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Iowa State defeats Kansas, 34-0

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 23, 2013
  • Jack Trice Stadium, Ames, IA

Final: Iowa State 34, Kansas 0

On a frigid, slick night at Jack Trice Stadium, the Kansas football team couldn't get its passing game started, despite forcing the issue at times in a 34-0 loss at Iowa State, which snapped a seven-game losing streak and won its first Big 12 game of the season.

Cyclones quarterback Grant Rohach, meanwhile, had no such problem, throwing for 300 yards and two touchdowns, while completing 15 of his 20 passes, with an interception.

The Jayhawks started freshman Montell Cozart at quarterback again, but after he connected on just four of his first 12 passes for 25 yards and an interception, KU coach Charlie Weis turned to Jake Heaps, with Kansas trailing, 20-0.

The former starter didn't give Kansas any better chance of winning its first Big 12 road game since 2008, though. Heaps went 7-for-19 through the air for 72 yards, and Cozart re-entered late in the fourth quarter, with KU in a 34-point hole.

Kansas senior running back James Sims did all he could on 20 carries, picking up 114 yards against ISU (2-9, 1-7 Big 12).

The Jayhawks (3-8, 1-7 Big 12) close their season at home next Saturday against rival Kansas State.

Box score


First Quarter 6:43 — Aaron Wimberly 58 pass from Grant Rohach. Cole Netten kick. After giving up four straight first downs to the Kansas offense on its first possession, the Iowa State defense held deep in its own end on fourth down and, four plays and 75 yards later, Wimberly ran free down the middle and raced to the end zone for the game's first score. Rohach had time to throw because a blitzing KU linebacker could not get solid footing to move with him as he stepped to throw. (ISU 7, KU 0).

Second Quarter 13:06 — Cole Netten 22 field goal. The Cyclones went up two scores for the first time with a 13-play, 91-yard drive that spanned 6:09 and featured a 31-yard touchdown run by Shontrelle Johnson that was called back because of a holding penalty. Although the TD came off the board, the Cyclones followed it up by marching to the KU 3 yard line before settling for the chip-shot field goal. (ISU 10, KU 0).

Third Quarter 9:56 — Cole Netten 21 field goal. The Cyclones had a golden opportunity to go up three scores after recovering a James Sims fumble in Kansas territory, but the KU defense held up just enough . (ISU 13, KU 0).

6:00 — Quenton Bundrage 15 pass from Rohach. Netten kick. The Cyclones' defense once again set the ISU offense up in good shape and Rohach and company marched 38 yards in six plays and 2:07 to push the lead to three touchdowns. ISU ran the quick pass to the near sideline over and over on this drive and KU looked powerless to stop it. (ISU 20, KU 0).

1:09 — James White 5 run. Netten kick. Iowa State put this one out of reach with a seven-play, 75-yard drive that took 3:44 and came after forcing KU's offense into a three-and-out after the Jayhawks turned to former starter Jake Heaps to try to dig them out of the hole. (ISU 27, KU 0).

Fourth Quarter 10:50 — Shontrelle Johnson 23 run. Netten kick. With the Senior Night victory already well in hand, the Cyclones became an even looser team that simply looked like it wanted to have fun. That showed in the form of three highlight-reel-worthy plays on this drive, which spanned 84 yards in 1:48 and took four plays total. (ISU 34, KU 0).

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John Waszak

Please tell me that that really wasn't Taylor Cox tweeting during the game!!!! And, anyone wonders why this team doesn't focus, discipline and heart. I don't care if you are injured, red-shirt, whatever. if you are currently on the team and on the sideline your head should be in the game, not what everyone is tweeting. And, how are the coaches allowing them anything on the sidelines, i.e., phones, that aren't essential to the game. Maybe if Cox was spending all his time tweeting he might have gotten his 2K that he predicted last year.

Matt Glassman

Charlie deserves the Kiffin treatment: fire him at the airport and make him take a tai home.


