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Kansas defeats Kansas State, 83-62

  • 8 p.m., Feb. 11, 2013
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: McLemore scores 30, Tharpe impresses in 83-62 rout over KSU

By Matt Tait.

Fire, toughness and Naadir Tharpe.

Those were the main ingredients for the Kansas University men's basketball team, which drubbed 10th-ranked Kansas State, 83-62, Monday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

The victory, which was all but sealed during the first quarter of game action, snapped an unusual three-game losing streak for the Jayhawks, who improved to 20-4 overall and climbed back into a tie for first place in the Big 12 with an 8-3 conference mark. The loss dropped K-State to 19-5 and 8-3, but KU owns the tiebreaker by way of its season sweep of the team from Manhattan.

Monday's game looked a lot like so many Allen Fieldhouse match-ups between these two Sunflower State rivals. The Jayhawks were more aggressive, played with more energy and benefited from a ton of love pouring out of the stands in the old arena.

Ben McLemore led all scorers with 30 points on 9-of-13 shooting and Jeff Withey moved into first place on KU's all-time blocks list all by himself with five blocks on the night, giving him 263 for his career, five ahead of Greg Ostertag's old record of 258.

While both of those performances certainly were welcomed by the home team, they also have come to be somewhat expected. What has not was the night from Tharpe.

The sophomore, who played 15 minutes in the first half and 27 overall, poured in seven points before halftime on 3-of-5 shooting and added six assists, with no turnovers, to help the Jayhawks race out to a 47-29 halftime lead.

For the game, Tharpe finished with seven points and eight assists, one turnover also did a more than admirable job of guarding KSU stud Rodney McGruder throughout much of the first half.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action.

The game turned when: Red-shirt freshman Ben McLemore was fouled and dropped to the floor by K-State center Jordan Henriquez. Henriquez was called for a flagrant foul, McLemore got up — eventually — and buried two free throws to put Kansas up 12-7 with 13:28 to play in the first half and 11 minutes later the Jayhawks led 42-22 and the game was over. It wasn't so much

Offensive highlight: There's no question that Jeff Withey's monster slam in the face of Jordan Henriquez and sent the KU big man to the free throw line was one of the best offensive moments for KU in this one. It came on a nifty pass from Jamari Traylor and sent Henriquez to the bench bleeding. Honorable mention here goes to sophomore PG Naadir Tharpe, who somehow scored a reverse layup at 4:07 in the first half to put KU up 38-19. Tharpe's bucket gave him 7 points for the half on 3-of-5 shooting. He also added six assists in 15 first-half minutes.

Defensive highlight: Withey's first block of the night (on a jumper by Thomas Gipson at the 16:28 mark of the first half) moved the 7-foot senior into first place on KU's all-time blocks list by himself. It was hardly the only one Withey would get on this night — he finished with five and looked a lot more like his old, dominant Withey self throughout.

Key stat: How about the lines for KU's two best players. With the team reeling and needing someone(s) to step up as a leader, senior Jeff Withey delivered with a monster night — 17 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks — and red-shirt freshman Ben McLemore scored a game-high 30 points on 9-of-13 shooting, including 6-of-10 from three-point range.

Up next: The Jayhawks will enjoy the rest of the week off and return to action at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16, when they play host to Texas at Allen Fieldhouse.

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No telling how many points and reebs Kevin Young could put on the line, if he didn't have to share so much PT with Perry and Jam. He was 13 and 9 tonight even though he got fouled up..

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

OK, now you can watch the Grammys!


Why is 105.9's sound production so bad? Why does the bass have to twice as loud as any other station's? It doesn't matter who owns that station, they can't level their board right.

Jaybate in reply to Darin Bradley

Yes. Plus Danny. Plus Ben. Plus everyone playing hard and free.

Kent Wells in reply to Sleepy33

No problem. It wasn't someone for KU.... I was having heart issues...

Doug Roberts

I hate it when the PA guy says "Ben McLemore for THREEEEEEE!". That's a crappy NBA and bush league college thing. KU is better than that!

Darin Bradley in reply to Jaybate

The difference IMO

Kent Wells in reply to Aircapjay


Sleepy33 in reply to Kent Wells

Yeah, sorry, OU. They played TCU tonight.

Duane Rice in reply to Micky Baker




KU 39 KSU 20

Kent Wells in reply to Kent Wells

Wait, that guy plays for OU??? RIght???i

Micky Baker in reply to Duane Rice

54 of last 58 now including neutral locations, ie Big 12/8 Tourney


thats just what we ALL needed

Sleepy33 in reply to Aircapjay

Oh yes, not TCU. OU. Sorry

Eric TheCapn

Not a rivalry.

