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Kansas defeats West Virginia, 91-65

  • 1 p.m., March 2, 2013
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: McLemore scores 36 as KU buries West Virginia, 91-65

By Matt Tait.

After scoring just seven points in an overtime victory at Iowa State last Monday night, many wondered what was wrong with Ben McLemore.

Saturday, during a 91-65 rout over West Virginia, McLemore answered the questions with a resounding answer: nothing.

Not only did the freshman from St. Louis explode offensively, but his 36-point day also set a new Kansas freshman scoring record, breaking the previous mark of 35 points held by Danny Manning.

McLemore was sensational in every aspect of this one, hitting 12 of 15 shots from the floor, five of seven from three-point range and seven of nine from the free throw line. He also grabbed seven rebounds and dished four assists.

McLemore was far from the only Jayhawk to play well. Jeff Withey was on triple-double watch for most of the day and finished with 14 points, 10 rebounds and nine blocks. And Elijah Johnson, fresh off his 39-point outing against ISU, scored 12 points and dished 10 assists while hitting three of the four three-point shots he attempted.

The win improved KU to 25-4 overall and 13-3 in Big 12 play. West Virginia fell to 13-16 and 6-10.

KU's win keeps the pressure on Kansas State, which entered the day tied with the Jayhawks atop the Big 12 standings and plays at Baylor at 6 tonight.

Here’s a quick look back at some of Saturday's action:

The game turned when: Jeff Withey scored back-to-back buckets inside late in the first half to give KU its first leads of the game since 3-2. One came on a nice pass from Kevin Young, the other off a sweet dish from Naadir Tharpe and both buckets sparked a 26-11 run by Kansas to close the first half and send the Jayhawks to the locker room leading 45-31.

Offensive highlight: There were more than a couple of moments that fired up the home crowd (many of them alley-oops), but few were as pretty as McLemore's cleared-for-takeoff baseline jam that put the Jayhawks up 42-29 with 1:01 to play in the first half. With his outside shot working, McLemore caught the ball in the corner, where Juwan Staten sprinted at him. With a quick side-step McLemore went right by him and when no Mountaineers rotated to help, McLemore cocked it in one hand and soared to the rim for the flush.

Defensive highlight: With 12:18 to play in the first half and KU trailing 16-9, senior Elijah Johnson made up for a bad turnover by Travis Releford with a big-time block of a lay-up attempt by West Virginia's Jabarie Hinds, who had a clear path to the rim but was caught from behind by Johnson. The block sparked a wild run of end-to-end action that led to KU trimming the Mountaineers' lead to three instead of watching them go up to nine.

Key stat: Three-point shooting. Both teams made threes during this one — WVU's Terry Henderson hit 6-of-9 from deep — but it was the Jayhawks who were far more efficient from the outside. KU hit 11 of 18 from long range on Saturday, including nine of the first 11 tries. McLemore made five of six, Johnson added three of four and Tharpe chipped in two triples on two attempts, including one near the first-half buzzer

Up next: The Jayhawks will close out their home schedule Monday, March 5, when they take on Texas Tech at 6 p.m. at Allen Fieldhouse.

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Jaybate in reply to Melrank

Mel, I agree with you about these players development on the floor. The really terrific ones could probably skip their senior year's of high school from a game stand point. The questions are are they ready emotionally to manage their own business yet, and do they have a management team lined up they can trust? When their game is ready, and they have those two questions adequately answered, then its time to go.

Kent Wells in reply to Melrank

I know. I'm just trying to derail this silly conversation about one more year or not. We;ll never really know...

Lajayhawk in reply to Phil Leister

I don't think he does. See, @ISU and @OK State. He didn't have it. He needs to develop it.

Melrank in reply to Lawkan

And that's because they aren't good enough to be anything more. Staying at KU another year or two would not have made any difference.

John White in reply to Jim Roth

Well, committee hasn't usually considered that.

Jason Wilson

2 of EJ's turnovers weren't even his, thats a pretty good stat line... 12 pts 10 assists 5 reb vs 2 TO

Jim Roth in reply to John White

They have a huge fan base. Good for TV ratings.

