Sunday, October 24, 2004

Kansas QBs similarly so-so


— As expected, Kansas University sent two quarterbacks to tangle with Oklahoma on Saturday.

This time, neither one shone all that brightly.

Sophomore Adam Barmann started and finished KU's 41-10 loss to Oklahoma at Owen Field.

His Achilles' heel once again was a problem Saturday -- too many short passes that didn't add up to significant movement by the KU offense.

Barmann had a 78-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Rideau, the result of botched coverage by Oklahoma, and added a 33-yard completion to Mark Simmons late.

But for the most part, Barmann's 12 completions often were short slant, screen or shovel passes.

Sometimes they were called, but often they were the result of defensive pressure or what appeared to be Barmann's timidity to throw deep.

Excluding the two longer passes, Barmann averaged just 4.9 yards per completion.

"Their secondary is pretty good," Barmann said. "We don't have a whole lot of time back there, so you've got to go to your first or second read."

Swanson came in with 3:26 left in the second quarter, but despite showing more mobility on quarterback scrambles, the junior wasn't much more effective.

He finished 5-of-13 passing for 24 yards -- just 4.8 yards per completion -- and added 20 yards rushing.

KU coach Mark Mangino said he'd look at the game film before jumping to conclusions about the immediate future of the situation.

"From the sideline, there was nothing that was particularly outstanding about them," Mangino said. "But I don't think there was anything that was awfully poor, either, except we had a couple of turnovers at the position."

Barmann threw two interceptions, one the result of a bobble by John Randle on an otherwise accurate short pass. Swanson, meanwhile, coughed up the ball after being hit in the third quarter, and it was scooped up by OU linebacker Lance Mitchell and taken in from 28 yards out.

"We wanted to give Jason some work," Mangino said. "Adam did some good things, but it wasn't like we were on fire."

Mangino said he would evaluate the situation and make a decision on the position before KU meets Iowa State on Saturday in Ames, Iowa.

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