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Oregon State at Kansas coverage

Kansas defeats Oregon State, 84-78

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 30, 2012
  • Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

FINAL: KU hangs on for 84-78 victory over Oregon State

Ben McLemore scored a team-high 21 points, helping the Kansas men's basketball team to an 84-78 victory over Oregon State on Friday night at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Travis Releford added 20 points on 8-for-10 shooting, while Jeff Withey chipped in 17 points (7-for-9 shooting).

KU led, 42-39, at half before making nine of its first 12 shots of the second half to push the advantage to 63-50.

OSU stormed back late, as guard Ahmad Starks knocked in a deep three with 1:26 left to cut KU's advantage to 78-73.

Releford followed with two free throws with 56 seconds left, and KU held on from there, as McLemore made two important free throws with 13 seconds remaining to push KU's lead from three back to five.

KU (6-1) will play host to Colorado at 1 p.m. on Dec. 8.

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Darin Bradley in reply to Jaybate

Well I like your confidence:) Hope it plays out. Have a great wknd.

Trojanhawk in reply to Jaybate

Will have to agree to disagree about Oregon St being good. I've seen quite a few of their games this year. Maybe when they get their top big man back they'll be solid.

Cody Riedy

AWIII had 6 boards in 13 minutes - wonder if that was a fluke or if he's just a good rebounding guard.

Jaybate in reply to Darin Bradley

Its coming for sure.

Our seniors have had to play it close to the vest, because the green wood could not come in and spell them until now. But tonight's effort shows that our starters can cut loose now. And they will.

Darin Bradley

We'll need more from our seniors if we want to make a serious run this year


First real game of the season.

We are now 1-0. :-)

Cody Riedy

7 games into the season, 7 games into the career of half our players - to early to make any final conclusions about the team or any player - see some good and some bad. Biggest thing I haven't seen yet that would make more more confident besides consistency on both ends is seeing whether EJ can be the go-to guy when we need a score - no matter how talented BMAC is, EJ needs to be ready to fulfill that role.


And a 6 point victory over a Princeton is like a 12 point victory over an conventional system.


We are a work in progress... We will get if figured out

Jaybate in reply to Trojanhawk

I will really be surprised if he is not very happy with his team's fight and intensity. And when they muddy a game up, this is how a team looks. Really, this is the most improvement the team has made. This was the first real D1 game of the season. Michigan State was feeling its way along with that green wood PG. MSU didn't even punch one of our guys. This was more like today's basketball and we held up under it. It doesn't matter than we did do things as well as we might have. This was a test. And we passed.

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

Look, we do have a lot of young guys gaining experience, and we will have ups and downs, but the seniors need to step up and be the rock. And they have had a PLETHORA of experience to do so.

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

Of course because I don't believe any of those 3 are better leaders than any of the freshman they play with.

Paul Rupp

Not even close to Tough yet. I was thinking EJ was going to be the man to get us there this year---it's going to be TR if it happens.

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

You're really clinging to your argument right now.....

Sawman3333 in reply to Joshua Hatcher

But I don't think it was said to well into the 2nd half...

Brooksmd in reply to Wissoxfan83

We ain't got no wheat down here. Got lots of sugarcane and mudbugs. lol Rock Chalk

Darin Bradley

This may be a team that plays to the level of their competition. Hope we can figure it out soon and develop some consistancy

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

yeah but 3 of those guys didn't do much but watch Tyshawn and Trob for most of the year.

Joshua Hatcher

Whoever said earlier that we'd have 2 players with 20 tonight you are the man!


Self is wired up. Even going through the handshake line. HE's already thinking about the next game in the hand shake line. talk about flipping intense.

Sawman3333 in reply to Trojanhawk

I predict the word "suck" will be used in the presser.

Mike Kendall

Nite all. Thanks, Jesse!


Waving the wheat in Louisiana

Trojanhawk in reply to Jaybate

"We are actually playing very well tonight. "

You're going to hear a different take from Self in the presser.

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

Um... 3 of those seniors started in the national title game and the 4th got plenty of minutes.

Duane Rice

Colorado will be a tough match-up for the hawks. The buffs will not make mistakes. These aren't the same buffs we remember.

Darin Bradley

Always take a win but this was unimpressive. More questions than answers. Rock Chalk!


Hope to see ya on-line tomorrow. Let's close out the year with a W!

Rock Chalk!

Oregon State 78
Kansas 84

Jesse Newell

KU holds on for the six-point win.


And we are holding OSU to 40% from the floor.

Really, its been a very good effort, given all the bodies.

Self got some payback for Fertig bouncing him out of the NCAA tourney back in '83


Rock Chalk

A win is a win. And this one... was a win.

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

Kevin Young is a role player at best though. Releford never has been a leader neither has EJ. Withey I just dunno if he's a leader either. Seniors by time but not necessarily by poise.

Brian Haase in reply to Jaybate

you're insane. our defense was pathetic. 78 points to Oregon state? you call that "playing very well"?

Justin Daniel in reply to Duane Rice

It might come against Colorado.


Good Free Throw defense

Brian Powell in reply to Joshua Hatcher

LOL true

Brian Haase

really? we fouled there?


Everyone is underselling OSU. We are actually playing very well tonight. 60% from the floor. Our FT shooting is weak and could have cost us the game but otherwise this was a very strong performance with a team that is bigger, stronger and muddier than we are.

