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Villanova defeats Kansas, 63-59

  • 8:30 p.m., Nov. 29, 2013
  • Nassau, Bahamas,

FINAL: Villanova 63, Kansas 59

By Matt Tait:

After Frank Mason had just given the Kansas University basketball team its first lead of the second half on a spinning layup and free throw following a foul with 34 seconds to play, Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono hit a three-pointer with 10 seconds to play to put the Wildcats up for good and Villanova held on for a 63-59 victory.

Arcidiacono, who had not made a shot all night and had just five three-pointers on the season, drilled the three from the wing and Mason followed on the other end with a miss of his own with just over three seconds to play to seal the Jayhawks' fate.

KU fell to 5-1 on the season and will now play UTEP in the Battle 4 Atlantis third-place game at 6 p.m. Saturday.

Mason led the Jayhawks with 12 points. Perry Ellis (11), Andrew Wiggins (10) and Joel Embiid (10) all joined him in reaching double figures.

For the longest time early, it looked like the game's final seconds would not matter.

After opening the game with an 11-2 lead and holding Villanova without a field goal for nearly seven minutes, KU's big men got into foul trouble and the Jayhawks got sloppy on the offensive end.

In fact, Villanova, which outplayed and out-hustled KU throughout the final 10 minutes of the first half, flipped the script and held KU without a field goal for the final seven minutes of the first half.

Early in the second half, KU trailed by as many as 10 (36-26) but stormed back and cut it to two points. Villanova quickly responded to the run and even went up by as many as a dozen before the wild sprint to the finish.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action:

• The game turned when: Villanova got out of its early funk and ripped off a 26-8 run during 12 key minutes of the first half that helped build a 29-22 halftime lead. For Kansas, Joel Embiid unleashed a mini-spurt late in the second half where he scored an and-one, went back to the free throw line on the next possession and then found Perry Ellis out of the post for a driving lay in that cut Villanova's lead to 57-53 and forced Nova to call a timeout with just under five minutes to play. Unfortunately for Kansas, Embiid fouled out less than a minute later.

• Offensive highlight: Seconds after KU fell behind by 10 points for the second time in the second half, Naadir Tharpe attacked the heart of the Villanova defense and threw up an easy lob to Joel Embiid who threw it down with one hand and a little authority to pull the Jayhawks within eight at 50-42 with just over 10 minutes to play.

• Defensive highlight: It's not the kind of play that will wind up on a poster or even on SportsCenter, but Frank Mason's quick knock-away following a Villanova timeout gave the Jayhawks possession down four with just under five minutes to play and kept the momentum with the Jayhawks. KU got nothing out of the extra possession, but it kept the pressure on Villanova and helped keep the pro-KU crowd into the game.

• Key stat: Three-point shooting. Villanova finished the game 9-of-25 from behind the arc (including the game winner) and the Jayhawks shot just 2-of-11. Worse than the huge point differential that Nova's better three-point shooting brought was the fact that many of the Wildcats' looks from downtown were wide-open, uncontested shots.

• Up next: The Jayhawks will play in the third-place game of the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament at 6 p.m. Saturday against UTEP, which fell to Iowa in the other semifinal on Friday.

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Craig Carr in reply to Hawk90

Shut it? You are the clown, I spent the money and that was a garbage effort other than 2 players, Fact

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

He could have driven into the paint and scored on a layup or passed to a teammate as the defense collapsed to guard his drive.

ESPECIALLY since that's how he had just scored. By taking the long jumper, he lets Nova's D off the hook and doesn't make them work for a scoreless possession.

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Powell

There are a lot of things he could have done. We could spend all night speculating on every variable.

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

I honestly don't mind the loss, and don't mind the fact that Mason was given the chance to make that decision. I have nothing against the kid--in fact I think he's pretty awesome and was the only reason that we made that game close at the end.