Duane Rice

46 of 49!

Kent Wells in reply to Sleepy33

Thanks! Poor TCU. They didn't need that...

Aircapjay in reply to Sleepy33



happy mardi gras, all.




ESPN "Out of a Phog" Let's hope so! Great win!

Sleepy33 in reply to Kent Wells

Hield for TCU broke his foot




Rock Chalk, folks!

Eric TheCapn

High score? What does that mean? Did I break it?


I really like that fire from Withey. That's what they have to have.


I give the game ball to Danny Manning for coming back to lend us some of his aura. We needed it. And I'm sure it was hard to pull himself away from his work. Thank you, Danny Manning.


NEVEr even close!

Robb Kraft

yes sir


great game, folks.

Sleepy33 in reply to Jesse Newell

They were very brief and cold the last game as well

Stupidmichael in reply to Jesse Newell



Can't think of a better way to end the streak.

Duane Rice

Thank you KU! My wife thanks you and my dogs thank you.

Darin Bradley


Kent Wells

I got back to the room and the dorks on TV (I'm sure they work hard) said something about a broken something. What was that about????

Kansas State 62
Kansas 83

Jesse Newell

Self doesn't say a word to Weber on the hand shake. Just taps him on the left shoulder.


Rush the court!



Brian Powell


Vernon Riggs

83 is the answer


Phew. I feel much better now. I've been depressed for the better part of a week.

Chris Shaw

Jesse, you going to ask the tough questions in the press conference? I hope you guys do in regards to EJ/Tharpe.

Duane Rice

We know Musburger you like to drink

Mark Hopkins

We're back baby!

Joey Kuebel

Icing on the cake! Bmac!

Kent Wells

Band should play Happy Birthday...


3 potted the triceratop for 30.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

It is, don't get me wrong. But Naadir was a total spark and run the offense extremely efficiently. Just sayin.... :-)

Eric TheCapn

Announcers need to shut up during the chant for it to truly be "haunting" on TV. It's OK to be silent!

Jesse Newell

Starters going to get a huge ovation.



Pam Goad

Not the Rock Chalk chant - the K-State something chant. :-)

Jhawkminer in reply to Jesse Newell

Almost efficient!


that was pretty

Brian Powell

LOL I knew it.


Our State indeed


Kitty fans leaving.

Robb Kraft



The Phog has lifted!

Jesse Newell

Self called flat to get McLemore his 30.

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk

naa sliced and diced tonight, but if those guys don't hit their shots, naa doesn't have 8 assists.


send in Evan!

Claire Williams

there it is!

Jesse Newell in reply to Lajayhawk

27 points on 12 shots. That's crazy.

Eric TheCapn in reply to Eric TheCapn

Thank you, fans.


here it comes

Jhawkminer in reply to Eric TheCapn

There it goes!

Brian Powell

1:33 left, 80-60

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

But how much did 'Dir set him up, though? 8 assists and TO? Closer than it seems, I think.

Brian Powell

"This is our state"

Stacy Taylor

"This is our state," I think

Eric TheCapn

I demand the Rock Chalk chant now.


I love EJ, but he's got a knack for gumming up the offense. Its something you can't coach. :-)

Jesse Newell in reply to Melrank

This is our state!


Someone should keep the score and minutes left on this blog updated.

Pam Goad

What is the crowd chanting?


Naadir earned it tonight.

Robb Kraft

what r they quoting jesse?


Def Mclemore no. 1


What are they chanting?

Duane Rice

This is our state


Game ball to Danny the MANning!!


What's the chant?

Eric TheCapn

Where's the chant, fans?

Jesse Newell in reply to Lajayhawk

McLemore. Not close.


ellis needs to learn that just showing up on the court is the minimum, not the maximum, that is expected. he'll figure it out.

Eric TheCapn

♫ Rooooooooock chaaaaaaaalk ♪


Fran is yet to say how "the hand is part of the ball" either.

Jesse Newell

"This is our state!" is the chant.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

Who gets the number one spot? You can't deny what Naadir brought, too..... tough decision tonight....

Vernon Riggs

When we hit 100


When does Tyler check in

Jaybate in reply to Brian Powell



hEY Fran...........has anyone on KState "really" fouled tonight

Jesse Newell

17, 10 and 5 for Withey.


Hilarious when Jeff gets a guy to foul out.


Gibsons no dummy. He fouled out on purpose, so he can sit this baby out. No doubt about that one.


Gibson on the rocks


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