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Kansas defeats Iowa State, 88-73

  • 6:30 p.m., March 15, 2013
  • Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

FINAL: Perry Ellis scores 23 as KU races past ISU, 88-73

By Matt Tait.

It's hard to tell whether this one will be remembered for Bill Self's explosion or that of Perry Ellis.

In a much-anticipated and hard-fought Big 12 Championship semifinal at Sprint Center than Kansas University men's basketball team advanced to Saturday's title game with an 88-73 victory over the Cyclones, KU's third of the season over one of the toughest match-ups it faced all year.

Iowa State raced out to an early 12-4 lead and, behind a couple of three-pointers and a very vocal fan base, the Cyclones looked to be in complete control. But KU, which followed the lead of its general, scrapped and clawed and responded to the deficit with a 20-9 run.

Midway during the second half, KU was slapped with a pair of technical fouls, the first leading directly to the second.

After hitting a jumper in front of the Iowa State bench, Ben McLemore did a little dance and turned to say something to the Cyclones bench. He was immediately hit with a technical foul. That's when Self flipped his lid. For four or five straight possessions, Self unleashed a verbal assault on the officials before finally earning a technical foul of his own.

Iowa State benefited from a couple of free points, but could not grab the momentum, as the intensity seemed to benefit and fire up Kansas.

KU led by four at the break and then played with a double-digit lead for most of the second half, largely thanks to Ellis, who poured in 23 points on 10-of-12 shooting to pace the Jayhawks.

Jeff Withey (14), Elijah Johnson (14) and Ben McLemore (10) also reached double digits and Naadir Tharpe scored eight points and dished eight assists.

Here’s a quick look back at some of Friday's action:

The game turned when: The second half began. A big three-pointer late in the first half by Travis Releford gave KU a four-point lead and a little over two minutes into the second half the lead ballooned to double digits. Elijah Johnson scored three times in the second-half spurt and Withey's first bucket of the second half put KU up 44-33.

Offensive highlight: With 3:40 to play in the first half, KU senior Travis Releford missed a three-pointer but followed his shot, collided with an ISU player and deflected the ball to Tharpe, who quickly kicked to a charging Ellis. Ellis took care of the rest with a monster jam that gave the Jayhawks a two-point lead. KU never trailed the rest of the way.

Defensive highlight: It wasn't exactly a defensive play in the true sense of the word, but it did steal KU a possession and a couple of points for Kansas. With 13:04 to play and KU leading by 11, Elijah Johnson misfired on a three-point try from the wing. McLemore flew high above three Cyclones to tap the ball and keep it alive. The tap fell right into the hands of Withey, who immediately went up and was fouled. Withey hit the free throw and KU's grew into the teens.

Key stat: Three-point shooting. After giving up 14 and 17 three-pointers in consecutive overtime games against ISU, KU's defense fared much better in this one. The Cyclones made just nine of 33 from downtown while KU hit five triples in nearly half as many tries (5-for-19).

Up next: The victory moved the Jayhawks into Saturday's championship game, where they will face the winner of tonight's other semifinal between Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Tipoff is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Box score

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John Randall in reply to Jeff Coffman

Even if we get third wins over TTU, IaSt, KSt – we're the only B12 team who didn't get two wins over TCU. . .

Jaybate in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Only with surface to air missles.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Jaybate

Fashionably late, Perry.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Wissoxfan83

Yep...assistant under Roy.


BPerry is giving us a taste of what's to come next year.

Ten Yeahs

IOWA up 10 at the half on Michigan State!

Bwag in reply to Jeff Kilgore


Bryan Mille in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Yes Kevin stallings


So: here's the deal. I have been predicting a break out game for Perry since late January. :-)


My fear though is that the NCAA feels like they "need" UK there for the fan support.

Jeff Kilgore

With Perry playing like that, my GOD, how would you like to try to defend KU?

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Kevin Stallings I think was at KU

Jeff Kilgore

Isn't our old assistant Vandy's coach?

John Lee

yes perry ellis

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Sam Constance

I really couldn't believe that dweeb said that.



Its a choice between the equal of evils.

Bill Shaw

KU vs KState


See you all tomorrow! Rock Chalk.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Jeff Kilgore hammered by Vandy in the quarter finals.

Ten Yeahs


Matt Lacey

I don't believe in Bracketology. I wait for the official one

Sam Constance in reply to Wissoxfan83

Probably the same jackarse that said KU lost the first two games before tipoff.

Ten Yeahs


Jeff Kilgore in reply to Jayhawkinatl

That would be SWEET.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Matt Lacey

To me, they're out.


4 pm Rocky Mountain Time!

Jaybate in reply to Sam Constance

Whew! I was hoping you wouldn't cash that one.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Think so. Lunardi just moved them to "First Four Out".

