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Kansas defeats Iowa State, 97-89

  • 6 p.m., Jan. 9, 2013
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Ben McLemore hits clutch three, scores 33 in KU's 97-89 OT win over ISU

By Matt Tait

The Kansas University men's basketball team opened Big 12 play in stunning fashion on Wednesday night at Allen Fieldhouse, staging a furious rally in the final minutes to pick up a 97-89, overtime victory against Iowa State.

KU got a banked-in three-pointer from red-shirt freshman Ben McLemore with :01 showing on the clock and then rolled over the Cyclones in overtime in front of a rockin' home crowd.

McLemore ended regulation with a three-pointer — his fifth of the night to that point — and kicked off overtime in the same manner, adding another chapter to the book titled, "Why Ben McLemore Might Be The Nation's Best Player."

The KU freshman went for 33 points and hit all six of his three-point attempts, all seven free-throw attempts and 10 of 12 field goal tries.

The Jayhawks led most of the way in the first half but suffered a late collapse and saw a 40-32 lead shrink to a 42-38 advantage at the half when Iowa State's Chris Babb drilled a three-pointer at the buzzer to send the Cyclones to the locker room with some momentum.

KU scored the first four points of the second half and again led by eight but ISU ripped off a 14-1 run to take control of the game. The Cyclones led the rest of the way from there and picked up some clutch buckets late — many of them on the offensive glass — to sit on the brink of the upset, but McLemore's huge night and late-game heroics saved the Jayhawks, who improved to 13-1 overall and 1-0 in Big 12 play.

Here's a quick look back at some of the action.

The game turned when: Iowa State answered KU's quick spurt to start the second half with a 14-1 run that gave the Cyclones their largest lead of the game and momentary control that lasted until the final seconds.

Offensive highlight: Uhhhhh, let's see. ... Maybe Ben McLemore's banked-in three-pointer with one second left to tie it? That, clearly, was a huge offensive play — one that developed in a very similar fashion to the Mario Chalmers miracle against Memphis — but perhaps McLemore's biggest bucket to that point came with 6:49 to play, when he hit a three-pointer and was fouled. Travis Releford reversed the ball on the perimeter, Elijah Johnson whipped a swing pass to McLemore in front of the KU bench and, with his feet hovering above the out-of-bounds line, McLemore drained the triple.

Defensive highlight: There was not just one play that stood out, rather a series of defensive boards and grind-it-out possessions that kept KU close while the Jayhawks endured a second-half field goal drought of more than eight minutes. The dry spell finally came to an end at the 9:19 mark when Jeff Withey denied a pass out high, picked up a steal and tossed an assist to Travis Releford for a breakaway dunk that pulled KU to within one (54-53).

Key stat: Three-point shooting. The Cyclones were by far the more aggressive team from behind the three-point arc (ISU was 14-of-38 for the night), but the Jayhawks used the long-range shot to their advantage, as well, hitting 8 of 19 from downtown to survive the serious test.

Up next: The Jayhawks will hit the road for their first Big 12 Conference game of the season away from Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday, when they head to Lubbock, Texas, for a 3 p.m. tipoff against Texas Tech.

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We need Perry to light up.


I guess all you "fans" that were so hateful to our players are apologizing now? Funny.....I don't see any.

Psm in reply to Jhawk7782

we have two reliable point guards...

Brooksmd in reply to Jaybate

Okay I'll say it. "Was it good for you?"

Theend about all the nay-sayers on here.....some were just downright hateful toward our players.

Psm in reply to Jaybate

you're right. we don't win the game without EJ's drives. Harkened back to his play during '12 NCAA tournament.


We need a reliable PG..doesn't need to be great, just consitant


After a game like this, you almost need a ciggie. Almost.


I hope someone took notes with who was missing free throws at the end.

Rock Chalk

Is this how the rest of the conference games are going to go this year? Wow.

Jaybate in reply to Tam Bui

Zabudda rubbed the diamond in his navel and carried us.

Jaybate in reply to Aircapjay

Understatement of the Night Award to Aircap!!!!!!


Well think I'll celebrate and toss the Bud Light and pour some Makers Mark. Cheers all. Later fellow swamp folks.

Aircapjay in reply to fansincewilt

I think we just came out flat.

Tam Bui in reply to Zabudda

Looking back at this thread, it was your mojo that helped us win tonight!

Jaycon11 in reply to Jaybate


Jaybate in reply to fansincewilt

Yea, Self was bumfuzzled by Fred.

But he had a player go off and EJ just made two fabulous drives for fouls to stop the clock, or Ben would never have gotten a chance to be so heroic.

EJ was an absolute man with those two moves.

Chris_h in reply to Duane Rice

I had an angry text to a buddy that got erased at the buzzer too. Thanks, B-Mac

Jaycon11 in reply to fansincewilt

Hobert schemed it as well as anyone could. Damn good coach.


Isn't it great we don't have to play TAM any more.

What a dump of a program.


I'm confused - do "banked-in" 3s count for fewer points than "all-net 3s"? The scorer seemed to give us three points anyway...


Hoiberg had Kansas' number tonight. Well, except for number 23. What a great kid and a great win. Two in a row now that could have gone either way at home.

Jaybate in reply to Wissoxfan83

Thanks to both.

Steve Kubler

Can I just say WoW


Memorable game! Thanks Jesse, or should we say Thanks BMac?