But it was an ill-advised shot. A long jumper, when you are within 2 points of your opponent--even an open one--is not a good shot when the fact that you are open also means that there is a path to the basket, where you can take a higher percentage shot and likely get fouled (especially with the new rules and end of game situation).

There are worse shots to be taken, and that certainly wasn't the worst shot of the game, but it wasn't a good one. It wouldn't have been a good one even if it went in, although I would have been much happier in the result (obviously).

Brian Powell

What was the word on Wiggins being sick? Is that why he's off?


One of White, Frankamp, or Greene needs to be in at all times.


We have athletes but we HAVE to have some shooters out there at all times. I do not like the Mason and Tharpe in there together especially with Wiggins. None of those guys are good enough shooters to demand respect so the D sags.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaycon11

Yes. But I think he was expecting a drive. And he wanted us on the move. My guess is, he's as big a fan of the pull-up trey as we are....

Bryce Landon in reply to Cody Riedy

Just because Self has won a national title and nine straight Big 12 titles does not make him impervious to criticism when he deserves it.

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

considering all the factors, I don't see a better play.

Pause the TV at that moment and tell me what Mason should've done, assuming Bill doesn't call time?

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

Not sure, if self knew mason would take that shot, would he call a timeout?

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Powell

Ok, I don't think it was a "horrible" shot, just not the right choice right there. But it was open, so it definitely could have been worse.

Brian Powell

Stings. Sucks. But god I hope we learn how to attack a defense consistently!

Jaycon11 in reply to Brian Powell

Well, it's early enough in the season and masons career for it to be a learning experience ion 2015 or so, but no need to take a timeout to the locker room on a loss that was a 1 possession game with 10 seconds on the close.

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

In short, we stink in the half-court set, and are maybe the best in the country in transition. That's why he didn't call timeout. It makes sense, really.

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

right... the play developed into a great opp. for us; I really hate we lost, but I dont' think it was a horrible shot.

The way it developed it would've been great to use that TO after the open look we got, to set up the D.

Jim Coleman

Villanova deserved to win. They outplayed KU in every way, especially in the first half. Count this as a learning experience for KU. They'll be fine.

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Powell

We move well in transition. That was the thinking. If we're in a half-court set after a timeout, we have a significantly less chance to score, if you see how we did with that the rest of the game. The more I think about it, the more I agree that he shouldn't have called a timeout.

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

Good point; I really do wonder if we saw that -- and saw the wide open attempt. You know he's riding Mason with all hopes that point, right?


Really not a lot to say after that one. The guys just weren't ready for a dogfight like that. Just wish Coach Self would have used our last timeout before we took that last three and tried to set something up.

Jaycon11 in reply to Brian Powell


Brian Powell in reply to Jaycon11

How many did we have left?

Cody Riedy in reply to Bryce Landon

Oh God, people already criticizing coaching, calling for different starting line-ups. When was the last time a team went undefeated in men's college basketball? About four decades ago? This has been the most successful ten years of KU basketball from any measure and people still feel the need to talk like they know something more than everybody else.

Brian Powell in reply to Brian Powell

10 seconds, wide open chance at made 3, then a chance to press/turnover -- -that's our best possible scenario there. Not a possible contact/foul with less time left, or a kickout to possible rushed shot with 0 time left.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaycon11

I do agree with that. I thought he was going to. I think he may have thought that he could catch Nova off-guard with a Mason drive again.

Lajayhawk in reply to Bryce Landon

LOL. What?


Just watched the replay. self should have called a timeout before Mason's ill-advised shot. Ugh.

Brian Powell in reply to Lawkan

if you agree we have to get the ball back ONE MORE TIME to have a chance to win, YES you do want a wide open THREE by the hottest hand at the time.


Pepper_bar in reply to Bryce Landon

Yes, Bill Self should definitely resign, losing by four in November on a neutral court to an undefeated power conference team is unacceptable.


Look, Mason played a great game. If it wasn't for him, no chance we're in it. But that wasn't a smart shot. That's all there is to it.

