Friday, January 20, 2006

Kansas boasts record for 3.0-plus GPAs


An all-time high 12 Kansas University athletics teams posted 3.0 grade-point averages or better for the fall 2005 semester.

Two KU teams - baseball at 2.96 and volleyball at 3.49 - set team records for combined GPAs in the fall. The volleyball mark ties the spring 2005 women's tennis mark of 3.49 as an all-time team record at Kansas. Joining the volleyball team with 3.0 GPAs or better were women's basketball (3.00), men's golf (3.05), women's golf (3.26), rowing (3.02), softball (3.19), soccer (3.00), swimming & diving (3.26), tennis (3.28), men's cross country (3.02), women's track & field (3.06) and women's cross country (3.20).

Men's basketball checked in at 2.82.

"This outstanding performance by our student-athletes is a credit not only to their hard work, but to the efforts of our student-support staff and of the KU faculty," KU athletic director Lew Perkins said. "We have followed through on our commitment to expand our student-support staff, and the results speak for themselves."

A total of 214 student-athletes - 51 percent of students-athletes on active rosters - posted a 3.0 GPA or higher to qualify for the Athletic Director's Honor Roll. Included were 34 individuals with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Additionally, the entire athletic department posted a 2.91 GPA for the fall semester.

Here's a look at KU athletics student-athlete grade summary of fall semester 2005.

Baseball 2.96 grade point (team record); men's basketball (2.82); women's basketball (3.00), football (2.4), men's golf (3.05), women's golf (3.26), rowing (3.02), softball (3.19), soccer (3.00), swimming and diving (3.26), tennis (3.28), men's track and field (2.92), men's cross country (3.02), women's track and field (3.06), women's cross country (3.2), volleyball (3.49, new team record).

All sports combined: 2.91. 34 athletes with 4.0 GPA; 180 between 3.0 and 3.9.


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