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Texas defeats Kansas, 21-17

  • 11 a.m., Oct. 27, 2012
  • Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Late TD gives Texas 21-17 victory over KU

Texas' Case McCoy tossed a one-yard touchdown to D.J. Grant with 12 seconds left, giving the Longhorns a 21-17 victory over Kansas on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium.

"Personally, I'm miserable," KU coach Charlie Weis said. "But for our team, there's definitely things to grow from."

Earlier, KU kicker Nick Prolago knocked through a 29-yard field goal with 2:28 left in the fourth quarter, which gave KU a 17-14 lead.

Texas answered with a nine-play, 70-yard drive, with the key play coming on a fourth-and-6 completion from McCoy to Jaxon Shipley for 18 yards.

"Usually, you say, 'You didn't close the game,'" Weis said. "I think (Texas) made a couple plays."

Junior running back James Sims led KU, rushing 28 times for 176 yards.

"I don't know if there's a better back in the league," Weis said.

As a team, KU finished with 234 rushing yards on 56 carries.

The Jayhawks were so reliant on their running game that they didn't attempt a pass in the second or third quarter.

KU (1-7, 0-5 Big 12) will play at Baylor at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 3.

KU coach Charlie Weis postgame audio

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Game Balls and Gassers

Game Balls

James Sims rushed for 139 first-half yards on his way to a 176-yard rushing day, his fourth consecutive 100-yard rushing game.

Ben Heeney, a middle linebacker to the bone, made the first hit on Joe Bergeron on fourth and goal from the 1. The closer to the goal line, it seems, the tougher Heeney becomes.


Bradley McDougald attempted to field a punt he should have let go, fumbled and gave the ball to Texas at the KU 19 early in the third quarter.

• Cornerback Tyler Patmon was badly beaten down the left sideline by Mike Davis, who had a 39-yard reception to give Texas first-and-goal from the three with 1:16 left, setting up Longhorns’ game-winning touchdown with 12 seconds left.

How They Scored

First Quarter

10:53 - Joe Bergeron 3 run. Anthony Fera kick. After the Texas defense drove KU back on its opening drive, the Longhorns took over in KU territory and drove 43 yards in four plays and 1:44 to take the early lead. Johnathan Gray had the big run for UT on the drive, rumbling 31 yards on the Longhorns' first play from scrimmage. On Bergeron's touchdown run, the bruising back was hit behind the line of scrimmage but drove a pile into the end zone. (UT 7, KU 0).

Second Quarter

12:06 - Christian Matthews 15 run. Nick Prolago kick. KU picked up some momentum on a five-play, 98-yard drive that covered 2:09 and featured a 64-yard run from tailback James Sims, who went over the 100-yard mark for the day on the drive, which started at the KU 2-yard line. (UT 7, KU 7).

7:16 - Tony Pierson 11 run. Prolago kick. After KU's initial score of the day, the defense turned Texas away with a three-and-out and Cummings led a seven-play, 63-yard drive that featured three runs of 11 yards or more. The first came from Sims and the last two from Pierson. (KU 14, UT 7).

Fourth Quarter

9:41 - Marquise Goodwin 11 run. Fera kick. Texas turned to back-up quarterback Case McCoy for this drive and the younger brother of former UT great Colt McCoy handed off seven times on a drive that spanned 84 yards in 3:23 and featured four different Longhorns carrying the ball. KU's defense took a serious hit on the third play of the drive when starters Jake Love and Toben Opurum both had to be helped off the field because of injuries. (KU 14, UT 14).

2:28 - Nick Prolago 29 field goal. After giving up the game-tying score to the Longhorns, the Jayhawks responded with arguably their best drive of the season. It spanned 61 yards in 14 plays and took 7:07. Most of the damage was done by James Sims and Tony Pierson on the ground, but a huge pass interference call on a pass intended for Andrew Turzilli sparked the drive and Prolago capped it off by connecting on his first career field goal make. (KU 17, UT 7).