Iowa State blows out KU for the second straight year. Iowa State.


and our poor band had to put up with this AND the cold!


Next year, maybe we should invest in football cleats so we don't slide around the field all night!!! We showed up unprepared in all aspects tonight...

Thesychophant in reply to Cody Riedy

I agree. He deserves at least one more year. But I think he is not "as advertised" when hired. We all thought he pulled off a giant coup when he signed Heaps and Crist. I think it's now apparent there is a reason those two did not live up to their five star billings and lost their starting jobs at their original schools.


And to top it off, I haven't seen anything from kuboobs in the twitter feed!

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Benton Smith

Why do you do that? Sadistic this one is! :) Thanks for running the blog all night and welcome aboard.

Marshan3q in reply to Peter56321

I want to hear what weis has to say post game.... he better convince me that things'll get better

Kansas 0
Iowa State 34

Benton Smith staff


Wow. We really just quit without even trying to score? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Sawman3333

Cmon, Weis will stay!

Cody Riedy

Weis has not been perfect, but I think there's been enough positives for him to have at least next year. It's just gets old hearing all the complaining about play-calling. Re-read the post and all you read is people saying "run, no pass, no run dive, no run screens, no run cross routes, no throw deep,play cozart, no play heaps, no play cummings, run sims, oh run, so predictable" - Hey, great advice: run plays that work and execute plays when they are called. It's hard to judge play-calling when you see so many plays that were obviously poorly executed. I mean, how much can you coach catching? Or field vision, etc?


We need to fine a guy like KSU did back in the '80s to stick around and coach us for 20 years.

Gabriel Engeland

Weis to Cummings: "hey instead of being our 4th best QB, why not be our 6th best RB?"


We're spotting them 34 points AND 10 yards. Because Weis is a wily genius.

Gabriel Engeland

YES! We are winning the TO battle.

Manginodrh00lz in reply to Benton Smith

Don't encourage us...we're a demented group

Benton Smith staff in reply to Gabriel Engeland

Haha. Truth.

Marshan3q in reply to Benton Smith

lol.. hurts to be a KU fan. it's an abusive relationship

Jim Jackson in reply to Sawman3333

That would be embarrassing.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Benton Smith

We are as dedicated to this blog as Weis is to the deep ball on first down with Sims fresh in the backfield.

Peter56321 in reply to Pepper_bar

Unfortunately, I'll be there. Screaming my head off to no avail.

Peter56321 in reply to Benton Smith

It hurts. It hurts so bad.

Sawman3333 in reply to Pepper_bar

Will be 65% KSU at least

Benton Smith staff

Much like the fans who braved the elements at Ames, you all who are still watching this game and My hat's off to ya! That's some dedication.

Gabriel Engeland

Maybe we can convince Jamari Traylor to be our buck next year. He's not getting the minutes in BBall.


Is the KSU game sold out? I can't wait to see the mix of fans that shows up

Peter56321 in reply to Gabriel Engeland

Because we're about to get shut out.

Manginodrh00lz in reply to Peter56321

yeah...the snyder likes to take KU behind the woodshed

Duane Rice

KSU 56 KU 6

Jim Jackson in reply to Jim Jackson

Especially Cozart. He could not get footing all night nor could he get a feel for the ball


Always have to get cute every game

Gabriel Engeland

You guys think ISU is going to tear down their goal posts?

Gabriel Engeland

Why does this loss feel so much more devastating than last year's destruction vs. ISU? I may have accidentally had some Kool-Aid after last week.

04:52 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas 0
Iowa State 34

Benton Smith staff


Any ISU fan holding a "We want 'Bama" sign?

Jim Jackson in reply to Peter56321

No, the weather killed us today. We will be better next week.


