Saturday, October 4, 2003

Collison’s status still unknown


— No decision has been made regarding surgery on Nick Collison's partially dislocated left shoulder.

"Nick Collison flew to New York to get a second opinion on his left shoulder. We will meet with Nick and the doctors this weekend and a decision will be made early next week on a course of action," Seattle SuperSonics GM Rick Sund said Friday.

Collison, a 6-foot-9 rookie forward from Kansas University, had his shoulder pop out of place during the Sonics' first practice of the season.

Collison did not miss a game -- and missed just one practice because of a bruised tailbone --in his four-year KU career.

He did have occasional problems with his left shoulder at KU. After missing a pick-up game at Roy Williams' camp June 25, 2002, Collison told the Journal-World he had a strained left shoulder.

"I fell on it three days ago and tried to play the next day and fell on it again," he said. "It's no big deal."

At times last season, Collison had to leave for a couple of minutes because of pain in the left shoulder. He would stretch the shoulder on the sidelines, then re-enter.

In explaining the discomfort to reporters, he said he had "loose shoulders" and sometimes would ice the shoulder. Collison, who was checked by five doctors at the NBA Combine in June, had no ligament damage in the shoulder at KU.

KU officials said Friday they couldn't comment on Collison's health unless they received a signed permission form from Collison because of new privacy guidelines. Collison has been unavailable to reporters.

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