Jaybate in reply to Duane Rice

Glass banks from Tonganoxie change things. :-)

Jaybate in reply to Jayhawk470

Said perfectly.

Duane Rice

Just curious how many of you had posts wrote at 10sec. left in the game and erased them. I now i did.

Dxjhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

Arkansas & Texas A&M



Iowa State 89
Kansas 97

Jesse Newell

KU runs out the clock. McLemore saves KU with a banked in three at the end of regulation.

Paul Rupp in reply to Dynamitehawk

Playing out the OT with the Comodores.. Thanks DynamiteHawk


Self is saying, "I didn't do anything. McLemore just went off, or you guys would have hung a W on us."




Man, that was ugly but a W in the record book.


We should have had 101! Bummer.

Rolland Remmert

Good night can breath now

Dynamitehawk in reply to Eric TheCapn

Great game. Thanks everyone!


Both halves ended on impossible 3 pointers.

Jesse Newell

Is some other school really mad that ESPNU is not showing its game right now?


Man, we are clanking FTs!!!


Ok. Self told them to mis all free throws to not show up ISU. Don't hit 100 because it will make Holberg mad.

Jaybate in reply to Jesse Newell

Thanks for reporting that to us, Jesse, that's another quote that's got to go up on the walls.

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

What's his golf handicap?

00:21 left in Second Half
Iowa State 89
Kansas 97

Jesse Newell

Lots of missed free throws late by KU.

Kirk Goodwin

can players still wear 23 in the nba?


Fred is experiencing the Self Curse.

It happens to every opposing coach sooner or later.

They think they have a game won and Self's team makes an impossible comback on swagger and luck and some guys that can "make plays."

Jesse Newell

Priceless. Self to Young after that crazy play: "Just win the game."

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaycon11

Drained the jump shot. Hit it off the dribble. Drove the lane. Nailed all his FTs. That's a pure all-around gamer right there.



Jesse Newell

ISU still at 1.11 points per possession. Highest for a KU opponent before this was 1.05 by Oregon State.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Jaybate

Only if they predicted OT..


33? Jordanesque!

Eric TheCapn

McLemore got fouled on that bank, too.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Eric TheCapn

I like Tubby, but really dislike the gophers! Big Badger fan here on the side!


Doesn't it seem like we hardly EVER get the ball in the first time in that situation?


Kings being sold to a Seattle group!

Eric TheCapn

Bank McLemore for president!

Duane Rice in reply to Jaybate

Thanks. you throw enough darts eventually you hit a bulls eye.


Withey doing his best to keep ISU in the game..

Eric TheCapn in reply to Wissoxfan83

Yeah. I'm from Minnesota, so I went to a lot of games growing up. I'd love (and be terrified) to meet them in the tourney.


Did anyone forecast a win in the 90s with ISU in the high 80s?

Jesse Newell in reply to Duane Rice

Drew. Recruiting is part of coaching.


Damn, Withey 3/7 on FTs!

Melrank in reply to Duane Rice

Forgot about him


Nice knowing you Ben. Been a pleasure.

00:43 left in Ot
Iowa State 87
Kansas 95

Jesse Newell

Ejim with the three. ISU with with only one timeout left.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Eric TheCapn

That's gonna be a great game. Minnesota's really tough this year.

Duane Rice in reply to Jesse Newell

who would you put in 2nd now. Huggie bear.


MisRoth, even though that bank off the glass turned it around, you had this game read correctly early on.

My compliments to you.

Melrank in reply to Jesse Newell

Already is . . .

Jaycon11 in reply to Jesse Newell

Him or Kruger.


33 points on 10-12 shooting, 6-6 from 3, 7-7 from the line, 4 boards and 3 blocks.



This is the type of team that can go all the way. Balanced. Senior leadership. And a superstar.

Eric TheCapn

Thanks Jesse. Have a good night everyone. Rock Chalk!

Jesse Newell

Hoiberg could move to second-best coach in the Big 12 very quickly.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Aircapjay

Las Nepitistas!


prophet looks hurt, any report there? radio says trainer talking to him


Get the SONS in the game.

Eric TheCapn

Sweet. I'm happy to check out the Golden Gophers now that we won. I didn't wanna watch angry.


That bank off the glass has to go in the LHOF! The Luck Hall of Fame.

Scott Smetana

earlier you said we had NO CLASS. That hurts. You just lost your fan status.

Aircapjay in reply to Rolland Remmert


Melrank in reply to Jaycon11

I'll take KU and 10 for a friendly wager :)

Rolland Remmert

more energy in the last 7 min than the rest of the game put together

00:53 left in Second Half
Iowa State 84
Kansas 95

Jesse Newell

Hoiberg calls timeout.

Scott Smetana

Looking back as some posts.... BEATOR, you're an idiot


Damn Ben with 33!



Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

We lose by 15 in Ames.


Where did these guys come from?


That's the way you draw it up. . .

Duane Rice in reply to Lajayhawk


Eric TheCapn

Young was hiding behind the basket. Sneaky.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

If only they had the athletes to match.


And I hope everyone realizes that The Prophet's two drives for fouls to stop the clock were what started the turnaround.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Tam Bui



Meanwhile WSU is losing to the mighty Barry Hinson's

Duane Rice

and now everything is going are way.

Lajayhawk in reply to Duane Rice

I don't mean Iowa State. I mean this type of game, we lose on the road. Anywhere.


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