KSU 31 KU 17... I think it'll be closer than people expect... I also expected ISU to do exactly this today, KU always underestimates the Cyclones lately

Peter56321 in reply to Manginodrh00lz


Gabriel Engeland in reply to Pepper_bar

I know. I'm just hoping we can get someone who can build a winner, not just talk a winner. I still think we have some hope with Weis. I'm an optimist though.

Sawman3333 in reply to Manginodrh00lz

KSU: 49 KU 0

Peter56321 in reply to Cody Riedy

We're a Division FBS program willing to pay $2+ million/year!! LOTS of people will come here! Yes, we're not going to get a proven DI coach. But an winning DII coach or a DI assistant looking to make a name for himself? I'm confident the list of applicants for this gig is long.

Jim Jackson

Cozart just looks slow in this weather

Pepper_bar in reply to Gabriel Engeland

KU's big-money donors want a big name coach in the position. That's how KU ended up with Weis.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Manginodrh00lz



Score prediction against KSU?

Thesychophant in reply to Cody Riedy

But it was more than just Reesing. Magino had the knack for recruiting two star diamaonds in the rough that are still playing on Sundays, eg "Momma's gotta eat " and Talib. .

Gabriel Engeland

When Mangino was fired I remember ESPN reporting KU as a "desirable" coaching position. When Gill was fired ESPN reported it as one of the worst destinations to go. We'll get back to respectability at some point. Weis has one more year, minimum to prove himself. If he falls flat I hope Zenger looks for a program builder and not necessarily a "big" name--though we could get both.

Oklahomajayhawk in reply to Peter56321

Because the same people forget that the year right before the Orange Bowl season, he was about to be fired because of his consistent record of loosing 4-5 games in a row per season. If it wasn't for Todd coming in during the Colorado game and us winning, he would have been gone at the end of the season. Don't get me wrong I appreciate what he did. But Lew did screw us.

08:46 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas 0
Iowa State 34

Benton Smith staff

Manginodrh00lz in reply to Jim Jackson

fair statement

Jim Jackson in reply to Aircapjay



We need to stop hiring fat coaches. What kind of a message are you sending to recruits when you show up at their homes 2-3 hundred pounds over weight? A coach has to set an example for what he expects out of his players.

Jim Jackson in reply to Jim Jackson

One more thing drh00lz, Mangino went very JUCO heavy the first 3 seasons and it worked very well.

Cody Riedy in reply to Peter56321

That might be true, but I think some fans are a bit delusional about who we were going to get to come here. Nick Saban isn't coming to KU. It's probably going to take some luck to turn things around; after all the truth is that's what happened during the brief golden years under Mangino; we got lucky that a 5'9" kid that no one else wanted could be a great college QB.

Peter56321 in reply to Cody Riedy

Why can't anybody seem to understand that Mangino needed fired AND every hire after him has been terrible? These aren't mutually exclusive.

Jim Jackson in reply to Manginodrh00lz

Ha. I will say, the poor conditions seemed to favor ISU in this one as Cozart is not a great passer and the weather hurt him in the passing and running game

Thesychophant in reply to Peter56321

The four year post-Mangino debacle, imho, indicates we should have found a solution short of termination. Mangino had his issues, but a lot of the allegations were half-truths, innuednos, and fabrications orchestrated by Perkins.

Cody Riedy in reply to Pepper_bar

True, but it's also true that he got hired as a line or TE end coach or something by one of his own former assistants at his alma mater.


Mangino's actually been hired at Youngstown State, Windmill. I guarantee you he'll have another head job within five years if he wants one.

Bwag in reply to Cody Riedy



Just a drop there

Cody Riedy

The whining on here is more obnoxious than poor football play. Weis has called all of the same F-ing plays that Iowa State has called; they executed we didn't. Get over it; there's not a magic playbook or any other instant formula to immediately become a great team. If there was, there's scores of other programs that would be doing the same thing. Please quit bringing up Mangino. We had one magic season when the league was down and our schedule was soft. Notice no one else has hired the guy. Weis hasn't been perfect, but if you thought two years was enough to start leap-frogging other teams in our league, you were delusional.

