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Michigan defeats Kansas, 87-85

  • 6:37 p.m., March 29, 2013
  • Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX

FINAL: Michigan rallies from 14-point second-half deficit in 87-85 overtime win over KU

By Matt Tait.

The Kansas University men's basketball team seemed headed to the Elite Eight all night on Friday at Cowboys Stadium.

But then Michigan guard Trey Burke got hot and the Wolverines picked up an improbable, come-from-behind, 87-85, overtime victory over the top-seeded Jayhawks.

Kansas scored its first 20 points in the paint and led by as many as 10 during the first half. However, despite playing most of the way in complete control of the game, the Jayhawks (31-6) never were able to pull away.

KU shot 19-of-28 (67.9 percent) in the first half yet led by just six at the break, thanks to the first-half play of Michigan's Mitch McGary (11) and Nik Stauskas (9). KU held UM stud point guard and potential player-of-the-year, Trey Burke, to no points (0-of-4 shooting), five assists and three turnovers in the first 20 minutes. All of that with starting point guard Elijah Johnson playing just three minutes after picking up three first-half fouls, including a Flagrant 1 on a blow below the belt in the game's opening minutes.

The Wolverines capitalized on their momentum early in the second half, pulling to within two — 46-44 at the 15:48 mark — but KU responded with a 15-6 run to open up a 61-50 lead with 11 minutes to play. McLemore scored 10 points during the stretch and Elijah Johnson and Perry Ellis supported KU's superstar.

KU bumped its largest lead of the game to 14 — 68-54 on a three-pointer from Johnson — with 6:50 left, but Michigan staged a furious rally in the game's final few minutes and sent the game to overtime.

From there, UM (29-7) controlled most of the overtime, where several KU miscues and a last-second three-point miss from Naadir Tharpe on an ill-advised pass from Johnson pushed the Wolverines into the next round.

After missing his first five shots, Ben McLemore broke out of his shooting slump for 20 points on 8-of-15 shooting, but disappeared late. Travis Releford scored 16, Jeff Withey added 12 points and 8 rebounds, Kevin Young added 12 points, and Elijah Johnson finished with 13 points but also five turnovers.

Burke finished with 23 points (all in the second half) and McGary added 25 to lead Michigan.

Friday's loss was the final KU game in the careers of Young, Withey, Releford and Johnson.

Here’s a quick look back at some of Friday night's action:

The game turned when: KU blew a 14-point lead with 6:50 left and a 10-point lead with less than three minutes to play. The biggest blow during that stretch was a missed one-and-one attempt at the free throw line by Elijah Johnson that could've put KU up four or five, but, instead, gave Michigan, and a red-hot Burke, a chance to tie the game in the final seconds.

Offensive highlights: ••• At the 8:48 mark of the first half, Ben McLemore finally knocked in a long-range shot. The three-pointer from the corner put KU up 25-17 and snapped an 0-for-5 start to the game for the red-shirt freshman. ••• With KU leading 51-46 in the second half and Michigan point guard Trey Burke heating up, the Jayhawks benefited from back-to-back Burke miscues to open up a 10-point lead. The first came at the 13:53 mark, when Burke drove the lane, had the ball poked away and saw Ben McLemore race out for the hammer dunk. On the next possession, a Burke miss led to a transition layup and foul by Elijah Johnson, who hit the free throw to put Kansas ahead 56-46. ••• With KU leading 70-62, Elijah Johnson broke down the defense and dished to Kevin Young down low. Young quickly flipped the ball to Withey for the uncontested, monster slam and KU went up 72-62 with 2:52 to play. •••

Defensive highlights: ••• At the 18:15 mark of the first half, Ben McLemore swatted a layup attempt by Glenn Robinson III in transition. It looked as if Robinson had a clear path to the bucket when he caught the pass from Trey Burke, but McLemore skied to erase the shot. ••• With just under 10 minutes to play in the first half, KU reserve Jamari Traylor pinned a shot by Michigan's Jordan Morgan to the glass, further flexing KU's muscles inside.

Key stat: Points in the paint. No question. All week, the talk was about KU's strength inside against Michigan's strength on the perimeter. After scoring its first 20 points of the game in the paint, KU finished with 60 points in the paint, good for 70.5 percent of its total. Michigan, meanwhile, scored 40 down low.

Up next: The loss ended the Jayhawks' season at 31-6. Michigan advanced to play the winner of tonight's Florida-Florida Gulf Coast match-up.

