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Oklahoma State defeats Kansas, 85-80

  • 3 p.m., Feb. 2, 2013
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Oklahoma State stuns KU with 85-80 win at Allen Fieldhouse

Markel Brown scored 28 points and Marcus Smart added 25, as the Oklahoma State men's basketball team snapped Kansas' 18-game winning streak with an 85-80 victory on Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Trailing 83-80 with seven seconds left, KU had one last chance to tie, but point guard Elijah Johnson lost the ball on the dribble and turned it over.

OSU led by as many as 14 in the first half before KU stormed back to take the lead early in the second half.

KU led late before turnovers doomed it down the stretch. The Jayhawks finished with 16 turnovers, compared to 13 for the Cowboys.

Ben McLemore led KU with 23 points on 9-for-17 shooting. Kevin Young added 12 points, while Jeff Withey had 11.

KU (19-2, 7-1 Big 12) will play at TCU at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Box score

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Jhawk7782 in reply to Johninkc1

I sympathize with those who want EJ to ride the pine but it's not going to happen. There simply isn't anyone else to take his place.

Lajayhawk in reply to Kye Clark

Yeah. Should have been in sooner. Very impressive and aggressive when he did get in.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Dylans

No doubt... But he is also a combo guard.

Hank Cross in reply to Kye Clark

Yes. More AW3 please.

Displaced Jayhawk in reply to Calvin Mabry

EJ made crucial mistakes, but you could pick any other player, the foul shooting or snow birds the others missed and it is just as much their fault as E.J.'s screw ups. Win as a team, lose as a team...NO ONE gets a "pass"

Brian Powell

guys, even if Tharpe starts... EJ is still PG #2. He's a senior and we've invested in him. Highly doubt it will change at this point. I was calling for more Rio early in the season though. I think Tharpe will be our main guy next year, and will be much improved, and we'll see more Rio.

EJ will break out of the funk, for sure. I don't think his explosive moves are coming back, for whatever injury reason, but his decision and shooting will snap back.

Dylans in reply to Mgjayhawk

Right, play the only true point at point: Tharpe

Lajayhawk in reply to Dylans

And 96-97 was a dominating team.............

Kye Clark

On a different note, how about AW3 coming into the game cold and draining that 3? Then the steal...impressive, and unexpected. HEM, myself, and others have said he needs to be getting minutes to allow him the ability to come off the bench and do just that. Surprising that he was able to come in cold with not much game experience and do that. That's at least one positive to take away from the game.


You guys need to remember that EJ is not a true PG. He was an off guard for 3 years and happened to play PG when needed.


1988 was a extremely lucky team. I want to dominate not luck out.

Theend sure would have been nice to at least take a shot there at the least had a chance. Thanks EJ.


EJ, 8 points off 14 shot attempts. All I can do is laugh. Otherwise I might break something. Like bones in my hand.

Jabez Harlan

If KU is going to go far in March, it will need EJ. A much better EJ. That drives to shoot. That makes open shots. That doesn't turn the ball over. An EJ that doesn't avoid contact and gets to the line more often. We need the EJ KU was supposed to get this year.

Jim Roth in reply to Dylans

On this date in 1988, K-State beat us at home to break our 55 game home winning streak. That season turned out pretty well. I won't despair.

Mark Hopkins

These are young men, still learning. We just ppd down our leg and thats gonna happen with young men. A loss has been coming for sometime. We will see what kind of team this is now. We can tank or we can come back even better.


I don't think it's just about "snapping Out" of it........If EJ continues to play many minutes.....KU has no chance.


And that was Self's 8th loss at home in 10 years. Man, he sucks.


EJ got abused on the boards too but I'm hoping it snaps him back into non-conference form.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Alex Berger

Maybe.... But without Ellis showing up, I just can't see it. Need to give props to Releford..he never takes his foot off the gas pedal.


This season is a loss w EJ At point

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

Your Spanish is remarkable.


We will be lucky to win the league with play like this. EJ is not a PG. Bill should play Tharpe. Sad to end the streak at home.