Lawkan in reply to John White

because there is only one good team in the SEC and somebody has to go.

Melrank in reply to Kent Wells

Agreed - but he DID NOT improve himself by staying and that was my point.

Phil Leister in reply to Lajayhawk

I see that. But this is also a guy who's scored 30+ on multiple occasions this year. I don't think he needs to be putting up 30 every night in college in order to develop a "killer instinct". He's got it

John White

Kentucky game on now. Why is this team considered in the tournament again?


That was funny Bigskyjayhawk

Phil Leister in reply to Melrank

First year in the NBA is always an adjustment anyways. Whether he leaves this year or next, his first year in the league will be the same regardless, more or less.

John White in reply to Jaybate

Like the nickname, and yeah, pretty much.

Lajayhawk in reply to Phil Leister

Confidence in himself is #1, IMO. He needs to develop that instinct to kill. He can from dominating people all over the floor in college. He won't from being against the best talent in the world in the pros. Develop that killer instinct, and the rest will take care of itself. That's why I think he'd be better off with another year.

Jaybate in reply to John White

Tweet Adams is clearing a path for Evan and Conner and Frank.


If we beat WVU by more than 25, does Huggy owe 25K?

Mojayhawk in reply to Vajay

The one that he fouled on. Harlan counted it as a block I think.

Marcus Balzer in reply to Lajayhawk

Agreed and the NBA gives him the best opportunity for that. When you are in the NBA all you do is work on your game.

Phil Leister in reply to Lajayhawk

Exactly. I don't think coming back for another year will help him develop any more than he'll develop in his first year in the NBA.

Kent Wells in reply to Melrank

Sherron robbed himself by investing in food and not in discipline

Lawkan in reply to Melrank

no the rookie contract is 3 years. Henry and Selby are going to hit free agency and get minimum deals.

John White in reply to Vajay

He only had 9. CBS credited him with his 10th right after his 9th. He didn't have a 10th.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Aircapjay

That's because none of us are there watching anymore, CBS switched us.

West Virginia 65
Kansas 91

Jesse Newell

KU improves to 25-4.


What block did they miss, didn't he get 10?

Matt Lacey

UT taking it to OSU in stillwater

Mojayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

He's working the kinks out of the net.

Karen Holmes

88-62 31 sec. left


The chant sounds pretty weak today.

John White

Manning drains a three!


For all the "he'd be better if he stayed folks" - there's no way you can convince me that staying longer has any impact on your long-term ability as an NBA player. Maybe your first year, you won't be quite as ready, but by the time your 25 either you're gonna make it or your not. Is TRob better in the NBA this year for staying 3 years? The Twins? Cole? BRush? Sherron stayed four and robbed himself of millions when he coulda left after his SO year. Selby and X will either be good in the League or not depending on how they develop now - not because they didn't play 3 years at KU.

Lajayhawk in reply to Phil Leister

He will have a long career in the NBA either way.

Jesse Newell

Manning with a three.


Jesse, is it true that Anrio Adams new nickname is Tweet Adams?

John White

Adams with zero effort on defense there.

Lajayhawk in reply to Phil Leister

Ok, I don't mean he isn't "ready" in the exact definition. What I mean is he will have more success at the next level if he works out some kinks.

Mojayhawk in reply to Matt Lacey

I thought so. Kevin Harlan gave him a block when he fouled.


Go Hogs

Parishawk in reply to John White


John White in reply to Wissoxfan83



My take on Ben is this: he is wildly inconsistent--between very good and fabulous. :-)

John White in reply to Jesse Newell

But he needs more playing time!

Marcus Balzer in reply to Phil Leister

Exactly. He needs to work on putting the ball on the floor. You give him a couple months to work with a trainer every day on ball handling that will get fixed up.

01:07 left in Second Half
West Virginia 60
Kansas 86

Jesse Newell

Adams makes neither free throw.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to John White

They're letting the coaches play? Is Huggins in too?

Matt Lacey in reply to Mojayhawk

Official line only has 9 blocks.


I hate it for Jeff.

John White in reply to Mojayhawk

No, he only has 9 blocks.

