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Florida defeats Kansas, 67-61

  • 6 p.m., Dec. 10, 2013
  • Stephen C. O'Connell Center, Gainesvillle, FL

FINAL from Gainesville, Fla: KU men's hoops falls to Florida, 67-61

By Matt Tait —

Gainesville, Fla. — In hopes of snapping out of a funk that had contributed to losses in two of its past three games, the Kansas University men's basketball team sent four freshman to the floor to start Tuesday's game at Florida.

It's believed that it marked the first time in school history that the Jayhawks have started four freshmen and throughout much of the night it definitely looked like it, as Kansas was outmanned and outmuscled by a stronger, more experienced Florida squad, 67-61, at a rocking O'Connell Center on the UF campus.

After another solid start, the Jayhawks were outscored 33-11 by the Gators during the final 16 minutes of the first half and that forced KU to play from behind the rest of the way. KU pulled to within as few as six on a couple of occasions during a much better second half — and even as low as four with 11 seconds left — but untimely misses and some clutch play from the Gators (7-2) handed the Jayhawks their third loss in four games.

Andrew Wiggins (7-for-14 shooting, 11 rebounds) led all scorers with 26 points.

After a 5-0 start and reaching No. 2 in the AP national rankings, No. 13 KU has fallen to 6-3 and will likely drop in the rankings again next week.

Here’s a quick look back at some of Tuesday's action:

• The game turned when: Florida responded to KU's 10-3 start with a 21-0 run that spanned more than eight minutes and proved to be a blow to the chin that the Jayhawks just could not recover from.

• Offensive highlight: Outside of a couple of timely three-pointers and a couple of easy throw-downs by Perry Ellis and Joel Embiid, there really weren't many. KU shot just 44 percent from the floor, 44 percent from three-point range and 78 percent from the free throw line. All in all, outside of Wiggins, it was a pretty offensive offensive game.

• Defensive highlight: Embiid was far from flawless and struggled to stay on his feet against pump fakes, but he had a couple of monster blocks, including one in the first half that truly did look like a volleyball spike.

• Key stat: Turnovers. The Jayhawks coughed it up 16 times in the first half (and attempted just 19 shots) and finished with 24 turnovers for the game. Most of them were just flat-out careless miscues but some were definitely a product of Florida's intense style.

• Up next: The Jayhawks will continue their stretch of games away from Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday in Kansas City, Mo., where they'll take on New Mexico at 6 p.m. on ESPN2.

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KU has shown energy in the dying minutes of last two games. I really do hope that we learn to bring that energy from the beginning.


In 2013 we took a little trip along with Andrew Wiggins to the Gainesville armpit. We forgot to take our defense and couldn't shoot for spit, And now that it's over I feel like ####.

Bryce Landon in reply to Bwag

This Kansas team has lost 3 of its last 4, and you ask us to keep perspective? Look who wants the sun, moon and stars! ;)


People, keep perspective!

Rob Bedford III in reply to Bryce Landon

Kentucky lacked depth... KU has depth and is still looking weak.

Joey Kuebel in reply to Bryce Landon

This is also is pretty sad truth. They really do look like UK last year, if they lose multiple games at home and 1 of them isn't named Iowa St., Baylor, or OK St... It could be time for a NITing course. I don't think it's that bad though...

Bwag in reply to Bryce Landon

We're YO u nG

Bryce Landon in reply to Pitthawk34

I wouldn't say that. 6-3 is still better than the 3-4 start to the 2005-06 season. But at least those guys were coachable.


I'm enjoying this game. They usually cut it off.

Bwag in reply to Bryce Landon

Too early for that. Toughest no conference in the nation with near youngest team in the country. Until this game, lost on desperation 3's at the buzzer


I really thought this team would be a great team. No shooters and we have no idea how to attack. Grades...BS-D..guard play F...Perry...Who knows. All I know is that this team is the worst team in the last decade. We still have women's Track.

Bwag in reply to Bryce Landon


Bryce Landon in reply to Colreader

Doesn't look like they've learned a damn thing to me. What I've learned so far is that these guys are like Kentucky's players last year - uncoachable.

Rodney Crain in reply to Bryce Landon

I sure would have liked to see what the game would have ended like if we got that call.


Traylor may be the answer to some of this.

Rodney Crain in reply to Colreader

What did we learn? We still can't attack the zone, do not box out in the first half, know how to turn the ball over, and not cover 3 point shooters? not good

Zabudda in reply to Ashwingrao

Do we need to hit a lower rock bottom or was the 23 turnovers it.

Bryce Landon

That no-call on Wiggins getting mugged, and then changing their minds about whose ball it was, was one of the biggest chicken$#!+ call I have seen in a long, long time.

Not that officiating is to blame for the loss, when you turn it over 24 times, can't attack a zone to save your life, and fall behind by 18 points, you don't deserve to win regardless of the calls the officials make.

Rodney Crain in reply to Ashwingrao

agreed, black is a waste of minutes, I would rather see Lucas first.


Self said if we loose and still learn something and have some positives then we will be making progress. Or something like that.

Rodney Crain in reply to Bwag

This team does not deserve the effort LOL

Ashwingrao in reply to Joey Kuebel

I did see determination from him. I can see him taking over the games moving forward. I agree with the announcers that he is trying to get the team involved, but at this point, "W"s are hard to come by.

Bwag in reply to Ashwingrao

Tharpe maybe but has he lost his starting job. Self is putting all his chips on youth and trying to get them experience

Joey Kuebel in reply to Ashwingrao

Wiggins is turning into a silent assassin.

Ashwingrao in reply to Zabudda

We are too sloppy, and Green & Black need to be sat out.


