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Kansas defeats Kansas State, 59-55

  • 7 p.m., Jan. 22, 2013
  • Bramlage Coliseum, Manhattan, KS

FINAL: KU holds off Kansas State, 59-55, takes sole possession of first in Big 12

Travis Releford scored 12 points on 5-for-6 shooting, and the Kansas men's basketball team made free throws late to hold a lead in a 59-55 victory over Kansas State on Tuesday night at Bramlage Coliseum in Manhattan.

KU (17-1, 5-0 Big 12) is in first place by itself in the conference after the win.

KSU (15-3, 4-1) pulled to within three at 56-53 with 37 seconds left on a layup by Shane Southwell.

Naadir Tharpe hit both ends of a one-and-one with 22 seconds left, then Rodney McGruder missed a desperation three with 18 seconds left.

McLemore missed the front end of a one-and-one, and McGruder made two free throws after getting fouled with 5 seconds left to cut KU's lead to 59-56.

Elijah Johnson was fouled with 3 seconds left and made the first free throw of a one-and-one attempt to seal it.

Jeff Withey added 11 points and 10 rebounds, while Ben McLemore contributed 11 points and five rebounds.

KU will play a home game against Oklahoma at 3 p.m. Saturday.

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There are two reasons we won this game. Great coaching / scouting....and Travis Releford. McGruder got a few contested three's, but other than that, Travis Releford locked that man down.

Tremendous effort.


Can anyone explain to me why Kevin Young had a mental breakdown?

It was almost humorous, but the guy truly went insane for a stretch.


I'm surprised there is no postgame forum yet. The Journal-World is usually pretty quick about making the switch right away.

Gchawk in reply to Jaybate

Good observation, Coach Self just said that Jeff was throwing up before the game and they had to give him iv's at half.

shawn baker

hope there is no funeral in manhatten tomorrow


Best of all I won't wake up in Manhattan.

Thestonessuck in reply to Jaybate

Before every game I calculate how many free throws I need to make and miss to stay at 69% #WitheyBeingWithey

Jim Dickerson

The skeptic had to leave. He got caught messin with the chickens and they made him go slop the hogs.

Jaybate in reply to shawn baker

TMI. Good night.

shawn baker in reply to Eric TheCapn

do you need to go wipe yet?


Its kind of interesting for this thread to continue so long after the game. I get the feeling someone forgot and left it open. :-)

Jaybate in reply to Darin Bradley

Its how that type is. :-)

Darin Bradley in reply to Jaybate

And with this Imaskeptic goes dark.....


Withey looked like he had a bug to me tonight, like he was playing with cold or flu.


Just e-mail station management at WBKI and gave them a piece of my mind for not carrying the Big 12 Network telecast like they were supposed to.

Jaybate in reply to Aircapjay

No and this is what amazes me so much. KU beat KSU with a disruption stat of less than 1. I wasn't sure the team could do this, since it relies so heavily on defense. But it pulled it off.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Aircapjay

Wow! No blocks for With, according to ESPN.

Jaybate in reply to Yakihawk

Yeah, this is how they have decided to play, just like last year's team decided to keep it close and win with Tyshawn, or TRob.

This team doesn't even decide to win with someone. They just decide to guard the other team into submission. It is really amazing.

Yakihawk in reply to Jaybate

I feel comfortable with a 5 point lead with 3 mins. to go with this team, heck even 5 point deficit!


Did Withey get a block this game?


Imaskeptic, isn't it great being 17-1 and 5-0 in the conference.

And we haven't even got Perry really untracked yet.

We're going to get quite a bit better barring further injury.

And just think about this: we're doing all this without a 6-9, 240 baller that got injured and had to quit the game.

We're a flipping juggernaut, when you stop to think about it. :-)


KU takes away every opponent's inside game. Period. It is an amazing phenomenon. I don't really recall another team being able to do this so consistently.


The tough thing for every opponent facing this KU team is how do you beat KU when KU can hold you to 35% from the floor most games?


Ugh...EJ 4 assists to oppose 5 TOs!


The lovely ladies of KU made it on the chive to day if anyone's interested.

Darin Bradley in reply to Brian Sharp

Ha! Perry would start at half the teams in the league.

Lifelong_jayhawk in reply to John White

The game was supposed to air on WBKI in Louisville but never did.

Jaybate in reply to Brian Sharp

A 4 point win in a game in the 50s is like a 10-15 point win in the 70s. Its great. We'll hammer the pussies in Allen.


Yep, Spradling 0-5 all from points.

Darin Bradley in reply to Justin Diederich


Jüstin Mössman in reply to Brian Sharp

still a winnnnnnnnnn

Jaybate in reply to Brian Sharp

I would guess Perry would start at Texas and maybe at the 3.

Brian Sharp

stay classy beaker fans 4 point win isn't alot

Jayhawkinatl in reply to fansincewilt

Absolutely! Grandpa has been playing great!

Brian Sharp in reply to Darin Bradley

let me help ya here fellas Ellis doesn't start anywhere in the conference


Self on talking on 38 the spot for those in KS City.

Justin Diederich

Stole it from a buddy!

Eric TheCapn in reply to Jaybate

Double true.


KSU needs to get some new uniforms, too. Those home uniforms look like practice threads.

Darin Bradley in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

Up to Perry. Self likes his game and knows if he turns the corner, we're a different team. He's taking steps. Not sure starting is needed for him to lift the team. I'm excited to see him come mid February.

Eric TheCapn

Every mother a whor---

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Justin Diederich that.


Interim Coach Weber gets his first taste of the rivalry that isn't.


We are really going to miss Releford next year.

