Friday, February 10, 2006


Woodling: Big 12 does it Longar


Everything you wanted to know about Big 12 Conference men's basketball, but were too caught up in the Winter Olympics to ask:

Does Kansas University freshman Mario Chalmers lead the league in turnovers?

Not by an overthrown pass. Chalmers has been charged with 64 giveaways, and six Big 12 players have more. Oklahoma State freshman Byron Eaton is the leader with 86, following by OU's Terrell Everett 80, ISU's Curtis Stinson 75, UT's P.J. Tucker 73, MU's Thomas Gardner 72 and OSU's JamesOn Curry 70.

KU coach Bill Self has settled on a starting lineup of three freshmen and two sophomores. Is that the youngest starting lineup in school history?

Freshmen became eligible during the 1971-72 season and, since then, KU never has had a starting five that didn't feature at least one junior or senior. Three freshmen also are believed to be a first.

How much longer will Oklahoma's Longar Longar remain in the Big 12?

Longar, a 6-foot-11 sophomore, will have two years of eligibility remaining and, with averages of 1.7 points and 1.6 rebounds a game, it's likely he'll linger at least two years longer on the Sooners' bench.

This is the 10th year of the Big 12 Conference. During the first nine years, what were the Jayhawks' records?

Kansas has been 16-0 once, 15-1 twice, 14-2 once, 12-4 three times and 11-5 twice. Curiously, they've never been 13-3.

How many Big 12 teams will participate in the NCAA Tournament?

Three, for sure. Texas is a lock, Kansas is looking good, and Oklahoma seems to have the numbers. Colorado has to finish strong, and Texas A&M; isn't out of the picture. Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are NIT fodder. Missouri is dead in the water. Baylor is in jail.

The Big 12 will announce its 10th anniversary team Saturday. How many KU players will be on it?

Nick Collison is a cinch. After that, who knows? The other contenders are Raef LaFrentz, Kirk Hinrich, Wayne Simien, Keith Langford and Jeff Boschee. If former Texas Tech standout Andre Emmett, the league's all-time leading scorer, makes it, I'll gag.

Oklahoma State's Eddie Sutton and Texas Tech's Bob Knight will be succeeded by their sons when they retire. Any chance those moves will happen soon?

I wouldn't be surprised if Sutton checked it in following this season, but Knight probably will continue until they tear the sweater off his back.

What is the status of the other Big 12 coaches?

K-State's Jim Wooldridge and Missouri's Quin Snyder are the leading pink-slip prospects. Nebraska's Barry Collier is on shaky ground, and Iowa State's Wayne Morgan may be hearing wolves, too.

Are Texas Tech's Darryl Dora and Kansas State's Dramane Diarra the same player?

Both are slender and both stand about 6-foot-8. Both are single-digit scorers and rebounders. Hmmm. It looks like we'll have to see if both show up when the Red Raiders and Wildcats collide next week in Lubbock.


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