Displaced Jayhawk

I am a bit "olld school" in that the era of undefeated UCLA or Indiana won't happen again. This may have been the best thing that could have happened to the Jayhawks. The rest of the conference schedule is brutal BUT believe me, the taste in their mouths after not just losing, but losing at Allen Field house will reamain nasty and they DON'T LIKE it, so I expect them to snap out of this funk, still win the Big "however many there are now, maybe 10!) Twelve' for the 9th year in a row and go deep, very deep into the NCAA's, maybe even the NC! But, be assured that HCBS WILL TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM and will use this loss as an imputus for the future. Consistant improvement will be needed at all positions and no one, not even BMac or Releford will be safe from what Self will dream up. Don't worry, all will be good in the long run!


Bring on seldon

Jabez Harlan


Theend in reply to Calvin Mabry

completely agree

Lajayhawk in reply to Dylans

Considering he's dead, I think that says it all.... ;-)


Dang auto correct

Kent Wells

El bloggo el offo


Personally, I don't think our offensive plays are suitable for this lineup. We need more screens and getting Trav, B Mac and Tharpe open


Thorpe looks way better at times


Not just to make a point......just start him. Period

Calvin Mabry

Johnson's mistakes are inexcusable for a senior. He needs to be benched the rest of the year.I think HCBS is the best coach in the country but I am stunned that he allowed Johnson to have the ball in his hands the last few seconds. JOHNSON is the reason for the team's bad play lately. Today he cost us the game!

Jabez Harlan

If you are still backing Elijah Johnson after the terrible season he has had so far, you need to wake up.

Kye Clark

There is a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to pile on EJ, but this isn't a knee-jerk reaction. Earlier in the week there were multiple discussions regarding EJ, whether he would get back to the level he played at last year, if he was able to run the point at a high level, etc.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Pitthawk34

We haven't recruited anyone capable of taking EJ's spot. He is our starting point guard until the season ends.


We will be fine. Ok St. played out of their mind.

Brooksmd in reply to Justin Daniel

Didn't say he was. The comment I replied to pertained to worse performance by an individual in a game.

Chris Kurtz

Tharpe should start next game to make a point.

Brian Powell in reply to Pitthawk34

lol that's important.

Jim Roth in reply to Allen Shepard

Self just said he wishes we could play without guards. And he said "They kicked our ass" on the radio.


It's not disgusting at all.......Maybe you watched a different game?

Kent Wells

Turn this thing off Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jabez Harlan

It was past time for KU to lose. They should have lost to Iowa St., Texas, and could have easily lost to K. St.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Alex Berger

Ready... Set... Bury your head in the sand.


Hopefully EJ wont start so I dont have to hear long EEEEEE intro from whoever does the intros.

Theend in reply to Allen Shepard

Did you just watch the game?? I mean OSU vs KU?

Kent Wells in reply to Brian Powell


Allen Shepard

Listening to you guys right now is almost uniformly disgusting.

Watching you turn on a player like this.... 19-2 Grow up.


Start Tharpe.....vs TCU. Nothing to lose

Kent Wells in reply to Justin Daniel


Brian Powell in reply to Justin Daniel

You mean "TT was never THIS bad, consistently" :)

Jabez Harlan

Change the lineup Self - give white and tharpe and adams a chance

Alex Berger in reply to Jhawk7782

With a defender like Withey and scorer like BMac we are capable, we will just need some luck.


Well at least they can't storm the court

Justin Daniel in reply to Brooksmd

TT was never consistently this bad

Brian Powell in reply to Laura Hrabak

Oh I agree we could have won it..

Jabez Harlan

3-14? 5 turnovers?

Plus this isn't the only bad game he has had all season. He is the worst player we have in the game most of the time.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Alex Berger

Alberg..believe me when I say that I sincerely hope you are correct but these past few weeks are not showing me a team capable of making it into the Final Four

Laura Hrabak in reply to Brian Powell

No need to lose this one if Self just sits the turnover machine...Tharpe had the offense humming again until EJ took over...

Brooksmd in reply to Theend

How about TT in the first game against Duke last year?

Jabez Harlan

It is one loss sure, but this one goes back on EJ.

Kye Clark

Turnovers, and offensive rebounds. The game turned when OSU missed a free throw, Jeff & Kevin somehow allowed Smart to get the rebound. OSU scores, KY turns it over, OSU misses yet gets another offensive rebound and scores again. Went from being down 1 with a shot at the ball to being down 5 with 1 minute and a half left.

