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Baylor defeats Kansas, 81-58

  • 5 p.m., March 9, 2013
  • The Ferrell Center, Waco, TX

FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

The Kansas men's basketball team found no answers for Baylor's Pierre Jackson and Cory Jefferson, as the two combined for 53 points on 22-for-26 shooting as the Bears ran away with an 81-58 victory over the Jayhawks on Saturday at Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas.

KU cut the deificit to 61-55 with 6:23 left before Baylor (18-13, 9-9 Big 12) ended the game on a 20-3 run.

The Jayhawks repeatedly were burned off the dribble by Jackson, who finished with 28 points on 11-for-13 shooting (2-for-3 three-point shooting) with 10 assists and two steals in 38 minutes.

Jefferson added 25 points on 11-for-13 shooting, which included 3-for-3 three-point shooting. Before Saturday, Jefferson was 0-for-7 in his career from three-point range.

Ben McLemore led KU with 23 points on 8-for-16 shooting with 5-for-9 three-point shooting.

With the loss, KU shares the regular-season Big 12 title with Kansas State.

KU (26-5, 14-4) will play the winner of Wednesday's West Virginia-Texas Tech game at 2 p.m. Thursday in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament.

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Joey Berland in reply to Jaybate

What are you implying ?

Oldjayhawk1967inoz in reply to Jaybate

We are KANSAS... this kind of loss makes us hungrier for the rest of the games we have this season. RCJH I love them win or lose.

Theend in reply to Jaybate

I doubt Self was looking to lose this game.

Cshjhawk in reply to Njjayhawk

Samantha Ryan is old hat!

Theend in reply to Oldjayhawk1967inoz

Hope so. Depends which team shows up.

Joey Berland

I'm a big Believer that we get a lot out of losing game but I don't think this is one them. We should've won the game we should've won the conference

Mom_of_three in reply to Jaybate

they played like they were in mourning....


Samantha Ryan will hand KU the trophy: for KU screwing themselves tonight.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Klineisanazi

Yep. Remember it happening before.


Fell badly for all the KU fans that went there. What a waste of time.


@Theend, are you a KU follower? Do you not realize that we play much different post season? We just had a VERY bad day today. Bet you we will see a totally different team in the Big 12 tourny and the Dance...

Cody Riedy

Jefferson and Jackson were 22-26 for 53 point. They almost beat KU themselves.


Someone mentioned it earlier.....wonder how concientious Whitehead was since he called the ISU game....


Jessie, any history on when we last lost this big?

Jaybate in reply to Theend

Like Self was letting his guys discover they weren't unbeatable?

I doubt he would do it.

But after the whistle blows, I have to wonder.

He just never took it to the refs for all the illegal screens.

Self never even contested it. Not even a little.

All Self did was rail at his own guys.

And the telltale sign is that Self didn't make any adjustments at half time.

And when Perry got them on a roll, he pulled him.

Did you see the look on Self's face as he walked off the floor to the locker room.

He wasn't pissed at all. Not at all.


Worse than TCU? About the same?

Bwag in reply to Cody Riedy

Which is why we shouldn't jump off a cliff.


The first play of the game was our best play of the game. We were up 2-0.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Klineisanazi

They should put the trophy under the bus and roll right on over it.


Trophy? You mean trinket, I think.

Riverdrifter in reply to Riverdrifter

AFH, sorry.

Cshjhawk in reply to Bwag



I think the trophy ceremony must have come before the game.



Bwag in reply to Cshjhawk

Tell him he has 13 losses and still might not make the tournament.

Cody Riedy in reply to Cody Riedy

that wasn't meant to be a reply


Team stunk from horn to hock tonight. Fly home to ADH, throw the dust catcher co-trophy in the case and go to bed. What a POS.

Klineisanazi in reply to Njjayhawk

They usually hand you a trophy in locker room if you are visitor.

Cody Riedy in reply to Pitthawk34

Jackson and Jefferson were a combined 22-26 from the field.


Merry Christmas KSU.


TCU debacle looms even LARGER.

Theend in reply to Joey Berland

Not many games at all if they play like fact just 2


This means that I get a smirk from my Baylor neighbor tomorrow!


Two players had 53 points to our team 58. That's just crazy out of their mind playing by those two. Since this isn't THE tournament no big deal.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Theend

Best part of NOT being #1.

Joey Berland

I thought we were the best team in the country just 130 minutes ago. This is the worst performance since TCU


what the he11....? We better get the gunk out now...we got a whole lotta games left to play. Where is the DRIVE we had the last 3 games? I bet that is a long trip home for the boys.