0:12 - D.J. Grant 1 pass from Case McCoy. Fera kick. After taking the late lead, KU had the Longhorns facing a fourth-and-six from their own side of the field, but McCoy delivered a strike to Jaxon Shipley and two plays later hit Mike Davis for a 39-yard gain that set up the game-winning touchdown pass to a wide open Grant in the end zone. (UT 21, KU 17).

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Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Haase

Should have mixed in a few more play actions, but remember, we CANNOT throw the ball. I mean, we're physically incapable. He had to run over and over. Give him credit for figuring out a way to do it positively most of the game.

Phil Leister in reply to Micky Baker

Hey jayhawk in texas, go back to 1973. You're getting real annoying round these parts.

Scott Wooten

Damn it hurts

Armen Kurdian

How must the players feel right now. They've got to have a level of frustration I cannot even imagine right now. We were competitive the whole game w/a top 25 team. I'll take that gameplan anyday. Excellent effort KU.


Not I sir

Paul Christiansen

The game was not lost in the last minute. You have to score!

Brian Haase

i just don't get the play calling... we played not to lose and we lost

Lonnie Ross Dillon

I keep telling my self to stay off this board...Too many jerks that just don't get it. never listen to myself.

Phil Leister

I think everyone is overlooking something important... We went 1 for 1 on field goals!!!!


We showed improvement as a team, but need to be able to pass consistently and need better speed in the secondary. These guys didn't quit

Micky Baker in reply to Brian Haase

You wanted Michael Cummings didn't you? This is what you got.

David Leathers in reply to Lajayhawk

I'm with you... These damn drunk bandwagoners need someone to blame though.


I know we did great... I know this was probably are best game in the last 2 years... but I'm still pissed off as frick

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Seriously, does anyone think we would have driven the field with 40 or 50 seconds?

Phil Leister in reply to Lajayhawk

Well said LA. It was a well coached game other than the final minute


Yep, got tight at the end with some conservative coaching mixed in. No reason not to be aggressive; not like we're playing to keep our position in a BCS bowl game

Brian Haase in reply to Micky Baker

i believe his conservative play calling, what 35 runs in a row, is to blame... that's HIS choice...

Alex Berger in reply to Brian Haase

His fault we were even in the game to begin with...

Micky Baker in reply to Brian Haase

It's not Charlie Weis's fault for losing the game. It is to his credit that we lost by 4 to a nationally ranked team.

Lonnie Ross Dillon in reply to Eric Hammond

What media? Nobody thought we'd beat a ranked team...We had a great defensive game. Two key injuries late cost us. Sucks but there it is


We wouldn't have even been close in this game if it wasn't for an excellent game plan by Weis. Should have called a timeout, but it's not like we probably would have scored with 40 seconds anyway. This isn't on Charlie.

Cody Riedy in reply to Cody Riedy

Maybe they hope'd to make Texas rush it's plays and play-calling and not execute well.

Micky Baker in reply to Brian Haase

No, it isn't his fault.

Cody Riedy

I just can't come up with any logic at all for KU not trying to preserve time once Texas got down to the 2.

Texas 21
Kansas 17

Jesse Newell

Cummings' final pass is batted down. Texas holds on.

Brian Haase

F' you CW... this is YOUR FAULT


CW is not hungry enough.

Phil Leister in reply to Brian Haase

Go away bro.


Well coached.


I cannot believe this crap. I'm seriously so pissed off right now.

Eric Hammond

Good game, but really tired of watching KU football crap down its leg in the second half.


Best chance to win a conf. game this year and media was talking about it all week. Sad.

Brian Haase

i hate CW more than anything right now, he better make up for this

Gabriel Engeland

RUn the picket fence

Armen Kurdian

Losing our DBs to injury probably cost us one of those TDs

Micky Baker

Need a hook and lateral.


That kid that faked the injury to stop the clock at 2:00 deserves the game ball.

Alex Berger

We all knew Kansas would take a year before being able to win games. At least we are competitive again. Weis will need to take the next step next year.

