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TCU defeats Kansas, 27-17

  • 11 a.m., Oct. 12, 2013
  • Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth, TX

FINAL: KU's offense woeful again in 27-17 loss to TCU

The Kansas football team's defense and special teams forced five turnovers, but even that wasn't enough to overcome incompetent offense in the Jayhawks' 27-17 loss to TCU on Saturday afternoon at Fort Worth, Texas.

KU's offense — without receiver Tony Pierson, who sat out with a head injury — was even worse than normal. The Jayhawks notched just 198 yards and 3.3 yards per play. They also rushed 34 times for just 46 yards.

KU managed a 10-all tie at halftime, thanks mostly to KU defensive back JaCorey Shepherd, who had a 32-yard interception return for touchdown in the second quarter.

For the second straight week, though, KU was haunted by the first play of scrimmage of the second half, as TCU's David Porter bounced off two KU defenders and ran 75 yards for a receiving touchdown to give the Horned Frogs a 17-10 lead they'd never relinquish.

KU quarterback Jake Heaps was inaccurate all day, completing 13 of 26 passes for 152 yards with a touchdown and interception. James Sims carried it 23 times for 81 yards with a lost fumble.

KU (2-3) will play host to Oklahoma at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 19.

Box score


First Quarter

10:01 — Matthew Wyman 37 field goal. After its opening drive of the game stalled near midfield, the Kansas offense got the Jayhawks a lead for the second straight week thanks to an interception by Isaiah Johnson on TCU's first offensive play of the game. Johnson caught a tipped pass at the TCU 25 and the KU offense drove six yards in four plays and 1:27 to crack the scoreboard first. (KU 3, TCU 0).

6:50 — Trevone Boykin 10 run. Jaden Oberkrom kick. After turning it over on their first possession, the Horned Frogs marched 63 yards in six plays and 3:04 to take the lead. Quarterback Trevone Boykin was 2-for-2 passing on the drive, including a 22-yard strike to David Porter, and running back B.J. Catalon added a 22-yard run to set up the touchdown. (TCU 7, KU 3).

Second Quarter

11:44 — Jaden Oberkrom 44 field goal. The Horned Frogs marched deep into KU territory for their second score of the day but were forced to settle for a long field goal attempt after the Jayhawks knocked the Frogs back on back-to-back plays to turn a second-and-short into a fourth-and-long. Kevin Young and Victor Simmons combined for a sack of Boykin and Isaiah Johnson sniffed out a screen pass for the other loss. (TCU 10, KU 3).

8:55 — JaCorey Shepherd 32 interception return. Wyman kick. After TCU intercepted Jake Heaps at its 10 yard line, the Jayhawks bounced back with an interception of their own, this one by cornerback JaCorey Shepherd, who jumped in front of a pass along the KU sideline and raced 32 yards to the end zone untouched to the tie the game. (TCU 10, KU 10).

Third Quarter

14:47 — David Porter 75 pass from Trevone Boykin. Oberkrom kick. The Horned Frogs gained half of their total yardage from the first half in one play during the second, as the first play from scrimmage went the distance after two KU defenders dove at Porter's legs but did not wrap up and then watched him sprint untouched the rest of the way. (TCU 17, KU 10).

9:31 — B.J. Catalon 2 run. Oberkrom kick. The good news for the KU defense on this drive was that it made the Horned Frogs take a little longer to score. The bad news? It was not much prettier. TCU drove 53 yards in seven plays after taking possession following a James Sims fumble on KU's first possession of the second half. TCU scored in seven plays and 4:12. (TCU 24, KU 10).

7:28 — Jimmay Mundine 27 pass from Jake Heaps. Wyman kick. Two plays after KU kicked the ball back to TCU trailing 24-10, the Jayhawks cut the lead to a single touchdown thanks to a muffed punt by Brandon Carter and the nice hook-up from Heaps and Mundine. John Wirtel recovered the muffed punt and, two plays and 11 seconds later, Heaps hit Mundine on a corner route and the big tight end fought into the end zone. (TCU 24, KU 17).

Fourth Quarter

2:43 — Jaden Oberkrom 37 field goal. It was not pretty and it came much later than many expected it would, but the Horned Frogs finally dealt KU the knockout blow with a 10-play scoring drive that spanned 45 yards and 4:53 and put the home team up two scores with less than three minutes to play. TCU's drive, like so many in the second half before it, started with good field position because of the KU offense's inability to flip the field. (TCU 27, KU 17).