What trophy ceremony?


Blowout loss to Baylor? Didn't see that.

Klineisanazi in reply to Joey Berland

Trophy ceremony in locker room should be awkward.


Pitiful...just pitiful.


A frick'n national embarressment.


Wonder which KU will show up for the rest of the games? They would lose to a 16 seed if they play like this.


I hope this inspires us to win out from here.


Jessie, worst loss since when?


Even when Self loses he wins.

He is amazing.

Just amazing.



Kansas 58
Baylor 81

Jesse Newell

Baylor ends the game on a 20-3 run.


Really easy win for Baylor.....Really easy

Jaybate in reply to Jhawk7782



This game can't end soon enough.

Darin Bradley

Rio showboating and turns it over


Self can be like Bonnie re this game: blame the players.




AWIII hasn't been able to hit the ocean lately!

Jhawk7782 in reply to Jaybate

On a neutral court, I think we would beat them

Joey Berland

Don't mistake it, we might as well have handed them that big 12 trophy

Mom_of_three in reply to Dale Koch

Nope... I don't blame them, but I hold them responsible to do their jobs.

Darin Bradley

didn't show up today.

Klineisanazi in reply to fansincewilt

Not me. Now we get to see the shrts.

Brian Haase

pathetic. only word for tonight. we deserved to lose by 50

Bwag in reply to Joey Berland

True but this is there peak.

Dale Koch

Its pathetic you always blame the refs


The score updates on this site is just about as bad as this team played. It shows 3:53 left to play. Horrible just horrible.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Joey Berland

Three-way split.

Jaybate in reply to Jhawk7782

I've been saying for awhile that I think KU or OSU will reach the Final Four.

If both teams are playing well, KU is better. Not if not.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Bwag

They were coached pretty well for today's game. Definitely better than HCBS on this day.

Joey Berland

F$@K we're gonna have to share it with ksu I don't know where everyone is from but with me, I have a disstaste for ksu not because of the university, but because of the fans. I've found 98percent of kstate fans are jealous, classless, petty people. I just hate giving them something like this.


where's the pride? We allow ourselves to get tied by Manure U.


2 great players played unconsciously. The end is not near!

Mom_of_three in reply to Dale Koch

No, we don't have to get off the refs..while we played terrible, the refs are responsible for consistency and they didn't bring it either.... I watched 4 games today and there were many mistakes in each one. its ridiculous.


Don't like to share but I have to admit I am glad it is another Kansas school.


KU's play tonight: I can smell the stench clear out here in NJ.


lol that was not a block on wesley

Jerry Becker

now that was a bs call!!

Dale Koch

Get off of the refs. We played terrible today


Thanks Jesse! We'll survive everyone. Rock Chalk


Kudos to Drew. He really brought it today.

Bill Shaw

Is it over yet?


That was disappointing.


KU is now everybody's pick to exit second round of NCAAs and maybe Big 12.

Marcus Balzer

Can we just end this game now. We don't need to see A2 brick anymore FT's.

Bwag in reply to Troll_or_antitroll

No. Baylor has great players who aren't coached well

Jaybate in reply to Jim Roth

The players have not played well, but I really think there is some correlation emerging between Self's degree of positiveness about the team and his feistyness with the refs that leads rather than follows team performance.

Mom_of_three in reply to Wissoxfan83

After 25 years, I remember faces and names.


This is why we want Rick Barnes and drew to stay in these jobs. If they ever hired someone who can coach we would start halving some competition


Oklahoma State best school in the Big 12?

Mom_of_three in reply to Wissoxfan83

I remember the faces.... I can remember who did what game... because certain refs call it certain ways... and whiteheads games are always pretty nuts.

Cody Riedy

60.4% to 40.4% shooting percentage.


Heck of a way to back into a share of the title.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Mom_of_three

I don't fixate on refs. I scream at certain calls. I don't know their names.

Jerry Becker

this feels worse than tcu - we had the outright title in our hands and couldn't finish

Mom_of_three in reply to Wissoxfan83

I saw withey get pushed in the back many times and no consistency by the refs show up again... and i think it is a problem with ALL of the refs this season.

Cody Riedy

Baylor now shooting 60.4% from the field.


If I were self. I would not even go in the locker room.


This is the day the fortunes of two programs changed forever.

Bwag in reply to Marcus Balzer

Jefferson and Pierre did at least.

Klineisanazi in reply to fansincewilt

The heck we do.


Well, we're not going into the post season over confident.


Flat-out embarrassing show.


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