, 1 month ago

Relax OP Jayhawk, they used "Kansas University" properly in this context.

extrapolater 13 years, 1 month ago

I wrote a blog about this today:

Something about the "we deserve another game" comment rubbed me the wrong way.

FlaHawk 13 years, 1 month ago

A 6-6 team with a one dimensional offense (jon Cornish) and a world classless pass defense does not deserve to go to a bwol game. Mangino is crazy to think of a bowl and the extra money when they have performed just like a 606 team should. Win some and lose some and wait for next year!

sevenyearhawk 13 years, 1 month ago

I'm undecided about what would be a better learning experience for this team:

A bowl bid means extra practice, and the opportunity to develop their skills ...

  • or -

No bowl bid, giving them the offseason to bitterly contemplate what could have been, if they'd closed out A&M, Baylor and/or Toledo (for goodness sake) ...

KU did play Nebraska tough, and the USF win looks better and better as the season has progressed!

Jeremy Bolinger 13 years, 1 month ago

good point about the USF game! The went to west virginia, and won. Thats a quality win. Im sure Troy or some other teams dont play the schedule that KU does. I know the Big 12 is down and has been for a few years, but they beat K-State and USF. We all saw what K-State did to Texas. So how can you say they dont deserve a bowl game?

extrapolater 13 years, 1 month ago

Easy, because they didn't beat Baylor or Toledo. I don't care who your opponents beat on any given day, if you don't take care of your own business, you don't deserve a bowl game, period. I can handle losing to big-time programs, but losing those two games was beneath us. And we should have definitely handled O-State in our own house.

paducahawk 13 years, 1 month ago

Looks bleak, indeed. Troy would have to lose to Fla International. Fla International is 0-11 on the season. So, Troy will go to a bowl game instead of KU, even though they lost to Nebraska 56-0. We certainly had control of our own destiny and didn't take care of business, but I hate to see a team get to go in our place when common opponents would indicate that they don't deserve it either.

chezlog 13 years, 1 month ago

I really don't care about justifing an invitation, I just want the Hawks to go to a bowl so I can watch it. I love Jayhawk football.

KURiggins 13 years, 1 month ago

What a way to finish. We knew going into this game that KU needed a win to secure a bowl. All we had to do was beat a Misery team the just lost to IOWA STATE!. That is right the same Iowa State team that we creamed 41-10 @ Iowa State. Our players are not to blame. BLAME COACH MANGINO and his staff. Does someone want to explain to me why when we have Jon Cornish and he gets 100 yards in the FIRST HALF we stop running him between the guards? Misery could not stop him and they knew it! Oh, and Coach Mangino ...let go of the Shotgun already!!! In a single back set between the guards we were more physical than Misery. We were just outcoached. And why in the heck did we pull the redshirt off of Reesing. MEIER obviously did NOT have it on Saturday. I do not know if his shoulder was hurting again or what...BUT HE HAD NO GAME!! I have no doubt that Meier is going to be a great QB, but why was Reesing on the bench and not starting by the beginning of the second half? ...SOMEBODY has to ask that question. He beat the crap out of Colorado. Instead we wait like idoits until it is too late and Reesing does not have time to bring us back in the 4quarter. I know he threw an interception. Oh yeah, he did against Colorado too, right before he dropped 20points on them. IN ONE HALF. Reesing as a senior in HS threw 40 TD's!!!!!. But back to Cornish. As soon as Misery took a 3-0 lead we should have ran Cornish down their throat all day!! Did anybody watch the game? ..He was gaining 11.5yrds per carry!! He was killing them, they knew it...we did them a favor when we stopped running him.FIRE MANGINO. Do you think for a NY minute if Oklahoma plays Nebraska for the Big 12 title and Bob Stoops running game is getting 11.5 per carry, he is going to start passing? ..If you do, you do not know enough about football. Ask the Broncos what a good running back can do. Ask any team that plays against L. Tomlinson. San Diego does not try to get real fancy and run a lot of shotgun formations. NO, what you are going to see from them is a lot of LT. And, they will kick your A$$ doing it too. Please SANTA we need a new coach...NOW

KU Fans here is something to think about Todd Reesing is now going to be a So. Jake Sharp is now going to be a So. and for what? ...How much, despite their OVERWHELMING talent i.e. Colorado did we see either one of them!!!!!.. FIRE MANGINO NOW ....For a million dollars I know we can get a coach that wins more than this...and does not try to be so FANCY

sevenyearhawk 13 years, 1 month ago

so who do we bring in to replace Mangino?

and I'm not saying that's a bad idea, he's defintely raised the standard, but may not be able to get KU over the hump ...

I'd like to see Leroy Chow get a head coaching job, KU, maybe, if not, somewhere. I like what I've read about him and his philosophies.

Something to ponder.

Personally I'll give Mangino one more year, KU MUST improve on the road, and they've got to beat the teams they should ...