Ben Kliewer 6 years, 4 months ago

Our O averages 18.2ppg. Take away those 31 against SoDak and they're averaging 15ppg. Not good enough to compete in any league. The D played fairly solid today though, it was good to see them forcing turnovers. A few flashes of brilliance on both sides of the ball, but overall a frustrating game to watch for any Jayhawk fan. #SadFace

Mark Lindrud 6 years, 4 months ago

I'm proud of our D. It did everything it could, but we don't play inspired and with aggression on offense. We don't force the defense to play on its heels, instead we seem to be the ones who are reactive. I really believe if Weis doesn't get an OC next year it maybe his last because the offense has little imagination and I can't see how it will be much better next year.

Ben Kliewer 6 years, 4 months ago

One particular series in the 3rd (I think): we ran Miller three times, got the first down and then ran him again and he was stopped short. Have we forgotten what a play action pass is? Next play was just a straight drop back pass (incomplete). You just keep pounding it and never throw a draw or a PA in there, yeah, we're going to get stopped. I completely agree with you on the Offense's lack of imagination.

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 4 months ago

Two biggest plays of the game happened in the first minute of the 3rd quarter. The missed tackle on the first play from scrimmage and the James Sims fumble. I don't know if TCU scores a TD on that first possession if that tackle was made (it's possible, but not a certainty) and TCU scored their last TD after the Sims fumble. KU was moving the ball well to start that drive and I think a FG was a reasonable outcome for that drive. We'll obviously never know what happens if those two plays don't happen, but it's not hard to imagine a different outcome if not for those two plays (or at least a closer loss). If KU is going to win another game this year, it will be because of turnovers, but the offense is going to have to not make any turnovers either.

As for the game itself, it pretty much played out like I predicted it would. An ugly offensive game that would be close and it was that. There were 3 things I liked today that I saw. The first was the defense playing aggressively even after Heeney went out. Victor Simmons really stepped up today. I also liked that penalties were way down today and I didn't hear Sterling's name called at all today which is a mini miracle considering how he's played this year. I also like the OLine when Dent was in. Don't take that statement as meaning the OLine played great today because they were far from it today. I do think there is some potential with that group if Weis just leaves them alone and lets them go through their growing pains while they build chemistry with each other. The next 4 games for Kansas aren't going to be pretty for the Jayhawks (OU, Baylor, @Texas, @OSU) so why not use those to try and build some chemistry for the last 3 games when KU will have a much better chance a pulling off a win or two.

As bad as the offense has been this year, I think KU steals one from a team who comes into their game against KU overlooking KU or just not amped up to play and the KU defense leads the way to a victory. I'm not going to try and predict when that'll happen because it's one of those things that you can't predict. I'd personally love to see it happen against KSU, but again it's not one those things you can predict when it'll happen.

Chris Gilbertson 6 years, 4 months ago

Still waiting on the offensive genius Charlie Weis to show up.

Andy Tweedy 6 years, 4 months ago

We got five turnovers and were handed 17 points and still lost to a team with a TERRIBLE offense. I honestly can't see a much better scenario play out for a win and we still lost by two scores. I love my Jayhawks, but I'm really not sure they're giving me any reasons for optimism at this point. Looks like 2-10 unless something pretty miraculous happens!

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 4 months ago

Tony Pierson would've made a huge difference today. When he comes back, KU's offense won't look quite as inept. Still inept, but at least a playmaker in the receiving game.

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 4 months ago

Two things I noticed about the WR's today is that Charlie Weis isn't doing them any favors with the routes he's calling or where he's playing them. Tre Parmalee is too small to be playing on the outside and having him run go routes because he's not out jumping any DB that's covering him and he doesn't have the speed to beat a corner deep either. Parmalee has good hands, but playing him on the outside is hurting Parmalee because of his lack of size. He needs to be in the slot running slants and other short routes to actually take advantage of his skill set.

Also, the route combinations Weis is calling are horrible. He's making it ridiculously easy to cover the WR's 1 on 1 with safeties over the top playing center field. Weis needs to start calling some route combinations that play off of each other to give the WR's a chance to get open. The outside run a curl with the slot running a post or an in route or have the outside run a go and the slot run an out route. Have the slot run a corner with the outside running an in or a post. Route combinations like that can cause mismatches in the secondary that can let a WR get open. I would also like to see Weis go with some dink and dunk stuff to help take the pressure off the OLine. Slants, bubble screens, and stuff like that. If Charlie Weis wants this offense to make any real progress, he's got to swallow his pride and adapt to the personnel he has like he did last year. You put this year's defense with last year's offense, and this team is sitting at 4-1 right now, but this isn't last year's offense unfortunately and it's back to being as bad as it was under Gill.

Steve Corder 6 years, 4 months ago

Went to the game, and thought the defense was good. But, needs to be quicker and faster for the Big12's upper tier. Wow, the offense needs help, and it's not just Heaps. O line seemed a little better. I still think you can win with Heaps at QB. But I can understand some who question the play calls.

I see lots of WRs on Sports Center making great catches from less than stellar QB throws!

TCU fans were NOT happy with their team today, but a win is a win.

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