Justin Diederich

EMAW! Exiting Manhattan A Winner

Eric TheCapn

Just don't storm the court at Allen Fieldhouse unless Tyler Self is coaching the team to its fifth-straight losing season in the distant future and KU, 5-20 on the season, beats #1 MU. We expect to win at home.


Spradling shut out, right?


That was big 10 basketball


My son has named KU's strategy on offense. He calls it the Hannibal Offense. Hannibal defeated Rome once by placing his greatest strength on both wings, then feinting an attack in the middle, then attacking on BOTH wings. He says that is what both EJ and Dir have mastered. They dribble around out front like they are going to attack the basket, or slip it into Withey, but then they pass it to Ben, or Travis, where we always have matchup advantage over the opponents, and we attack them from those wings. At first I wasn't sure, but then the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me.

The Hannibal Offense!!!!!

Eric TheCapn

Big win, might get them into the tourney. Go for it, have fun, fans.

Eric TheCapn

I disagree about storming the court, as long as you're unranked and don't have a home-court advantage like that in Allen Fieldhouse.

John White in reply to Mrpilot

Especially when you're Villanova. It's not like they're some nobody program that has never won anything. I could understand some tiny school recording a huge upset, but yeah, pretty bad for Nova.

Duane Rice in reply to Eric TheCapn

Thank you for the update

Mrpilot in reply to Lifelong_jayhawk

That is so tacky and classless. You really cheapen your win when you do that.

Eric TheCapn

9-point win *

John White in reply to Eric TheCapn

Yeah, same here in Pittsburgh. I was surprised ESPN didn't carry this game on one of their three networks considering both teams rankings, and especially considering the three games they carried over it (such as Pitt-Providence, come on).


They're storming the floor in Philadelphia.

Brian Sharp in reply to 1_jaydoc_1


Theboehr in reply to Theboehr

As is the historic chant of "EMAW", which began in 1888 after students heard a goat on campus make a similar sound.

Eric TheCapn

-point win for Villanova over #5 Louisville. The fans stormed the court.

Eric TheCapn

I had it on WatchESPN

Brian Sharp in reply to Jerry Becker

you are showing your stupidity


"The Octagon of Doom," a name steeped in tradition

Duane Rice in reply to Eric TheCapn

i have 200 channels and couldnt find it because the guide is off the game.

Mrpilot in reply to Eric TheCapn

K-State was playing pretty hard, I'll give them that. But this game was their Super Bowl and National Championship all rolled in to one. They have nothing left this season. :-)


Remember, Self was slogging for this one, because his guys didn't have enough juice to get out and run for a game. But in Lawrence? Run them into the cracks in the floor.


Hard to believe UL had the #1 ranking at one point.

fansincewilt in reply to Jhawk7782

No questions about it. I enjoyed watching him beat Webber.

Eric TheCapn

It's over. Villanova up 9 with 30 seconds left. Clock just delayed starting another 4 seconds.

Tdscpa in reply to Lifelong_jayhawk



Likelihood that perry is starting by the time we play them in AFH?

Eric TheCapn

Louisville keeps losing on the road.


Deciding between Pitino and Wright is like picking between measles and mumps, but I've got to go with Rick. Please win Rick.

Lifelong_jayhawk in reply to Eric TheCapn

I live in Louisville now, and they are showing the UL-Nova game on WHAS.

Eric TheCapn

Weber managed timeouts like Chris Weber manages timeouts.


Wow! Louisville got beat.


I'm sure Self enjoyed beating Webber.,.

Eric TheCapn

Clock just delayes starting for 7 seconds, to Louisville's advantage, but Villanova's going to win anyway.


If McLemore had hit that 3 when we were up 12-8, everybody with a "Beat KU" t-shirt would have gotten up and left

Jermio in reply to Eric TheCapn

Then who plays the 3?


I predict we beat them by 20 in Lawrence, if we are healthy and not playing the back half of 2 in 3 days.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to fansincewilt

Except for when Bruce burned his last TO with nearly 4 min remaining

Brian Haase

i think we take control of the BigXII by a lot more after tonight... great win hawks... ROCK CHALK

Timothy Todd

Whoops, sorry 13. That's what you get for believing Jack Harry.

Eric TheCapn

Again, I wasn't referring to tonight's game. I'm happy we beat K-State, regardless of the score.


That was a great coached game by both coaches.

Brian Sharp in reply to Melrank

Riiiiiight. Tell me if this sounds familiar. UK beakers get preferred treatment throughtout the big 12 season then remember who they are and exit 2nd roynd via Bradley or =

Jaybate in reply to Nuleafjhawk


Duane Rice in reply to Eric TheCapn

I think thats what happened tonight


  • Yawn * K-State = Dusty Dinkleman

Timothy Todd

Only 5 turnovers tonight. Of course, KSU only had 2.

John White in reply to Eric TheCapn

K-State is not a nobody. They are legit and we beat them in their house. Big win.

Darin Bradley in reply to Eric TheCapn

Yes. This move won't hurt us at this point.

Brian Leiker

And do what? Sit Releford?


Thanks for the heads up both of you. 17-1 feels GOOOOOD

Eric TheCapn in reply to Lifelong_jayhawk

I meant the last several games until tonight.

fansincewilt in reply to Jhawk7782

Wow! I didn't think we could be at 17 - 1. I just have to believe more.

Duane Rice

Can we all agree this is who we thought we were. This is just how we have to win games.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Jhawk7782

Tharpe should be at point. Move EJ back to 2. PLEASE!

Lifelong_jayhawk in reply to Eric TheCapn

Being the #11 team in the country is hardly a bunch of nobodies.


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