Monday, August 14, 2006

KU makes case to NCAA


It's all over now except for the waiting.

A large contingent of Kansas University athletic-department staffers - including athletic director Lew Perkins and coaches Bill Self, Bonnie Henrickson and Mark Mangino - and Chancellor Robert Hemenway met with the NCAA Committee on Infractions on Sunday at the Tremont Plaza Hotel.

Afterward, the KU representatives declined to speak to the media, though Hemenway read a prepared statement.


¢ July, 2005: KU self-reports minor violations in basketball, more serious violations in football. ¢ April 2006: NCAA alleges KU demonstrated a lack of institutional control within its athletic department from 1997 to 2003. ¢ Sunday: Kansas responds to allegations in front of NCAA Committee on Infractions in Baltimore. ¢ Approx. early October: NCAA rules if KU's self-imposed sanctions are sufficient.

"The focus now is that this chapter is over," Hemenway read. "We can now move forward, confident that the changes we have made in the areas of compliance will help prevent us from going through this again."

KU was found to have committed 11 violations: five for football, three for men's basketball and one for women's basketball. The 10th was the bundling of 26 secondary violations, and No. 11 was a blanket violation alleging lack of institutional control.

Kansas self-imposed penalties for the violations it found - mostly the same ones the NCAA found in its own probe - with hopes that those will be considered enough in the committee's eyes.

But it's now out of KU's hands. The committee will prepare its report, and in September or October will send its summary to Hemenway. It will be released to the media soon after.


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