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Powell

I don't know about people, but I call a bad shot a bad shot. Not a missed one. You need to know the time and situation. That was not a great shot at the time. There's no way around it. If he hit it, cool. But it wasn't a smart shot.


If the football team loses by only four points tomorrow, there will be celebrations in Lawrence and Weis will get a 20 year contract extension.

Brian Powell in reply to Marchphog88

I'm not going to write an essay on here about what the score.time.player. situation was, because I'm assuming everyone just saw it. But you're not thinking about that because your'e too busy reacting to a missed shot. Go rewatch it and look at all the factors.

Bryce Landon

That was the worst effort the team has put forth since last year's debacle at TCU. I'm shocked we lost by only four. Plenty of blame to go around for this one, and it starts with Bill Self not having the team ready to go. But as usual, he'll blame everyone except himself, just like Charlie Weis. I can't wait to hear him fire off some lame-ass YMCA crack about his team.


A long shot by a weak shooter that is your 4th option with 10 seconds left is a terrible shot.

Kara Hankins

Well deserved win for villanova.

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

You're the only one clinging to this "it was a good shot", and have the audacity to suggest that anyone criticizing the shot is just knee-jerk reacting?

Get of the Mason train for just a second. Look at it objectively. If you can.

Brian Powell in reply to Cshjhawk

I agree -- coach just seems surprised in these situations (like some of the underdogs we play in tourneys) and we don't adjust enough, or quickly enough.

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

Samples aside, it was a dumb shot in the situation. What was the shot clock?

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

Ask coach?

Really? You're going to sell it by suggesting that Coach Self agrees with you!? Give me a break. [rolls eyes]

You have yet to explain why that is the shot we want in that "time/score" instead of driving to the rim.

My point about that shot being good or not has NOTHING to do with Tharpe/Mason. The only thing the shot has to do with the two of them is that it's an example of why you might not want to hand the keys to Mason just yet.

It wasn't the right shot to take.

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

but that's not how the situation developed... they collapsed and he was left open, wide open, and it was a good look and fine for the situation.

People are just knee jerk to call a missed shot a bad shot, esp. with the game on the line.

Cshjhawk in reply to Brian Powell

Jay Wright out coached Self tonight. Self needed to do a bit more than just throwing in new bodies. The good thing is that Self and the team will learn from this and build on it!


We needed Embid in there that last 2 minutes.

Brian Powell in reply to Marchphog88

Go back and watch and consider all the factors of the situation, and forget the whole Tharpe/Mason thing you're hung up on.

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Powell

He's been off to start the year. That's common when you move to the college level. But the point is, you drive the lane and look to score or pick up the foul when down 2. That was not the shot we needed. Especially from a guy who has been very cold to start the year. Sample size is what it is. He missed.


Freshmen played like freshmen tonight period.


Well, in THAT situation, I should say. Not "any" situation.

Brian Powell in reply to Marchphog88

time/score dictate that he takes an open shot there. Ask Coach.


If we would have hit more of our free throws too. We missed a bunch of those.

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

Just stop. You are wrong. That was not a good shot in any situation.

Maxbball11 in reply to Steve Foster

did u watch the game the dude set an illegal pick to get him open for three didnt you see mason get tripped to the ground after he spread his legs as wide as he could on the screen.

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

good job looking that up, but 10 shots is a not a good sample size for a stat. Again, game/time/score/player situation, that was a fine shot, after watching the whole game.


BFD! It is a game and not one manager ever considered basketball or, thank God, football in my job interviews. I should care about graduating from an NBA farm club?

Steve Foster

hate to say it but this typical KU perimeter D every year. collapsing to the paint and the outside shot is open

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

My point is that Tharpe would have been lambasted for that shot. But Mason is getting a pass as it not only being an alright shot, but a "good" shot.

It has nothing to do with what each of them had done in this particular game. That was not a good shot, because the only way it ends up positively for KU is if it goes in.

