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Kansas defeats Fort Hays State, 92-75

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 5, 2013
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: KU men's basketball tops Fort Hays State, 92-75

By Jesse Newell

Well, no one can say Kansas coach Bill Self doesn’t have options.

The KU men’s basketball team showed just how deep its bench was in its final exhibition game Tuesday, as nine players scored at least six points in a 92-75 victory over Fort Hays State.

Four different Jayhawks hit double figures, led by Perry Ellis and Wayne Selden, who had 13 points each. Jamari Traylor added 11 points and seven rebounds off the bench, while Andrew Wiggins chipped in 10 points on 4-for-10 shooting with three rebounds, two blocks and steal to go with a turnover in 10 minutes.

A pair of Jayhawks also made it a little tougher for Self to consider red shirts for them. Brannen Greene scored six points on 2-for-4 three-point shooting, while Conner Frankamp — he played some point guard in the second half — scored eight points on 2-for-3 three-point shooting with a pair of steals.

Naadir Tharpe and Frank Mason added six assists apiece.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action Tuesday night:

• The game turned when: Brannen Greene checked in for KU at the 13:43 mark of the first half. With the Jayhawks trailing 14-9, Greene hit a three exactly six seconds after going in, then picked off a steal on the next possession that led to a short shot from Joel Embiid. Greene’s boost helped KU to a 10-0 run that made it 19-14, and the Jayhawks never trailed after that.

• Offensive highlight: After sitting most of the first half, Andrew Wiggins announced his presence at the 3:01 mark of the first half. With Joel Embiid sealing his man under the basket, Wiggins drove baseline, then finished with an emphatic two-handed jam for his first two points. That seemed to get the 6-foot-8 freshman going, as he scored six points in the final 3:01 of the half.

• Defensive highlight: Wiggins showed his quick leaping with 7:30 left in the second half, knocking a Jake Stoppel shot off the glass for a block before corralling the rebound to start the break. Perry Ellis converted in transition, putting in a two-handed slam five seconds later.

• Key stat: As is normally the case against Div. II opponents, KU was able to get better shots, partly because of execution and partly because of better athleticism. The Jayhawks outscored the Tigers, 44-22, in the paint, and that was basically the difference in the game.

• Up next: KU will open the regular season with a home game against Louisiana Monroe at 7 p.m. Friday.

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Duane Rice

comedian. look him up

Joe Satterwhite in reply to Jaycon11

My apologies good sir.

Jaycon11 in reply to Joe Satterwhite

no, and i'll never forgive you for bringing that to my attention.

Brian Haase in reply to Matt Tait

I think this is going to be one fun team to watch.... question is, what is going to be self's 8-9 man rotation?

Jacob Zutterman in reply to Jaycon11

This blog could not handle my vulgar rant on Calipari :)

Eric TheCapn

When the Jayhawks aren't playing basketball, I'm generally thinking about cheerleaders.

Joe Satterwhite in reply to Jaycon11

I'm you heard about him saying that UK IS college basketball then right?

Eric TheCapn in reply to Matt Tait

I think... cheerleaders!

Vaughn Kruger

Self has some difficult decisions to make. So many good players. So little playing time.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Duane Rice


Eric TheCapn

So anticlimactic.

Duane Rice

Im pissed at myself for buying Brian Reagan tickets about 4 months ago. Im going to miss watching the KU game on Friday. Its the first game i haven't watched live in about 6 or 7 years.

00:00 left in Second Half
Fort Hays 75
Kansas 92

Matt Tait staff

That's a wrap. KU will open the regular season Friday night.

Jaycon11 in reply to Jacob Zutterman

i thought i knew hate, when it came to duke. but then coach cal slithered on to the court.

Jacob Zutterman in reply to Matt Tait

Defense needs work, the freshman have been pretty impressive athletically and surprisingly smart with the ball, and our transition play will be one of the best in the country

Eric TheCapn

Withey is a Pelican.

Joe Satterwhite in reply to Matt Tait


Stupidmichael in reply to Matt Tait

Not sure what to think.

Matt Tait staff

Well... 2 exhibition games in, what do you guys think?