Karen Holmes

86-60 1;07 left

John White in reply to John White

Haven't seen the 5th player yet.


Is Withey's triple double official?

John White

In the game now: Manning, Self, Roberts, Adams

Phil Leister in reply to Lajayhawk

So you think one more year and he's ready? What about him suggests, to you, that he isn't ready? That you think can be fixed in one more year, that he hasn't been able to do in his two years here already...

John White

Twice in a game where a goaltend went in the basket anyway.


what's the score?


Could someone say who's in the game?

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Brooksmd

They're not showing LSU? Ours switched to them at 3.

Karen Holmes

86-58 1;42 LEFT

Matt Lacey

No TO's for Naadir?


Jaybate in reply to Jesse Newell

Stop it, Jesse, you're going to make StupidMichael afraid!!

Matt Lacey

EJ with a double-double also?

Lajayhawk in reply to Phil Leister

You stop saying it when you are ready. LeBron and Kevin Durant were ready right away. Griffin needed two years of college (his words). It depends on the player. BMac needs another year, IMO.


How come they never do that for KU games?

Jaybate in reply to Ann Oneill

Collusion Broadcasting System


Refs calling ticky tack now.

Marcus Balzer in reply to Kent Wells

Ben won't be sitting on a bench. Trust me. And you don't see the behind the scenes work that assistant coaches do w/ players.

RJ King

Damn - watching the Squid in California also. Gotta go work the Saint Mary's game now. Ah well...

Vajay in reply to Ann Oneill


John White in reply to Brooksmd

Because this game sucks, it's a blowout, the bench is cleared. Most people don't want to keep watching it.

Jesse Newell in reply to Wissoxfan83

With KU's lineup in there, this game isn't safe. I'm kind of joking.

Pam Goad

Just lost the feed. CBS switched to another game. Grrr!!!!

Phil Leister in reply to Lajayhawk

At what point do you quit saying that though? If he stays all 4 years, does that mean he'd be even better as a pro?

Kent Gaylor

CBS = Constant Basketball Screw-ups.


Did I miss the last 3 minutes of the game? How come I'm watching Kenstinky?

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

I remember the 4-10 years. Good times. It is over in a flash.


I'd bet if the game was close they'd stick with it on CBS.


Ben Math

FG 12-15 3pt 5-6 FT 7-9


WTF??? They switched the feed??

Ann Oneill

CBS flips to the Kensucky game. Argggg!

Lajayhawk in reply to Phil Leister

If he played at a higher level in the NBA, he'd make more in the long run. He may not develop the same in the NBA as he would in college, so, yes, he COULD have something to lose. But he is going to make millions either way.

Kent Wells in reply to Marcus Balzer

Playing at the end of a NBA bench is no way to learn. Disagree strongly.


Hate CBS

Karen Holmes

In Austin too. Kensucky really?

Dynamitehawk in reply to Kent Wells

Thanks man.

Jesse Newell in reply to John White

More important things to play for later.


Not original but CBS Sucks.


Just switched over from the Kansas game here. You know, when it's the Big East, even though I live in West Texas, they have no problem forcing us to watch the Big East from start to finish, blowout or otherwise. But when it comes to KU, they have no problem giving people who want to watch that game the middle finger. I know i live in West Texas, but I guarantee nobody in West Texas gives a crap about Arkansas and Kentucky.


Empty seats behind the LSU bench in columbia. Misery 6, LSU 5.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Aircapjay

The Simpsons.

John White in reply to Jesse Newell

Is he out for good? I would have thought Self would try to get him the triple double.


Yep...forced to watch Kensucky here too. Go 'hogs!!!

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

Happy Birthday to your little guy. Good times!

Aircapjay in reply to Mojayhawk

Which Springfield?

Jesse Newell

Johnson with a double-double. He had 12 points and 10 assists with four turnovers.


CBS sucks big time


Looks like Ben decided he didn't like EJ challenging him for best perimeter game this season.

Marcus Balzer

Well that is the end of that here in Denver.

Lawkan in reply to Marcus Balzer

really done wonders for Henry, Selby, and Cole.


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