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Kansas State defeats Kansas, 31-10

  • 11 a.m., Nov. 30, 2013
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Kansas State 31, Kansas 10

After falling behind 21-0 in the first quarter, the Kansas University football team did all it could to fight back, but six turnovers, several costly penalties and more drops by wide receivers proved to be too much for the Jayhawks to overcome during a 31-10 victory by Kansas State at Memorial Stadium.

The victory dropped KU to 3-9 overall and 1-8 in the Big 12 and improved K-State to 7-5 overall and 5-4 in Big 12 play.

The Wildcats now have won five straight in the series and are 17-4 in the past 21 meetings.

KSU will now await its postseason fate while the Jayhawks limp into another offseason.

Saturday's game was the final home game for 23 KU seniors.

Stay tuned to for more throughout the afternoon.


First Quarter 7:50 — Zach Trujillo 35 pass from Jake Waters. Ian Patterson kick. A Montell Cozart interception on KU's second drive of the day set the Wildcats up with with great field position for the second time and this time they capitalized on a 54-yard, three-play scoring drive that took 1:19. On the touchdown, Waters faked a run through a huge hole in the middle and when the KU defense committed he simply flipped it over the top to his wide open tight end. (KSU 7, KU 0).

0:42 — John Hubert 21 run. Patterson kick. After a rough first possession, the K-State offense started executing and seemingly never stopped. This drive, which spanned 67 yards in four plays and 1:36 featured three runs from Hubert, who ran inside, outside and up the middle for the score. (KSU 14, KU 0).

Second Quarter 14:50 — Glenn Gronkowski 28 pass from Waters. Patterson kick. After forcing the KU offense to punt from deep in its own end yet again, the Wildcats took over at the KU 34 and then scored three plays and 14 seconds later on the same play that netted the Wildcats their first touchdown, albeit with a different receiver. (KSU 21, KU 0).

3:53 — Jimmay Mundine 11 pass from Jake Heaps. Ron Doherty kick. After getting another stand from its defense, KU finally got going on offense, when Jake Heaps hit four of five passes during the seven-play, 51-yard scoring drive that took 2:06 and featured a nice play-action pass on fourth-and-two from the 11. (KSU 21, KU 7).

1:06 — Ron Doherty 31 field goal. A big-time special teams play by Victor Simmons, who stripped KSU's Zach Nemechek on a short kickoff and Josh Ford recovered, giving KU hope and possession in KSU territory. Nine plays and 28 yards later, Doherty doinked a field goal off the right upright and through to pull the Jayhawks to within 10. (KSU 21, KU 10).

Third Quarter 3:10 — Jake Waters 15 run. Patterson kick. With Kansas driving and looking to cut K-State's lead to a one-score margin, KSU's Dante Barnett intercepted a bobbled ball by Jimmay Mundine and set up the score that proved to be the knockout blow. Instead of driving to cut the KSU lead to 21-13 or 21-17, KU watched Waters sprint in from 15 yards out to push the lead to 18 with just over a quarter to play. Waters dive at the pile-on to get the touchdown initially was called out at the 1 but was overturned by replay. (KSU 28, KU 10).

Fourth Quarter 7:21 — Ian Patterson 31 field goal. After Jake Heaps' third interception of the day, K-State tacked on three more points and pushed its lead back to the three-touchdown margin it established in the first quarter on the chip-shot kick from Patterson. The drive covered eight yards in six plays and took 2:01 off the clock. (KSU 31, KU 10).

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Thanks Matt and Tom for chatting with us today... here's to a better 2014 campaign. Will be interesting to see what happens with Reagan.

Kansas State 31
Kansas 10

Benton Smith staff

Cody Riedy in reply to Matt Tait

They said the last 4 games were going to be the "season" that mattered and to judge the team on. I guess the grade is in and it's nothing to write home about.

Marshan3q in reply to Derek King

stay classy

Derek King

All we can do is keep trying to get it right.

Derek King

This. Program. Sucks. Whatever. See you next Fall.

Marc Buehler

well, at least the football season is finally over.


Welp. That was a season. See you all tonight.

00:00 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas State 31
Kansas 10

Matt Tait staff

KU falls to K-State and finishes the season 3-9 overall and 1-8 in Big 12 play.