Manginodrh00lz in reply to Jim Jackson

It would be 60-0. It's all about wanting to play. KU did not want to play today.


Low pass but slipped


Just awful. That's all that needs to be said.


Wuss ball! Good night!

Jim Jackson

I agree with Chris Sims, why don't we get Cozart back in the game??



Thesychophant in reply to Phil Leister

Of course. Everyone has an sijmilar perspective now. But when Lew was in the process of setting up and railroading Mangino, I think the majority of fans supported Lew,.

Pepper_bar in reply to Peter56321

I love Mangino, but the KU players grew incredibly soft after the fights with the basketball team. Mangino essentially became the sacrificial lamb.

10:50 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas 0
Iowa State 34

Benton Smith staff

Peter56321 in reply to Phil Leister

I don't know. I think Mangino needed to be fired. Yes, every hire after has been an unmitigated disaster, but that doesn't mean the big man didn't need to go.


always an upset this time of year that kills the Big XII championship hopes and costs the league a lot of money.

Bwag in reply to Bwag

Plus their receivers seem to be running upfield on their routes.


This is essentially a repeat of last year's Cheap Black Uniform game. Different venue, but same opponent + same expected result by a big segment of Jayhawk fan base + same actual result.


He went from winning Superbowls and coaching Tom Brady to losing to the 2nd worst team in the big 12 ... Talk about falling down

Jim Jackson

If the field was in normal condition and temp was in the 40s; you guys think we still lose this game??

Bwag in reply to Runningbeakers84

Yeah, and on the crossing route our receiver first ran horizontally after the catch for a block but then couldn't cut it up the field. Ran straight out of bounds.

Phil Leister in reply to Thesychophant

You act like you're taking an unpopular stance there. I'd say the vast majority of KU fans agree with you about Lew


I mean .. You'd think Weis would just quit

Runningbeakers84 in reply to Bwag

I was thinking that as their rb ran over where our guy slipped 10plays earlier.

Matt Glassman in reply to Pepper_bar

Bwahahaha. Just wait until next spring when we hear all about how improved the team will be.


At least we don't get shut out .. Wait

Jim Jackson in reply to Manginodrh00lz

I'll take less discipline over physical inferiority

Bwag in reply to Jim Jackson

Perhaps they have better foot ware for icy field. They don't appear to be slipping.


we're making a one win team look like Oklahoma State. ugh.


I was never a fan of Lew Perkins and thought his handling of of Magino was a "set-up" to bring in his own guy. Thus, the only good thing about this debacle of a game, if one can even conceive of it as a "good thing" is that I can now say to all you Lew Perkins sychophants, "I told you so." By forcing Mangino's resignation through lies, half-truths, and deceitful manipulation, Perkins set KU Football back five years plus.


I cannot wait to read Tait's fawning love-letter column to Charlie Weis after this fiasco. Headline: "Weis imparts important life lessons about adversity in closer-than-you-think defeat against quality opponent."


Good news is we only have one game left

Jim Jackson in reply to Bwag

LOL ISU receivers having no issues catching the ball

Manginodrh00lz in reply to Jim Jackson

JUCOs equal less discipline though.

Manginodrh00lz in reply to Jim Jackson

2nd worst. Ga Southern didn't complete a pass against Florida...but they won.

Jim Jackson

I really, really hope Charlie and the staff are smart enough to hit the JUCOs to fill out the rest of this recruiting class. We have a lot of holes on this team and 2 star freshman are not going to make an impact quick enough.

Danr in reply to Bwag

The sucked all year


Finally a receiver across the middle and a drop.


Sneak Harwell into mccays jersey

Matt Glassman

Jake is the way to go, and should start against KSU…not that it would matter.


Maybe Ejim will try and tell us he's #1


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