Ljmhawk in reply to Bee Bee

this is what happens when u play not to lose on offense...our defense was fine so shut up

Kay Jensen

This was on the coaches.

Nathan Mattison

put in Crist

Brian Haase

oh okay... so NOW you take a TO... nice

Bee Bee


Bee Bee in reply to Lonnie Ross Dillon

You can make excuses or win games.

Brian Haase

i"ll have faith in CW when he win's a game he should.. so pissed

Bee Bee

Wide open receivers, dropping 8 and can't cover 4. really?

Brad Swisher

Let's face it, Texas stepped up when they needed to and took care of business. We'll get there some day.

Lonnie Ross Dillon in reply to Bee Bee

Tired and two key injuries...give them a break

Gabriel Engeland

Who do we hand it off to? i vote pierson.

Jesse Newell

KU will start at its own 27 with eight seconds left.

90shawk in reply to Nathan Mattison

That's right. Campo didn't cause Patmon to bite hard on play action that allowed the big pass play

Eric Hammond in reply to Lajayhawk

Maybe Charlie needs to talk to Mack about how to run play action


What a f&%$ing devastating loss.

Brian Haase

hail mary.... call it a failure... i blame CW i was screaming for a TO


I hope we take this out on Emporia State.

Cody Riedy

Don't understand why we did nothing to give ourselves a chance on's not like Texas was going to run out of time before being able to at least kick a FG.

Lonnie Ross Dillon

Wonder if Crist comes in?

Bee Bee in reply to Lonnie Ross Dillon

Yea they looked great on the last drive.

Jan Rolls

Geat coaching rush 3 and let him sit back there and throw

Nathan Mattison

No its on the players. These coaches generally put them in the right place.


That is just terrible clock management by Weis

Oklahawk58 in reply to Bee Bee

You're a joke. Just leave.


Maybe Mack Brown will still get fired because of this


Alright - We don't want to hear any "Moral Vicory" crap from any of the media.

Lonnie Ross Dillon in reply to Bee Bee

Defense did great....go away


That's how you run play action, btw.

Brian Haase

i can't believe this... we just don't want to win, the "we're getting better" speech isn't going to work anymore

Brad Swisher

Go home Texas, you freaking suck.

Sawman3333 in reply to Jesse Newell

That's on Charlie!

Bee Bee


Lonnie Ross Dillon in reply to Benjamin Piehler

Why? We don't have a fast strike offense...


teams run that play allllll the time

741hawk in reply to Billself4prez

Thanks for great effort. Never quit. Played hard. etc

00:12 left in Fourth Quarter
Texas 21
Kansas 17

Jesse Newell

By not taking a timeout, KU has left itself no time to come back.

Eric Hammond

You knew that was coming. Something KU hasn't done all day and should have.


Unbelievable .... always giving up the big play at the worst times

David Meredith

call the timeout and save yourself a minute off the clock.

Lonnie Ross Dillon

sigh. If Greg Brown had caught this ball...

Gabriel Engeland in reply to Brian Haase


Brad Swisher

I can't take much more of this.


I hate everybody.

Brian Haase

well we tried???? F' this...



Benjamin Piehler

Shoulda let them score with 1 min left...


Wow. Thanks KU football.

Jesse Newell

McCoy to D.J. Grant for the one-yard score off play-action.


how can you be that stupid

Brian Haase


Duane Rice

talk to you tuesday folks.

Cody Riedy

No timeouts by KU...gambling on forcing the FG

Gabriel Engeland

This is a huge stand! I don't think UT kicks it if it goes to 4th.

Lonnie Ross Dillon

I saw that too

David Meredith

call timeout kansas

Benjamin Piehler

Can't believe we missed that interception

David Leathers

the receiver stepped out at around the 10

Brian Haase

come on D one more TIME!



Jesse Newell

Patmon around the edge for the stop.

Brad Swisher

We haven't had a miracle in a long time, need one now.

Bee Bee

Patmon couldnt cover me. He is the worse corner in the nation. NIce PREVENT DEFENSE!


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