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Or maybe not. My bad.

Lajayhawk in reply to Cody Riedy

Too much time left. Can't run out the clock by kneeling.


Hopefully Hyman, Spencer, Thomas, and Ben Johnson will be nice upgrades on offense next year.

Cody Riedy

Why isn't K-State kneeling the ball?

Lajayhawk in reply to Gabriel Engeland

Don't exaggerate. It's only been 17 times. :-)

Duane Rice

Duck season. Rabbit season. Duck season

Cody Riedy

One thing that was a success this year, in my modest opinion, were our uniforms. At least, in that regard, we've looked good.

John Myers in reply to Marshan3q

As they should be. While our defense has done a pretty good job considering the offensive mess, giving up 7+ yards a carry to Hubert is unacceptable.


D did a great job of keeping the RB inbounds to keep the clock going.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

Yup, I know. I typed that initially. Campo is in charge of the defense. Bowen coordinates the defense. I've typed that 19 times know.

Marshan3q in reply to Lajayhawk


Lajayhawk in reply to Marshan3q

That'll help recruiting…..


fans booing

Lawkan in reply to Gabriel Engeland

there are at least 3 others too.

Swishymcjayhawk in reply to Gabriel Engeland

IT. IS. CAMPO'S. DEFENSE. BECAUSE. HE. IS. THE. ONE. IN. CHARGE. That's what I'm saying. I'm not sure how this is so confusing. Coordinating during the game doesn't mean it's Bowen's defense.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Lawkan

There's a big one in the house today. His final list of two: KU and KSU.


Its critical we get some juco offensive lineman signed.

Lajayhawk in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

Charlie essentially demoted Campo in the middle of the year to co-defensive coordinator. Bowen calls the plays.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

Bowen coordinates it. Campo is in charge of it. I'm so confused by what you are saying.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

I can't believe we're actually discussing this. Tait already weighed in:


For the second year in a row I'm looking more forward to the next season of KU football more than I am the continuing KU basketball season

Swishymcjayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

if you're in charge of it, it's your defense. It's not Clint Bowen's defense. it's Dave Campo's defense.

Lajayhawk in reply to Tom Keegan

Solid effort, but still not good enough. We need more athletes almost everywhere.

Tom Keegan

Faucets: Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. KU receivers: Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop.

Lajayhawk in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

Matt Tait, will jump in on this? Clint Bowen coordinates the defensive play-calling.


fourth quarter and Sterling hasn't got a penalty yet.

Tom Keegan

Considering offense has turned it over six times, this has been strong effort from defense that returns nearly everyone. D-linemen/Bucks: Stowers, Bolton, Goodman, Reynolds, Johnson, McKinney. LB: Heeney, Love, Arnick, Jenkins-Moore, Faifili. Secondary: Short, McDonald, Shepherd, Johnson, Sendish, Simmons, Holloman.

Cody Riedy

Both QBs have passed up some open shorter passes to throw deep.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

Yes, he is in charge of it. He just doesn't coordinate the playcalling during games. What's your point?

Cody Riedy in reply to Oklahawk58

The crazy thing is that despite losing to K-State for basically 20 years in a row now, we still hold a plus 20 game all time lead.

Brad Avery

Clint Bowen's defense has done a hell of a job considering KU doesn't have an offense,

Swishymcjayhawk in reply to Gabriel Engeland

"Asst head coach IN CHARGE OF DEFENSE" would lead me to believe he's in charge of the defense, making it his defense, not Clint Bowen's.


Field goal, FSU. Kick a FG.


I am so sick of losing to these guys. Staying away from facebook.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Cody Riedy

After Rice wins today, but before they go bowling.

Cody Riedy

Any word on when we might here something official about Reagan hire?

Lajayhawk in reply to Gabriel Engeland

This is correct.


Three touchdowns.. seven minutes. If we can do it versus Colordao in 2010, we can do it here.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Gabriel Engeland

D Coordinator is not a position on this staff, just like O coordinator. We have an assistant head coach who is in charge of D and a LB coach who "coordinates" the gameplan during live action.

Duane Rice

Will receive another one of those moral victories


Talent, Talent, Talent... as they say in sports.


REAAAALLLLY need FSU to score again….