Lance Hobson 13 years, 1 month ago

Mike Shula. As if. Maybe Amato or Coker. Actually I like Mangino, he's done a great job. We were very close to winning 9 or 10 games this year, and we've never been bowl eligible two years in a row. We've also never had so many qbs to choose from.

BTW, I think Kansas University is acceptable now. I still wish we'd pick one between U of K and Kansas U.

Brad Barker 13 years, 1 month ago

i havent decided yet if i want to see Mangino replaced. ive really liked him for the most part. but i do think Chuck Amato would be a great fit and another good step for our program. if Chuck Amato was interested in KU then we would have a tough decision i think.

KURiggins 13 years, 1 month ago

Okay, it appears there are some Mangino lovers left out there. Who can we get? I believe that was the question, right? Here we go, here would be my short list:

  1. Bill Young - Current KU Def Coord. Turned a crappy defense into one of the best in the country with limited talent i.e. Nick Reid, Banks Floodman and Kevin Kane. I know there will be some comments about our defense this year. We only returned three starters and only one was a star i.e. Aqib Talib. Defense was not our problem this year. Our problems revolved around a stinky offense that tries to hard to be fancy. If you can not see that, you do not know enough about football, stick to basketball. Our defense is young i.e. Anthony Webb, Aqib Talib, Jeff Wheeler, Russell Bronson, Darrell Stuckey, Justin Thorton, Brandon Duncan(hurt most of the year) ...remember these names ..they are the future stars at KU, with Bill Young as the coordinator they will only get better. Wondering how good they are...Ask JOSH FREEMAN!! The QB for that K-STATE team that is going bowling with a brand new coach! Yet another team our DEFENSE and Jon Cornish kicked the poop out of .

I ask the question again NOBODY has answered yet. If you are going to let Jake Sharp and Todd Reesing see the field only five times this year, why in the HECK do you pull the redshirts off them? Mangino can not duck this question, it is strictly a HEAD COACH who decides that. He is the BOSS! I would not blame either one if the transfer. They are both winners and can not get into games. Instead we were toying with Adam Barmann, who sucked.

  1. Clint Bowen - Former KU Star SS, now on the KU staff. Defense again. Why give an unknown coordinator a shot, you ask? two words...Bill Synder..When hired by K-State a virtual unknown to the coaching world, working as Off. Coord at Iowa.

  2. Larry Coker - All about the U! Like or hate the Hurricanes...with the exception of this year...they kick butt

  3. John Cooper - Made Ohio State who they are now if you know your football history. Him and a guy named Woody Hayes. Cooper by the way was a former asst under KU head coach Pepper Rogers. Enough said!!

  4. John Riggins - At least his a winner

Alan Halvorsen 13 years, 1 month ago

You guys must not remeber back before Mangino's time...If it weren't for him we wouldn't even be discussing KU football. We'd be talking about what we would've only be able to talk about...Basketball.

Jeremy Bolinger 13 years, 1 month ago

Ha, Chuck Amato, Larry Coker, John Cooper? You people have too much damn time on your hands. Mangino isnt going anywhere. You pull the red shirt off of Sharp because we have NO depth at Running Back behind Cornish. Angus Quigly went down at the beginning of the year and was out, so thats why they didnt red shirt him. Todd Reesing came in when Adam Barrman couldnt complete a damn pass to our recievers. During his stint, Kerry Meier was injured. Thats why his red shirt was pulled. Pull your head out of your butt. If Mangino didnt pull the red shirt off of Reesing, we wouldnt have beaten Colorado, and we wouldn't be bowl eligible right now.

actorman 13 years, 1 month ago

It's not worth it. We lost an entire year out of Reesing because of one game. The LEAST he could have done was to use him again when Meier was struggling.

I like a lot of what KURiggins said, and he didn't even get to the absolutely pathetic misuse of timeouts (i.e., not calling one) at the end of the Texas A&M game, or the fact that the play-calling has been HORRENDOUS most of the season. I still am willing to give Mangino one more year, but Quartaro HAS GOT to go, and if KU doesn't win at least 7 games next year Mangino has to go to.

Alan Halvorsen 13 years, 1 month ago

Just a reminder, Reesing still has three years left at Ku after this year. Just cause we pulled a red shirt off of him doesn't mean he's leaving. That also doesn't mean we can't ever red shirt him again. They red shirted Mike Rivera after his freshman season.

William James 13 years, 1 month ago

Actorman + Jimmy Dean make sense, but why dignify those ignorant questions with a response. Anyone who cant figure out that a football team needs more than one running back available to play over the course of a season isnt worth wasting your breath on.

I dont want to hear anymore about firing Mangino or Self because both just got fat contract extensions for a reason and neither of them are going anywhere. Mangino's first year we lost to KSU 62-0. This year we won 39-20. Nothing more needs to be said. Anyone that wants Mangino fired must be a KSU fan.

William James 13 years, 1 month ago

Scratch that. bandwagon + jimmy dean make sense. Sorry actorman.

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