Sunday, November 14, 2004

How they scored


First Quarter

:08 -- Johnny Beck 39 field goal. KU started in great field position, thanks to a Kevin Kane interception returned 27 yards to the Texas 46. A 21-yard completion from John Nielsen to Marcus Henry put the Jayhawks in field-goal range, and Beck booted a perfect kick through the uprights three plays later. (Kansas 3, Texas 0).

Second Quarter

8:45 -- Cedric Benson 16 run. Texas found Benson's powerful legs to be the key to success. An eight-play, 70-yard drive was finished off by three straight Benson runs for 18, two and the 16-yard touchdown run to the left side. Dusty Mangum kick. (Texas 7, Kansas 3).

2:25 -- Johnny Beck 29 field goal. Brian Luke came in as a replacement while Nielsen was being attended to by trainers, and the junior connected with Brandon Rideau on the first play of the drive for a 36-yard gain. After working its way to the 12-yard line, KU's drive stalled, and Beck booted the field goal. (Texas 7, Kansas 6).

:00 -- Beck 36 field goal. A blatant fair-catch-interference penalty gave KU 15 fewer yards to conquer to start the last drive of the half. Two straight completions from Luke to Lyonel Anderson, and a seven-yard run by Clark Green, put the Jayhawks in Beck range. The senior nailed his third field goal of the day. (Kansas 9, Texas 7).

Third Quarter

10:06 -- Dusty Mangum 32 field goal. A 46-yard completion from Vince Young to Tony Jeffery put UT within striking distance, and though the Longhorns couldn't find the end zone, Mangum's first field goal of the day gave UT the tiny lead. (Texas 10, Kansas 9)

5:53 -- Mangum 50 field goal. Besides one 14-yard gain by Benson, the Jayhawk defense stuffed the UT running back for no gain three times in four plays, and a Young incompletion forced Mangum to test his leg strength. The senior booted it through with ease. (Texas 13, Kansas 9).

Fourth Quarter

11:42 -- Austine Nwabuisi 1 run. A shanked punt by Texas' Richmond McGee put KU in great field position at UT's 39-yard line. A 17-yard completion from Luke to Gary Heaggans gave KU life, and a dazzling 21-yard reception by Charles Gordon in traffic put the Jayhawks within a yard of the score. Nwabuisi finished the drive off, running up the gut and in. Scott Webb kick. (Kansas 16, Texas 13).

7:41 -- Anderson 1 pass from Brian Luke. A nice catch and subsequent stroke of luck sent KU on its way to a double-digit lead. On third down, Luke found Mark Simmons for first-down yardage, but Simmons found himself open after his defender fell to the ground. Simmons ran for 73 yards to the UT one-yard line before Luke found Anderson on a jump ball for the score. Scott Webb kick. (Kansas 23, Texas 13).

4:12 -- Young 18 run. Young efficiently moved the offense downfield, orchestrating a 13-play, 87-yard drive with a combination of run and pass. The last was an 18-yard scramble by Young, who found the right corner of the end zone after eluding several Jayhawks. Mangum kick. (Kansas 23, Texas 20).

:11 -- Tony Jeffery 21 pass from Young. Young executed on a do-or-die, fourth-and-long play, scrambling for 22 yards when he needed just 18. That prolonged a make-or-break drive, and with time running out, Young found Jeffery on a lob pass in the left side of the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. Mangum kick. (Texas 27, Kansas 23).

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