Eric TheCapn

Le sigh, short of 100 again. These 'scrubs' SHOULD be easily oustscoring Fort Hays State.

Vaughn Kruger

My boy is still confused and can't figure out where Jeff Withey is.

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

you know what they say abt a bunch of 1st time starters on the court. one game, they look unbeatable. one game, they look lost. god i hope they beat duke, though.


Christian Garret. Better known as Deandre Daniels' friend.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Jacob Zutterman


Matt Tait staff

Garrett in for Frankamp... Nice applause for the Wichita guy headed to the bench

Jacob Zutterman in reply to Eric TheCapn

As much as I hate Duke, Calipari just creeps under my skin deeper and deeper each year

Vaughn Kruger

The game is a little closer than I was expecting, but it's good I'm getting a good look at a lot of the players.

Matt Tait staff

Niko Roberts and Evan Manning out there for KU now...

Kent Wells in reply to Duane Rice


Eric TheCapn

Duck Fuke

Eric TheCapn

Tjshe G$rey; G0osfe fuOnt.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaycon11

There's definitely going to be some rough patches. That Duke game is going to be interesting to watch. Growing up to big-boy time mighty quick...


red shirt Justin Wesley. He'll be good.

03:00 left in Second Half
Fort Hays 65
Kansas 89

Matt Tait staff

3 minutes remaining.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

Love the Gray Goose font! Y

Eric TheCapn

Justin Langford

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

some garbage time going on. 1st part of the season ought to be...interesting.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Vaughn Kruger

But I'm six now, daddy! All grown up!


Justin Whistle.

Jacob Zutterman

We HAVE to improve our defense before we take on the DREADED Blue Devils

Matt Tait staff in reply to Vaughn Kruger

Welcome aboard. Don't be a stranger and jump in with both feet!

Vaughn Kruger

I lurked all last year, but got a little tired of talking basketball with my 5 year old son.

03:37 left in Second Half
Fort Hays 61
Kansas 87

Matt Tait staff

About to put the final touches on this one... Jayhawks in total control and Justin Wesley and Landen Lucas are both on the floor.

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

The vodka font? ;-)


Yeesh. We look like a giant heaping pile right now.

Matt Tait staff

Frankamp with the on-the-ball steal... He's looked pretty good on both ends tonight. Better than the first exhibition for sure.

Eric TheCapn

Virtually here, virtually every game.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Kent Wells

I apologize. Though I was here virtually every game last year.

Duane Rice in reply to Kent Wells

along with everybody else.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Vaughn Kruger

Also, welcome!

Kent Wells in reply to Eric TheCapn

It is generally accepted by the long standing posters here, anything I post is typically using that font...

Duane Rice

So far what iv'e seen from Wiggins is 12pts, 7reb, and 6ast. per game. I would like to see him hit a jump shot.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Vaughn Kruger

I'm so proud.

Jaycon11 in reply to Duane Rice

i drank it away. don't remind me. seriously, some yrs are lights out, some yrs are meh.

Vaughn Kruger

Hey! I'm participating!

Eric TheCapn in reply to Kent Wells

Suuuuuuure there iiisssn't.

Kent Wells in reply to Eric TheCapn

There is no sarcasm font.

Matt Tait staff

Wiggins passed up an open lane to the rim to find Mason in the corner. I'm sure on film it will be pointed out and I'm guessing he won't miss a path like that again. Probably just wanted to thank Frank for the alley-oop dime.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Kent Wells


Jmfitz85 in reply to Matt Tait

I agree with you totally, especially with Black and Tharpe. They're gonna be our leaders this year and we need them to step up.

Duane Rice in reply to Jaycon11

Do you remember how bad the transition was last year.


Ellis has the new hands off D going pretty well

Kent Wells

If Wiggins does declare for the NBA, it is to get away from that stupid "WIGGLES" sign.

Eric TheCapn

Apparently Twatter took care of that stat.

Matt Tait staff

Wiggins really does do it on both ends... Very nice block off the glass on the last position. Rarely out of position. Willing to sit down and guard. Crazy luxury with a guy that offensively talented.


this team in transition will be deadly.