Jaybate in reply to Lulufulu85

Oh,, lord, KSU/OSU.

There is no lesser of evils in that one.


Did anyone hear that ESPNU idiot, "KU didn't need help from the refs this time"?

Matt Lacey

Kensucky lost to Vandy

Sam Constance in reply to Jaybate

Oh, don't do that. I'll be in the Sprint Center tomorrow!

Rock Chalk!

Jeff Kilgore

Jay, anyone, is UK out?

Jaybate in reply to Sam Constance

And I'll bail the next game if it will help, so you can stay plugged in.


You're welcome, folks. Saw KU was doing well WITHOUT me watching.

Sam Constance in reply to Jayhawkinatl

His talent.

Lulufulu85 in reply to Jaybate

Kstate/Okie state starts at 9 I think

Ten Yeahs

P Ellis is in full attack mode

Lawkan in reply to Jim Roth

6 central

Matt Lacey

6 Eastern 5 Central

Sam Constance in reply to Jim Roth


Sam Constance in reply to Jaybate


Jim Roth

What time is tomorrow's game?


What the hell got into PEllis???


Never gets old!

Mark Hopkins

I feel great for Perry. He needed that.

Jaybate in reply to Sam Constance

You got it, March


Hey, what happened to the troll that was going to spot me 7?

Darin Bradley


Matt Lacey

Some beautiful offense and a memorable game for The Designer.

Sam Constance

I'm here to collect my credit. We started playing better after I left the live blog.

In the words of Nick, Your Company's Computer Guy.... YOU'RE WELCOME

Brian Powell

bummed I have to miss the game tomorrow, but see ya next week! Rock Chalk,


Impressive performance for the 'Hawks tonight.


Great game, Perry. Couldn't come at a better time. Rock Chalk.

Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk

Well said.


Way to go Perry


Thanks Jesse, been fun as usual, although my kids think I'm crazy for doing this every game!

Bryan Mille

Wonder what Bruce weber has to say about this game?

Brian Powell in reply to Danr

lol maybe true, but it sure looked like him.

Jeff Coffman in reply to Lulufulu85

2 years ago

Bwag in reply to Lulufulu85

3 of the last 4 according to Brent, so it must be true

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaybate

Again, though, he did make a handful of incredible plays that almost no one could make, so... it wasn't a bad day. Just balanced out to average, IMO

Ten Yeahs

Coach Self is a Big Game coach

Bryan Mille in reply to Lulufulu85



So: do we know who we play yet?


big win.




Rock Chalk

Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk

Ok, you persuaded me. I don't have the TO stat on my box score.

Iowa State 73
Kansas 88

Jesse Newell

KU advances to the Big 12 title game at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Jeff Coffman

We could end up with beating three teams three times each this year




When was the last time KU went to the big 12 champ game?

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

But at the same time, he made a handful of incredible plays.


whoever we play tomorrow... the coach is going to beg the refs NOT to tee up self.


Bring it on Willie! Don't forget your power towel!

Benjamin Piehler

Sprint Center could get volatile with a KU-KSU final, haha.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaybate

Almost all of his 5 turnovers were atrocious, very sloppy with the ball. He made some pretty bad passes that weren't turnovers, and his D was average at best.

Bryan Mille in reply to Danr

That's funny


Someone dunk it!!!

Eric TheCapn

ISU should foul this game into oblivion after what EJ did last time.


Dunk it

Diane Erb

YES!!!!!!!!!!!ROCK CHALK!!!!!!!

Tyson Ailshie in reply to Benjamin Piehler

I think I'd rather see KSU

Matt Lacey

KSU. I don't want to go against Smart if I don't have to.

Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk

LA, EJ's shooting is off, but I think he's played pretty well. What do you see him doing wrong?


90% of the men in iowa look like steve kerr.

Lajayhawk in reply to Greg_brostertag

5 turnovers today. Some very good plays mixed in with some very, very bad plays...

Jeff Coffman

Ksu...we match up better...four guard system puts nadir on the court


Rock Chalk Chant!

Greg_brostertag in reply to Benjamin Piehler


Ten Yeahs

KSU .....give the co champs one more stomping

Joshua Hatcher

I'm tired of beating on KSU. Let's beat on OKSU!


we want to curb stomp the co-champions of titletown.

Tyson Ailshie

sweet poetic justice

Brian Powell

I think I saw Steve Kerr behind the ISU bench??

Does he know Hoiberg or something?


Who's gonna dunk with 2 seconds left tonight?


Suck it, Iowa State.

Greg_brostertag in reply to Lajayhawk

Nadir needs to run point. EJ is a scorer.

Matt Lacey

Kind of proves that the closeness of the first two games was due to flukey ISU 3 shooting.


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