Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Extra Minutes: Kansas 90, Emporia State 55


What this means...from press row

Gary Bedore, Journal-World KU men's basketball beat writer

"Maybe too close for comfort for a while for nervous fans, but it's good to be put in different situations in exhibition games, situations that will help later.

KU had to figure a way to deal with some quick penetrating ESU guards and thanks in part to Rodrick Stewart, did better in that regard the final half.

Nice game from Collins, too. It should help his confidence. And Darnell Jackson had two decent games in a row which will help him."

Tom Keegan, Journal-World sports editor

"On the same day a KU basketball player who never fulfilled his athletic potential and repeatedly embarrassed the university in general and its basketball program specifically was tossed from the team, his polar opposite excelled.

C.J. Giles is gone and soon will be forgotten. Julian Wright, a gentleman, an attentive student, and magnficient basketball player, will be remembered forever by KU fans because of efforts like the one he gave in a meaningless exhibition blowout."

Ryan Greene, editor

"C.J. Giles' absence means the same to this team that it did a week ago - nothing. The Jayhawks are still one of the nation's most feared teams, and will continue to be.

It was huge that they showed that type of diversity tonight, with six players in double figures, a pair of double-doubles and a 52-34 advantage in rebounding. A good sign is that all of the players have obviously moved on from Giles' membership on the team, and it shouldn't have any long-term effect."

Inside the numbers

10:58: That was the field goal drought Emporia State endured in the second half of Tuesday night's game. In that stretch, the Jayhawks compiled a 27-2 run. It followed a first half which was sluggish to say the least.

24-6: That was the advantage KU had in the second half as far as points in the paint go. The Jayhawks were outscored down low 18-14 in the first half.

6: That's how many Jayhawks registered in double figures. If there's a good offensive sign from the first two exhibition, it's that scoring has been well-spread out amongst the young KU hoopsters. Sherron Collins (20), Darrell Arthur (12), Brandon Rush (12), Russell Robinson (12), Darnell Jackson (11) and Julian Wright (10) all did the deed, while Wright and Arthur also had double-digits in rebounds.

21: Darnell Jackson celebrated his 21st birthday Tuesday night with his mother in attendance.

Just in case you missed it...

-The amount of Jayhawks in street clothes grew. Aside from C.J. Giles' now permanent dismissal from the program, sophomore Mario Chalmers (toe) joined junior Sasha Kaun (knee) and junior Jeremy Case (groin) on the sideline. Self said that if Chalmers had to, he could have played, but they'll take the sprained toe on a day-to-day basis.

Hopefully you didn't miss it...

-Julian Wright has solidified himself as a good candidate to be this year's 'glue guy.' On top of his 10 points and 14 rebounds (nine of which were of the offensive variety), he also had five assists, three blocks and two steals. Not a bad night in the office, even if it is just an exhibition.

Yep, they really said it...

Brandon Rush on finding out at halftime about being named a first-team preseason All-American: "At halftime, coach was throwing a fit. He just put on the board 'press clippings,' and thought I knew about it....He kicked the board, it was just regular him. Regular Self."

Brandon Rush on finding out during shootaround about C.J. Giles' dismissal: " (It was) like not again. This time I knew he was off the team. Nothing we could do...Yeah, I worry about him sometimes because, I don't know, he's irresponsible sometimes. I think we're pretty mad about it, but he wasn't going to play tuntil second semester, so we had to get through it anyway. Now that he 's gone for good, it's probably better for the team. Better chemsitry."

Bill Self on Brandon Rush shunning personal honors: "Yeah, because he's still got his first team All-Big 12 trophy up in the office. He doesn't care about that stuff."

Bill Self on addressing his team about C.J. Giles' situation: "I told the guys at least we know what we're dealing with now...Certainly this will remove the element of having a distraction later on."


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