Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Fifth Quarter: Missouri 42, Kansas 17


What this means...from Faurot Field

Ryan Wood, Journal-World KU football beat writer

"It's almost a sure bet that Saturday's loss will wrap up KU's season. There's just too many teams with the same appeal, and not nearly enough bowls to satisfy them all. It's not impossible, but it doesn't look good.

KU can blame this on one thing: They weren't the better team against Missouri. Not by a long shot. KU's pass defense again reared its ugly head, and it doomed the Jayhawks once again.

A .500 record sounds about right for a team that had bright sports, but just as many dull ones this year."

Chuck Woodling, Journal-World sportswriter

"Half of this game - the Jayhawks' half - was 90 percent mental. In other words, the Jayhawks simply couldn't maintain the emotional level of last week's stirring season home finale victory over Kansas State.

That's unfortunate because the defeat probably cost the Jayhawks a postseason trip. In truth, the Jayhawks should have been better than 6-6 this season, particularly with Oklahoma and Texas missing from their schedule.

There were a handful of coulda, shoulda games. Maybe the Jayhawks will win those games next year."

Ryan Greene, editor

"The million dollar question has to be: Why did Anthony Webb not play?

Webb, a true freshman corner who steadily improved as the season went on by taking his lumps, broke out with a pick-six in a solid defensive performance last Saturday in a 39-20 win over K-State.

Saturday, he suited, but hardly saw any action. Mangino dodged a question about it after the game, pointing out a couple of nice plays Dominic Roux made in his place. Roux did make a couple nice plays, but was toasted for most of the afternoon on Chase Daniel's record-setting day.

You have to wonder how the game might have played out with a confident Webb in there. All we can do is speculate, as Mangino is tight-lipped on the topic."

Inside the numbers

2: That's how many turnovers there were in the entire game, and both were committed by KU. The Jayhawks had a chance at one in the first half, but senior safety Jerome Kemp dropped a gift interception in the open field.

9: That's how many Missouri targets caught passes from Chase Daniel en route to the sophomore quarterback completing 26-of-36 passes for 356 yards and four touchdowns. Daniel was especially effective in locating his tight ends - Martin Rucker and Chase Coffman. Each caught seven balls. While Rucker had more yards (91), Coffman's 58 yards included a pair of scores.

0: That's how many carries Jon Cornish had in the game's fourth quarter. Cornish definitely deserves credit, as his 126 yards on the day gave him 1,457 for the year - a new KU single season record. But he was neglected in the offense in the fourth quarter, and he was KU's only consistent form of ball movement the entire afternoon.

In case you missed it...

Maybe the five strangest minutes in recent KU football history. Trailing 20-10 in the third quarter, Daniel hit Brad Ekwerekwu for a 75-yard touchdown through the seam of the field which appeared to give the Tigers a three-score lead. The down was replayed, though, as offsetting penalties were called on the play, a source for plenty debate, postgame official questioning and a cascade of boos from the gold- and black-clad droves. It appeared an even bigger turning point when KU forced a punt, and Aqib Talib's first career reception on the ensuing drive turned into a 42-yard touchdown, pulling KU within three points.

Hopefully you didn't miss it...

Coincidentally, this moment came just a few minutes later. KU forced a fourth down after stuffing Mizzou and holding the Tigers to build some defensive momentum. But a neutral zone infraction was called on the Jayhawks while lining up to return the punt, the Tigers were given a first down, new life and, essentially, the game. From that point, MU outscored KU 22-0.

They said it...

Mark Mangino talks about his team's credibility for a bowl bid: "I'm hopeful like our players are. I think playing in the Big 12 conference and having played some really tough games this year, this was the only game we were not able to close the gap or fight through the fourth quarter. This was the only one all year. We played a very fine Nebraska team to overtime on their field and they're playing for the Big 12 championship, we played Texas A&M; well, we've lost some good games, I think our kids deserve it, and I hope we get that opportunity."

Marcus Herford on his hopes to play in a second straight bowl game: "I don't know. I know just as much as whatever the media said. I don't know."

Jon Cornish on KU abandoning the run for much of the second half: "I think our statistics show that the run was very successful tonight...I'm not the coach that's not my call...It's not that difficult (to run on MU). We were running all over them the whole game. I am bitter about losing. We were successful with the run tonight, and we went away from that."


GIHAWK 13 years, 2 months ago

Your comment is unsolicited since I was not referring to your post.

Martin Shupert 13 years, 2 months ago

Now, without having to see all the whining, can we read about KU Basketball?

umslgrad 13 years, 2 months ago

Prefer to wait until March for that whining, eh Marty? ;)

The better team won today, I think that much is clear. Most of the projections I've seen put KU in the Texas Bowl or as a fill in at the Motor City Bowl. The big prize is the additional month of practice that you get with a bowl bid. I'd be expecting the best.

jehillia 13 years, 2 months ago

So...does anyone else notice how much BS Mangino is full of. KU does not deserve to go to a bowl game...they did not play a good game against A&M they blew a huge lead. And how do you lose some close games? I think the more appropriate quote would be. "we blew a lot of second half/fourth quarter leads and we don't really deserve too much of anything right now" man up Mangino.

pepper_bar 13 years, 2 months ago

Sportsline and CNNSI both have the Jayhawks frozen out. I'd love to see KU go bowling, but it doesn't look like that's in the cards. Mangino paid the price for scheduling easy wins up front - KU was soft once the conference season started.

GIHAWK 13 years, 2 months ago

You mean the biggest underachievers in college basketball?

William James 13 years, 2 months ago

Over the last two years Mangino has won more postseason games than Self. Does that mean we fire Self and Mangino. We probably have the nations best tandom of recruiters with those two. If you give them time they will bring championships to Kansas.
Their records speaks for them, if you even know where either of them came from. All these two know how to do is win. Unfortunately, you cant just snap your fingers and make Kansas a great football program after what Terry Allen did to it. How many times did Terry Allen beat KSU or Mizzou? Mangino has done it 5 times. I am very proud of Bill Self and his freshmen that were able to win the Big 12 last year in basketball and beat Texas head to head in Dallas after being blown out earlier in the season.
I love the pasion and competitiveness of KU fans, it makes me proud to be a Jayhawk, but sometimes we need to be patient too.

Rock_Chalker 13 years, 2 months ago

Best tandom of recruiters? Are you kidding me? Yes, I would say that Bill Self is an excellent recruiter but Mangino? Seriously, has he recruited anybody that was just outstanding?

William James 13 years, 2 months ago

Unfortunately Mangino did not have as prestigious a program as Bill Self so Mangino dosent get the nations best recruits by saying he is the head coach at Kansas.

But have you been in a cave the last couple years! When was the last time KU had the Big 12 defensive player of the year(Nick Reid) and have someone else leave school early for the pros(Charles Gordon), then have the Big 12 rushing champion the next year(Jon Cornish). Who knows what kind of records might be broken next year with Talib and Webb in the secondary together. They were both underclassman this year! You cant compare Self's talent to Mangino's-YET!

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