We showed a little scrap I think. Are we cursed?

Ashwingrao in reply to Stinkybulldog

I don't see them as leading. I think Andrew may be the leader of the team.

Bwag in reply to Stinkybulldog

Black can't.

Kim Staples

Be nice if this team would start playing both halfs of every game. So frustrating.

Bwag in reply to Phogtimeku2010

Let's shoot for NC


We need leadership. Tharpe and Black need to STEP UP!


I am really left nervous about this team. I know games like this can prepare a team for the end of the year, but right now I have a very difficult time imagining us winning at OSU, at Baylor, or at ISU.


Shrug. I'm glad they came back with some heart in the second half. No one but Wiggins could do anything much but they were getting the loose balls and rebounds. A home stretch, some zone preparation one would hope, let everbody's heads get screwed back on straight, and we should start looking up. Better in the end than that Arizona game this reminded me of for a bit in 2008, where we just gave up. Kept fighting.

Joey Kuebel in reply to Rodney Crain

This is the truth. 24 TO's is a guaranteed L, unless you hit 20 3 pointers to counter...

Bwag in reply to Rodney Crain

Keep away from sharp objects, we'll be okay

00:00 left in Second Half
Kansas 61
Florida 67

Matt Tait staff

No. 13 Kansas falls at Florida. The Jayhawks drop to 6-3 with their third loss in four games and Florida improves to 7-2.


I hope we get all these teams in the tournament. This team will beat them all. This was a great night for Wiggins. Greene showed promise. Embid was good. There were some really good things that happened tonight. I feel pretty good. This team gets lost but does not quit. I was impressed with that second half.


Go Boise


Well all righty then.

Rodney Crain



6 looks good on paper but we sure looked bad getting there. Strangely, I still think this team will come together and be a force by the end of the year. But, I play the Powerball, too.

Rodney Crain

As it should be, no one should win with 24 TO's!


We're going to be alright

Hawk90 in reply to Danr

But they didn't


Well, that wasn't fun.


New Mexico

Stinkybulldog in reply to Rodney Crain

Tharpe is playing like a Turd Ferguson.

Duane Rice

We just need to make it to Christmas brake and Bill will have time to fix what ales us.

Bwag in reply to Melrank

And it was on purpose

Danr in reply to Melrank

it was traylor


Florida should have won this by 30


Or not


2 missed FT and a 4 point play for OT


Black went 9 minutes before picking up that foul - wow.

Rodney Crain in reply to Danr

I got a bridge I would like to talk to you about after the game Danr

Rodney Crain

Tharpe has been comical tonight, he took his 3 early in the shot clock, sloppy D and soft play. he is so lost right now.

Bwag in reply to Danr

Alternate universe


I mean Lucas was in in the first half

00:11 left in Second Half
Kansas 61
Florida 65

Matt Tait staff

Traylor with two free throws pulls KU to within four... Time quickly disappearing, though.


Maybe we'll hit a desperation three at the buzzer to win it?

Lindhawk in reply to Duane Rice

WHat has anyone done besides wig?


You miss on purpose here?


Only give it to wiggins


Donavan's divot

Duane Rice in reply to Lindhawk

Tharpe and Mason. but i guess you could argue that what has Mason or Tharpe done.

00:22 left in Second Half
Kansas 59
Florida 65

Matt Tait staff


Game still isn't over….

Lindhawk in reply to Duane Rice

What has selden done. Greene has played more min tonight


At least we get to delay the broadcast of another game. KTY to boot! Turn about is fair.

Rodney Crain

We lose to NM though, that is 4 losses in 5 games. We should not be ranked.

00:23 left in Second Half
Kansas 57
Florida 65

Matt Tait staff

Alex Berger

Hey ending this game with a +10 2nd half point differential is a plus. Even our experienced teams have had hard times putting two of those halves together against good teams. It'll be good to be back in AFH.

Duane Rice

as bad as we played this is not a bad loss. We just played bad

00:27 left in Second Half
Kansas 57
Florida 63

Matt Tait staff

Wiggins hits 2 free throws and has 26 points

Jonas_opines in reply to Kualldayeveryday

We'll maybe drop to 19 and Florida up to 10 or so. Florida is a good team. And we're not going to lose at home.


Wiggins with 26.


Dickie is definitely a Wiggins fan. Usually, I don't think he gives us a fair shake, but not in this case.

Rodney Crain

We could be, this is a semi close loss to a ranked team on the road.


Wiggins a really big bright spot tonight. Is he ready to take this team over?

Duane Rice in reply to Lindhawk

Is that a joke?

Brian Powell

Can't even inbound the ball?

Kualldayeveryday in reply to Rodney Crain

u think we r gonna be ranked after this?

Bwag in reply to Bwag

Probably not tonight

Rodney Crain

If we lose to NM, do we deserve to be ranked?


We'll be okay

Zabudda in reply to fansincewilt


00:37 left in Second Half
Kansas 55
Florida 63

Matt Tait staff

That'll probably do it... Hard fought second half for KU. Too many mistakes.


That's the kind of play we got from our guards last year.


Will Greene start next game?

Melrank in reply to Duane Rice

Greene earned some meaningful minutes tonight - guaranteed.


Just imagine when/if this team plays SEMI-good basketball…..

Alex Berger

24 turnovers... it's like four of our top 5 players are freshmen or something.


First bad play from Greene.


Looks like we got some freshmen on this team

Duane Rice

and that is why Greene doesn't play


OK, I can stay seated.


If Wiggins makes another one, I'm going to actually have a reaction like we have a chance.

Duane Rice

Horrible full court press


That helped with them going for the home run


Good foul from Greene.


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