If you drive, you potentially create contact, create open men as the defense collapses, AND you have the benefit of having a shot that is closer to the rim and more likely to go in.

Mason played a better game tonight than Tharpe. But he made a bad decision on the final play of the game.


A few lessons learned in a long season. Namely, we can't expect Ellis to score at will, withnthenexception of other guys in the paint. Selden needs to step up. Perimeter scoring needs to get established. We need to work on brining the ball up against traps and presses, and exploit double teams anywhere on the court. We need to rebound on offense.

Brian Powell

I want people to ask Self why they didn't change the approach to getting past the trap/press .... for about 15 minutes.

Craig Carr

Putting 500 on KU to lose to KState, will help cover some of this abortion

Hawk90 in reply to Craig Carr

Shut it. Don't question their heart. Get off your butt and play D1 ball

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Powell

You are correct. His second for the season. 2-10.

Brian Powell

Mason was the guy that shut down that guard the whole night -- they had to run a play just to get Mason screened off of him!


Benton, thanks for changing your pic to something less formal.


9 threes did us in.


Embiid should clearly be starting though. Clearly.

Craig Carr

Gay Wright is a douche

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

he made 1 this half.

Kansas 59
Villanova 63

Benton Smith staff


Nova had a priest on the bench! Not fair!

Jayhawkinaustin in reply to Pepper_bar

I agree. And we actually showed something there at the end.

Marchphog88 in reply to Mouseclicker

Yeah, that's what I meant. Down two, which makes that shot even more unacceptable.

Craig Carr

This team has very little heart right now, Mason and Embiid excluded. Worst trip ever, weather sucks! service sucks! gym sucks! WASTE of money!!!!!


It's a good loss, and will teach some necessary humility for the KU freshmen... team will be fine.

Brian Powell in reply to Marchphog88

Has Tharpe been making good shots/decisions tonight? No, so that situation would've been slightly different... but it's still not a bad shot there.


offensive foul to give him a wide open 3 gg

Lajayhawk in reply to Marchphog88

Plus Mason is, what, 1 for his career from deep so far? Not a smart shot.


Gotta give Nova credit. I blame Mario Chalmers karma got us

Mouseclicker in reply to Marchphog88

Only down two, actually. Which proves the point even more.

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

That's completely ridiculous. You're love for Mason is blinding you.

That was not a good shot at all.

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

And if this is the basement, then the ceiling is pretty high.

Marshan3q in reply to Pepper_bar

Tomorrow morning at 11am... maybe ya'll should support em


If Wiggins was anywhere close to what hes hyped to be he would have come and got the ball

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

Are YOU kidding? Down three and we take a long jumper instead of going to the rim and trying to perhaps draw a foul?

Get out of here.

00:02 left in Second Half
Kansas 59
Villanova 63

Benton Smith staff


When does football season start?

Brian Powell in reply to Brian Powell

game/score/time he was right to take that shot.


Nova deserved this win. Outplayed us basically the whole way.

Marchphog88 in reply to Brian Powell

If Tharpe had taken that final shot, this board would be on fire with people talking crap on him.

Mason is great, but he's also the shiny new car in the garage. Tharpe, except for this game, has been REALLY good this year.

Brian Powell in reply to Marchphog88

are you kidding? he was wide open and was the only one making anything.


Ah, and there is why Mason does not start. Should've taken it in, got the foul and/or bucket.




well damn.


Why mason doesn't start, exhibit A.


Okay, that shot was just nails. Can't argue with that.


Ah well. Learning game. For sure.

Lex Valdez



That's why I wouldn't start Mason. Not the shot we wanted there. AT ALL.

00:02 left in Second Half
Kansas 59
Villanova 61

Benton Smith staff

Brian Powell in reply to Marchphog88

I've been cheering for Tharpe since his first year, but he's still making dumb decisions.

Doesn't matter who starts, it matter that someone steps up and finishes. Glad we have Mason.


Hate that jump ball rule

Justin Daniel

These sob's have answered all night


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