Laura Hrabak in reply to Laura Hrabak

HE shot the bad shots early in the clock more times than we can count and missed everything yet kept shooting....bench HIM!!!

Brian Powell

The sky isn't falling -- we'd rather have this loss now then make a run in March. Sucks to break the home streak though :(

Jabez Harlan

I cannot believe that EJ was in the game down the stretch

Jhawk7782 in reply to Jeff Kilgore

I've been waiting four years for him to finally break through. It just isn't going to happen.

Alex Berger in reply to Jhawk7782

We will be a whole new team come time for NCAA tourney. Just ask last year's team.

Jabez Harlan

EJ needs to be benched for the rest of the season. Time for Naadir to start

Theend in reply to Jeff Kilgore

You should feel badly for the team he let down. He needs to be benched. I have not seen a worse game from an individual player in years

Justin Daniel

I think we'll end up 14-4 tied for first. Well win the rest of our home games, beat Baylor and lose the rest.

Brian Powell

Everyone's raggin on our O, which admittedly didn't show up, but that guy made how many 3s? Seven? We got beat, give them some credit. They shot the ball better today, and they wanted it more than we did, on both ends, all game.

Kent Wells

EJ needs to have a really good game against TCU....

Alex Berger in reply to Theend

No, this isn't a matter of opinion. We are 1st place in the standings. OSU relies on jump shots and will lose more games.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Alex Berger

Theend is right on target. If we can't beat average teams such as OSU, how far will we get in the NCAA? Sweet 16 is my guess


Okie St a good team. First win in Allen since '89.


Big xii isn't going to be handed to Kansas after all. KU still has the toughest part of its conference schedule ahead... Ugh, losing at home BLOWS!

Jeff Kilgore

I feel really bad for EJ. He just doesn't look like he feels comfortable in the half court.

Brooksmd in reply to Jace FitzGibbon

Yep, it's funny.

Doug Fisher

They had this one coming but it should've waited till it was a road game. We deserve to fall far in the polls after this debacle at home!!


Disruption Stat:

KU 16:16

OSU 15: 13

That tells the tale, plus they closed the gap on our rebounding edge to within one.

I predicted we would win by 10 in the JIE, so I can't take any credit for being right. But I sure had the worst case scenario doped out and exactly how it would unfold.

Ugh, they basically beat us at our own game. And the worst of it is, we lost shooting 45% from trey, so this was no fluke.

They just matched us most every way, and distrupted slightly better and beat us in our own crib; that one hurts, but I don't think its time to pull the emergency cord yet.

Theend in reply to Alex Berger

I used to think that. Not anymore.

Jhawk7782 in reply to Alex Berger

I also am pretty sure that most people didn't believe that we were the second best team in the country

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Alex Berger

See: Theend.

Jace FitzGibbon

Cue the chicken littles over one loss

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Theend

Nah, you're more than spoiled. 19-2 is a sensational season. We'll bounce back. A loss at KU is just that. One loss.

Alex Berger in reply to Theend

You realize we are still in 1st place right?

Laura Hrabak

Sit EJ and we win that game...

Vajay in reply to Theend

ur an idiot...

Justin Daniel in reply to Cshjhawk

Exactly, there has to be a reason we keep missing on these guys

Jhawk7782 in reply to Justin Daniel

It seems that he prefers combo guards. Personally, this is what happens without a true point guard


I'm done watching this crap.....I'll turn the TV on again in March. Iowa State or OSU now Big 12 champs.

John Hunt

Is there any good reason we didn't give the ball directly to McLemore on the out-of-bounds play?

Bill Shaw

Another Dolly Madison game, lots of turnovers!


How about some questions from reporters on the effect EJ is having on this team instead of cupcake questions.

Alex Berger

Ready... set... overreact everyone!

Cshjhawk in reply to Justin Daniel

Like Smart!

Brian Powell in reply to Jayhawkinaustin

Been saying it all season.. Love EJ and his potential, but the PG role screwed him up from the start.


The most basic job required by a point guard is to be able to think under pressure. EJ just can't perform under pressure situations


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