Friday, March 10, 2006

Kansas basketball notebook


Kansas University's players arrived via charter at 4 p.m. Thursday. Coach Bill Self watched the OSU-ISU game at American Airlines Center after discovering the game was blacked out at the team hotel, The Fairmont.

"They are playing well. They've been playing well since we played 'em," Self said of OSU, 4-3 under the direction of head coach designate Sean Sutton, who took over for dad, Eddie, the night of the KU game.

"Obviously, they are scoring better than when we played them. We'll be excited, no question," Self added. "We had three of four really good practices this week. Hopefully we'll play well, not like we did on the one bad day."

Sunflower adds CBS feed: Sunflower Broadband digital cable subscribers will be able to choose between two games during the NCAA Tournament next week. Digital cable channel 93 will be an alternate feed from CBS, carrying a different game than what will be shown on Sunflower Broadband channels 5 and 13. Sunflower Broadband subscribers with a digital cable box will receive the channel free of charge from March 16-19.

The Big D: Self says he liked Dallas, but, "I think it (tournament) should be in Kansas City," the coach said of the traditional home of the old Big Eight tournament. "If it can't be in Lawrence, I think it should be in Kansas City. My personal opinion is, Kansas City has to be a site every year or every other year. If not every other year, I'm not opposed to moving it around at all. Dallas is a great venue. Back in the Big Eight days, this tournament was so well supported in Kansas City. I hope after the new arena is built, Kansas City gets its due."

Say what?: The Dallas Morning News on Thursday speculated KU, Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M; each still have a shot at playing first- and second-round NCAA Tournament games in Dallas next week.

The paper indicated KU fans might not be eager to travel all the way to Dallas to support the team, however.

"Changes to the Wright Amendment are a blessing for Kansas fans hoping to come to Dallas two straight weeks. But Dallas seems too far away for Jayhawks fans to travel en masse to make a major, vocal difference," the paper wrote.

KU has a huge alumni base in Dallas. In fact, that's one of the reasons the football Jayhawks wanted to play in the Fort Worth Bowl.

Cowboys: Oklahoma State is 7-0 in the Big 12 tournament the past three years. Mario Boggan, a 6-7 junior who hit 58.5 percent of his shots during the regular season, has come on strong lately. He had 21 and 25 points in the final two games of the regular season against Oklahoma and Baylor.

"We'll get a great effort from Oklahoma State," Self said. "We can't let them get comfortable offensively. We can't let their athleticism bother us. Brandon (Rush) had one of his poorest games against Oklahoma State (12 points, nine boards, three steals, four turnovers). If it's a poor game for a guard, it's still pretty good."


John Henley 12 years, 1 month ago

Don't even worry about this comment. It's just the Texas area newspapers trying to justify the fact that Texas doesn't care about that 2nd sport, basketball and that no matter how you try to portray it, 17000 in American Airlines Center looks suspiciously like 5000 in any other gym. Deflect the real reason for low attendance to the "other" schools.

mcoan 12 years, 1 month ago

"But Dallas seems too far away for Jayhawks fans to travel en masse to make a major, vocal difference,"

What an ignorant thing to say. Dallas, KC, St. Louis, Denver, and Chicago have HUGE KU fan bases without anyone having to drive. When we've played in Dallas in the past, I've often been amazed at how loud our cheering section is.

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