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Dave Benjamin

Thank you Jeff. Thank you Travis. Thank you Kevin. Thank you Ben.........that is all.

Bozeman in reply to Eric TheCapn

My point exactly. You cant always be friends with your players.


EJ hits free throws with .12 seconds left and Kansas wins

Darshana Benhur in reply to John White

Thats my question why didnt they put Releford on Burke


Why did self stick with EJ? Bad coaching I have to say

Diane Erb in reply to Darshana Benhur

Was Releford on Burke?

Eric TheCapn

There is a reason I've been a broken record about that guy all season. Dumb moves, all the time. Why did Self have so much faith in him when Tharpe was a true point guard. Huge mistake letting him start all year and play at all this game.

Dylans in reply to Darshana Benhur

On Hardaway


Ej's bonehead turnovers and decisions down the stretch, and Bill's stubbornness leaving him in while it's happening. The cause is obvious


Girlhawks play Notre Dame tomorrow, right?


self took mclemore out when he had it going and when he reinserted him he was cold as ice and we didn't go to him once.


Wow, talk about leaving on a bad note. Poor Elijah. He played as if he had some sort of brain disease, and now that's how he'll be remembered.

John White in reply to Darshana Benhur

They never put Travis on him, kept EJ on him all game to get torched.


Sefl's fault. Johnson played dumb all year and Self just kept trusting. Sometimes you need to be the bad guy and bench a senior. Liability. I always knew all year that a tourney game would be lost by Johnson's wildness. It came true.


This one going to sting for days. Just shows you how fast ANY lead can disappear.

Darshana Benhur in reply to 90shawk

No im not I just he will stay for one more year

Lurkerhawk in reply to John White

Thanks Seniors. Loss stings but you guys gave one hell of a season. Ben - use this loss as pure motivation to get better at the next level. You're going to be special.


Pack EJ bags...its done baby...The worst loss in KS history...should have never happened. Tell self he had better play MC ahen he is hot. BS


That's cool that Elijah is a Jayhawk for life, and wish no ill will against him in the future, but as others have said, I'm glad his decision making is gone. Bad entry pass for a layup, picks up dribble and throws it away for a layup and a back court basically in succession. We deserved to lose the game the way we played the last 3 or 4 minutes.

John White in reply to Diegohawk

Not to mention an unprovoked nutshot.


Michigan needs to send MVP trophy to EJ, if they win the championship, will EJ get a ring?

Darshana Benhur

How does Trey Burke go off for 23 pts in the second half where was Travis defense?

Bill Shaw in reply to Brian Powell

How many games did the team play this season where they didn't blow a lead during the game?


Getting beat is one thing. Choking when you have the game is another.


Burke wouldn't have mattered if EJ hits that one and one with .20 seconds left...I mean, it would have been a 5 point lead....and burkes 3 though dramatic wouldn't have mattered in the end


Thanks seniors. You made us proud. Not the ending we wanted.


5 turnovers. the last pass was nearly his 6th. missed front end of 1and1 to seal it. he has a reason to feel bad. tough way to end your career.


All that time with the extra time out, and that was the play they came out with?

Darin Bradley

Self's loyality to EJ cost us this game. Period.

90shawk in reply to Darshana Benhur

You're an A-hole dude


Wow EJ cost us an Elite 8


Ben would have made a 3


Go Shockers!

Jayhawk2181 in reply to Colreader

+100... good year, was a bad ending, but about what we deserved with inconsistent play (and that cheap shot)

Darshana Benhur

This sucks! Im going to Miss Jeff Withey and Ben so much. In a way I wish ben would get hurt like Brandon so he comes back next year


Thank you to our Seniors for a fantastic ride. We'll miss you guys. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Colreader

Excellent record.

John White in reply to Lindhawk

That wasn't Withey's fault, it was a bad defensive gameplan. Withey kept getting pulled away from the basket on the high pick and rolls.


That was a really weird decision at the end... EJ could have cruised in...

Matt Lacey

It's a Big 10 and Big East year. 2 toughest conferences all season.

Time to go see if I can get my trainer to go out with me. See ya in September, folks.

Justin Daniel

I don't know why people think EJ played bad, Burke only had 10 more assists that his 0 assists 5 turnover line.