Eric TheCapn

Can we get a free-throw stat line, Matt?

Eric TheCapn in reply to Joe Ross

Though we seem to have taken a major step back at the free-throw line, which is more important than ever in this, the time of constant whistles is college basketball.

Jaycon11 in reply to Josh Helmer

def some slashing potential there. he might keep frankamp at the #2 the next few years.

Matt Tait staff in reply to Jmfitz85

No question. Much like that Kentucky game a couple years ago (the first one), a lot will depend on how composed this team will be. If they're trying to win it on every play, that could hurt. But if they play smart and with poise, I like how they match up. Will be a big night for Tharpe and Black.

Stupidmichael in reply to Josh Helmer

Agreed. Not sure he's quite the finisher yet either. But he can penetrate and has a fancy handle.

Eric TheCapn

Dear snow, stop snowing.

07:58 left in Second Half
Fort Hays 54
Kansas 83

Matt Tait staff

Tonight's offensive highlight just happened, courtesy of Frank Mason and Andrew Wiggins. I'm sure you can guess the rest. Here are a couple of hints: High flying. Perfect pass. Lots of smiles.

Joe Ross

KU seems to have made progress in this game vs. the last...offensively speaking. The defense still needs to come along.

Josh Helmer

Mason's game reminds me a lot of a young Sherron Collins. Not as big (weight-wise), but his vision is better.

Jacob Zutterman

I think Wiggins must work at a hotel because he knows how to run an elevator


Hey Tait and Newell ... Do you think we have a shot at Duke next tues? How do we match up?

Matt Tait staff

Mason has not been perfect. But he doesn't look like a freshman either. As long as Tharpe can continue to play at a high level and make good decisions, the PG spot seems to be in very good hands.


Selden missed Wiggins for another oop...


get wiggy with it.

Matt Tait staff

There goes Wiggins again with the alley-oop. 2 games. 2 oops. That one, for my money, was even cooler than the last. Incredible pass from Mason, who has looked really good tonight.

Josh Helmer in reply to Jmfitz85

Dave Armstrong: "OH, WOOOOW!"

Eric TheCapn in reply to Josh Helmer

ohhHHHhhh, I thought you were trying to twat.

Josh Helmer in reply to Josh Helmer

Perfect home record. Those are the four road games that concern me.

Josh Helmer in reply to Eric TheCapn

Supposed to represent road games.

Matt Tait staff

Wiggins, Selden, Mason and Black back in.... Wiggins with limited minutes again this half... Let's see what the last 10 have in store.


But nobody knows it...

Stupidmichael in reply to Jesse Newell

Justin Wesley is good.

Eric TheCapn

Poor Justin Wesley. :(

Jesse Newell in reply to Stupidmichael

Justin Wesley?

Eric TheCapn in reply to Josh Helmer

No team in the Big 12 has symbols in its acronym.


AW3 put on some muscle too ... Am I the only one that notices that? He's gonna be clutch for us this year and grind out the tough plays. Reminds me of a stronger Travis Releford.

Josh Helmer

I think @KSU, @ISU, @Baylor @OSU are my most troublesome games. I say KU drops two of the four, splits w/ OKState but wins the league outright.

Stupidmichael in reply to Joe Satterwhite

That's cold.

11:38 left in Second Half
Fort Hays 46
Kansas 74

Matt Tait staff

Under 12 timeout 2nd half.


The Big 12 will be a 3 horse race this year. KU, OSU, and Baylor. Baylor historically under Drew is really good every other year and they were bad last year so history says they'll be good this year. I'll say KU goes 15-3 splitting with OSU, ISU, and losing one other random game, I think OSU goes 14-4 and Baylor either goes 14-4 or 13-5.

Eric TheCapn



Brandon Rush getting some PT tonight. Is that the first time since his injury? Also, no Tyshawn Taylor in the lineup... is he in the NBADL?

Matt Tait staff

Jayhawks shooting 54 percent... Ft. Hays shooting 43 percent.... Both teams 5-15 from 3-point range

Joe Satterwhite in reply to Stupidmichael

Gottlieb is that you?


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