Lajayhawk in reply to Melrank

True dat.

Darin Bradley

Looked good


Ej got burned there

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

Ok... enough. We start 4 seniors. That's not a good enough excuse.

Melrank in reply to Lajayhawk

He's Lottery - he will ice it for us.


They must be freshmen fans too

Lajayhawk in reply to Justin Daniel

They're dumb.

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

Freshmen = 2 steps forward 3 steps backward 4 steps forward 2 backward and then a WTF moment followed by DAAAAAAAAAAMN.


according to this game O-state should be in the top 25.....pitiful D all night

Justin Daniel

Why are people starting the rock chalk chant already?


BMac... hit your FTs, please...

Phil Leister in reply to Jesse Newell

i swear Jesse, if something stupid happens here, i blame the premature chant. fieldhouse or not, there's no excuse


Ben didn't realize he needed to pass out of that foul rather than take the foul.

00:13 left in Second Half
Oregon State 77
Kansas 80

Jesse Newell

Not over yet.

Brian Haase in reply to Phil Leister

it's not allen fieldhouse so there has to be a little bit of leeway there

Joshua Hatcher

Wow I question Wesley coming in. He's a foul waiting to happen in a close game.


Ugh... HIT YOUR FTs!!


Sure glad GHOST showed up at the bucket this half.

Darin Bradley

Where is EJ? The point guard should be coming to the ball

Jesse Newell

"Rock Chalk" chant way premature tonight.


The old experienced hands.

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

No, i understand that. My point was that I was very surprised by how fluid we looked in the CBE. I thought we made this huge jump very quickly. Since then, we've regressed. I have no doubt this team will get there, it's just frustrating to see us move backward. And I guarantee Self agrees.

Brian Haase in reply to Duane Rice

it's looking like it could end up that way, or worse, unless we shape up

Phil Leister

what the hell is with the rock chalk chant? it's a 5 point game. don't jinx it


Notice who is in at the end.

Trojanhawk in reply to Wissoxfan83

Ben's offense was fantastic, but his defense was about as bad or worse than it has been all year. I really thought his quickness and athleticism was going to translate into a Brandon Rush-type player, but he just doesn't have that kind of ability.

Duane Rice in reply to Brian Haase

a 20 point loss will do this team some good.

Jaybate in reply to Jesse Newell

This is the outside of the envelope for Jeff.


there is a learning curve for all teams, especially one that is relying on several freshman. they will grow and by March we will be feared


Fertig is a Carril guy. He's just added brawn to the equation.

Jesse Newell

Withey is at 37 minutes.

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

You've got freshmen practicing against freshmen. Plus 4 seniors not used to leading. It'll take time.

Brian Haase

this was not a pretty win... and Ohio state is not too far away

Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk

Well, Self is playing a lot of bodies too. And remember this is a Princeton system. Lots of ugly chasing on defense, and lots of zoning and shoving man2man on the other end.

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

I don't mean to sound all doom and gloom. I think this is a good team, and by March they will be a contender. We just look like a bigger mess than I thought we would two weeks ago.


There is no player of the game. There's the player of the 1st half, Bmac and the player of the 2nd half, Ghost

Darin Bradley in reply to Lindhawk

Certainly not me. Oregan State is playing us within 10 points


Yikes, when we are leaving it to Jelly to make the play . . .

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaybate

Plus our Perimeter D is just a mess....

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Asadz

Playing better on ball defense would stop that.


EJ is picking up his dribble to soon twice in a row. Naughty.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaybate

Perhaps... but is that what happened on Monday, too? We just look lost offensively the last two games, when we looked SO smooth in this building during the CBE


who thought this would be 4 point game right now?


It seems like all PGs shoot their lights out against KU

Melrank in reply to Brian Powell

That did look weird.

01:26 left in Second Half
Oregon State 73
Kansas 78

Jesse Newell

Starks up to 25 points.

Mike Kendall

Dang, as soon as it left his hands, I knew that was in. Man, he is their shooter.

Darin Bradley in reply to Lajayhawk

Bingo! We've been regressing.

Brian Haase

starks is just ridiculous.. is it just me or does someone ALWAYS light it up from from three against us???

Brian Powell

Ben slid under.....nobody. ?

Jaybate in reply to Brian Powell

Yup. You're right again.

Joshua Hatcher

Jesus he might as well have shot that from half court


How can you NOT SWITCH!!!!


Hey, Jeff's getting better on his high post hedging.

Brian Powell in reply to Jaybate

But also - a lot of the time the way he jumps over/past people, they have no choice but to avoid contact! They have no chance. Did you see the guy move out of his way on that dunk? I think Ben was ready to physically posterize the guy if necessary.

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

Yeah, but we've been regressing... not the other way around...

Mike Kendall in reply to Newtonhawk

Conference play will be interesting, for sure.

Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk

Lajay, rest easy. I swear this is all about Fertig. Remember the old days when Kelvin Sampson would muddy it up on Self? That 's what this is. The good news is our guys are not getting intimidated. They keep attacking and jumping and moving forward.

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Darin Bradley

Except shooting almost 50% from 3 this game.

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

Welcome to 7 freshmen on the team.

Brian Powell in reply to Jaybate

but you're right.. it was a smart play, not a pure physical play :) Six of one, ...


This is it's going to be like alllll year. At least games won't be boring.


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