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Marshan3q

Here is the KU Athletics link:

Marshan3q in reply to Lawkan

No he doesn't. Give Heaps credit man.. his receivers suck

Swishymcjayhawk in reply to Gabriel Engeland

Not according to the KU athletics web site. Bowen is only listed as Linebackers Coach.

Runningbeakers84 in reply to Kent Wells

Two of them. Great passes from Heaps to KSU. Even scrambling.


He coaches a good game, though.

some text

Kent Wells in reply to Bryce Landon


Kent Wells

I switch away for 1 minute and miss a pick?


Heaps looks like Drew Brees plays like Matt Cassel.

Bryce Landon

Six turnovers. That's as many turnovers as Charlie Weis had for breakfast this morning.

Gabriel Engeland

Will we have more points or turnovers today? It's close, I know, but we can do this!

Kent Wells

And the Michigan QB is exciting....

Tom Keegan

Roberts pick of Heaps pretty much seals it with 9:22 left.

John Myers

Good grief.. 4 possessions, 4 turnovers...


yep Heaps is not part of the problem at all.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Swishymcjayhawk

Campo is our Assistant Head Coach-Defense/Def. Backs Coach. Bowen is our DC.

Kent Wells

Michigan has a better chance of coming back and getting a W.

09:44 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas State 28
Kansas 10

Matt Tait staff

Blocked K-State field goal (Keon Stowers) keeps margin at 18 points... KU takes over needing a miracle.

Kent Wells in reply to Duane Rice

One and the same.

Kent Wells in reply to Tom Keegan

I love the optimism. It would be fun to come back and get a "W". Not happening....

Duane Rice in reply to Kent Wells

Is that like prarie dogging

Swishymcjayhawk in reply to Marshan3q


Duane Rice

KSU will keep playing until they have beat the spread.

Marshan3q in reply to Tom Keegan

What was the spread for this game?


Why is it that these announcers keep saying that Clint Bowen is our DC? I mean, sure, he's making the calls as far as lineups, but Campo is the guy in charge of the defense.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

This game has me "turteling"

Tom Keegan

This drive last chance at getting back into it.

Gabriel Engeland

Have we heard anything about Darrien Miller? I know, family issues, personal time, etc., but are we worried that he's not coming back?

Cody Riedy in reply to Peter56321

Yeah partially - but executing a play is in part preparation, which is coaching, but is a different issue than play-calling itself. But some aspects of execution can only be coached so much. There's only so much coaching that can prevent fumbles, poor throws or decisions, dropped passes, missed tackles, etc. My point is our team and our players have been in a position to succeed fairly often and didn't make the play.


I predict a blocked kick return for TD.


Apparently former NBA player Kendall Gill was our coach

Marshan3q in reply to Danr

He's only eleventy one

Marshan3q in reply to Cody Riedy

Those people who say that either didn't watch the game, or don't understand football

Peter56321 in reply to Cody Riedy

Isn't making sure the players can execute one of the primary responsibilities of the coaching staff?


I think Snyder looks good for 112

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Matt Tait

I think they had 4 drives starting beyond midfield. We can't win that way.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

I did too. Must be a bad football game...

Cody Riedy

Today has been typical of so many games. The final score looks like we got obliterated. Everyone says Weis is a moron and should be fired. But if you watch the game, we've had a multitude of opportunities to make the outcome very different and players didn't execute in key situations.

Saguaro_jayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

not sure about "a turtle", but he definitely does not look good

Matt Tait staff

After the sluggish start, this KU defense has played a decent game. Pretty fitting end to the season, though. No matter how hard/well they played, their margin for error was microscopic because the offense simply could not be relied upon for anything.


Bill Snyder looks like a turtle.

Gabriel Engeland

This is a sad, sad way to end the FB season. Sloppy and poor play all-around.


Hey. I just noticed that my avatar is back.


15 yard cushion and somehow they are able to complete the pass and run for a first down.


anyway, ballgame. crappy way to end the season... I don't see us scoring 18+ points

Cody Riedy

That play, in particular though, was on Heaps. Underthrow.

Robert Brown in reply to Marshan3q



that was way underthrown

Marshan3q in reply to John Myers

Why on earth is Mundine still on the field?

John Myers

Of course, I'd rather throw to Mundine than to KSU defenders


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