Rain in reply to John White

Agreed. Why keep EJ in the game? He gets lost, he start taking random threes, throwing the ball weird places.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Fljhk

Yep...Karma just bitch-slapped KU for EJ's thuggish ways.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to John White

Burke is player of the year for a reason. Plus, our guard play, shaky at times finally hurt us.


EJ single-handedly gave it away. How many turnovers in last 5 min? Wow. You have to work at being that bad. Same way he blew Oklahoma Stae game.


So what's our record? 31-6?


E. Johnson that sexual assault you did will be your legacy at KU. Your turnovers gave them the game. Coach you should have benched him the rest of the game. Shockered by Michigan. Go SHOX!


Difference. Jeff was supposed to dominate the middle. A freshman gets 25/14 in Jeff? That's a problem.


well, f*** it. Go Shocks.

Steve Jacob

I am just so excited about my Wolverines! That have had so many close games, wins and losses and that experience paid off.

As for KU, you knew the downfall of them before the season started would be point guard.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Brian Powell

Oh quit crying. We had a helluva year. You don't always win. We've had a great year.


Hawks thanks for the great season but it ended too soon


Why ????? Give up the layup? We weren't down three. Lets go to OT again.

Aircapjay in reply to Dave Cook

We'll see.

John White in reply to Jeff Kilgore

We outplayed them most of the game a ton. It was all because of a meltdown at the end with turnovers and missed free throws.

Matt Lacey

All I can say is

dunk city

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Brian Powell true.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Aircapjay

Not a chance. Louisville will beat them like a drum if Syracuse doesn't.

John White in reply to Rain

No excuse for it. EJ had one good game all year and a ton of bad ones. He has to have something over Self, no other explanation.


EJ = Michigan MVP

Dave Cook in reply to Aircapjay

no way.. for 35 minutes they played like crap..screw it.. they will be done on sunday.


Round two and three: KU plays like crap, turns it on at the end, pulls out a win. This game, reverse that.

Brian Powell

F'n typical Kansas... All that work, go up FOURTEEN POINTS, and then just roll over.

We already had the choke reputation, and tonight we just added a layer of cement.

Jeff Kilgore

You know, it's not so much that we played bad, but that they played unbelievably well. Burke was unbelievable.

Lex Valdez

we were too good to lose to michigan


Is what is it is......Unbelievable......but is what it is

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Rain

Plain and simple.


Michigan will win the National Championship.


I think EJ choked, but why would Bill put him in there at crunch time


this one hurts. we had this game and we played uncharacteristically the last few mins regulation.

John White in reply to Justin Daniel

I guarantee Tharpe would have gone strong to the basket there.


This was a stupid loss. Stupid.


Karma is a bitch.


That's the most horrible ending I've ever seen. WHY!!!??? He had him beat and didn't go to the hoop :( I can't believe it...

Justin Daniel

Tharpe should have been bringing the ball up, Self = Stubborn


Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap. Bill Self bears the responsibility for keeping EJ in there.

Greatjake in reply to Rock Chalk

bizarrooooo last play why go for the three when you are feet from the basket - ick


Whoops! EJ needs to punch himself in the nether regions now.


If he did not want the ball he should have dished sooner.


EJ.. love you man..

but you should've gone for the lay.

Robb Kraft

Now that is a classic EJ moment, chance to tie and throws it away. Thank god he is gone!

John White in reply to Rock Chalk

There is none. He had an easy layup there.

Rock Chalk in reply to Brian Powell

It's usually fun.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to 741hawk

I totally believe it on that last one.

Travis Shinkle

a 15 point lead is a 15 point lead...blown

Bwag in reply to John White


Rock Chalk

why did he do that? anybody have an explanation??



Brian Powell

I hate being a Kansas fan, every Spring save 1.


I said it earlier in the year and I'll say it again, I really do think that EJ is on the take. How else do you explain the decisions he's made?


hope EJ made enough $ on that to make it worth his while


Should we have won with a 14 point lead? Of course. But we lost playing the way we've played all year. We knew that at some point our guards could bite us badly.


Why was this game in Johnson's hands the last 10 minutes?

Cody Riedy

did he just pass out of a game tying lay up?


No crying, were a BIG cause of this meltdown.

John White

Wow, what an epic collapse. EJ was just simply awful.


Last game for EJ, thank god

Matt Lacey

Good riddance EJ. Best of luck in life, but I won't miss your on court decision making

Rock Chalk

oh well. darn.


Was EJ redshirted?


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